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Our customers love their panflutes and they tell us almost everyday
in wonderful letters & emails. I think we must be doing something right.

Aloha - Brad & Melinda White

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New letters 2018 (Sorry we get behind on posting the letters)

A short presentation of some of our instruments and how they are made.

February 15, 2018 Gonzales, Louisiana

Facebook Reviews

If you are looking to purchase a Panflute, this is the place you want to buy it. The craftsmanship is outstanding. I ordered late Sunday night, it was shipped immediately on Monday and I received it Wednesday morning. The communication is also exceptional. Brad makes it a point to reach out to all of his customers. Jared


Brad and Melinda, My name is Jared Braud, husband of Megan. I want to let you both know that I have received my Panflute!!!! I am so very excited to begin to learn how to master this amazing instrument! I was able to get a tone from the lower notes, but I think it is safe to say that I have a lot of practicing to do, especially with my lips and getting the right flow of air. Needless to say, my wife, who used to play the clarinet, hit more of the notes lol.

I am so very appreciative for your gifts of music, especially the Panflute, and for being so willing to pass on that knowledge. It is my hope that I honor you with my perseverance and dedication to becoming the best Panflute player that I can be. I am sure to be keeping in contact with you quite often.

Again, I am so very excited to be finally beginning a journey that I have felt called to for a while. Aloha, Jared

February 8, 2018 Florida

It's beautiful! Thank you so much. I can't wait to get started. I had to open the box right at the post office (a very teeny tiny post office) and the staff immediately called for a concert. Ha!! I may be calling for a lesson after a few weeks. Meanwhile, I'll just soak up what I can and enjoy the process. It's a pleasure knowing you. Roxie


February 6, 2018 Portland, OR

Hi Brad,


I received my Grand Tenor yesterday and am loving it. I have played silver flutes most of my life so the panflute is a challenging, but awesome, new experience!! Thank you for doing what you do! Marianne Decher Portland, OR


February 2, 2018 Belmont Mississippi

I received my new panflute today. It is better than I even expected.  I spent the afternoon watching the dvd and going through the instruction book. Your instructions are very clear and easy to understand. I am very excited about learning to play a new instrument, even at 65. Thanks for your help!!   - Debbie M

February 1, 2018 Des Moines Iowa

Your Name: scott gabriel Message: Brad, I just wanted to thank you for the best panflute . I can't put it down, it's beuitfull and so easy to play,tuned perficly and thanks for the CD cut four, Danny Boy is the number one song I wanted to learn. I super pleased!!!! ——

January 28, 2018 Norton Massachusetts

Hello Brad and Melinda.... I just received your pan flutes from Bella's and they are exquisite. I listened to your excellent cd sampler with much pleasure. Also, I viewed the instructional dvd that was included in the package. In addition, I have read through the brochures that came with each flute. With regard to the care of these beautiful instruments, and before beginning anything, I am wondering if the use of oil is necessary to keep them in peak condition. I did not see it mentioned in the care instructions. I am aware that oil treatment is used as part of a maintenence regimen for many types of similar instruments such as the wooden celtic flute and those of the north and south american indians. I am also going to order some hard shell cases to keep them well protected. Warmest Regards, Gene Catudal ———-

Hi Gene, no further oiling needed..... brad


January 26, 2018 Euclid, OHio

Dear Melinda Thank you. Believe me I have loved all of the albums you and Brad have sent to me. My 93 and a half year old Mom loves them too. I have recommended the Pan flute shop website to several friends. I told them I met Brad in 1986-87. Actually Brad & Lee we’re playing in Hawaii near or at the hotel where I was staying. They let me try the instrument that made such beautiful music. At that time I bought all their cassette tapes. For years I kept trying to find out if they had made them into CD’s but Brad said they did not. I am so happy to receive their CD of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. If one would ask me how satisfied I am with your (Brad & Melinda’s) service say on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, I would have to honestly say: 10+. May God continue to bless you & Brad (and Lee too) and your Pan Flute business. Aloha Judith ————-

January 23, 2018 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Hey you guys! Just got the new panflute in the mail this looks great thanks so much!l followed it's tracking and it was in Toronto on the 18th.then 5 more days to get to Thunder Bay and we are in the same province! Lol -Gordon

January 14, 2018 FaceBook ScottnBrandy Weaver reviewed - The Pan Flute Shop — 5 star 1 hr · Very fast and friendly service. Brad's desire for a top notch instrument and his passion for the pan flute is immediately obvious. After talking to him and then very promptly receiving my beautiful pan flute, I would not consider purchasing one from any one else. Thank you! ————————

January 11, 2018 Montgomery Alabama Your Name: DanaLane

Message: I am loving my pan flute! Thank you for all of the help you gave my daughter Laura Phillips in getting it to me so quickly. It was meant to be...I had been looking at your site but she didn't know that and your site was the one she chose to go to! Thanks again...Dana ———-

December 25, 2017 Demopolis Alabama

I just emailed your wife, but wanted to thank you too. My mom is so so excited about her pan flute. She knew all about you and your music. She'd be listening to you online already!! Merry CHRISTmas!! Laura —————-

December 9 Manitoba Canada

Hi Brad, Got happy news I received the panflute and it's in prefect shape .... I want to thank you again for the great customer service I had will definitely recommend and spread the word about your website and shop to anybody who's interested in panflutes. Thanks again. with best regards, Marita George —————————

December 5, 2017 casa grande Arizona From Ray Ruiz Brad and Melinda I received my pan flute on Saturday and it exceeded all of my expectations. Beautiful, high quality product. A very special thank you for including your music cd. I will be listening to it often. The gift wrapping was a really nice touch. My granddaughter already ate the candy canes. I have already learned how to play Silent Night, Amazing Grace and am now learning how to play Always on My Mind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making one of my dreams come true. God bless you both abundantly, always. From my HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network ——— Las Vegas Nevada 11-18-2017 18 pipe tenor I Love It ! -John ——————


November 15 2017 Connecticut

Hi Melinda,

I certainly can see why you and Brad are so respected by your customers and everyone else in the pan flute community. I've never in my life done any business with anyone else that would be even slightly comparable to the manner in which you two deal with your customers. I feel as I'm being treated like a king, to say the least. I thank you both for your generosity and attention to detail.

You two are the best and I therefore wish you all the are most deserving of all your success.

Hearing from you personally Melinda is another nice added touch to my transaction!



November 6, 2017 Pennsylvania

I just wanted to let you know that my pan flute arrived today!  It is a beautiful instrument and i am extremely impressed with the quality and workmanship.  I couldn't wait to try it out and learned my first lesson very quickly.  You have to let it get to room temperature first.  After allowing iit to warm up, i started playing and the tone (even for a beginner) was beautiful.  I am going to have issues because my health issues have caused decreased lung functions.  I was actually at my doctors office for an appointment today, and mentioned that I couldn't wait to get home to see if it had arrived.  it turns out that his wife played one in college and still plays on occasion.  He said that it is going to be great for my treatments and that if he would have thought of it he would have suggested it sooner. He was also happy that i got the tenor since the low notes take more air.


Kevin Berry


November 2, 2017 California

Hello Melinda and Brad,






November 1, 2017 Israel

Aloha dear Melinda

I got the package! 
The instrument is beautiful and I am gonna really enjoy it. I am wondering if there's any link to the videos on the dvd , because I don't have a dvd driver. 

Thanks again for everything

(Yes I do include links to the videos that you can download to watch on anything including iPads, phones. .... Brad)


October 30, 2017 Hong Kong

Dear Mr White,

I am a pan flute teacher in Hong Kong. I have got a grand tenor panflute from you, it is an excellent instrument indeed.

We are promoting pan flute in Hong Kong and we want to buy them for our students.

Looking forward to your reply soon.


Ivan Hui


October 14, 2017 Athens Texas

Yes the pan flute arrived Friday afternoon and it is a work of art.



October 13, 2017 Denmark


The 15 note panflute beginners set arrived safe and sound to Denmark today :-) thank you so much it looks lovely and will just be waiting for it to acclimatize to Danish roomtemperature before the "fight" to learn starts ??

Thank you so much for everything and i am sure i will be back for more :-))

Yours truely

Ken Bøttcher


October 6, 2017 Tulsa Oklahoma

Went through the DVD's and love it. Watched your DVD instructional video and it sure does help.
My wife, who has learning disabilities, has seem to have picked up an interest in it. I will know
in a few days if it keeps her interest. If so, I will be buying one for her also.
And the pan flute sampler DVD, she says "Thats hers".
This is turning out better than I thought. Look for more orders...................

Mike and Shari Sovocool


October 2 Deerfield Illinois

Thank you Brad. 

I have been playing one of your pan flutes for the past 6 or 7 years.  When I managed to lose it in my latest move, I just had to replace it. 

I love the sound of your instruments and the way they feel in my hands. 

I can't wait to get my new instrument! 

Thank you for crafting these wonderful flutes. 

Phil Katz


September 26, 2017 Toronto Canada

Hello Brad,
Thank you for the Pan flutes which I received on 21 Sept. and 25 Sept. 2017, they are beautiful.
Take care.

Christopher (Toronto,Canada)


September 18, 2017 Oklahoma

Received the flute. Beautiful piece of art itself. Thanks! Practicing.....


September 8, 2017 Washington state

Greetings from a somewhat cooler but still very smokey Pacific NW. The Grand Tenor PanFlute arrived this afternoon in excellent condition along with everything you mentioned in you note. I have already pulled it out and made some positive notes as my mouth and embresure strive to recal playing the flute in highschool some 4+ decades ago. Thank you, BOTH of you, for your excellent service and quality product. Even my wife is excited with the arrival of this instrument. Our prayers are for your safety with the impending landfall of IRMA. Please keep us posted as to how you fare in the days/weeks to come. We do care and desire to better petition our Heavenly Father for our friends and brethren. Thank you again.



September 7, 2017 Calgary Canada

Aloha Mr. White,

I just got my pan flute!! I'm so excited!! I went through the pan flute lesson on the video. You are a great teacher!! Thank you very much for your guidance, I very much appreciate it!! I'm going to love it!! I know that!! ??
I also listen to the music, I can't wait to play them!! But I'm getting dizzy now...haha!!

Thank you for all your videos, they helped a lot!! Your shop looks awesome!! I need to say thank you for your shop! Thank you for your lesson! Thank you for your patience!! Thank you for all your work!! I'm really happy that I made the decision to get this pan flute from you!!
I will treasure it a lot and play a lot as well ??

Thanks a million,

August 15, 2017 London England

Hello Brad.
I wrote yesterday to Melinda, saying thank you soo much for the cd of music and the great job you are doing for the people who love Panflutes.

I am looking forward my next new panflute from you.
Best wishes

July 20, 2017 Nebraska

I just wanted to let you know that I got my pan flute in the mail on Monday! It's beautiful, and I love it already!


July 16, 2017 Facebook

Karen Towle

Thank you for the beautiful beginner panflute package! It arrived in Massachusetts today - what gorgeous sound!

Peanut's panflute arrived today!! (The pets are...not thrilled. I'm reminding them that it could be worse, she could've chosen clarinet. There's *nothing* quite like a beginner clarinet.) Anyway, it's a gorgeous 15-pipe alto, in maple. The sound is fantastic! Brad White's - The Pan Flute Shop has a great selection. The beginner set includes instructional DVDs, a music book, and his personal support if you have questions or need help. He also has a sister website,, with the history of the panflute & other goodies. (Margaret was thrilled to see the photo of actual Viking panpipes!) Surf over and check him out!


July 15, 2017

Joel A. Burdick reviewed - The Pan Flute Shop —
5 star
16 hrs ·

I know, -right? This shop is the BEST! I bought a 15-pipe student pan pipe and it is awesome. Now I want to 'upgrade' to a professional model and Brad's shop keeps coming up in my searches.


Washington July 14, 2017

Hi Melinda & Brad,

The pan flute arrived today!
Everything looks good and thanks again for such wonderful customer service!

Cheryl Lopez

On Jul 11, 2017 9:29 AM, "Cheryl Lopez" wrote:
Hi Melinda!
Thanks so much for the update.
It was so great to work with you both again and thank you for the extras!
Looking forward to the package. Thanks for your excellent customer service!


Minnesota July 13, 2017

My pan flute must have hitched a ride on a magic carpet because it arrived today! I have to admit to holding it upside down and trying to play through the shoe holes for a few seconds ??...until my brain settled down and realized that didn't even make any sense. Now my only trouble is putting it down do anything else...and let my unaccustomed lip rest. The lesson DVD was most helpful and I also appreciate the music sampler. It is an inspiration and reminds me of how the flute can sound if I keep working at it. My plan is to be a good student and practice scales and arpeggios, but I find myself jumping into halting versions of It's a Wonderful World and Swingin' Shepherd Blues. And now, I think I hear a set of the Funpipes calling my name! I like the idea of fooling around with tuning them differently. So I suspect in the future I will be back in touch. Thanks for a fun purchase from start to finish. Connie


Oklahoma July 10, 2017

Dear Brad and Melinda<
I an so excited to get this instrument. Have been listening to you music and
think it would greatly help my son, who has depression and anxiety issues. I will surely be getting another instrument after my next check. God Bless You.

Have you ever done any work as far as music therapy goes?


Texas July 1, 2017

Thank you for these links. I am an experienced trumpet player but have been interested in the pan flute for many years. I was impressed by your website and recordings. I have been listening to the pan flute playing of my Bolivian friend for many years but have never heard anything as beautiful as the recordings you made. My address as confirmed by PayPal is correct. - David


Japan June 30 2017


Melinda & Brad

Yesterday, I received the panflute .. (06 - 30 - 2017)

I confirmed that It arrived safely without opening the inside immediately.

The pan flute was much lighter than I thought, and I was deeply moved by making a solid tone.

From now on, I would like to practice by watching a reference book.

Thank you very much.

Toshiyuki Ito

Arizona June 27, 2017

Well, good to hear from Mrs White! Your brad is by far one of the most customer service people I have ever known and having been in high corp management for 25 years I would know. Thanks for the update and yes I got an email from USPS already. I will be sure to keep you posted and you will probably get tired of hearing from me.

Just so you can put a photo of us with a voice or email here is one of me and my wife with with her Harley, one of her Harleys.



Canada June 26, 2017

Good morning Brad,

I just want to say thank-you for the pan flutes you have provided for a number of my students in the past few months. They are all very happy with their instruments! ??

Marina - panflute instructor.


Seung Hwang June 23, 2017

I love this pan flute.
Beautiful sound and easy to learn. Love it.


Arizona June 20, 2017

Brad, you are so helpful. In an age of non help from sellers it is so refreshing to see a person who glows with customer service. I will probably be Making an order after this weekend as we are going out of town. Thanks again and you can use this on your site if you wish!!

Charles Friedmann
June 18 at 3:47pm
A pro at work. Brad White REALLY knows his way around the Pan Flute.
Not only is he a proficient musician but he also makes and sells Pan Flutes


June 12, 2017 State of Qatar

Hi Melinda and Brad,

The flute arrived today and it's beautiful. All the notes are on point and sound great! I couldn't be happier. It's excellent quality and so much better than the previous flute. I have the tuning rod, the book, and the large envelope with the dvd. The flute fits well in the hard case that I have. Thank you and I look forward to playing this beautiful instrument. I'll keep in touch with my progress.

1LT Kanowitz


June 8, 2017 Washington state

Thank you so so much, love you guys already for making it so easy!:)))

I appreciate your business and your relationship to costumers :))! I hope I will be able to play soon. My field is Christian choir conductor, playing couple instruments but to play pan flute was always my "want to", now I will be on " try and learn how to play" process so... will see how it goes and hope...

Sent from my iPhone - Tatyana


June 7, 2017 from the jungle

Hi Melinda, Thanks for reply to me.

For me is good to have new friends.

Yes I'm a ER specialist, but I don't work in a hospital. I'm a medical doctor with specialization in disaster, emergencies and tactical medicine. Whe young I decide to dedicate my life to help people on need so I work only like humanitarian and relief medicine and like a missionary Doctor. That's why I'm not rich like my other classmates (millionaires in USA). I never charge my work cause the people I help has no money to pay. So all the work I do is for free. Financially I'm poor.
That's why I have to save money for about a month to have my first payment ofthe pan flute. And now I'm saving to do the last payment. I have no material things but I'm happy.

I work at the mountains giving medical services toindians. They have not schools, not hospital, no routes, no radio, no tv. Just the mountain and snakes. To reach them is only by helicopter Togo.

I also mix medicine with puppets cause they don't speak my languish soI use puppets to communicate with them. I will send you some pictures.

The place you live sounds like alaradise. So good. May be someday I can visit you.

Please keep in touch.

Have a great weekend.

Bless you.

"Porque la vida es una Emergencia"
Gibdel Wilson, MD
Emergencias y Desastres
(506) 8860-6494


June 6, 2017 Facebook

This guy is amazing..., and so talented. I met him about 4 years ago, and have done work for him, and his lovely wife. They have become my friends. HE CAN PLAY ANYTHING, and I enjoy listening to him practice, and hear him with people who call for a flute. He is not one to sell you anything that does not fit you. SO personable, and a really great person. I wish that I could spend more time with them.... This is the man that will take time for you, listen to your experience, and do you right!!!! Sorry, but the only thing that I play is the radio.????? I wish I had all of your talents!


June 6, 2017 YouTube

Love It Brad!! I have Three of your Panflutes 22 ,10,15 Panflutes,Thanks Brad, They are awesome Flute, I will Be buying More soon,
Brian ,Ontario, Canada


June 5, 2017 YouTube

Joel Burdick
I have one of the 15-pipe pans you offer, -love it! I am learning something new almost daily and its been a growing love affair with the instrument and the songs it can sing.

June 4, 2017 Kuwait

Hi Melinda,

I would be happy to keep you guys posted of my progress. I will now have a flute that works beautifully and plenty of instructional material to develop skills, tweek the notes as needed, and develop my own style. Previously, I was very discouraged because I purchased a non-tunable flute from Amazon. It took 2 month's for delivery and then to find out the top 4 or 5 high notes all sounded the same. I practiced on that flute for about 3 weeks, getting better on the lower ranges, but still not happy because of the deficiencies in the higher range. I was confused as to why someone would send an instrument before fully testing it to ensure it is working properly. I was discouraged, but then I found Brad's website. Within about 10 minutes I thought to myself, "this is the guy I need to buy a flute from." Pan flute sounds and music are like nothing else I've experienced. It's very moving, penetrating and soulful to me. I'm grateful that our path's crossed and am looking forward to enjoying your beautiful instrument. Thank you.

1LT Kanowitz


June 3, 2017 Cayman Islands

Hello again Brad, this is Ralph form the Cayman Islands, i received my Grand Tenor (Shoe) yesterday and it is AWESOME!!!!!! so far i have just played around with it, the tone is smooth and mellow. i am really in love with it. thank you guys!
i was wondering though, do you sell cases for them?


June 3, 2017 France

Hi Melinda and Brad,

My pan flute arrived in France Paris airport on 29 and arrived in my little village last Thursday.

I went this morning to pick it up.
So nice :-) . I do not regret my choice for the tenor.

I'm very happy for all and for that I really thank you (CD and DVD as well).
Would like to post a very nice comment on your site.

See attached
Have a nice week end ahead.
Keep safe.



May 27 2017 Facebook
This is the pan-flute shop where I purchased the instrument I used in the last video. Brad White makes a high quality instrument. If you are interested in playing the pan-flute, I recommend Brad's shop! He is great at answering any questions. I emailed and called him before making my purchase. Thanks Brad!
-mark foster


May 26, 2017 Sweden

Johanna Puhakka, Grand tenor Dark Shoe, Uppsala, Sweden

Hi Melinda and Brad!

I just want to let you know that my panflute arrived yesterday! I tried it out right away and it has a beautiful sound! So easy and nice to play. And it also looks beautiful and luxurious with the dark shoe. I am so happy with my new flute! I am really looking forward to the summer when I will have more time to practise. Also the CD sounded great with lots of nice songs that I will learn to play.

Thank you both for your help and support!

Best regards,
Johanna Puhakka


May 22, 2017

Carolyn Musgrove, Pent for husband's BIrthday, Clinton, WA

Brad and Melinda,
Thank you so much for your speedy service!! The flute arrived yesterday (Brad's birthday), so he had a gift to open!!
He loves it - something different than the usual sweatshirt or socks! Anyway, he hasn't had a chance to watch the dvd yet, but he will, and is taking the flute out to his shop (Man Land) to play with it. I think that is a good idea until he masters it!
Mahalo, Carolyn


May 18 2017


I just wanted to let you know that I received my Pan Flute. It's beautiful, and high quality; thank you so much!

I watched your video and have already improved. I did get really dizzy when I played it, but it's so much fun, I don't want to stop!

Again, thank you.



May 17, 2017 from Facebook

Thought I would let you know that I was playing a song the day I got the pan Flute. Your instructions and help made it possible. Thanks so much Brad.

Dianne D


May 13, 2017 from YouTube

Joel Burdick
This is encouraging, that 'not much air' is required to produce good notes. I am fond of playing my pan flute at a 'whisper' level, for personal enjoyment. I'm not quite ready to share my repertoire


May 11, 2017 Raleigh North Carolina

Thank you both of you! I just received my pan flute. Every thing is looking good, the package wrapped carefully, and best of all the flute is just beautiful. I love it. Now I have to make it work. Will go over DVD instruction first. Don't know yet but I'm excited.
Again, thank you and have a blessed day!



May 10, 2017 YouTube Comment

Joel Burdick
Love this! I have one of your 15-pipes pan flutes and enjoy it greatly. Easy to play, easy to learn. I plan to purchase another one soon. Great work, excellent craftsmanship on these instruments!


May 3, 2017 Tennessee


My beautiful Pan Flute was just delivered and I couldn't wait to open the box. I am amazed by the wonderful workmanship, and the quality of the sound. I also appreciate the time you spent helping me decide which one that would be perfect for me. The way you went out of your way to make sure I would be happy with my choice. Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on my progress.



May 3, 2017 Seattle Washington

I decided to buy a panflute last year. After looking at reviews I decided on Brad White. I had some questions as most will I think at first and sent an email asking those questions. This was on a Saturday and the next day, a Sunday, he emailed me back gave me his phone number and asked me to call him. He answered my questions in person and he even took my order that day. I have had a question or two since and he and his wife are so kind and caring about their customers. They are in business not only to make money but because they love the music and want you to be very happy in your purchase and learning process afterward. Brads CD's are amazing and I listen to them almost daily. Such a variety of genres. I get inspired each time I listen to them and hear new things each time. Brad excels in many different flutes and is fun to listen too. I look forward to the next CD that comes out. If you are interested in playing or buying the panflute you will not be disappointed in Brad Whites products. He even gives a free CD lesson when you purchase one to start your learning process.
Dave Peppers via Facebook


April 30, 2017 New York

Hey whats goin on this is ruby michaels brother he orderd the pan flute for me. I jst opened it now being that i observe sabbath, it looks beautiful!and it sounds great!and i didnt even officially learn how to play it yet:)i also want to say that your service was extremely helpful and personal.if u hav somwhere online for customer reviews id love to give good ratings.also id love to send you some music vids of me and my bros i think you might like it.I hope to see you around and maybe well even jam one day:)thank you so much! sincerely ruby


April 11, 2017 Ontario Canada

Hi Brad, I received my pocket flute last week and love it. The quality is amazing and the sound great, big difference from the one I bought from Amazon. I'll be purchasing my next one from you as well. Thank you.

Tami Yeo

April 16, 2017 Florida

Hello Brad (and Melinda!)

The panflute arrived safe and sound today and I'm completely in love with it. What a beautiful instrument with an even more beautiful tone! I can't wait to go through your reading and listening, and I'll keep you updated on the music I make with it. Thank you so much!

(Kristin Naigus
Oboe & English horn
Orlando-based oboist Kristin Naigus is an active freelance orchestral musician. She performs regularly in over half a dozen professional symphonies and countless other ensembles throughout the state of Florida, She has shared the stage with names such as Idina Menzel, Johnny Mathis, and Kansas on their Florida tours, as well as video game symphony productions such as "Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy", "Videogames Live" and "Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions".


April 24, 2017. Fort Lauderdale Florida

Just bought Left Grand Tenor today 4-23-17 started on his 15-pipe in 2013

Dear Brad/Melinda,

Just to let you know my son is very happy playing his pan flute. Last night he had his first rehearsal with the church's choir. As I said before he is autistic and has some mental retardation and this has been the most significant growing experience we think he has ever had.
Though the only thing we need to work with is the sharp and flats specifically in the lower notes and we might need some help not for the concert but for the future. So far he can play G# and F# in the higher notes.

You can edit this long e-mail and put it in the website to encourage other parents who might have children like mine.




April 18, 2017 Colorado Springs Colorado

( just bought her second Flute from us this month )

Hello, Brad!
Thank you so much for the confirmation and other links to your site. I have been looking online for several days and yours was the most impressive site, so I felt I could order with confidence that I was getting a good quality flute. EBay and Amazon are chock-full of questionable instruments. I play keyboard, guitar, ukulele and harmonica but have had a recent shoulder replacement which prevents me from doing much of anything with my stringed instruments. Unfortunately, my dog finds my harmonica painful, so I'm hoping the Pan Flute will be a nice addition to my Musical repertoire. I still have many weeks of rehab before I can resume normal activities, so this is going to keep me quite busy. I have always loved the haunting melody of the Pan Flute & have a couple of CDs by Leo Rojas, so I know I'm going to have a ton of fun! Thank you again, Deb
Hey, Brad & Melinda,
Just wanted to let you know I received my pan flute today in excellent condition. I watched your instructional video, and I have mastered the lip placement and have eked out a small tune.

This is a well-made instrument and I appreciate the time put into it for a quality experience. Should I graduate to a larger flute in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to order another from you. I think the reverse order of pipes is going to work out well for me! I'm glad I had that option :) Oh, and my dog (Gabe) has no issues at all with it. He laid right by my side while I played it and he didn't even lift his head! Awesome!!! Deb

April 12, 2017 Australia Alice Springs

Thanks Brad Awesome panflutes, fantastic! !! Great sound!!


(owns many of our panflute's)

(Justin Ronberg (Iggy) was born in Alice Springs and grew up in the Northern Territory in towns such as Katherine, Darwin and Alice Springs. He regularly visited the Nullabor country to spend time with this father’s mob. His father, Bunna Lawrie of the international band Coloured Stone, is from the Mirning country of the Nullabor coastal areas of the Great Australian Bight. Justin’s mother, Emily Anne Ronberg, a Luritja-Arrente woman, was a stolen generation child.  Justin, as the eldest grandson, felt his obligation and a strong desire to return to the traditional homeland and learn his peoples ways; to learn stories that were handed from generation to generation; from and Elder system which spans at least forty thousand years.  Justin is a proud Aboriginal man who chose to follow his grandfather’s Law and become an initiated man, a Wati (pronounced waddi).  Justin is entitled to wear a red headband and does so during performances.  At a very early age he was influenced by the spiritual sounds of the didgeridoo of the old people of the Top End of theNorthern Territory, as they sat on the ground painted, and sung under the shade of the trees.  Justin was taught the puna also or didgeridoo skills by Elders who are masters of this musical instrument. Members from his mother’s family gave Justin in depth training and knowledge.  Justin chooses to make boomerangs, spears, didgeridoos, clap sticks and paint his stories on canvas using traditional symbols and designs.)

Brad White
Cell: (808) 237-9452
Toll Free: 1800 784-4189
Or anywhere: (808) 955-3263
Educational: http://pan-flute.Com

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Brad White 
2607 SW 20th Cir
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United States

12-2-2016 New Zealand

Hi Brad,

The Pan Flute was delivered to our address this morning and I have unpacked it when I got home. Thank you! It is lovely, and a  wonderful feel and finish. After some fun an ok sound was produced sporadically .

But after a couple of hours it improved and I was able to start on some tunes by ear having fun with vibrato etc. thanks’ to your teaching DVD it is of great value.  

I am truly grateful for your care and support that you offer, and again the DVD’s and your instructions they encourage and will be a very good reference guide. Like you, I  play the Silver Flute

and still will, but  for decades have wanted to play the Pan Flute. It was only some months ago I found your web site and was riveted to the possibility to get one, I suppose that’s why

I decided on the Grand- Tenor giving the range I am familiar with.


Well, bless you! As you have me.

Best wishes,

Roger Samsom       

11-26-2016 Virginia

I was following the  Postal Service tracking system which initially stated that I would receive my pan-flute on Saturday; however, that changed later in the day and it said it would arrive on Friday.  Last night (Thursday) I found out it was already in the major hub about five miles from me and early this morning when I checked, it was a few miles from where I live having arrived shortly before 5 AM.  Well, I must be the last one on the route as the mail arrived around 9:30 PM Friday. I did call the post office around noon today and said I could come over to pick it up, but the clerk said the package was one of over two thousand and probably already out for delivery...and in fact when I checked, it said out for delivery.  And so, I made sure I was home and told my son to be on the lookout.  

It was already quite dark when I thought I heard the mailman drive up and went back to where my son was working and he already signed for it and handed me the package.  The box was in great shape and I must say you packaged it well.  It took me at least five minutes to get to the pan-flute.  I wanted to be careful that I didn't stick the panflute with the kitchen knife.  

It looks beautiful and sounds wonderful.  I was able to get a clear sound out of three octaves with the exception of the last three pipes that will need more work...of course all the pipes need work.

I read the two page material and definitely won't try to tune it, at least not until I can play well and know what I'm doing.  I will listen/watch to the two DVDs that were included.  

When I get somewhat proficient on the his beautiful instrument, I will bring it to choir practice and surprise everyone.  I would love to be good enough to play for Christmas!  Hmmmmm.  Would be nice if I can play at least one song for the holidays.  

I better end this letter as it is getting very long!

George Alexa
Northern Virginia

11-15-2016 BC Canada

Hi Brad & Melinda,

The panflute arrived at the post office on Tuesday afternoon and I picked it up yesterday afternoon. It works great. I find it easier to play than the first one I got from somewhere else :)

Thanks you ,
Joe Guliker

11-10-2016 Lynchburg Virginia

Brad and Melinda, 

I received the flute today and am excited to gift this to my dad. It's been a dream of his to play. 
Thank you Brad for your patience as you explained what would be the best for him, and to you Melinda for taking the time wrap it so beautifully. 
Thank you once again,

10-25-2016 New Zealand

The details are correct Brad, thank you.

Hawaii is a beautiful place - I imagine that you will be missing it at times. We used to visit Hawaii quite often some years ago, and of have travelled quite extensively in mainland USA as well as Europe.

We also moved 6 years ago from our last home in Dunedin of 35 years to retire further north to a warmer climate. I am a Search & Rescue volunteer (deputy chairman) and also have a busy social life with golf, bowls, cycling and kayaking among other things, but now want to realize my dream of learning to play the panflute. Although I can't read music I have quite a good ear and can usually pick out a bit of a tune on a piano or organ so hopefully I will master the panflute too. 

Anyway it's 11.45pm here and time for bed so goodnight and kind regards

10-3-2016 Vancouver Washington

Brad and Melinda,
I received my pan flute yesterday, just two days after you mailed it. You sent it out Monday morning and I was hoping to get it on my anniversary Wednesday. It arrived on Wednesday evening right on my anniversary. It looks great and still looks like it did when you mailed it. 
I want to say thank you for such prompt service and for returning my email on a weekend answering my questions. I really didn't expect a reply until Monday. You even wanted me to call you on Sunday to answer some more questions. It is so rare to see customer service like that now days. I really see your passion in wanting others to play the pan flute more than you want to sell them. Both go together but you really want to teach. Your websites are very well done and easy to navigate in and you have so much information on them. When you send out a flute you also send more teaching instructions and a music sampler. You are first class business people.
I will treasure my pan flute for many years as the craftsmanship is so nice. I have had nothing but top shelf service so far and I know you are more than willing to help as help is needed along the way. Thank you both again and it was MY pleasure choosing you to help with my pan flute. 


9-28-2016 Michigan

Hello, Brad! I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful instrument! I am getting the hang of it, I think. Such an enchanting sound! Liz

9-20-2016 Iowa

Thank you so much!  I was looking for a flute and Jonny Lipford recommended you.  That is a wonderful endorsement from a Grammy winning artist.  


9-5-2016 New Zealand

Hi Brad and Melinda,

My friend Lavinia received the Pan flute this morning and she is over the moon about it. I will be seeing her tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing it and trying it myself.
Thank you for your excellent service - we really appreciate it.

Kind regards,

8-25-2016 Scotland

Dear Melinda,

My FunPipes arrived this morning. Enjoying  playing with them just now and am looking forward to playing them in the ancient Wemmys Caves here in Fife Scotland. Does Panflute have a facebook page? It would be nice to use this to share with friends and family.

With kind regards, from a very happy Charlotte aka (Paris Rose)

8-12-2016 The Netherlands

I've received the pan flute in good condition.
It was delivered for quite some time to one of our neighbors but we aren't home that often so when our neighbors tried to drop it off we weren't there and they didn't leave a message in the mailbox.

Thanks again, now it's time to start practicing !


8-1-2016 Virginia

I have one of your pan flutes and I love the sound and the quality of workmanship. :) Charles

7-20-2016 Ogden Illinois

I'm looking forward to learning this instrument.  I lost 1 1/2 octaves of my singing voice to a thyroid surgery last spring, and I've been looking for an instrument (considered harmonica,but gave it to my grandson) and found your panflutes today on YouTube. You play beautifully, and I appreciate the extras that you've packaged with the instrument.


7-14-2016 Christchurch New Zealand

Lovely notes from Janeen Jones, Tenor, Broomfield, Christchurch, New Zealand
bought for her mother who lives on Stewart Island , NZ

response to when Panflute sent:

Thank you both very much. Mum is so excited she was nearly in tears when I told her she has a pan flute coming. 
I will let you know when it arrives, and thank you for the extra care you have taken for its packaging and contents.
Kindest regards 

when panflute arrived:
The flute has arrived! So quick. I don't go down to visit mum at Stewart island until next Thursday. 
This is so good!

Thank you very much.
Janeen Jones. 
New Zealand

when she took the panflute to her Mom in Stewart Island 

Hello from early morning Stewart Island.
Mum is making noises with it today.  She couldn't even wait to get out of bed. 
Today is 'watch the instructions' day so there will be no stopping her then.
She is so excited.
Thank you.

7-12-2016 Northeast Iowa

really enjoy the 22 pipe flute. the 4th time playing played rock of ages not perfect will have to keep practicing .will have more time this winter. dealing with flash flooding in northeast iowa 8 to 11 in. thanks again for making my left hand flute. 


7-11-2016 Japan

Aloha Mr. White,
          Just a note to let you know that Grand Tenor PanFlute arrived at good condition,
it's a beautiful instrument. Thank a lot for the Instructional DVD and CD Sampler of
PanFlute Music.
          Thank you for everything.


7-6-2016 California

Hi Brad I purchased one of your pan flutes about 2 years ago . It is an incredible piece of art . I'm having a great time playing it .  Steve

6-28-2016 Ontario Canada

Hi Brad,

Just letting you know that I purchased your 18 pipe tenor G model (no book) minutes ago. I don't have any questions at the moment, but I was pleased that you personally answered my questions swiftly and were helpful. I trust that you are a great dealer (and player) of pan flutes so I decided to buy.

I'll let you know when I receive the flute if I have any questions on handling/caring for the instrument. Thanks for being personable, I appreciate that you yourself and not some email bot or basic call centre representative responded to me.

Cheers and aloha,

6-15-2016 New York

Thanks for the Celtic sheet music that I can play on the pentatonic pipes!  You certainly do have a lot of interesting and informative material!  I am glad that I bought from you so that I could get all the right musical information and technique, and then some!  Thank you.


6-11-2016 Connecticut

Dear Melinda and Brad,
     Received the beautiful looking and sounding pan flute today.   Now, I hope I can do it justice by playing it nicely.   I've got to remember to buy a DVD player so that I can learn what, when and how to play it more proficiently.   
     Thank you again for your very quick response.   
                       Sincerely,    Cecilia and Ralph

6-9-2016 Connecticut

Dear Brad, 
My beautiful flute arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much!! I was overjoyed just to be able to play a few clear notes on it. More to come... I will contact you when not if but when I need your professional guidance. My gratitude to both you and your wife for helping me chose the proper flute and for its timely arrival. Enjoy the breeze of summer. Best Regards, Lynn

6-1-2016 St George Barbados

Hi Brad,
Just a word to inform you that I received the panflute this afternoon. Great craftsmanship.
Thank you very much.

5-26-2016 Georgia


The flute is beautiful. It has just the tone I was hoping for. Thanks very much for your good work and fast shipping. 

Now to practice ...



5-13-2016 Northamptonshire UK

Hi Brad yes my address is correct .Im am 68 ys young and i have not a musical note in my body but after seeing your video my heart is set on playing this pan flute. kindest regards

5-10-2016 Israel

Dear Brad,
I received the pan flute yesterday, it looks great
Best regards

5-7-2016 Massachusetts

Melinda and Brad:

It has been a joy dealing with you. My son's girlfriend (Lujah) will begin her world tour Monday, and she wanted to have some form of musical instrument to accompany her.

The additional music is an inspired choice -- my son and Lujah just watched the Lord of the Rings and will be quite familiar with Enya's tune.

Thanks again. You have made a number of people very happy, and I hope their music will bring people together.


5-2-2016 Rocky Mount Virginia

Dear Brad,
      I received my beautiful pan flute yesterday afternoon and have been practicing since! I'm a flutist, so I was able to get fairly nice sounds right away, but it will take me a bit to get my sound as fluent and beautiful as yours! Thank you so much for the extra care and time you took to wrap the flute and envelope  for my anniversary gift....that was a really special touch that warmed my heart! I love the videos and music you sent with the emails. Maybe if I get as good as you, I can visit Florida to play a duet!!! Again, thank you so much for making this beautiful instrument!


Susan Spataro
Assistant Professor of Music
Music Department Coordinator

4-21-2016 Water Mill New York

Hello! Just got my pan flute in the mail and am playing it right now! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for all of your help!! Best wishes!!! - Ben

4-16-2016 Connecticut


4-11-2016 Burdett NY

Hey there Melinda,
Just wanted to let you guys know that I received my package today. Everything arrived in great shape VERY EXCITING.  Looks great and sounds great as well. The flute fits nice in the soft case. Brad thanks again for all your help during our phone conversation. Gonna make  a lot of great music with this flute, I can feel it!! 
Be well, 
Sent from my iPhone

4-10-2016 Australia

Hi Melinda,
             Just a note to let you know, Panflute arrived today.......very easy to blow compared to my homemade flutes. .....Thankyou...…David

4-10-2016 New Brunswick Canada

Thank you, Melinda and Brad. I will certainly have a challenge on my hands trying to perfect this sweet sounding instrument but look forward to it as I am now retired...lots of time. I do take note and thoroughly appreciate your hands-on approach to customer service....blessings, Duane.
Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology

4-9-2016 Christchurch New Zealand

Thank you very much. You obviously take great pride in your work and I detect a lot of love there as well.

God bless

4-5-2016 Alberta Canada

Brad, Just a short note to let you know my new flute arrived yesterday in perfect condition!  Your "mailing packaging" is superb :)  I gave it a quick try and realize how much I must practice, but that begins today and I expect great things.  I love the flute - it is beautiful, and I'm certain I will send dulcet tones over the air waves as we RV around.  Will be in touch again in awhile.  Cheers to you and Melinda, Erna Colloton, Claresholm, Alberta, Canada 

4-1-2016 Boca Raton Florida

Hello Melinda, i received the pan flute yesterday, and i just love it i have been sick for the past four days but in spite of that i listen to Brad's video and I am making complete sounds already and this is the first time I have played the pan flute, kindly let Brad know how much I appreciate this masterpiece and looking forward to speaking with him shortly. Thanks again Terrence.  

3-25-2016 Honolulu Hawaii

Came home after being "out" all day and found the package,  It looks fantastic.  I watched the instructional video and tried it for about a half hour.  I then started to listen to the CD, and must admit I fell asleep in it.  I just love the music and integration with the flute and it's sound.    I especially like Hawaii Aloha, and a couple other ones, the titles excape me right now.   I've been shuffling music for a book signing this coming sunday, I'll be with one of e groups playing for as many Hula Halau, one of them from Paris,  we get to accompany them as they sing "La Vie En Rose"   should be fun.   OK  Mahalo Nui once again,  I'll let you know how I progress.

3-16-2016 Corpus Christi Texas

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the pan flute. Very nice for sure. I actually got sound out of it first try. Started on the lowest note. Not so easy on the higher notes as you describe on the video.  Years ago as a hobby I played the harmonica. Haven't played one in many years.  The reason I mention this because I find myself wanting to go to the left for the low notes to the right for higher notes.  Will be a habit I have to break. Also you mentioned getting dizzy. Well I'm no exception to that. I'll be practicing and may let you know how it's going in a couple of weeks. Now to find a nice, and easy tune to start with. Flight of the bumblebee should do it.
Just kidding of course. Something without half tones for starters. 
Thank you for the prompt service. Have a wonderful day.
Wally Z

3-10-2016 Kona Hawaii

Aloha, I recieved the flute. It is awesome! I sat sunset and played random notes and a tourist couple told me that was beautiful!.. your instrument is
Thank you, 

2-25-2016 Malaga Spain

Oh thank you Brad now have the notes nearly sorted so next thing is to concentrate on getting a good tone and sound.

Its a great instrument.

Kind regards


2-12-2016 Saudi Arabia

This is Samir Soni from saudi arebia
Got it yesterday.
It's really excellent.....


2-9-2016 Vancouver Canada

The Pan flute crossed the border at Vancouver  Canada  last Friday and it was delivered this morning Monday to our little town. It arrived  in excellent condition, you packed it well Thank you so much for such prompt service. I am excited to start learning to play, I tried a few times to get something out of it , and now I wish I had ordered a new pair of lungs also. But I am sure it will be come easier when I study your lessons. Again thank you so much. Maxine

2-2-2016 Kuwait

Dear Brad,
Greetings from Kuwait.  Finally I collected the flute yesterday.  Tried it out in the night – it is really amazing – i need to practice on it and thank you for the two CD’s and the leaflet.
I keep in touch as I progress.
Best regards to you and Melinda and thanks for your patience and guidance. 
Tony Fernandes

2-1-2016 Maharashtra India

Hi Brad
just to inform you that the beautifully crafted,Grand Tenor Panflute arrived this afternoon.
I am very thrilled and cant wait to start playing it.
Many thanks to you both
warmest regards
Sohrab Davar

I am off to Goa on the 4th for  my niece’s wedding and return shortly. I will get in touch upon my return. Many thanks again.

2-1-2016 Umina Beach Australia

Well Brad my 15 pipe pan flute arrived this morning. All good! I had to tune it to G and some of the high notes too. It is just what I wanted as I play C and G chromatic harmonica's and I have lots of backing tracks for those. Concert tomorrow featuring the pan flute. The oldie's have been waiting for it. The echo battery is charged and the songs are ready. Thanks for the instruction I would be still blowing air without it and bending the notes down is special too. At first I didn't think I would get it but now its easy. I write the notes using flats instead of sharps and that works for me. Thanks for everything. - John

1-28-2016 Bayswater Australia

Hi Brad
Just like to let you know the pan flute arrived yesterday,
Don't know much about pan flutes but the quality looks exceptional,thank you so much for the unbelievable services,
My partner has already claimed it so will most likely order again shortly now down to the learning bit thanks again 
        Andy hook 

1-24-2016 Red Deer Canada

Hi Brad, You sent a PanFlute to Maureen last week. The flute is actually for me (Derek) .  Just to let you know it arrived in Red Deer, Alberta today. I am very happy to start this new adventure. 
Thank you, Derek....................I would say Aloha but I'm looking at a foot of snow outside.  Cheers!

1-17-2016 Maine

Aloha,Brad ,
I received my new Grand Tenor yesterday and what a beautiful instrument!  Thank you for the DVD’S also. I can get through Amazing Grace , not fluent , but in time! like you say the breathing control is what I have to master! Thanks to my Daughter Della for the gift. I have been going on the computer and watching you too.
I thought you might like to hear from a Happy and excited pan flute owner!!!!! Thanks again. Hazel
P/S If you go on Maine Artist on web, you will see me and some of my art. I do watercolors.

1-12-2016 Maine

Hi Melinda & Brad,
   I have to tell you this! I emailed you last week telling you about ebay canceling my order because seller gave invalid tracking #. Hazel is my name; you wrote back  saying that was good in my favor........ So I decided that after I got my refund I’d buy the Grand Tenor from you .
Well I got a call from my daughter in TN  Della.  (she knew the trouble I was having with my other order). she said DON’T order a panflue ,as I just ordered one for your birthday from and I ordered a Grand Tenor! I couldn’t believe it ; I said was it Brad White ,and she said yes !   so I am excited  to get it Sat.   I never had one in my hands before ,but I play other music instruments ,and KNOW I will enjoy this venture; will keep you posted, and thank you for the extras that you are sending me . Hazel from Maine .... I hit send before I had finished the first part of this letter  . sorry!

1-11-2016 Tennessee

Thank you for the prompt email. The address is correct as it will be shipped to Hazel C… in Harrington, Maine. She called me all upset because she HAD ordered one from Peru, and the shipment never materialized. I quickly went on your site and ordered one for her. I figured that I should tell her, so I called her and told her that I had ordered a pan flute. She said "Well, I have been looking at one online and was going to order it-but I will wait for the one you ordered to arrive. Tell, me, what did you order?"

I said," Hell, I don't know- a pan flute- a Grand Tenor. "
She let out a squeal- and replied "That is the one that I want!"

I think that she will be pleased!

Thank you!
Della Collins

1-10-2016 Teringie South Australia

Hello. I received the pan flute yesterday! It sounds great, but I need a lot more practice with holding long notes. I have been playing a poorly made pan flute I bought of Ebay for a few years and I am happy I actually have a good pan flute now! Thank you also for the card and the two CD's. Thanks, Joseph

1-8-2016 Colorado

Thank-you Brad! 
Sorry I missed your call!  Although I am classically trained (voice and French Horn) I have developed a great fondness for the folk instruments.  I started with the bagpipe but switched to the whistle 2 years ago.  I actually prefer my whistle to anything I have ever played.  Plus I can take my music with me now wherever I go.  My entire family plays an instrument (or sings) except for my younger brother.
He was injured in a construction accident and I’ve been looking for a instrument for him to play.  He can’t play the 5 or 6 hole flutes as he needs something that doesn’t require fingering .
When I can across the pan flutes, I became entranced with the sound and thought it would be perfect for him.  However, now I want one for myself : - )  Or at least to try it before I give it to my brother.
I also understand the importance of having a quality instrument to start out so one doesn’t get discouraged as this was the same with my whistles.  It sounds like your pipe package will be perfect to get me started here.  
Thank-you for responding to my inquery.  I’ll place my order on your web site.
Aloha!  Karen

1-5-2016 Tunstead Norfolk UK

Hi Brad Just to say wow and  a very big thank you for the pipes they arrived Monday 4th am Iam looking so forward to learning how to play them…  Grand Tenor with Dark shoe
Ann Taylor xx

12-28-2015 Ontario Canada

Hi Brad. First Merry Christmas to you and your family. Just want to thank you for helping with the alto pan flute. My family bought it for me for Christmas, and I have been playing it much today. What a beautiful addition to the grand tenor and the smaller 19 pipe pan flute. It is amazing to me how each flute has it's own personality in playing.  An extremely satisfied customer. Bob

12-25-2015 Delhi Canada

Hi Brad The pan flute arrived in excellent condition , on  Tuesday the 22 of Dec , my birthday .It was every thing I could ask for. I appreciate your good workman ship , and effort . I would also appreciate very much , if you could send me a web site , where I could down load , pan flute sheet music . Thanks Joe

12-19-2015 Bellingham Washington

The flute arrived safe and sound today.
Compliments on the speedy shipping, alright!
The flute it gorgeous. Larger than I expected, seeing as I am a first time learner.
I have been practicing mouthing technique all evening and even producing a consistent sound is difficult at first.
Yet, each note is twice as exciting as the last. And the book is surely helping me understand the foundations.

Thank you again,


12-17-2015 Paris France

First of all, sorry for time it took to reply, work take a loooot of my time ;-)
Thank you again Brad for you availability.
When I said that Brad has sent an email, my 7 years old son asked me in french to said to him "everything is ok and it's really great !!" :) ... I have to say that the next day the gift was opened, early in the morning i translate wonderfull video of Brad that explain how to use panflute... My son has make come out the very first sound just fex minutes after, it was magical, and he love it. Card, CD, etc... everything is perfect.
He ask me too to ask to Brad "who teached you to play so good panflute ?"
I wondering
What is the material that is used to made panflute, is it bamboo ?
Anyway, thank you very much again !
We wish you very happy and wonderfull Christmas days !
Warm regards,

12-16-2015 Queensland Australia

Dear Brad
Just received my Pan Flute. Extremely happy- looks beautiful. Watched your first lessons twice. You make it look so easy. When I feel comfortable with the basics , I'll contact you for more advanced lessons.
Thank you so much. I'm going to really enjoy this.
See Ya Mate ( that's our disgusting equivalent of  'Aloha')  - horrible ! Isn't it?

12-14-2015 Woodway Texas

Hello Mr. Brad White,

I received your custom-made 18 pipe pan flute in excellent condition
and in expedited fashion.  It sounds as beautiful as it was advertised.
Many thanks for your courteous treatment and good advise along with
the expert-recorded DVD and tips you sent along to accompany my pan
flute.  Consider me another one of your disciples to follow your splendid
musical legacy.

Merry Christmas to you and you wife,

Owner of Music & Math Masters Studio, Woodway, TX

12-3-2015 Tacoma Washington

HI:  My name is Uretta Noyes.  I received my pan flute today (wow how quick).  I put the DVD in to watch, I looked at the book and played The First Noel.  I played the flute in school 5-12 grades, then went on to play in the Seattle youth Symphony for the summer.  I was picked to go on with the Symphony, I had my drivers license, but I did not have a car.  That was 50 years ago.  I continued with my flute for another 15 years. then life happened.  
The first time I watched the pan flute being played I was captured.  I know I am going to have so much fun.  I will keep you informed as to my progress.
Uretta Noyes

12-2-2015 Vancouver Canada

Melinda and Brad Thankyou so much for your great customer service. This will be my 25th year
playing pan flute.Your quality and affordability is unmatched!! Be in contact soon .
                           Ian McQuade

12-1-2015 New South Wales Australia

Dear Melinda and Brad,
Just a little note to let you know that my packet has arrived, with contents as perfect as they left you. Thank you for the little extras included.  I am so very grateful. 
I woke up on the morning of November 14th (my birthday) to the horrors which were unfolding in Paris. (Remember we are 24 hours ahead).  At first, I was filled with disbelief, followed by anger, then, when the dust had settled,reconciliation. 
At that point, Brad's vision crossed my mind.    ( I had been researching pan flutes with the hope of getting one for Christmas).  What if  Brad could really change the noises of hate, guns and bombs in our world " one pan flute at a time", what a beautiful sound would emanate from all the earth! 
I do look forward to learning to play these flutes,play them well, enjoy them, and bring a new and beautiful sound to the hearts of my family and friends.

Undoubtedly, you will hear from me again, if only to let you know how I am progressing. In the interim, do have a very peaceful christmastide, and a new year blessed with good health and much happiness.

Many thanks again.


Hi Melinda and Brad,
      Wanted to let you know that I received the Tenor today. What a beautiful instrument! :) I let it warm up to room temp before I gave it a go and had some fun with it a little later on!
     Thanks so much for the written instructions, instructional DVD and your Sampler Brad. Very well put together with great tips! I am sooo excited about this new adventure! I have a silver flute that I mess around on a little, but to me the metal just doesn't compare to the warm, earthy, mystical sound of the wood.
       Thanks for all your help on getting me started on a long held dream! :)


11-14-2015 Ontario Canada

Hello Melinda.
We have received the package.  It came either Thursday or Friday of last week.  I have been very busy and have not be en able to get back to you until now. Thank you.  The wrapping is a nice touch.  I will have to tell my daughter that Santa is actually from Hawaii. 
And Brad, thank you so much for the great service.  I’m sure she will love her pan flute and we will enjoy listening to the beautiful music.
Take care and bye for now.

11-9-2015 Ely MN

Oh wow Melinda! You two are really on top of it!!  :) Thank you so much!! I was telling Brad yesterday that I came across your sight about 3 years ago and wanted one right from the get-go but that I had been care-taking my dad and just wasn't able to. Over the years I'd check back on your sight from time to time and listen to Brad's beautiful song clips and dream, knowing that one day I'd be able to order one..... and Wooo-hooo!  : ) that "one day" has finally come and I can hardly believe it!!!   You guys have made this such a pleasant experience....I was so surprised yesterday when Brad personally answered the phone. How often do you see that in this day and age! It was quite've got yourself a beautiful gem there in your husband! I thank you also Melinda for your quick response and detailed info in your email. It's all been so sure do take care of us. 

10-18-2015 Australia

Hi Melinda and Brad,
The fun pipes have just arrived! I was really impressed with the care you took over packaging the pipes and also with the obvious quality of the instrument. Thanks so much.
I must also thank you for the music cd – really excellent panpipe music.
Breath control is the most difficult part of playing the pipes for me. I can play the harmonica (blues harp) reasonably well but I need to ‘go back to school’ as far as the pipes are concerned. 
Best wishes from a stormy Sydney and thanks again for the Panflute!
Sincerely, Alan.

10-5-2015 Lemon Grove California


9-30-2015 New Brunswick Canada

Thanks Brad,appreciate everything.I was in the retail for years, and treated my customers like you
treated me. This type of customer P.R. is not like it used to be, but it is plain to see that you are
from the old school.Good for you, and the very best to you in the future. Ralph Stephenson

9-25-2015 Hiawatha Kansas

Thanks for the info Brad.  I received the 15 pipe yesterday and haven't had much time to play with it,. Anyway, I am so impressed with the instrument, I just ordered the pentatonic.    I have a soft spot for the blues.  One thing I did discover is that the half smile in forming the embouchure actually stretches the lips thus removing the natural creases which seem to interrupt smooth air flow.  


9-17-2015 Knoxville Tennessee

Hi Melinda,

Thanks!!  It's good to know if, or I should say when, I run into a problem I have a 'safety net' to fall back on.  

I have already discovered I definitely need to develop my breathing technique.  I have made a few solid notes already but I also realize I have a long way to go.  One of the great things of being my age, I will be 60 this January, is knowing all really good goals in my life have taken time.

Learning to play this beautiful instrument will take time, but oh how wonderful it will be when I start making something that sounds like music!!  Just hope I don't drive my wife and our 'furry kids' crazy in the meantime!!  LOL!!

Thanks again to both of you.



9-10-2015 Hawaii

Aloha Melinda & Brad,  Thank you very much for the heads up on the shipping.  Appreciate greatly all the extras that you have included- Mahalo nui loa!  Its been approximately 2-3 yrs. since I came across your web store and I am totally excited that I finally got around to ordering one of your grand tenors.  Will definitely be in contact with you in the near future, to order 1 or 2 student models.  I think they will make for awesome gifts!   Take care, aloha & mahalo!   ....renny

Sent from my iPhone Reynold Tenn

9-5-2015 Ithaca Michican

Thanks so much for your prompt delivery of my new pan flute.  It's beautiful.

Please tell Brad thanks, too.  It has been a pleasure working with him.  I'm sure I'll have more questions.

Now -- the learning curve begins.


Diana Page

8-29-2015 Tukwila Washington

Hello Melinda,
I received my pan flute a few days ago. My Husband Mike and I had had a short conversation about learning instruments and playing together. During that conversation he had mentioned the pan flute and how he hadn’t seen any around and he might like trying to play one, but didn’t think there was anyone to teach him if he was able to find one. When I found your site I was excited about being able to offer him the opportunity of learning to play, but still a little nervous in case it was just talk.
When I gave it to him he was amazed at the size and how beautiful it was. He had to immediately had to see if he could bring out a note or two (we were driving during rush hour at the time). Then last night he woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep and awaking early myself I caught him listing to people play the pan flute on YouTube. He is excited about learning how to play. He did a search for flight of the bumble bee, and said if someone can play that on the pan flute they can play anything. The song was amazing.
Thank you for the instruction DVD, and Brads songs, It is a wonderful thing that someone out there still has the ability to teach this interment. For as many people we were able to find on YouTube playing, It isn’t a common interment in this area and maybe Mikes interest will spark the interest of others.
Have a wonderful day!

8-15-2015 Bellingham Washington

My beautiful Panflute arrived in three days..amazing...and so is the instrument! 

Thank you for everything--the instructions, the CD, the DVD, and the friendly note re: reporting progress. Above all, thank you for this quality instrument. I approach it with a large dose of humility and respect.  Hopefully with hard (yet rewarding) work, I can reach my goal....when I am able to produce those warm, tender and sweet sounds.

Barb Callahan

7-19-2015 Varina North Carolina

Dear Brad and Melinda,

WOW! I am so impressed with you folks. Thank you so much for the great service, quality product and personal touch. The gift wrapping was so sweet of you. We have a very happy eleven year old daughter (Olivia).

It's a real pleasure to do business with you. You have a customer for life and hopefully anyone else I can send your way. I look forward to future purchases as skills progress.


Paul Fieret

7-15-2015 Glassboro New Jersey

Hello Melinda and Brad,

Once again, thank you so much for a very finely crafted pan flute. The Grand Tenor Shoe arrived today, along with your beautiful CD. Thank you as well for the tuning dowel. Your products and service are always top-notch, and do not go unnoticed. Looking forward to playing my new pan flute.


Richard Kenvin

7-10-2015 Salisbury Massachusetts

The Grand Tenor pan flute arrived and my husband is already learning how to use it.  Thank you so much.  Your service was wonderful.  It isn't often that happans.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks again.  Have a good evening.

7-8-2015 Kelowna BC Canada

Hi Melinda.
I will enjoy my Pan Flute. I am practicing as we speak.
For years and has always been my favourite instrument to listen to.
I can't believe that now, in my 50's,  I am actually going to give it a go.
Thank you so much!
Have a wonderful day!
Cheers L.J.

7-4-2015 Seekonk, Massachusetts

I got the package today.  Everything is great and thanks for the extra materials

The complete book is awesome wow what a find. As a musician it is truly priceless.  I'm so glad you had it reprinted. Wow 

Musically I come from a musical family.  Some of my siblings have degrees from Juilliard and New England conservatory.  One of my nieces is touring with cirque du soleil and a nephew is an aspiring orchestra conductor.  

I studied violin and classical guitar but now In exploring world instruments like the Uke djembe and now the pan flute. 

 I'm very happy with the whole experience and look forward to incorporating this beautiful instrument into future projects.  I'm very glad to have found your company as I'm very pleased with the grand tenor.

Have a wonderful 4th. It's been a pleasure "meeting" and dealing with you.

7-2-2015 Panjab State India

Hi Bradley, I got my Pany.Trying to play, will take some time.  Any problemo will let u know. .Softer I play the better it sounds .Have 2 Have patience. .Passion with Excitement!!!!

.ALOHA!!! - Dr Samir Malhotra

6-20-2015 Greensburg Pennsylvania

I finally got the nerve to pick up the pan flute I got from you some time ago!  Wanted you to know your lessons are excellent.  I'm a retired teacher and recognize excellent teaching when I see it. Your pace and calm manner put me at ease immediately.  Thank you...and here I go!                       Jim

6-11-2015 Hillsboorough UK

Hello Melinda and Brad
Many thanks for all the stuff you have sent with the panflute which has arrived today,Friday. As expected it is a lovely panflute and I am looking forward to getting in some serious practice although I am going on holiday for a week tomorrow.

Best wishes


6-10-2015 Mexico City, Mexico

Aloha Dear Brad

My Left Grand Tenor Pan-Flute just arrived today in the morning at my office
Everybody thought it was a triangular pizza !!!

Looks great !! and sound great !!! and hope me myself become a quality performer
for at least entertrain friends and family.
Up to this moment, I feel confortable with the lows on the left... lets see what happens 

I love your handwritten good-will directly on the box... and will keep that kinda-pizza box as long as I can

Well... lets blow-it !!!!!

And thanks for the tutorial envelope


6-5-2015 New Jersey

Hello Mr. White my name is Alex(: My mom told me you were the one who made my awesome alto pan flute and I wanted to personally thank you for my incredible gift. 
  To give you the big picture I'll start from the beginning. My actual birthday was kind of hectic because that day I had sports practice (volleyball AKA greatest sport of all time??) and then a couple of hours later I left to go to my dress rehearsal for our high school spring concert. 
  But I had time in between to have my bday dinner and open a couple of presents and of course my mom saved the best for last and I opened up your beautiful pan flute. I was honestly surprised because when I told my mom I wanted one it was only about a month before my bday and didn't really think she could get such a random request on such short notice, but my mom can be amazing like that (seriously, she even threw a freaking surprise party for me. She can be sneaky sometimes too(; ) 
 I was pretty proud of myself when I tried to play it because it only took me two or three tries before I got the sound. That magical moment when I blew into the pan flute was absolutely perfect, it was exactly what I thought it was gonna be and more. My mom told that it was handmade and I asked where the heck the did she get it. She told me it was from a man who used to live in Hawaii and made it just for me. When she said that to my next thought, "I wanna be this guy's friend, he sounds so cool." 
  Words can not describe how truly blessed I feel to have received such an astonishing gift plus that really cool beginners book and CD but thank you again so much for all you have done for me. And please give me any advice that you can how to master my pan flute playing skills. I started playing and went "Oh, there's no accidental keys on this thing," and realized that there is still a couple things I have to figure out. So whatever you can toss at me please feel free. Have a great day!

Sincerely and gratefully,


6-1-2015 Orlando Florida

Hello Brad,
I received the beautiful instrument today. it’s all and more than I expected. Of course I don’t know how to play It but with all the instructions you gave and practice I will learn. My wife is very interested as well. Maybe another Pan-Flute in the future.
I congratulate you for your professionalism, your Web Site is perfect for a small business, not complicated and easy to use.
I build musical instruments,electric and acoustic guitars, Lap Steel guitars and Ukuleles. Here in Orlando we have a lot of the Polynesian people in the entertainment business. Several play my instruments. Hope to be able to visit your work shop someday.
Thanks Again,

5-22-2015 Ontario Canada


Mere Words can not begin to express the feelings of adulation and joy that receiving my new Grand Tenor Pan Flute from you has given me.

The workmanship and attention to detail that has been crafted into this fine instrument is simply outstanding. 

I received the shipment today May 21, 2015 at about 1 pm. The purchase order was placed on the 7th and shipped by you on May 8th.

The finish on the individual pipes and the shoe is superb. The light maple of the pipes contrasts beautifully with the dark shoe. The bevelling for the mouthpiece of each pipe is so smooth. There are no sharp edges to contend with.

The purity of tone of this instrument is awesome. It has a clarity that exemplifies what the Pan Flute is ALL about. I could play each and every note within a few minutes of unpacking it thanks to your lessons that I viewed on line prior to receiving it. The music disc and lesson material that you included will be put to good use.

You should be very, very proud of your accomplishments. This instrument is "World Class".

I was quite taken aback 2 weeks ago when I emailed you with a few questions and you took the time out of your busy day to phone me here in Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada. Your caring way and quality Customer Service sets the bar at a whole new level for doing business.

This instrument is and will be one of my most prised possessions !
Best Regards and many thanks to you both.

Barry Begley
Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

5-12-2015 Maple Grove Minnesotta

I have your 15 and 22 pipe panpipes already and have enjoyed every minute with them.  I just ordered your 18-pipe Tenor.

I hope you know that you and your music/instruments have been a big influence for me: I started on your 15-pipe set about 5 years ago and since then, I’ve gone nuts over all kinds of foreign instruments. In all, I play over 17 different woodwinds from different parts of the world: Bansuri, xiao, dizi, recorder, pennywhistle, duduk, shakuhachi, kiowa, you name it! But yours was the very first I ever played!
Thanks for the confirmation,
Jesse Miller

5-4-2015 Brantford Canada

Hello Brad - Just letting you know that I received the Tenor Pan today and have already played it. I am amazed at how beautiful it sounds - thanks -  Again thanks - loving the sound, enjoying the learning and making headway daily. Bob Uren Brantford. 

Sent from my iPad

4-22-2015 Lake Mills Wisconsin

The pan-flute arrived this morning.
I could not be more pleased. beautiful tones.
Thank you!
Wishing you well

4-15-2015 Phelan California

Hi Brad White,

 Thank you for sending the slide show, I can't put into words how beautiful Hawaii is.  I appreciate that, thank you. (^^)  I've watched a few videos of yours playing the pan flute which was pretty excellent.  I was originally looking for a Peruvian pan flute on various websites for the last few days, but I wasn't able to come across any instruments that were either real or legit.  All the pan flutes that I came across seemed to be tourist’s trinkets, toys or collector's items.

By the way, the videos from the site are very helpful.  Not only do I like how you show the instrument but I especially like how you demonstrate what a certain pan flute from the site sounds like so that the buyer knows what the pan flute there interested in sounds like before they purchase it.  Not all websites offer that kind of customer care, they only show the instrument and for all sellers know they could just be getting some junky instrument that's actually meant to be used as a decoration and the buyers end up getting stuck to the point that they have to save up again to buy a real, professional pan flute.  So I hope you keep those videos up for other sellers; if those videos were very helpful to me on deciding rather or not I wanted to buy one from the pan flute site I know it will help them.  I’m one of those difficult buyers, I want to make sure I’m getting something really good for my money and not some junk that’s just going to sit in my home that I can say that I “own” but never use.  I’ve purchased a few stuff in the past that ended up being a waste of my money, so I’m not trying to be rude in my questions , I’m just concerned.  But thank you for your time and I appreciate your responding to my emails so quickly.  


4-10-2015 Virginia Beach

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to send you a warm thank you! My dad & I are greatly enjoying our pan flutes! :-) We haven't had a chance to play together, but they've given us an extra bond as we share struggles, tips, & accomplishments. I'm very happy with my purchases & my dad was thrilled with his gift! We love watching your YouTube tutorials, too. We both speak very highly of you to our family & friends. 

Thank you so much for doing what you do & sharing your passion with us! 

4-2-2015 Troutville Virginia

I don't know if you remember me.  I bought one of your basic pantatonic scale flutes a couple of years ago.  It's brought me many hours of joy.  My friend Karen of K-Pro photography took these pics of me (really captured how I feel when I play).  Thought you would like them.


Patti Landovek

3-31-2015 Singapore

Hi, Mr & Mrs White

I have received the pan flute;it's beautiful ! I am excited and eager to start learning it.

Thank you

3-29-2015 Alberta Canada

The Pan flute arrived this afternoon, flew through customs, no problem, The tonal quality is exceptional!

Looking forward to a few decades of fun without having to worry about my fingers getting stiff.

Thank you, I’ll be referring any interested parties your way.

Michael Scott Meredith

3-25-2015 Liverpool UK

Hi Melinda
I've now had a good look at everything that you sent me and I am delighted with it all.
Thank you for Brads Sampler CD - wish I could play like him !!!.
I bought a second hand panflute many years ago from Kevin Budd that he had used during a tour of Ireland but sadly it was lost in a recent small fire at my home and he no longer makes panflutes so I had to shop around for an alternative but on my limited budget it wasn't easy to find one that I could afford.  I am 78 years old and living on a limited pension.
I am very pleased with your panflute and found it comfortable to play from the word go and the tone is superb.
Thank you again for a really good panflute.
I wish you well for the future.
Peter (Liverpool UK) 

3-20-2015 Goose Creek South Carolina

Hi Brad
 Received my Panflute in three days.
I played Danny Boy right out of the box. Beautiful rich sound. You have made an old man very happy.I lost my wife four years ago and my daughter lives away.  This flute will keep me company. Thanks Again. Rick

taught himself flute... plays in band..  69 years old

3-15-2015 Charlotte North Carolina

Hey Melinda and Brad,
Got my pan flute, I love it, it is so pretty and I am looking forward to learning to play it.  I have played the flute for 50 years but now have arthritis in my hands and especially in my right thumb so bad that I can hardly hold my flute now.  I have always loved the sound of the pan flute so thought I would give it a try.  I also am enjoying listening to the CD that you sent.
Thank you,
Patricia Lowder

3-12-2015 Gyeongbuk, South Korea

Dear Melinda,

We have received the package (included Panflute, book and CDs) on Thursday, March 5.
We (me and my wife, Homa) are very interested in learning and playing Panflute :)
Thanks for your nice products and safe posting.


3-8-2015 Australia

Hi Brad 10 years ago I Started messing around on some Mayan pan flutes. I slowly started learning over 7 years. But since I bought your grand tenor 3 years ago I've spent 100's of hours playing them.  I play a lot of modern music in every genre.  Your Celtic stuff is amazing. I was wondering if you had any advice on getting those haunting mellow tones. You should check out my facebook page if you have time( just search Raphael Pihan).  I'm still fairly amateur but  I play everything from pop to heavy metal, techno, rock ballads. I'd love some feed back and maybe some tips on advanced techniques. 

Raphael Pihan


Thanks for your kind comments. I'll give it a listen and send you some tips .... brad

3-5-2015 Safat Kuwait

Hello Brad,
Today I received the Pan Flute. Thank you so much :)
Best Regards
Stanley Kuruvilla

2-27-2015 Oklahoma City

The Grand Tenor Pan Flute arrived to OKC safe and sound!  Your company really packs things well! 

Thanks so much for the quick shipment and the CDs for instruction and sampler.  Appreciate that.

If you have a flier or two, I'd be HAPPY to pass them around at the next OCTMA group meeting. Our next meeting is on 07 March.  We have all SORTS of instruments within the group (about 50 people).

Thanks again and looking forward to mastering this beautiful instrument!

Shelley Abrams
Oklahoma City, OK

2-24-2015 Karnataka India

Hello Mr Brad
                  I received  my pan flute it's beautiful  I am glad that I am learning in your guidance thank u so much this is my dream true

2-20-2015 Raleigh North Carolina


Just a note to say how much I am enjoying my grand tenor flute and after understanding more about the instruments available online, I have grown to see what a high quality and affordable instrument you provide.

Thank you,

Lee Tyler

2-16-2015 Austin Texas

Hi Brad,
I bought a pan flute from you a couple years ago. Didn't do much with it at first but recently have rediscovered the beauty of playing it. I retuned it to a Native American minor pentatonic scale and am playing songs on the order of R. Carlos Nakai and Mary Youngblood. Can't play it enough. Thanks for the great flute.

Many Blessings,

2-10-2015 MAINE


I am ecstatic right now because I finally figured it out!  I managed to get fairly good tone from all the pipes (well, the longest three not so much, but that will come, I know).  I put Mr. Puscoiu's DVD in, tried to imitate his grip and his stance, and sounded the middle G!  Then I ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror to see what I was doing! Then I just played the scale a couple times.  Oh happy day!

By the way, I just now noticed a sticker on the front of the book with your email on it!


Amy Simoneau

2-5-2015 Virginia

Hello, I purchased your special order tenor pan flute about 5 years ago and I LOVE it. I have been working so much never got time to really play well, Retired now am ready to go. Do you have a scale to show me where the notes are on the flute and so you have the sheet music for Danny Boy that you play so beautifully on your website. I could ude both. Thanks, Charles in Norfolk VA

Yes Charles its on the way to you in this email ...   brad

2-3-2015 Alberta Canada

Hello Melinda, 

With much excitement the Panflute I picked it up at 10;30 Friday morning (02/01/15) as i was not in on the 31st but received the postal notice. Thank you Brad for the autographed CD's, a great guesture and the panflute is absolutely great (not that i'm a critic/ expert..ha..ha 1st one) just felt good in my hands.

Thank you again 

1-15-2015 Israel

I've got it!
Sent you an email.
You can't imagine how satisfied I am.
Thanks a lot for your great service and honest concern.
You are the best!


1-9-2015 Queensland Australia

Hi Brad and Melinda, your beautiful Pan Pipe Package has arrived at the front
door of its new home, here in the Land Down Under. It arrived today Friday 9th.
January 2015. I am so pleased, I had no idea it would arrive so quickly. It is just
perfect and I am looking forward to being able to make some progress very soon.  Thank you for everything that you have included in the package. I will let you know about my progress. 
Once again thank you for such a well made and beautiful instrument.
                                                     Regards and all best wishes,

                                                            Millicent Roesler.  

12-20-2014 Chaplin Connecticut

Hello Brad and Melinda and Merry Christmas!
Thank you for sending the pan flute starter set out so quickly and the wrapping was a welcome surprise! My 12 year old son, is thrilled with it!  He's already been testing it out and I think he will progress quickly. I found you online and I am very happy with my choice to buy your product. The support you provide is unsurpassed. Again thank you for a quality instrument  and the support you provide. 
-Beth Morris

12-15-2014 Washington DC

Hi Brad,

I'm really loving the beginning panflute learning process! the day I received it I couldn't make a clear note, then I learned how to do that! Now I'm to playing eigth notes and playing songs like frere jacque and au claire de la lune- its really nice and keep in mind I have absolutely no music experience.  For me, I am learning the pan flute because I plan to spend time in South America and I fell in love with S American pan flute music so I'm going to try to focus on that kind of music of course with the exception of Zamfir and others!  I would love to be in contact with you about any kind of difficulties I am having with my learning process- plus nice steps up from the basic 15 pipe panflute that I bought and I am playing right now.  You know, the ones that sound more mystically south american and deeper- but that is a conversation for another month or year probably!  Anyway thanks for all you have done to spread your love of the panflute to all corners of the Earth!  I will speak with you soon!


12-3-2014 Alberta Canada

Hi Melinda,
Thanks to you and Brad.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on this.  It is going to be very hard for me not to share the gift with Jane before Christmas.  I am so excited.  She has talked about the pan flutes every trip we made to Hawaii.
At the moment I my second novel has been released this month and I have been busy with PR stuff.  I am also working on the development of a feature movie script and a television series, and I am so looking forward our February 2015 break in Hawaii.  Got the flights and room booked at the Royal Grove.
May you have a wonderful festive season and when I dip my toe into the waters of Waikiki, I will be thinking of you and Brad.

11-25-2014 Petaluma California

I very much appreciate the excellent customer service that you and Brad have provided me. You would easily earn a more-than-5-star rating for your service alone!

I'm excited about receiving my Panflute and learning materials along with Brad's CDs of his beautiful Panflute music. I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress. I will let you know if I have any questions or encounter any problems in learning to play it.

Thanks again, and Aloha to you, too!


11-18-2014 Cambridge Ontario Canada

Hi Brad & Melinda,

After much anticipation the Tenor pan flute finely arrived today.
It is a beautiful piece of workmanship and after some practice I was able to get most notes out of it. It has a beautiful full sound.
Thanks for the pan flute lessens CD it really helps a lot also thanks for the CD with your beautiful pan flute music.
I listen to it when I commute to and from work, it is very relaxing.
I still have lots of practice to do before I can play a song but it is word it.
I love the sound of the pan flute.


Johan Meijer

11-14-2015 Redford Michigan

Just to let you know the effect of your music:  my partner is in the last stage of incurable lung cancer and enjoyed your sample CD so much he asked me to get more.  Received you 6 CD's today and put them on, the music helps him relax and get through some of the pain and anxiety he gets at times.  Your music will be part of his therapy.  Thank you so much.

11-10-2014 Pompano Beach Florida

Dear Brad,
We recently purchased your beginners package with the 15-tube pan flute and CD's.  I am quite excited and pleased with it.  As I have had about half of a lung removed because of cancer, I am particularly encouraged by your You-Tube session on breath control.  Thank you for including that session.
Could you send the accompany music (MIDI) to "Your Tribute" by return email.  The piece is quite moving.  Thank you. Aloha. Bob

11-5-2014 Brie France

I received 5 cd last Saturday. 
Thank you for your free cd, 
your music is really beautiful !!!!  
Again congratulations for your music !! I love! 
see you soon 

11-3-2014 Tulsa Oaklahoma

Dear Brad:

Please excuse me, but since I have watched your videos so much, I feel we should already be on a first name basis. I want you to know I really love my Grand Tenor Pan Flute and I have been playing every day and I am getting better each day. The mid-range pipes are the easiest for me to get a good strong clear tone with some vibrato. The very high and real low pipes still need more practice, but I am getting there. Also thanks so much for the CD of your beautiful music. I enjoy listening to it so much I had to copy it to a cassette tape so I could listen to it in my old Chevy work van because it can’t play the CD. 

At first I was a little concerned as to my being able to play the Pan Flute due to having a mild case of C.O.P.D. But as you taught, with the proper mouth position, I quit wasting so much air unnecessarily so I am doing much better now and also I am not getting light-headed as much as I thought I would. I told my Pulmonologist that I had started playing the harmonica and she encouraged me to continue to do so because it was good for me and I am sure she will be happy to know I am also now playing the pan flute. 

Brad you will probably find this amusing; about two months ago I bought a real nice upright console piano for $2,000.00. But it seems now, I enjoy playing my $200.00 Pan Flute more - because I can play duets with you while listening to your music CD. You do not realize how much you have influenced me for the good. So because of that -- I felt I was obligated to write and let you know that you have a new friend and fan and -- I Thank You So Very Much!  

Your Pan Flute Tooting Buddy from Tulsa: Tom Gaines.

10-30-2014 Czech Republic

Hello Mr. White, I received my pan flute, it is beautiful, thank you! I am looking forward to learning how to play it. Still working on trying to get all the sounds out, especially on the smaller pipes, but I'm loving it.
Thanks for all the help and information regarding the purchase of my pan flute.
Kind regards

10-25-2014 Rockton Illinois

Hi Brad,

I received my flute today. It is really a fine piece of craftsmanship. Thank you.

Your customer service is first rate and very unusual today. I place a high priority on that in my business also. I believe the Lord would have it that way.

I played a trumpet for many years but my 70 year old lip has taken to splitting when playing so I gave my trumpet to my grandson. I am getting pretty good tone on the flute. I suspect all the hours I spent as a kid blowing on Coke bottles has helped me.
Lots of practice and fun ahead.
I don’t miss the spit valve.
Thanks, Al

10-21-2014 Milesburg Pennsylvania

Hey Brad,
   Just got my pan flute yesterday and it's absolutely beautiful.  Thanks for the cd on breathing techniques.  I thought to myself I will never be able to play this pan flute.  I'm dizzy and run out of air.  This was one of those occasions when all else fails read  I'm really looking forward to mastering it. I love it already.  Thanks for the fine craftsmanship.  Have a great day will keep in touch in the future.

10-18-2014 Kocaeli Turkey

Hi Brad and Melinda,

After waiting for 8 days, i could get my flute at last. It was really very quick process and i could track it in every steps in USA and Turkey. Custom clearance process compeleted in three days and i had to pay some additional custom tax fee too.

Your package was very nice and strong and thanks for the instruction paper, teaching DVD and audio CD. (case is also so beautiful and i did well by buying it too).

When i come accross some troubles i will of course take your advices.

Thanks for everything, talk to you soon.

Mustafa Kemal DUZGOREN

10-11-2014 Bangalore India

Hi Melinda,

The panflutes are finally with us and they shall be presented to Karn on Monday, 13th October which is his 22nd birthday ??

Coincidentally, the last set was given to him on his 18th birthday while we were on holiday in the Maldives.

Beautiful memories are made of these!

Thank you once again


Sent from my iPad

10-8-2014 Winnsboro Texas

I received my pan flute today.  The package was in excellent condition.   Your customer service is the best!    I'm so excited to learn to play.  Thank you very much.

Glenna A.

10-2-2014 Overland Park Kansas

Hi Brad!

I got the pan flutes!  One came (incredibly) on Saturday and the other one arrived today.  I can't wait to show my student, Fred!  

They are beautiful, and I really appreciate the dvd and cd too!  I had to go to a flute festival on Saturday, so I have not had a chance to look at the DVD, but I looked at several of the videos on your website after we talked, etc.  VERY helpful!  So, I know the DVD will be great as well.

I'll keep you posted as to how Fred and I do with this adventure!  He's loving it so far; and I can't wait to give him his new PF - it's going to make it much easier for him to progress now!

Thank you so much!
gina hk


Dr. Gina Hart-Kemper
Flutist & Teacher

9-25-2014 New South Wales Australia

Hi Brad,

The pan pipes have just arrived..Anna is really happy .
They are beautiful so well made.She noted how smooth they are on her lips.
Thankyou so much for the extra touches.The birthday wrapping,that was a real surprise.Thankyou so much.
She is right in the midst of her final high school exams, this will be a great way to enjoy the breaks between the study.
Is there such a thing as a cover for the pipes?If so are you able to give me a few ideas.

Once again thank you so much for everything.Anna was right when she felt you guys are really passionate about your pipes and that is the reason she wanted to get them from you.

Take care. Cheers

9-20-2014 Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Hey Melinda--

I received the pan flute earlier this week and all I can say is WOW. It is truly a beautiful, high quality instrument, and I can't believe the music I'm able to produce after just a few days of playing! I love it. I plan on practicing until I have my technique down and can play full songs, and then some! I should also thank Brad for including the CD, and for all his helpful videos on YouTube. Very inspirational. I hope one day I play as well as he does! Thank you very much!

-Christian Hidalgo

9-18-2014 Duncannon PA

Hey Melinda, the panflute arrived today!  I got it out and was practicing on it right away.  Glad to have the book, it gave me some great pointers. Also glad for Brad’s instructions on the care of the flute.  He mentioned some things I never thought of, so I’m grateful for the extra info.   I’m going to watch Brad’s DVD tomorrow, and we’re going to listen to the CD tonight.  So glad that was included, thanks!

Chris Bordner
Duncannon, Pa.

9-13-2014 Steinbach Manitoba Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda,

Just to let you know that the pan flute package arrived last Thursday, 04 September. (It was shipped on 25 August) I have only had a chance so far to read through things, but have also produced some nice sounds. I am impressed with this package and look forward to listening to the cd, the teaching dvd as well as practicing with and using the book.

My Dad passed away recently. He was my hero in many ways, and I learned a lot about music from him as he was also a music teacher – specializing in choral work. One day my friend stopped by with $100 and a card, saying that she wanted me to buy something in memory of my Dad. I knew I wanted a panflute, and when I found your package for almost the exact amount, I jumped at it.’s to Dad....cheers!! He was a person of excellence, and this package (and hopefully the music I will eventually produce) will be a lasting reminder to me of this amazing man in my life.

All the best to you and yours.


Lois (Reg) Fast

9-6-2014 Toronto Ontario Canada

Hello again Brad and Melinda.

Just letting you know that I received an absolutely lovely pan flute in the mail from you yesterday afternoon.  I've been playing it like mad since I got it!  I'm looking forward to listening to the CD and DVD you sent along with it.  Thank you for your prompt shipping and info on usual time frames for the shipment—and for a WONDERFUL pan flute!

All the best/Mahalo,
John Sproule

9-5-2014 Avon Park Florida

[One of our Clients] AVON PARK — In the Gulf War, Randy Livingston faced death several times. He came back with a griefstricken soul, saddled with post-traumatic stress disorder and Gulf War syndrome in 1991.

Though he went through some difficult times, he now finds solace in playing a pan flute.
Livingston recalled some of the most difficult times in the war — such as facing land mines that very nearly could have killed him.

“We went foxhole to foxhole in Iraq,” he said. “There’s a foxhole before there’s a bunker, and that’s how you know a bunker is there. I started going down one at a 45 degree angle to the Earth. I heard someone calling my name. I stopped and looked around, but neither one of my comrades had called my name.

“I looked down and there was a trip wire, about three feet off the ground, right near my boot. If I would’ve touched that trip wire, I would have been vaporized.”
Livingston also recalled seeing enemies killed by poison gas. He said he wanted the opportunity one day “to just share notes, to say ‘hey, I love you like a brother. I’m sorry for what happened. I love you no matter what happened,’” he said.

In his post-war years, after returning to Florida, he went through dark times involving alcoholism, and turned to God to get out of his downward spiral.

“I realized if I turned it over to God and meant it, he would take (the alcoholism) from me,” he said. “I remember the meeting...I walked out of the meeting and I said here you go, God, and he pulled it right on out of me.”

Now, he sees a psychiatrist in Sebring. His pan flute playing days began nearly three years ago, around Christmas in 2011. His psychiatrist asked him what he enjoyed doing, and he said he liked playing the pan flute. This prompted her to give him a challenge: get good at playing the pan flute, record an album and show it to her.

Since then, Livingston has been practicing at any opportunity. He plays at Sunny Homes Retirement Home sometimes and is slated to play at his niece’s wedding in November, where he’ll do a 10-song concert.

Livingston says playing the pan flute helps him deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder and Gulf War syndrome, fighting the personal demons that ail him even now.
“Sometimes when I play, a tear comes out of me,” he said. “It comes out of my soul, my anguish and horror over realizing as a person, the things I did in the war. I’m practicing because I love it. It’s therapeutic to me. I wouldn’t say I’m good yet, but I’m OK. I’m learning and getting better.”

9-2-2014 Quebec Canada

Thank you for the beautiful pan flute .I like it probably soon I will buy another one.  
Sandule Bobaru .MONTREAL CANADA 
I love my profession as a musician

9-1-2014 Chehalis Washington State

Thanks Brad. By the way, my friend and I watched your video last night. My technique has improved greatly since then. This morning, I played the same piece at church for a special. I am not as easily winded as I used to be. The pan flute sounds beautiful, and I was able to get some of the high notes out easily sometimes. Also, you can post my progress to the testimonials page as well if you'd like. I'd like people to know that it can be done, even with sight impairment. Thank you much, and once I get the church performance edited, I'll send you that one, because I think I did better today than I did on the recording I sent you.

• Tristian Gallegos   [Tristian is a blind high school pianist]

8-29-2014 Monaghan Ireland

Hi Melinda,
Thank you for the  wonderful pan flute. I've received it today.
Best wishes.
Gytis Stamburas

8-26-2014 Lincolnshire UK

Greetings Melinda,

Happy to say my Pan Flute arrived this morning.  It is everything I hoped it would be.  A beautiful instrument.  Now to get down to the serious part - learning to play it, etc.   But hey, that's part of the fun.

Please thank Brad for his CD.  It was very kind of him.

Thanks to you both for your advice and for the wonderful service you provide.

Kind regards and good wishes'

Gerard Davey
Lincoln UK

8-16-2014 USA

Hi Brad,
I am amazed at your follow up communication for an inquiry.  My husband and I also operate a small business, so we appreciate not only your obvious talent, but the way you go above and beyond the norm.  

I would like to purchase one of your flutes; perhaps the "fun flute" for one grandchild who is musically inclined.  This would be for a holiday gift.  You and your flutes have rave reviews, so I see no reason to look elsewhere.
I have your information, and will allow plenty of lead time for my holiday order.

You are amazing.  We WILL be in touch, and I will place at least one order.
Regards,  Nancy Cole

8-14-2014 Orlando Florida

I received my new pan flute last Thursday, What a great instrument and beginners package! It's been a week today and I have been practicing at least 15 minutes each day. I can now play a consistent tone on each pipe, but strive to get better and more consistent. It's been a bit of challenge, but notice improvement each day. I am now working on achieving consistency and working on breathing technique. I watch the instructional videos every other day and repeat the lessons to learn all I can. My next goal is to learn to read music so I can begin to put notes together. Although, yesterday I played the simple melody "Mary had a little Lamb" by listening to the tones and playing by ear. 
I am really enjoying the challenge and my goal is to be able to play a Christmas tune by the Holidays. Also, I really enjoy the CD's and listen to them constantly. I am looking forward  to our journey together and any tips, advice and support you can offer.
Thank you again,
Dan Leonard

8-9-2014 Cyprus

Dear mrs Melinda and Mr. Brad
Good morning.
Today morning I have received the pan flute from the post office-custom depart.
Thank you very much for your cd Mr. Brad , and also thanks for the good way of packing my pan flute.
Best regards
Panayiota Koursarou

8-7-2014 Banning California

Anna Ruth: Oh my goodness! Thank you, Dad! I love it!! 8:20 PM
Me: Hand made in Hawaii 8:22 PM
Anna Ruth: It is beautiful 8:22 PM
Anna Ruth: He included an instructional DVD, too. And a cd of music ! 8:22 PM
Me: 1st class outfit 8:23 PM

Anna Ruth: These are really nice, Dad. It has beautiful tone. Have done a scale and thirds (tricky!) and played 2 songs. Really fun! 8:43 PM

The gift wrapping was a nice touch.  Thanks Brad!


7-29-2014 Singapore

Hi Melinda and Brad White,

Glad to know the progress of the item, thank you so much. Such a quick and professional service. I really enjoy  talking with Brad over the phone yesterday, warm and friendly. Let me tell you something that to me, getting to know you and be your friend is much more valuable then just become your customer. 
I pray, may the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. And bless your business and Family.
I will let you know as the flute arrive. 

Hanny Andries.

7-25-2014 Oxnard California

Thank you so much .I just received it ,yesterday. The workmanship was more than my expectation. A work of art. The service was great, I really wasn't expecting it till next week. I was taken back when the UPS man handed me the package . Aloha ! Steve

7-20-2014 Yandina Creek Australia

Hello Melinda

The Pan flute arrived on Monday  WOW!  WOW! what a beauty!!!! Could hardly wait to get it unpacked  and it was well packed indeed and arrived in perfect condition. Sorry I didn't reply sooner than this but was too taken with the Pan flute to do much else. After a couple of attempts, made a noise resembling a squeak, so have been working on the embouchure and have improved mightily and can sound each note now.

Many thanks to you all for a beautiful instrument and first class attention to all supporting aspects of my purchase...packing...communications...and reasonable postage costs, as a matter of fact I used your  white instrument packing box as the basis for the wooden flute case I'm making for the tenor, I'll send a pic  when completed.

kindest regards

john platt

7-15-2014 Baton Rouge Louisiana

[This is a surprise gift for my husband. We heard a pan flute while on vacation recently, and it tugged at his old former-music-major heart. Now that he has retired, this will be a great new hobby. Now I have to hide your email so he won't see it. :-)   Thanks again.]

SUCCESS!! I let him open the package this evening. The gift wrapping was a sweet surprise! He blew into it a few times and in less tha a minute was making a pretty decent sound. After playing a few tunes ( to show off for the grand kids) he now has his nose buried in the book and trying chromatic tones. I think we have a winner! Thanks so much for your help. I'm sure you'll be hearing from him soon with some questions.

Lora Carroccio

7-5-2014 Bandung Indonesia

Dear Melinda, i just received the flute this morning. In my country today is Saturday June 21, 10.15 am. I really love it. I'm proud of you. Thank you very much.  - Elisabeth

7-1-2014 Veszprem Hungary

Dear Melinda and Brad White,

Many thanks, the panflute has been delivered today .

I like it, nice work, nice tone!



6-25-2014 Wueensland, Australia

Dear Brad & Melinda,
My panflute arrived this morning, I'm going to get many hours of pleasure in learning how to play it, thank you.
Gordon - husband - & I have have played the DVD and CD's - love your  music Brad.
I sincerly appreciate the added CD & the DVD of the lesson.
Yes, Melinda, I will keep you posted on my progress.
Cheers for now,
Judy Roberts

6-15-2014 Pitman New Jersey

Brad and Melinda,

In my many years, I and others of all ages have seen good people spend their time and energy doing work that benefits life in this world. Very rarely is a thank-you given. I would like to thank you for the work you are doing. Through your work, you are both giving a most important and beautiful gift to humankind. You give a gift of light and hope.

I play the pan flute you made for me everyday. I play outside, and usually at the public park in our town. There are trees, fields, and a nice lake. There are walking paths in the park, and around its perimeter. Some people sit down to listen, others stop to tell me how the sound of the flute makes them feel. They say that the sound of the flute can be heard throughout the park. The music seems to float through the trees and across the water. People feel good when they hear the music, and feel as it they have transcended to a magical realm. They ask me if I would continue to play as they finish their walk. 

I thank you for providing the pan flute which allows me to play. I ask you to continue because your work means so much to so many.


Richard M. Kenvin 

P.S.  Please feel free to use my letter in your "Letters" section.

6-11-2014 State College Pennsylvania

Hi, Brad! Happy Birthday!
I want to tell you that you have been such a help and inspiration to me in my Pan Flute Adventure! I couldn't believe that time you called me and stayed on the phone for 40 minutes to help me with a "notes-too-flat-in-the-upper-octave" issue I was having. I still smile when I think of how you told me you practiced long notes while watching movies when I said I found long notes useful but boring! Every now and again my husband comes home finds me in front of the TV, playing my pan flute. Well, I think of you then, and I'm grateful.
Happy Birthday, Pan Man!!!

6-5-2014 Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Hi, my name is JJ and I felt that I should have thanked you a while ago.  Thank you for the customer care that I could feel from all of your communication with me and within the package.  I really haven't got to try it until the past couple of days and I love it.  I've been wanting to find an instrument that I think fits me.  My sisters play the guitar and piano, and are very gifted musicians, but I haven't been able to join in that area of our family much.  Now I feel that I've found an instrument I can connect with, and I look forward to getting better at it.  I really liked that one piece in your intro video with the very first example of a song on it.  It was fast, and reminded me of peter pan or something Irish.  I really want to learn how to do that:


6-1-2014 Mandeville LA

Hi Brad!

I am Happy with my pan pipe thank you ever so much for it.I have made good progress so far in this pan arrived on Thursday and was very nice and very well packaged thanks a lot for everything!!!!!!!!!!!


5-31-2014 Long Beach California

Got My Flutes!

They play great! Thank you so much!  Strong, solid tone and intonation.

What an intuitive instrument to play.

I may just end up getting your regular tenor for a matched set!


Todd Lemmis
VP HR, Talent Acquisition

5-27-2014 Kyoto-Fu, Japan

Long-awaited panflute arrived on the 27th.
Thank you.
It is the start of the lesson of panflute instantly from today.
I do my best so that it may not suffer a setback.

Tateo Murase

5-22-2014 Nairn,UK

Hi Melinda,
My Panflute arrived today and I'm very pleased with it.  Thank you very much.
Now for the hard bit - learning to play it.....although trying to wait patiently for it to arrive was difficult enough!

5-10-2014 New Nienna Ohio


I just received my Left sided Grand-Tenor and it is awesome! Thanks for your one-to-one attention in helping me choose it. I also wanted to thank you for the Dream eScapes CD. It is very relaxing.

So far, I have managed to get a note out of every pipe, some were somewhat painful on the wild animals, but I didn't have to put any of them down. I look forward to learning how to work these pipes. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Thanks again,


5-2-2014 Chicago Illinois

Good morning Melinda,
A huge thanks to you and Brad for the fantastic communication.  I will definitely be looking forward to my pan flute.  Thank you so much for the amazing customer service.  I will definitely give the most positive feedback on your products and especially the services.  Have a wonderful day.
Kind regards,

4-31-2014 Alberto South Australia

Hi Melinda

I received my grand tenor back in February (it took 12 business days to arrive in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia in case you're interested).

Every night I get home from work and start playing it before I even get changed out of my work clothes...that's how much I love it! After a few weeks daily practice I'm getting pretty good, too! 

Thanks very much to you and Brad for this fine, reasonably priced instrument as well as your excellent customer service.


4-29-2014 Fajardo Puerto Rico

This is Alfredo Maldonado.
The Panflute now is here. I am very happy with the because have a great tuning. I like that instrument bacause have a angelical sound. I want to play my Panflute to my lord and his son Jesus. 
Thank you for all.
God bless you

4-26-2014 Egypt

Hi Mr. Brad
I got the pan-flute today . it is perfect and very nice . blowing in the pipes is much easier than my previous pan-flute. and the tunes are very nice .
thank you very much for this amazing instrument .
Dr. Ashraf Bourei

4-23-2014 Beit Hayarden, Israel

Hi Melinda,

I just picked up the pan flute from the post office.  I received the notice last Thursday, but the local branch was closed for the Passover holiday, so I only got it today. 

I was amazed, first of all, by the quality of the workmanship.  And then, I put it to my lips, and just like that, I got good, strong  and beautiful sound out of every note! I can hardly get a note out of my wife's pan flute from South America.   

Thank you so much for this, and DVD and the instructions.

All the best,

4-17-2014 Grand Junction Colorado

Hi Brad and Melinda,
My flute arrived!   It is so beautiful, and I LOVE the bag too.  So I can safely take it to show people (and when we go on our Saturday day trips to various mountains, canyons, etc.)
The first time I tried to play a note, nothing came out...I thought...well, I won't be able to do THIS....
Then I just sat with it for awhile, and after a couple of minutes, began getting notes out.  I am really surprised how rich the sound is.   Very, very surprised.  
I think the learning is going to take some time.   I am used to instruments coming very easily to me, but this is different than anything.   I think that is why I am so attracted to it.
When I make my first recording with harp, I will send you an mp3 :-).
Thank you so very much,

Blevins Harps

4-7-2014 Staffordshire UK

Hi Brad pan flute arrived today 11.30 local 7th April by royal mail. Not a mark on the package that is to say it wasn't knocked about, pan flute looks great sounds awesome managed a verse of amazing grace a bit breathy and the odd squeak but things can only get better.  Thanks for everything. Garry 

4-2-2014 Sherwood Park Alberta Canada

Hi Melinda,

The Tenor Panflute arrived this morning, April 2nd. It was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for such great service and attention to detail. Now I have to set about and learn to play such a magnificent instrument, I'm excited at the possibilities.

Stan Wangen

3-21-2014 Northridge Calfornia

Hello Brad and Melinda,
I received the pocket pipes today and they are fantastic. They are beautifully constructed and sound great. Thank you so much for your excellent service. I will enjoy these very much.

3-16-2014 Mount Vernon Washington

Hi Melinda,

Just got the flute today in the mail.  It was only 3 days ago that I ordered it!  Thank you so much!

First impressions:  AMAZING!  The woodwork and craftsmanship are perfect.  Nice smooth transitions between pipes and they're all fitted together seamlessly.  The sound is wonderful with robust deep tones that resonate well.  Solid construction, great sound, pleasing aesthetics.  It's amazing!  Thank you for making such a wonderful instrument available at such a reasonable price!

Matt VDG

3-14-2014 Flatwoods Kentucky

Hi Brad thanks for opening up a whole new world for me. The panpipe really opened my ears to music. I thank you more than you can possible  know. - Jim Wilson

3-11-2014 Holland Michigan

I am sold on your flutes! They have an amazing sound. I hope that I can do it justice at some point. 

Karen Green

3-5-2014 Jakarta Indonesia

Thank you so much dear... this is the first for me buying something from overseas, and because of you everything seemed to be easier! Have a great day! Xoxo

3-3-2014 South Australia

Hi Brad

just want to let you know that today i received the panflute, i love it, so thank you very much for the DVD and CD as well

I appreciate it

God Bless


2-27-2014 Chiba Japan

Hi Brad and Melinda,
Just wanted to let you know that my uncle has received his pan flute on Saturday the 22nd. He was extremely pleased with both the quality of the pan flute and the service you provided to us. He was also impressed by Brad's wonderful performance shown in the complimentary DVDs.  
My uncle has been playing pan flutes for years and does lots of volunteer performances at various places and occasions.
Recently his favorite pan flute got broken by accident, so he desperately needed to replace it with a new one. Now he's very happy to have been able to find a wonderful pan flute in such a short period of time.
Please give our best regards to Melinda! 
My uncle asked me to convey his appreciation to you. 

2-25-2014 Rochester New York


I got my flute!  My husband David said, you and your wife we great to deal with.  He said you were two very nice people.  He also said, that you had sent him some private things for me, but since then and my birthday yesterday, his computer crashed and he has lost everything on it including what you had sent.  So I am not sure what you sent but I wanted to personally thank you for making this such a smooth and pleasurable transaction for him.  I am so excited to start to learn.  I have my first attempt planned for tomorrow and everyday to follow!!  Wish me luck :)   I am very sure you will be hearing from me again in the very near future!


2-21-2014 Seol South Korea

Dear Brad,
I received my instrument safely a week ago.
I think that the flute is stronger than I had from others that were made of bamboo.
This tuning is very accurate and clean.
I'm VERY satisfied.
Thanks a lot.

Best regards,
Duckeun Jung

2-15-2014 Rushville Indiana

Dearest Brad & Melinda, I received my wonderful work of art on Saturday. I have worked with it very hard. That CD you sent with the pan music is very emotional. My sister Lisa will be in contact with you. She has health issues. I have spoke with her (with several years of flute experience) I suggested she purchase a pan from you too give her release from her pain. my other sister sharyn will be purchasing this wonderful pan CD. We all live in different states. You music was listened through a cell phone from Indiana to Texas and New Mexico. God bless you both.

Thank you ever so much-Marc

2-10-2014 Jackson California

Dear Brad,
I must say I’m very impressed with your speedy service, care, and thoughtfulness for my mistake in making the correction so quickly, and on a Friday night! Thanks for the tips and links. With this kind of service your business should be doing very well.
Thanks again for the personal touch. I will definitely share and you may use my comments if needed.
Love, peace and harmony,
Gloria K

2-8-2014 Montecavolo Italy

Hi Melinda , the Grand Tenor Panflute has arrived in perfect condition. Now I have to study the flute. I conclude with a thank you and Brad .
PS: I hope to have written in an understandable way

2-4-2014 Askersund Sweden

Well, whad'ya know. The package arrived today!
I'm so thrilled, looks great! Even I can make it sound.
I haven't had time to try it that much yet, or to listen to the cd's but I'll let you know how it goes.

Thank you for a beatiful instrument!

Best regards,
Per Sundberg

2-2-2014 Wharton New Jersey

Hello Melinda,
Please tell Brad my Pan Flute arrived Thursday.  And the book today!  I couldn't be more pleased.  A beautiful and well made instrument.  I've watched Brad's video and listened to some of his music.
Just wanted to let you know everything was received quickly and that I'm very pleased!  Will be practicing!
Thank you both so much!
Mary Ellen Allen

01-30-2014 New South Wales Australia

Hi Brad !!

I'm emailing to let you know we received our Pan Flute today !

I honestly cannot thankyou enough, Ryan is absolutely ecstatic. I cannot believe you went to the effort to wrap the gifts incorporated with your personal message and the extra gifts, thankyou thankyou thankyou ! From the bottom of my heart what a fantastic experience this has been with you.

Such a beautiful instrument that emits the most pure beautiful sound ! Ryan hasn't put it down since the delivery, we are absolutely over the moon ! This has been the best birthday present I've purchased in years and I bet for years to come.

I will be forwarding your business to everyone I can and letting them know what fantastic products and service you provide.

Its been an absolute pleasure Brad.

Take care ! I'm sure I'll be making future purchases.

Kindest regards,
Jenelle :)

01-20-2014 Sun City Center Florida

I have had my 15 pipe pan flute for about three days and I am playing anything I want to play! I originally purchased the Grand Tenor and I was overwhelmed in trying to play it. I decided to try a simpler flute and it worked. I am sure if I went back to the Grand Tenor right now I could play it and I am really looking forward to that. I haven't gone through the book and DVD you sent but will very shortly. I am so proud of both of my instruments, the quality of workmanship and the tone they have when I play them. I was really surprised at how easy it is to sense just how far to move up or down the flute to get the notes of a song, I thought that would take a lot of time. And yes, Brad, I am enjoying playing panflute as much as you do. I have watched all of the videos on your site and now I will be able to play with you the next time I go to your site. Thank you for making such beautiful instruments, I am so enjoying playing. Right now I am playing piccolo and flute for the concert band in our area, the bass flute and concert flute in our new flute choir, taking lessons once a week on flute and bass flute, learning ukulele, playing in a ukulele group and now I am learning the panflute. I sometimes get a little tired out but I never get tired of playing! Aloha and Mahalo, Brad.

- Anita

01-4-14 Flatwoods Kentucky

Wow I just received my wonderful Tenor Flute, I hope I Can learn to Play this flute. The sounds of this instrument  is so peaceful  .Well that is when you play it. You done a beautiful  job of makeing it.  I have so much to learn and as much as I love this instrument , I hope I can do it.

James Wilson

01-3-14 Borgo D'Ale Vercelli Italy

Hi Brad,
I hope you had a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
I've received the Grand Tenor today. Everything looks ok and I can already play some notes! I will practice and practice in order to obtain a good sound. Thank you very much!


01-1-2014 Storden Minnesota

The flute arrived yesterday.  It is beautiful.  And sounds wonderful.  It will take some getting use to, but since I use to play flute and oboe (years and years and even more years ago) I will probably get the lip shape fairly easily.  My only question at this time is what type of sheet music can I use.  I have piano music and harp music.  I use the piano music for the harp, but can I use it on the 18 pipe flute?  Are they interchangeable? - Candy

Hello Candy,  I am so glad you are enjoying your new panflute.  You can play any melody from any source..  piano, flute violin, oboe, recorder..  So explore all the wonderful melodies of the world.  They all sound great on the panflute. 

Here is my online songbook for some ideas...

Aloha ..  Brad White

12-29-13 Uppsala Sweden

Hello Brad,

I just got my pan flute yesterday and just wanted to tell you that I was very pleased with it! Really beautiful sound and comfortable to the hand. I'm very sure I will buy another one in the near future. Keep up the good work!

Happy new year,

12-27-13 Stayton Oregon

Hi Brad,
I am happy to say the pan flute arrived in time for Christmas and my son loves it.
Thank you so much for the extra care of wrapping it so nicely, I appreciate it very much.
We love your music and look forward to our son playing as well as you can!

12-23-13 Mukilteo Washington


We ordered a pan flute for our grandson, which you sent the next day.  It arrived on time and in good order.  We appreciate (and we know our grandson will too!) the Aloha note you wrote on the package - it makes it seem even more special.  We are excited to give it to Joey on Christmas.  

Thank you,

Steve and Betsy Koepp

12-18-13 Allen Park Michigan

Hello Brad,

Just wanted to let you know that my pipes arrived safely yesterday!!

OMG they are gorgeous, smooth as silk and a phenomenal tone quality!!!!

Absolutely nothing like the cheap thing I had before!!!

I am already playing, using the hand vibrato and experimenting with other vibratos.

I did not realize they are tunable.  Love the case also and very glad that I got it.

Have too many holiday gigs starting Thurs so I won't be able to spend much time with them until after the 25th but I am looking forward to becoming more proficient.

Will keep you updated on my progress.

Have a great Christmas!

It is 25 and we now have approx. 9" of snow.....................ugh!!!



(I am a proffesional flutist also play the whistles and many other instruments.  I just heard your playing on the Feliz Navidad recording and have to learn it!!)

12-17-13 Fife Washington

Brad I got the pan flute, it was delivered in outstanding condition, and I might also add it was packed to perfection. I just love the workmanship that was done on it . I just know I will love playing it, I just wanted to also add I can play Row Row Row Your Boat. With the DVD’s you sent I am set.  I have played the 4 string plectrum banjos for 26  years and I am still learning.   It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Also Merry Christmas - John

12-15-13 Budapest Hungary

Hello, Mr Brad White.
Thank you so much. The Book, and grand tenor pan flute is arrived.
I hope I will learning soon.
My first correct  production will send you.
Thank's again.
Best regards
Matus Mihály

12-14-13 Calhoun Georgia

Brad and Melinda,
WOW! Your craftsmanship is AMAZING! Being a visual person, I have to figure out a way to display it. It is a piece of practical sculpture that begs for a place of prominence. (Hmmm, another item to sell on your site; a display stand made out of resin, or wood.
The sound is heavenly, and before I pass from this earth, I hope to play it as well as you.
I was allowed to play each note once before my wife took it and wrapped it up. It now sits under the tree tormenting me. (I sneaked your CD out of the box and at least can listen to you play and dream….)
Merry Christmas to you. You have made my Christmas bright!
PS. The shipping is Amazing too; shipped Monday and delivered Friday. Great job!

12-9-13 Lifracombe Australia

Hi Brad.  We received the flute in the mail on 12/09.  Thankyou very much, My daughter and I can both get a tune out of it, but will have to practice the breathing...we both nearly black out:)  Thanks again, and we will enjoy it!
kind regards, Meredtih.

12-8-13 The Netherlands Oirschot

Hi Melinda,

Thanks you so much for everything. We can't wait to get our 'fun pipes',
instructional DVD, and complimentary Panflute music CD!

Thanks for mailing the package USPS and so quickly. I'm not too concerned
about the delivery time though, once the package gets to New York it will
enter the APO Military system and I just hope to have it by
Christmas, my 6-year-old daughter wrote Santa this year and asked for one of
these. I'm really excited for us to start learning to play it on Christmas

And yes, I am stationed in the Netherlands. My family and I have lived here
for a little over 2 years and have another 2-5 years to go. I live in a
wonderful little fairytale town called Oirschot near Eindhoven. We actually
had plans to visit Delft last month but were not able to go. We'll try to go
again soon though. Living in Delft for 2 years, I'm sure you and Brad have
quite the collection of Delft Blauw!      


12-5-13 Kirkland Washington

Hi Brad excellent Job packaging Pan flute arrived today Dec. 5th great shape.
Now all I need to do is learn how to play it.
Excellent workmanship right down to the signature on the back a true artist.
Thanks again
Gary Weber

11-26-13 Elkton Maryland

  I can't begin to tell you how much fun my 18-pipe Tenor Pan Flute has been to play! Since I purchased the flute from you back in December of 2012, I have been practicing on average 1 hour per day and sometimes longer! I have learned over 35 hymns and some more recent Praise songs!  I have also played 2 of the 40+ songs that I have learned in Church during the Church Offertory. I am having a blast!
  People can't get over the beautiful sound that this flute puts out!  The first 4 months were the hardest! It was hard to hold notes very long and I got pretty dizzy when I played. But now after almost a year of daily and consistent practicing, I'm now really enjoying just making beautiful music with it!
  I come from a very large family of brothers and sisters. The male side has musical gifts and the female side tends to gravitate towards Artistic talent. I am really glad that I have bought this flute. It has had a profound impact on praising and worshipping God and people that hear me play are really enjoying the music that the instrument makes.
It seems as though you go through 3 phases of learning a new instrument. The mechanics (Breathing, note selection, scales, holding notes), the music -- being able to play whole songs and play them well , and then the expression -- playing a song not just correctly, but with expression and passion. As the first two phases become secondary -- the ability to play with beauty and expression becomes primary. I have already noticed that when I play a song that I knew how to play previously but not beautifully, now I can do the latter.
  You make new discoveries all the time the more you play an instument. And with each new discovery you begin to enjoy playing all the more. 

  Again, thanks so much for this instrument.  It has really changed my life. It has re-awakened my desire to play music and to play it with the passion that I thought I had lost.
Dave Reynolds

11-22-13 Durham North Carolina

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I am enjoying my pan flute.
What a magnificent instrument! It obviously has a lot of TLC crafted into it.
Barbara loves Andean pan flute music, so I hope to work up some of those tunes for her.
Since my grand tenor is in C I can play much of my existing flute music, too.
I’ll try to keep in touch to let you know how I am doing.
Dana Keith

11-20-13 Westford Massachusetts


I received the pan flute yesterday- it's awesome!  Took me a little while, but I can now get pretty clear tones from it reliably.  Pretty sure my embouchure is not great yet.  It will take some practice to be sure- I've not watched the DVD yet so need to do that.

I think it is going to work perfectly!  Thanks so much for the quick turnaround- pretty amazing (order on Friday, arrives on Monday- all the way from Hawaii to the East Coast)!

Very happy with it- thanks so much!

Bill K.

11-16-13 Bolton Massachusetts

Hi Brad & Melinda:

I received the Pan Flute today and what a nice surprise inside, all gift wrapped!  Thank you, that's great customer service.  I send personal notes with our manuals when our customers request them too.  It's just a small thing, but it adds a personal touch not found in business very often.  I can't wait to try the flute with my kids, but we will have to wait for Christmas.
I'm sure I'll be shopping with you again.  



11-14-13 Pagosa Springs Colorado

Hello Brad,
Thank you for the beautiful pan flute. It is a really lovely instrument. I'm very happy with its sound. You were right; I am able to play it in spite of my block with rim-blown flutes. I'm grateful to you for keeping your prices low so I could get such a nice flute! Now the hours of practice begin... but not all at once.  :-)

Your CD is wonderful. Thank you for including it! I got home a bit before my husband the day the flute came and immediately put your CD in. He came home and heard it and said, "that is absolutely fabulously gorgeous."

Have you thought of selling "music minus one"-type panflute backing tracks (like the ones from your CD)?



Jessica Tsianina Peterson has played flutes for 30 years. She is an author of 14 books with recordings, published through ADG Productions

11-6-13 Grand Isle, Nebraska

Good morning, Brad and Melinda,

The pan flute arrived and Ethan is already playing beautiful music. Some work on technique will make it even better...  Thanks for the links - all the support is helpful and inspiring.

Have a great Wednesday!

Deb Wilkerson

10-28-13 Hong Kong China

Got the mail, thank you!! The flute is beautiful : ) Love it so much!!

Linda (Siu Ling You)

10-25-13 Pompano Florida

Hi Melinda,
Thanks so much for the update. It's always nice to deal with professional, caring people.
I actually played the coronet for 4-5 years in school. Sheet music was in the C scale and hopefully,
I haven't forgotten how to read all the notes. :-)  
Thanks again for the immediate update.

10-23-13 Ontario Canada

Hi Brad,
Just wanted to let you know that the panflute arrived safely today.
Only 9 days getting here, that is amazing.
Thank you so much for sending it & for your prompt service.
Hope to do business with you again.
The Lord bless you.

10-20-13 Grabo Sweden

Hi Melinda and Brad
I received my pan flute Friday afternoon and started to practice immediately.
It is really fun J. And the flute are really beautiful.
I can read notes since I played Clarinet then I was young. But It was nearly 30 years since my last lesson. It is really frustrating that I cannot play everything I want yet. That I have to start with easy songs. And even these are hard for me…
Now my children are nearly grown up and I hope I will get a lot of time for myself. I will not give up! I turn 50 next year and a lot of people gets some kind of crises then so I decided that playing Pan flute will be mine…
Thanks and have nice day from Carina

10-14-13 Oneonta, New York

Hi Brad...

I just wanted to tell you that i received my flute just now... It's beautiful!

Feel kinda like a.little kid at Christmas.
Can't wait to get it home and begin...

Thanks again

Joe pagillo

10-11-13 Paducah Kentucky

Brad, I recieved my Pan Flute, and it is absolutely beautiful. I'm excited about learning to play. and thank you so much for all the information that you gave me in helping on the decision of what flute to purchase.
Thank you for the C.D's. 
Your music is so enjoyable.

Thanks again!
Tom McMurtry
Paducah, Kentucky

10-7-13 Louisville Kentucky


Hi Larry,  It is perfectly fine to play sitting in a chair. ...  brad

10-4-13 Westlake Village California

The panflute already arrived yesterday.and it is beautiful! Can't thank you enough.

My first goal is to play 'The Condor Passes.  Right now it sounds more like The Chicken Scratches :)


Pat Manalio

9-30-13 Tamarac Florida (follow up to 9-11-13)

Hola Brad,
This is the picture of Giovanni wih the pan flute.  I hope you can open it. He loves it and is learning more songs in other keys using now more sharps.  I wanted to take a picture playing along with the entire choir but the room is too dark, so I preferred to take one yesterday in the outer part of the church where he is having his debut this coming Christmas concert.
Saludos from Florida,

9-24-13 Pompano Beach Florida

Aloha Brad & Melinda:
My Grand Tenor arrived about an hour ago. It is such a magnificent, beautiful instrument.
I can't believe the meticulous craftsmanship and the fact you autographed it as well. It is
so rare to find such caring people, that go the extra mile. It was carefully packaged, and
arrived in only three days! Melinda emailed my tracking info. just shortly after I ordered it
online. I ordered it on Thurs. (09-19-13) and it arrived today (09-23-13). Thank you for the
enclosed instructional DVD and your Dream e Scapes CD.
I plan on watching the DVD first and go from there. I played the coronet for 4 years in school.
Hopefully all those years of practicing my chromatic C scales on it, will help me with the pan flute.
It will be an interesting journey as I learn my first wind instrument. I'll keep you updated as my
journey progresses.
Thank you Brad for the TLC you put into each and every one of your beautiful pan flutes.
Thank you Melinda for your prompt tracking/shipping info.
Keep up the excellent work and may God bless you both. :-) 

9-20-13 Pagosa Springs Colorado

Thank you and your wife for great service and fine craftsmanship! The Pan Flute arrived in time for the party!  My girl loved her Birthday present. I am hoping she will really practice hard and learn the Pan Flute well.  We all LOVE the CD and thank you for it. We play it all the time. We just love Pan Flute music. Thank you again.  I may be ordering another one soon.  Take care & God bless.
Jody Moon

9-13-13 Clearlake California

Dear Melinda and Brad,
Thank you so very much for the  nicely gift wrapping!
This has turned out to be the best gift I could have gotten for my son.  He told me it was his best birthday gift ever. That he was looking forward to learning the pipes.
I want to thank you again for your kindness in gift wrapping the gifts and for the  complimentary copy of your recent CD Sampler of Panflute music.
1. If you ever need a recommendation, I give you a rating of 10! 
2. Fast and easy ordering on web site,
3. fast replies to e-mails,
4. fast shipping
5. beautiful gift wrap
6. and most of all superior workmanship.
Love and prayers,
Veneta aka:
Website Hostess for:

9-11-13 Tamarac, Florida

Dear Brad/Melinda,
Just to let you know my son is very happy playing his pan flute.  Last night he had his first rehearsal with the church's choir for our Christmas concert and everyone was amazed with his ability to play with such accuracy and beautiful tone.  As I said before he is autistic and has some mental retardation and this has been the most significant growing experience we think he has ever had.
Though the only thing we need to work with is the sharp and flats specifically in the lower notes and we might need some help not for the concert but for the future.  So far he can play G# and F# in the higher notes.
You can edit this long e-mail and put it in the website to encourage other parents who might have children like mine.

9-10-13 Lakewood Colorado

I want to thank you so much for my panflute! I am so happy with it and enjoy it so very very much! My daughter is happy that I am so excited about playing. I am in assisted-living and can't always try to play the piano here as it might interfere with other activities in the building, so to know that I can always bring the joy of music into my life by playing this panflute here in my room is absolutely fantastic! You brighten my life with this incredible panflute and I can't thank you enough!

Many thanks!


9-6-13 Cartersville Georgia

Hi Brad.......I just want to share my excitement with you,  as I learn to play my panflute.   I'm coming along slowly, but surely with "Amazing Grace",  and  I'm playing "Precious Memories" even better.  

At the age of 89 in a few weeks,  it feels good to accomplish another instrument.  It takes a LOT of practice, but I enjoy it very much!  My violin is not getting much attention right now - ha!   

Thanks again for all your encouragement.    -Russ  Dodd  (Cartersville, Ga.)

8-22-13 BC Canada

Just a quick thank you, I appreciate the level of service you guys have. Thanks for everything and have a good day.

Jakob Taylor

8-18-13 Natick MA

Thank you, Brad and Melinda.

I just wanted to report that the 12-pike Pocket Pipes arrived in Natick, MA a few days ago along with the two CDs. Many thanks. My daughter is trying them out and will be playing them in an upcoming production of A Midsummer Night's Dream where she is playing the role of Puck.

Thank you-- it's a nice-looking instrument and she can produce a very good sound. Not a toy, as Brad said, and I'm grateful for that.


8-12-13 Manhattan Kansas

Brad and Melinda,

I was shocked to open my door and find the mailman delivering the pan flute I ordered just three days ago...all the way from Hawaii to Kansas. Unbelievably prompt service!!! And, all the contents were intact. Thank you for taking such care in packaging.

The workmanship is beautiful and the sounds magnificent. It will undoubtedly  give me many, many years of enjoyment. 

Truly appreciative,


8-9-13 Queensland Australia

Hey Brad, How are you?  I have just received the pan flute half an hour ago. Didn't take long to arrive in Australia and be delivered.   Have unpacked it and blew a few notes.  Sounds beautiful. Will let you know how I go when I have played a song on it.   Thank you so much.  I will have many happy hours on the pan flute, it was something I have always dreamed of playing.  I believe now that the other was a toy.  Will keep in touch to let you know how I go.  Thanks again.  Regards   Gwen 

8-5-13 Boxwood Music Festival Nova Scotia Canada

We had a terrific time with your flutes and I attached a photo of the class in case you can use it.  We all would have been playing your flutes (except the instructor) if the other order had arrived in Canada in time.  Thanks again for your fine craftsmanship that made the flutes a treat to play.
Janet -

7-27-13 Perth Western Australia

Aloha Brad,

Just want to say thank you. My pan flute arrived safely in the mail yesterday, it's a beautiful instrument, I'll make sure it is well looked after and I look forward to learning to play.


Paul Hubbard.

Perth, Western Australia.

7-25-13 Queensland Australia

G'day brad, we received our pan flute from you, in the amazing time of 6 days!!(from all the way from Honolulu to Australia)  wow!  we are very happy with it, and will continue to practice and learn.
cheers, and thanks from down-under


7-22-13 Mpumalanga, South Africa

Hi Melinda,
Thank you ever so much! Natasha is over the moon and literally jumping for joy J
Warm regards to you and Brad and thanks once again for the excellent service you provide!

7-20-13 Astoria Oregon

Tomorrow I leave for the Boxwood flute camp in Nova Scotia where we'll have fun with your panflute.  I've had it a few weeks now and it's great! I especially like how well the wood is finished off.  A friend complained that she tried the panflute (not yours) and the pipes were rough and chewed up her lip. I was happy to report to her that mine is smooth and even.  The signature on the back was a nice touch but it's rubbed off already. Maybe you should sign in the middle where people are less likely to put their thumbs.  Great book and DVD too. 
Thanks for the flute!

7-18-13 Lancashire UK

Hello Melinda

Thank you for the dispatch update.

I must compliment both of you on the exemplary level of service that you have given,
I would certainly recommend you to others.............Service with a smile it definately was.

Kind regards

Terry Lendrim

7-16-13 Bellingham Washington

Dear Melinda and Brad White,

I was amazed to find the pan flute book in the mailbox today.  It arrived sooner than expected!  Thank you for including the beautiful CD Dreamscapes as well.  I cannot say enough about the overall beauty of the sound and style.  

Prior to last week I had never met anyone else who played the pan flute.  The gentleman gave me some basic instruction I had been missing, and showed me a copy of Puscoiu's Complete Pan Flute Book.  I was thrilled to find the book on your website, and plan to, with purposeful practice, attain to a new level of playing.

Thank you again for sharing your passion and expertise with the world,
Anita Calkins

7-13-13 Glenville New York

I recieved the Tenor panflute a while back, about 5 days after I ordered. I find the instrument easier to play the more I use it. Even if I haven't gotten around to watching the DVD yet.


7-10-13 Seongnam South Korea

Dear Melinda,
Today(Jul/10) 2:00pm, I got the parcel you've mailed.
Thank you for your efforts to reduce my burden of custom tax.
And, thank you for your complimentary copys,too.
I'll do my best to learn how to blow the panflute.

I'll keep in touch with you.
Joongchul, Ahn

7-7-13 Orcas Island, San Juan Islands

Hi Melinda and Brad,

My panflute has landed.  I would say it is:  Pipin'Hot !!!

I am already having so much fun learning how to create a beautiful tone.
I was showing off your beautiful flute to the local musicians at the morning coffee hang out
on Orcas.  I have been invited to "jam" with them at the Doe Bay Music Festival !  

Whistling a happy tune,

7-5-13 Seoul, South Korea

I wanted to inform you that the panflute arrived yesterday (07/04/13).
Thank you for your amazing service.

-Tae Hee

7-2-13 Yavne, Israel

I get it now , its an amazing instrument !!! Very beautiful !!! Yummy !!!

- Josseph

6-28-13 Clarkton North Carolina

I am so looking forward to this. I bought a 13 pipe pan flute off of Amazon that was listed as "professional". It wasn't and I was very dissappointed. Brad's videos and his rapid response to questions was what sold this. Looking forward to playing this in church and just knocking around with all other styles....

Again thanks, David

6-25-13 Ontario Canada

Hi Melinda,

The Panflute arrived in the mail on Thursday. Looks and sounds great. My son is already loving it even though he still has to learn to get a steady sound out of it. But hopefully he will enjoy it for a long time.
Thank you so much.

Jolanda Van Dijk

6-22-13 Fox Point Wisconsin

Thank you, Brad!!! 

      The Grand-Tenor arrived here in Wisconsin safe and sound!   What a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L  instrument!!!!   I've dreamed about having one these for several years!!!   I picked it up and have had no real trouble playing it immediately!!!    I've played harmonica for a number of years, so I think the idea of breath and lip control has helped.    I can't play it like you can ---  but I'm glad to have your example of what I can truly hope to do with the  GRAND-TENOR  after some dedicated and consistent practice!!!! 

     Thanks for making the world a BETTER  PLACE,  Brad !!!!!!

        Peace and all Good to you !!!!

          Bill Stout, OFM

6-16-13 Denton Texas

Hi Melinda,
We received the panflute in yesterday’s mail – I am so thrilled!  The craftsmanship is outstanding.
My daughter comes home this week-end from camp, and I cannot wait for her to see it.  Thank you so much.

6-15-13 Palm Coast Florda

FYI, in receipt of my panflute minutes ago. Of course like a typical guy broke open the box and went right to it without reading any directions (ya know, like with toys, or whatever, nah, don't need the instructions, I can do it). Well, rude awakening...... but there is hope just minutes after giving in to Brad's written instructions I was on my way : ).. So, now I begin my journey and hopefully, in time, I will entertain family and friends.
Thanks so much for the timely delivery. The entire ensemble is all I had hoped for. Best wishes to you both and thank you for providing me something to look forward to. Should my better half and I ever return to your beautiful island we will make every effort to meet you in person, meanwhile.
Larry Torino

6-14-13 Wee Waa Australia

Dear Melinda,
Panflute arrived yesterday morning. Well packaged and thanks for the small message from Brad on the packaging.
Love it! and spend a few hours last night driving the kids and wife mad trying to play big classics like the “Titanic” and “El condor passa”.
Maybe a bit ambitious for the first day but it was fun.
Will now start practising scales and building up some good tones, for a few weeks, before trying big songs again.
Great instrument and beautifully finished.
Thanks Brad, Melinda and your team for great service and quality product.
Regards Peter

6-13-13 Fort Pierce Florida

Thank You Brad, Melinda, and Associates,
Received my pan-flute today, you have created a Beautiful instrument.
Spent three hours right away familiarizing myself with it and
was able to play the notes, (find my lip placement) pretty quick
(had watched videos on-line, on how to play, before ordering)
the higher notes are harder to accomplish..
Looking forward to making it sound like.. "music"..
Brad, You play so Beautifully,
Love the "Dream Scapes" dvd.. wow !!
Thank You*
Everything was wrapped So Pretty, very sweet*
Thank You*
The Construction is superb..
Thank You*
Music (and sewing) are "my thing"
been a singer/soloist since childhood
played Hand-Bells, Loved that..
Was a Great experience!
Your courtesy, personableness, and ever so quick delivery
have so impressed us..!!
Thank You Very Much !!

6-11-13 Ontario Canada

Hi Melinda,

I am writing to let you know that the Panflute just arrived this morning at 10:00 am.  It was delivered by the regular postman and I didn't have to pay any extra charges for duty….thanks so much.  The package was in excellent condition and everything inside was packed well and undamaged.  I am impressed with how quickly it got to me.  Thank you so much.  

I am looking forward to learning how to play this beautiful instrument.  I tested it out and the tone is just lovely.  It is so nicely made and I love that Brad has signed it too.    

Thank you so much.  I will definitely enjoy learning to play this beautifully crafted instrument.  


6-5-13 Cottage Grove Minnesota

Brad .. my order arrived in perfect condition...the pocket pan is a perfect little brother to my tenor and is also in the key of C to complement the G tuning of the tenor...some day in the future I would like to get into the tuning end of it but I have plenty to work on before that...the Complete Panflute Book is very thorough and has much to learn...I will concentrate on the first third for the time being, but it is a great resource. I will be in touch...
PS.. Your teaching and song dvd's are great too and much appreciated.

- Paul

4-25-13 Virginia

I listened to some of your music online and it is sooooo very beautiful, haunting and evocative.  Thanks for all your hard work to bless us with your talent and instruments.

In viewing your you tube presentations I learned answers to questions I had as to tuning, sharps/flats, changing keys and how much wind it would take to produce sounds similar to your artistry.  

I know our grandson, Hayden, will enjoy your pan flute, and now I want to consider one for myself as well.

We had great difficulty finding any info regarding pan flutes and most places we called had none to offer and could not tell us where to locate one.  We found your site by thinking creatively as to a differing approach online.  We are so glad we found you!!!


4-16-13 Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

Aloha !
Dear Brad,
you have golden hand man

Yesterday we received our pan flute, it's so incredible !
about 20 people who love music and instrument come to my house and watched and tried your wonderful flute.

Your flute like to all of my friends and guests

Thank you very much 


4-13-13 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Mr. White,
     Thank you for the prompt delivery of my pan flute. I am very much looking forward to learning to play it. I made the rookie mistake of buying one off amazon and as you well know it sounds somewhat less than appealing. I was conflicted about which one of yours to get, they all sound amazing..... so soft and pure... I really liked the tenor but as I am just beginning I went for the intro package and will doubtless buy the tenor in a few months. I have never been a musician, I lack dexterity in my hands and they are very large so playing most instruments is not an option. I woke up one morning a couple weeks ago and decided to learn the pan flute!!! The P.O.S. that I bought almost changed my mind, but then I happened upon your page and other pages that recommended you, so you are helping to keep the obsession alive and I thank you for that!!
     Thanks again, I am counting the days until it arrives!! I am 43 and as excited as a 3 year old at Christmas!!

4-10-13 Hartsville, South Carolina

Melinda and Brad,
This afternoon, I received my beautiful Panflute, instruction book with DVD and the instruction sheets with DVD that Brad had prepared along with the handwritten note on the box.  You two do a wonderful job personalizing your product and take great care in preparing it for mailing.  It all arrived in perfect condition.
Soon I will begin this new challenge of learning more about the Panflute and how to practice toward the lovely sounds this instrument will produce.  It is truely a beautiful instrument.  The wood itself is so pretty and the workmanship appears flawless.   Needless to say, I am quite pleased with it all and am very happy that I chose you to order from.
Thank you so much and I cannot wait to soon get started.
Have a happy day!

4-5-13 Everett Washington

Hi Brad,
The Grand Tenor Shoe just arrived and like you said, it is perfect. It is beautiful and the size is great. Every note plays good. I sure made the right choice, thanks to our conversation.

4-3-13 Bonners Ferry Idaho

Our daughter is delighted with her pan flute - she hasn't stopped playing since she got it this morning (several hours ago!) She's already playing a few tunes on it (needs to work more on her breathing for sure!) and playing a few hymns from the hymn book.   Her flute-playing sister is quite envious, so we may be purchasing another one in the near future.  We love the CD of your music as well.  Thanks so much for the gift wrapping and everything you included.  She has wanted a horse for several years and even said this morning that this is better than a horse!

A delighted family,

Mark and Carolyn and girls

4-30-13 Orem Utah

I am listening to Dream eScapes . My goodness, Brad; you are definitely a
remarkable Pan-flute musician ! Thanks for the CDs. I am impressed with the
service and quality of the instrument.  After all my frustration with the
first pan flute I bought elsewhere, now I found a legitimate Pan-flute
Business I can rely on.


Carlos Sylvanstoke

4-29-13 Meadowview Virginia

Hello Brad & Melinda,
               My Grand Tenor just arrived 10 minutes ago and I opened and already played "Amazing Grace" on it and sound so beautiful, but of course it will take me years to come close to the way you played the same hymn. I did not know that it was so much better than the cheap pan flutes that I already had. Thanks to both of you for your prompt and fast shipment of my pan flute and the kindness and help you shown me. Thanks again...Ron

4-27-13 Chiapas Mexico

Good morning to inform them that I am very happy with the PANFLÖTE, is perfectly tuned sounds divine and I am very happy to be able to contact you.
I'll be in touch with you.
Ignacio Castro
from the State of Chiapas, Mexico

4-26-13 Trail BC Canada

Hi,Brad & Melinda;

My Pan Flute was delivered at noon today, in good condition and no further  payments
indicated. Thank you, very much.

Now to start to find out if you can "teach an old dog, new tricks". Actually; I'm excited about
learning to make beautiful music, in a short time for my own amusement, {or, amazement!! ??}
I'll know I have accomplished something when my dear wife lets me come up from the basement
to entertain her.
If you don't hear from me, you'll guess I didn't have any problem following your instructions.

Thank you too, for the CD & DVD
Looking to broadening my horizons.

Regards to you both;


4-24-13 Jounieh Ghadir, Lebanon

Dear Brad & Melinda,

I'm happy to tell you that the Pan Flute arrived yesterday, I went to pick it up today at the post office.

It's in good condition and i must say, I'm amazed by the craftsmanship and the sound it produces, thank you for your effort.

Thank you,


4-21-13 Athens Greece

Hi Melinda,

I have just received today the package you sent.
Everything is perfect. :-)

Thank you very much.

Best wishes,

Nicholas Harharos,
Athens - Greece

4-20-13 Clinton Utah

Hi Melinda,
We just received the panflute you mailed to us earlier in the week.  This birthday gift for my teen daughter is absolutely beautiful.  I am not only impressed with the craftsmanship and the beautiful tone of the flute but also with your customer service.  Thank you so much for everything!

Cindy Harris

4-17-13Arnhem, Netherlands Holland

Hello Brad and Melinda, 

Today my panflute arrived on Wedsnesday, April 17th. It was delivered this morning. I was surprised that it arrived so quickly and it was all perfectly packaged! This evening I played on it and it sounds great! Woow, such a beautiful panflute! I'm very happy with it.
I play the flute, so I was able to play some notes already. I also watched your instruction video. Your instructions are very clear! Tomorrow I'm going to practice more techniques, can't wait!

Again I want to thank you for the beautiful panflute, service and inspiration you give!

Greetings from the Netherlands, 
Elise Mos-Burgers

4-15-13 Troy Michigan

Dear Brad,
I received the panflute today (really fast shipping, thanks!).
I did not expect such a gorgeous intrument: it is not only beautiful, it sounds deep and warm,
it has perfect intonation and it is so much easier to play compared to the other two that I had
(a horrible tourist souvenit bought on E Bay and a self made one with cpvc).
I am not happy, I am SUPER happy.
Thanks !
Kindest regards,
Gerardo Pavone
Troy, Michigan

4-10-13 Tokyo Japan

Dear Brad and Melinda,
This is Kayoko, in Japan. I received the panflute this evening. (tax free!)
It is in perfect condition. Thank you very much.
I will watch your instruction DVD and listen to you music.
Meanwhile, I managed to blow some pipes, producing sounds.
This is my first wind instrument. I love it so much.Å@Thank you again for your kind attention.
Best regards,
Kayoko Matsubara

4-4-13 Lakewood Washington

Hi Brad. I just wanted to let you know that I just receive my Pan Flute today.
I'm really happy that I got this instrument. I was shock on how easy this instrument can be played  It's so awesome that I didn't stop playing with it for over an hour. Also you mention to me last week something about a software where you can slow down a song to figure out what's the note of it or something like that, If I need help something about the pan flute can I contact you anytime? Thanks again Brad, your really an awesome person. 
                                                                                   Josh Mamerto

3-25-13 Maharashtra India

Thanks, Melinda for an excellent service. We have received the shipment. 

Thank you very much for instructional DVD and CD samplers. 

Warm regards. Bindu

3-15 to 20-13 New York

Day1. From June 80 yrs old.

I was happily surprised when my P Flute arrived today. it was well packaged and in perfect condition

I am  a little under the weather today,just something going around. BUT I tried for about 8 mins. and learned to tip flute bottom outward or upward and I played the first line of Amazing Grace. Now I, it know will take  a lot of practice but I am encouraged Someone asked me once”How do you do that?” I don’t know but if a song is in my head I can pick it out on an instrument. maybe partly from my early childhood piano and a lot from My mother’s both parent’s musical ability.Never the less, I am encouraged about the so called sound I ‘ve gotten in  just a few min .
I probably will be calling you some days later but we will see want I can do. How I love the sound when you play on all those videos on U-tube
I am thinking of you  both there in BEAUTIFUL HAWAII as I look out my bay window at SNOW. But spring can’t be too far off even in central N.Y.
June Jenkins

Day 2.

HI Melinda & Brad,
Just wanted you to know some progress.
Today I am working on the C scale. After 3 (10-12 min.)sessions I actually  can play the c scale ,in some fashion, Of course that is after going over your clear instructions again . I am
finding c –g better sounding and consistent (YEH) but a  –b still more difficult and hardly get  high c at all . Keeping sessions short because  my chin below lip is  getting  irritated.
However I still  will work everyday on this because I so love the sound of pan flutes .       
thanks  June J

Day 3.

well, maybe,3rd day C scale including high C!!!    I won’t keep pestering you with these e-mails  all the time but I get so excited when even this minute improvement happens. The first 5 lowest  sound NICE in spite of quickly running out of breath.
Now I play more of my simple “Kid’s tunes” to get used to where the pipes are situated that is AFTER I make myself do the scales.
..Looking in the mirror  surely  does help with consistency. Thanks .
As you sit in sunny Hawaii think of us here in Central N.Y   with  about  5 inches of snow in my yard and Sunday is Palm Sunday.!
june j

3-13-13 Bellevue Ohio

Brad, I wanted to thank you for the excellent service and the excellent panflute. I have been practicing and can now sustain a long, clear tone on all the notes except the high G, A, B, and C of the highest octave. Those will still require some strengthening of the embouchure to get a consistent small stream of air. I absolutely love the panflute, and hope to play solos sometime in the future. I also play chromatic harmonica and tuba.
I ordered the instruction book yesterday. Thanks Melinda for your rapid response.
Brad, your site is the best panflute site on the internet. If I become proficient on the panflute, I may later add a panflute in G Major.
Thanks again for the excellent instrument and great website.
Darrell Lawrence

3-11-13 Newmarket Canada

Dear Brad and Melinda,
This morning I rolled out of bed, put my pants on inside-out, and went upstairs to check the mail. Upon seeing a a brown box sticking out of the mail box my heart jumped. I had been waiting all week for this. With tea on the table and sleepies still in my eyes I began the unboxing of what is now one of my greatest treasures. As I sounded my first note  I could feel that this was this was the beginning of something amazing, a journey I'd be taking the rest of my life. I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you have put into making such a work of art. The pipes are so well crafted and beautiful I'm almost expecting to be told "their for show, not to be played with". You can tell just by looking at the hand-crafted pipes and the personal instruction booklet that the two of you care, you care about what you do and about the people you do it for, which is a very rare thing to see today and I can't thank you enough. Today a part of my life changes, and I'm forever grateful that you could help me with that.
                   Best Wishes, Dalton Mays

3-9-13 Louisville Kentucky

I just got my new panflute in the mail and it's beautiful. I love it! (I already played a Romanian tune on it called Siriul: it sounds great).
Thank you so much.
Mark Cannon

3-7-13 Houston Texas


My panflute arrived on Monday and in excellent condition. It is a beautiful instrument and I am actually able to get a good tone out of it sometimes. I know the problem is with my breathing and having a proper shape on my mouth, but I work on it every day. Listening to Brad's CD is my inspiration. Thank you again for your prompt service, your excellent website, and the beautiful panflute.
Dr. Steve Simon

3-5-13 Ontario Canada

Aloha everyone at Pan Flute Shop!

Just to let you know, I received my pan flute in good order, and it got here on Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

Thank you! It looks and plays really well, and in a short time (thanks to your DVD and book), I'm already improving my skills. I really like how it can really bring out any mood you desire, almost like it reflects the players mood and soul. Quite mysterious.

All my friends think it's pretty awesome, and no one has thought about a pan flute until I showed it to them, the craftsmanship is fantastic, and it is truly a delight to play.

If I have any questions, I'll let you know.

Thanks again!

Best Regards,

Daniel J Rocha

2-28-13 Lancaster Pennsylvania

I want to thank you for sending me your CD, I received it a couple days ago.  I was so surprised when it arrived at the house, the best surprises are the ones that are not expected! It was such a major blessing. I played the CD right away and had some friends over at the time and they greatly enjoyed it. The music is so beautiful and peaceful, it  puts anyone in a restful state.  I just want you to know I realize that you did not have to send me CD but you did that out of the kindness of your heart, and I really appreciate that act of kindness and thoughtfulness. I have recently graduated from Nursing School and will be hopefully getting a job in the next couple months so I plan on purchasing more of your music and instruments in the future.  Blessings and thank you again!

2-27-13 United Arab Emirates

Dear Mr Brad & Sis'Melinda,

I finally received the pan flute. Although I had decided to collect it tomorrow, I just gave it one more try yesterday and I received it and in perfect condition.
All I had to pay was the equivalent of 54 cents.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for fulfilling my heart's desire. It is indeed a beautiful piece.
Thank you for the two DVDs and the instruction manual.

As soon as I got home We as a family thanked the Lord, our God and dedicated the Pan flute to worship Him.

I will keep in touch with you often for your guidance.

Thank you once again. God Bless you abundantly-Amen

Warm regards,

2-21-13 Chiapas, Mexico

Hi all, I can confirm that today morning I received the panflute in good condition.
I have been playing and I want to say that I am very happy with the instrument, porquesu excellent finish, excellent sound and excellent intonation.
Thank you for your professionalism and attention to me, I am pleased to have made this purchase with you., Will recomedaré widely.
Ignacio Castro.

2-17-13 Kiryat Yam, Israel

Hello melinda.(brad) I just got the package.
The Pan Flute is beautiful, just like i imagined it would be .
Its a bit different to play, from another Romanian pan-pipe i got . 
Its top of the tubes is different but i notice its much more fun to play faster melodies .
And its softer on the lips . 
I am still sort of an amature, though i can play well since I played a keyboard for many years.
So my practice is on the blowing more then on the melodies . 
I am gonna record a song and post it on "youtube" and post it to you as well . 
again, I thank you alot for your product.
You guys are the best . good service and good quality . 
Thanks from Aviram Markovich . A tennis pro from israel who likes also to play music . 

2-10-13 Palacios Texas

I received my new Brad White pan flute today and am pleasantly satisfied I got the best.  It got here fast and in perfect condition. 
By the way I just started playing the pan flute about 6 months ago.  Have already played one time at church.  Love it.  I am 79 years old, so you are never too old to learn.  God bless you   ZIGGY

2-5-13 Arizona

Hi Folks,
Received my pan flute in the mail yesterday and it arrived in PERFECT condition.  I started playing with it and I think this thing called a pan flute will be a lot of fun and if I get any good at it I will be coming back to you for an up grade. The first thing I see is the pucker and the position, once I master that I think I'm on my way to Tchaikovsky hahaha....
Warmest Regards,

2-3-13 Florida Riviera Beach

Got the panflute and thanks. It look lovely, craftsmanship is the hard part begin (learning to play it) LOL

2-1-13 Spain, Lanzarote Canary Islands

Just to advise that the flute arrived on 26 January in perfect condition and there was no problems with our local customs.  I now look forward to reading the excellent guide and viewing the DVD's.  I have a good friend here who plays the classical flute and he too is looking forward to giving me guidance on getting my blowing technique refined.
Many thanks again
Colin Murray (Lanzarote Canary Islands)

1-28-13 Guernsey, Channel Islands UK

Dear Brad and Melinda,

     Here I am now sitting at my kitchen table. It is 10am and I have rushed through the daily chores so that I can give my package -  all the way from Hawaii - my fullest attention. What hits me first ? Beautifully clear hand written address. From the outside appearance a well packaged box. Inside a packet that looks suspiciously like a set of Panflutes !  Resist, resist - look at the instructions first and then digest them. More well labelled notes - hand signed none-the-less. DVD and CDs - this gets better and better. Read the instructions played the discs. Flutes still in their own box. Put the kettle on for a cup-pa tea. Like a big child - extending the trepidation of opening the box. Think I better have a lie down - this is all getting a bit much. 
   Finally, at last,  gathered the necessary where- with-all to go the extra distance and open the box. Despite having travelled half way around the world, in sub zero temperatures, my hand reaches in to discover  a beautifully crafted set of warm to the touch set of Panflutes - what joy !   To my mouth they go and to my amazement my first note ............  my journey begins.
   My most humble appreciation for what has been such a comfortable ride so far with my new found acquisition - all within 10 days - remarkable.
My jaw is aching - must be a good sign as I cannot put the Flutes down.

Best regards and many thanks,


1-23-13 Talent, Oregon

Just to let you know that I received the beautifully crafted pan flute and other items today.  The sound of the pan-flute music I have heard has reached deep inside me. I am looking forward to my journey of learning to play to whatever level is possible for me at this time in my life.

1-19-13 Wisconsin

Hi Brad, My mom bought me a pan flute from your website for my birthday a couple months ago. I had never played the pan flute before ,but I do play other wood wind instruments like the ocarina tin whistle and flute, so I thought it was time to get one. It was such a birthday! Opening it and watching your Dvds telling me everything I wanted to know. The quality of the instrument is incredible! I know which pan flute website to recommend now. Thank you! It was a blessing to me.

-Sam (15 yrs old)

1-11-13 Brighton Massachusetts

Dear Brad and Melinda,
I received panflutes today. Thank you so much for such expedited service. The pan flutes are made beautifully and are masterpieces by themselves. And their sound is just heavenly. Many, many thanks for your hard work!!!

1-6-13 Kolitveit, Norway

A little thank u from norway. I got the package to day.. Thank You so much, i love it. And i Think my boyfriend will love it. 

Lill Hege

1-5-13 Singapore

Hi Brad and Melinda,

I have received my panflute, together with the lesson book and your instructional DVD today.

Actually the package came on 31 Dec 2012, but I had just seen the notice for collection from our post office only today.

The panflute is very well made, I believe I will have lots of fun learning how to play it.

Thanks for making me the proud owner of such a fine instrument.


Leng Boon

1-2-13 Collinstown Ireland

Hi Brad

Happy New Year and thanks very much for sending the panflute. It arrived on the 31st of December and is beautiful.  I know that it is not an overnight journey and look forward to this adventure that I have become. Hopefully I will do business with you again in the future.

Best Wishes from Ireland

Darren Ryding

12-28-12 New Jersey


Your customer service is outstanding.  I am looking forward to learning to play the pan flute and hope to surprise my pianist daughter with a tune.

Bill Woods

12-26-12 Minnesota

Words alone cannot begin to thank you enough for your great web site and the high quality pan flutes you offer on it. My fiance (Lou) ordered a Grand Tenor and gave it to me as a Christmas gift and there couldn't have been a bigger smile on my face if I tried. Though visiting your site several times, making beautiful music with a pan flute was only a dream until yesterday. I was first drawn to the beauty of the pan flute after listening to a band called "Andean Fusion" in San Antonio a few years back which led me to your web site. Now, thanks to your web site (not to mention a great Sweetheart) I have it within my reach to enjoy the enchanting sounds that I've fallen in love with. Thank you, Brad!
Jim Denn

12-21-12 Holtsville New York

Thank You so much, you two seem like loving people that care about your customers. Will keep in touch as myself will be purchasing more pan flutes with more pipes maybe in the future for my father. Thank You. - Mike

12-19-12 Honolulu Hawaii

Aloha Brad, just received my pan flute, thank you for your prompt delivery. My wife is not a musical person like I am trying to be, but appreciates fine wood work, she was impressed, thank you for that too. Looking forward to getting to know my new instrument and will get in touch with you when I need. Thank you again.

Aloha from Hawaii Kai, Ron.

12-18-12 Fort Collins Colorado

Hi Melinda,

The flute arrived and I love it. I'm doing fine with it. I'm an old man (71) who has played many instruments including the silver flute (along with the recorder, NAF, sax and clarinet) so the only problem is moving to the correct note. I'm on a fixed income but as soon as I have the money I plan on ordering your Grand Tenor. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the Pocket Pipe and the Fun Pipe I purchased from you.

Thank you and Brad,

12-16-12 Alberta Canada

Hi Brad,
                       I received the beautiful "gift" today, otherwise it may have been hung up in customs for another two weeks, thank you.
                       It arrived in fine condition (very well packaged -- thanks, Melinda) with no extra added postal charges. Your workmanship is excellent and obviously crafted with fine attention to detail. I found it to be highly responsive and sweet in tone. Soon I will order your soft case for it. Now I must do it justice and apply my knowledge and experience to the technique required.
                       I played through "Sally Garden" but it sounded like a split lip and a punctured lung! I will improve.......
                                            Thank you very much, cheers, Andy. 

12-12-12 Ontario Canada

Hello Brad & Melinda,
It arrived, and I’m thrilled!  Thank you kindly for also providing the music and instruction CD with it to encourage success.  No notes came out at first, but it’s coming along!!  Looking forward to many happy years with it, practicing alongside our kids’ piano lessons.   It’s such a wonderful, uncomplicated, portable instrument that can produce such an intriguing musical sound, yet offers plenty of challenge! 
Your customer service has been terrific, and it’s great to know it’ll continue to be available if I have any further questions.
Thank you so much,

12-11-12 Belgium

Hi Melinda, Brad,
I have received the panflute just yesterday!
It is fantastic! The sampler CD is also superb....


12-10-12 Rochester New York

Purchased a Grand Tenor three yeas ago. Of the several instruments I have played, it is the only one to allow me the privilege of becoming one with it and the music it plays--what a "high"!

Thank you for making such a quality product,  for the excellent teaching materials and for the promp serviced you  provide.


12-9-12 Worthington Minnesota

I received it today and love it!!!!!  My son loves it more though and has already figured out some Christmas tunes by ear.  He has a Irish Tin whistle coming from England so I hope to get my flute back soon.  Thanks again.  

Bill Bolt

12-8-12 Garner North Carolina

Hi Melinda and Brad,

I received the panflute today and am very excited to get started.

I wanted to thank you for the CD sampler, the songs, and the Hawaii movie. I have been to Hawaii twice and the pictures brought back wonderful memories.

When I browsed through the book I noticed, and was quite satisfied, that the book starts at the very beginning. English not being my mother tongue, this will help with music terminology.

Panflute does not look like an easy instrument to play, but it's going to be an interesting journey :-))

Best regards
Marina Coppedge

12-6-12 Kamban Australia

Hi Brad

I would just like to thank you for the care you put into my purchase.

Incredibly thoughtful and beautifully presented. I am so grateful for your efforts - plus, I'm REALLY crap at gift wrapping, so am especially delighted!

You have far exceeded all my expectations, and without doubt will be highly recommended to all.

All the best to you and your family this Christmas, and safe travels.

Your gifts will become our great pleasure!

Kindest regards

12-5-12 Virginia Beach Virginia

Dear Brad and Melinda,

I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I received my Pan Flute this morning. Despite the fact that it's supposed to be a Christmas present, I opened it immediately (I did order it myself, after all).  It is, of course, a beautiful instrument that appears to be solidly made. I had no problem playing each pipe straight out of the box. I found the smaller pipes a bit harder to blow, but I'm sure a little practice will fix that.

Thank you for your prompt service.  I'll be in touch as I begin to learn to play it.

Thanks again.

Richard Cory

12-3-12 Nova Scotia Canada

Hi Brad. Just received my panflute here in Nova Scotia, Canada. It feels and sounds like a real quality instrument. Can't wait to learn to some tunes!



12-1-12 Maine

Hahaha---thanks for the heads up! You guys seem very "real" and add a personal touch to all you do. It is nice to work with that kind of establishment. I got the panflute for my son who is quite musically minded. He asked for one awhile back but the one we got was more of a toy.

Thanks for doing business as you do---it almost feels like I "know" you. You probably get that a lot---well keep it up! It is a good thing! - Jacki

11-29-12 San Francisco California

Hi Melinda and Brad,

I got the well packed package after work today.
Thank you for all your warm comment.
I opened package and played the flute.

I have never played the instrument only the toy pan flute but the sounds came out easily. I like the sounds.
I enjoyed playing some music sheets on the book of you can teach yourself before dinner and will some more after dinner and listen to your CD.

Thank you!!

11-19-12 Lakewood New Jersey

Hi Melinda and Brad,

We've received the flute (Grand Inlay).
Thank you very much!
The care you've put into instrument and everything between my call to order and today - are praiseworthy!
If you will ever need a live recommendation to your product - do not hesitate to give my email for that purpose to your future customers.

Best regards,
Pinchas Tishyn

11-17-12 Holly Michigan

Dear Brad,
Just a note to let you know I've ordered another 18 Pipe Tenor for my 40 yr.old son.  He'd heard about my pan flute and couldn't wait to see it!  He's a gifted musician; plays guitar, ukelele, piano and anything he can get his hands on WITHOUT A SINGLE LESSON.  When he first heard me play, he teared up and asked if he could try it; blew into it without anything but air coming out.  I showed him how to shape his lips and position the flute, he started to get a little sound out of it, but blowing too hard.  I asked him to gently blow as he would into a wine or soda bottle and he immediately produced some notes.  He loved what he'd done and I knew this was what I was buying him as a Christmas gift!  
I am now able to pick up my Tenor and play anything by ear.  With practice, the notes become clearer and clearer, finding the correct tube almost immediately.   My speed at note changes are getting better with time and practice.  I find myself playing for hours at a time because I can't put it down.  Far from mastering my Tenor, I hope to someday play in duet with my future wife, Eva, who is a concert pianist and singer.
Thanks for everything!  
Terry W
Holly, Michigan

11-14-12 Carindale, Australia

Hi Brad,
           My panpipes arrived yesterday, the craftsmanship is excellent.  After playing the basic South American ones for 7 years, it only took an hour to get the hang of them. The quality and the range of the notes is great, thanks Brad.

- Raphael

11-9-12 Taiwan

dear Brad  White:
   A  good news for you, I got the panflutes  the seventh in November  in Taiwan.
thank a lot,  I like it more than the Chinese made panflutes. because I have some made from Chinese.
A few days later, I could ask you some skill about the panflutes because I am a new player.
 aloha, macgasen weng.

11-7-12 Ixelles, Belgium

This morning I received a nice package from far away in the Pacific Ocean with an immaculate panflute inside. I loved immediately my nice panflute with its clear and perfect sound. I feel that it will be a true companion every day of my life. I am really very happy for it.
Many, many thanks to you both. If one day you feel the desire to have a visit to Brussels, you are welcome and I will be your guide to show you some marvelous things, for instance the museum of musical instruments, the unforgettable Great Place etc.. You'll taste the Belgian chocolate made with the best cocoa of the world. With a lift you'll climb up to the highest sphere of the "Atomium" to discover the whole panorama of our nice capital while enjoying a delicious ice-cream. Many people speak English here so you'll feel at home. Life is much cheaper than in the USA.
Very friendly yours.
José Devos

11-6-12 Glenrothes United Kingdom

Hi Brad & Melinda,

Just to let you know that I have received my panflute today,  very impressed with the quality of instrument and exemplary service. From first contact through to this point of receipt, Pan flute was well packaged and I thank brad for CD it is a personal touch not seen very often. Was able to play notes from lower register from out of box but will follow your excellent instructions to follow the correct leaning curve. Thank you both for making my first steps with the pan flute an easy one, there is no doubt that i will get many hours of pleasure from this new venture.

 I  will have no hesitation in recommending your services to all my friends and colleages

11-5-12 New South Wales Australia


I just want to let you know that I have just received the pan-flute.
Also want to mention that it looks great!!!


11-5-12 Streetsboro Ohio

   I received the pan flute today..Now this is a Pan Flute &
worth every penny spent for it...Thank you for the amazing service..And THANK YOU for the CD and the lessons on the DVD....
      Thank You so much for everything, Don DeCoursey, Sr.

11-4-12 Gainsville Florida

I received my G tenor pan flute on Friday; I love it; great sound and workmanship.  I am able to get a good sound on all 22 pipes but have not even come close to achieving sharps or flats.  I play a native American Flute and didgeridoo and realize that a few weeks should solve the problem

- Dave

10-28-12 Tahiti French Polynesia

Hi Melinda,

My panflute arrived yesterday in a perfect condition and no problem with customs.
Thank you for the complimentary CD.

Sylvain KOAN

10-27-12 Montana

Melinda, Brad
Thank you for everything. The package arrived Friday afternoon.  As stated many times on your web site, the outstanding workmanship was a delight. I particularly appreciated the extra gift Brad included. I am sure my family and myself will soon wear the album out from numerous hours of listening pleasure. Your service and products  are outstanding. I look forward towards purchasing new items from you. By the way, what kind of electronics are you using?  Great set up.
Thank you both.

10-17-12 Omaha Nebraska

Oh, Brad, I am SO excited!  I can't believe how quickly the panflute got to arrived Monday!  The first night, I was able to play each
note, which absolutely shocked me.  I have finished practicing for
tonight....and was able to play a rough version of "Danny Boy," and was even
able to add a little vibrato!  As you know, I had some real doubts as to
whether I could produce enough air, due to my right vocal cord being frozen.
But I am able to, and I really think at some point I will even be able to
play very well, as long as I continue practicing daily.  I have never, ever
played a musical instrument in my life and, at age 60, am just overjoyed to
finally find something that I can play and which an unlimited potential for
the future!  Please know that, when I get accomplished on this panflute, I
want to go ahead and purchase one with three octaves so I can play anything
a silver flute can play.  You've got a devoted customer, Brad, and thank you
again so much for all your help!


10-14-12 Chicago IL


I received the panpipe Friday. It's a beautiful piece of machinery, built very solid, right in tune, and plays beautifully. Thank you for the  fast service,  great communication, and wonderful instrument!

Jim Conway

10-11-12 Kuwait

I received my flutes yesterday.  Again, they are a work of art in the quailty of craftsmanship and the sound they produce.
Vincent L. Grimes

10-8-12 NSW Australia

Dear Brad and Melinda White
Thank you for your e-mail and your pan flute.
I have received the pan flute yesterday.
It is so beautiful and greater sound than I expected.
Thank you again and I will enjoy playing the panflute.
Kind regards,

10-5-12 Kuwait

This is Vincent from Kuwait again.  I have one 22 pipe and four 12 pipe pan flutes.
I have not expressed how much I love playing your flutes.  The response I receive from folks in Kuwait and my occassional trips to India have been overwhelmingly positive.
I want to order more.  
Please let me know.  I am ready to order as soon as you reply back to me.

Thanks again for your prompt and awesome customer service.  I thank God for finding you guys.  I have always wanted to play the pan flute, but I had always found bamboo flutes only.  I always had a negative desire to purchase a bamboo one.  When I found your website I was excited.  After buying your flutes, I have fallen in love with the quality and sound they produce in my music with praising God each time I play.  Thanks again.
May God continue to bless your business and music endeavors.
 Thanks again.   - Vincent L. Grimes
P.S.  I have been asked by many to produce a CD of my Pan Flute, American Indian Flute, Harmonica, and Trumpet playing.  I am currently coordinating for a flute CD in November. 

9-25-12 Nova Scotia Canada

Just wonderful Brad.  I very much enjoyed chatting with you.  Thank you so much for sharing your lore and great enthusiasm for the music you champion.  It really shines through. 
Le deagh dhurachd (Scot. Gaelic:  With best wishes),
Jason Horton 

9-16-12 Scituate Massachusetts

Dear Melinda and Brad,
Just wanted to let you know that we just received the panflute. It looks beautiful and survived the long trip to Boston.
My son is giving it to his girlfriend for her 20th birthday next week and I know she will enjoy learning how to play it.
Take care and thank you.
Lynn & Rocco Ferrera

9-10-12 Waterford Michigan

Dear Maestro White,

I've received your Tenor Pan Flute that my lady, Eva had ordered for me.  It came quickly and it is beautiful. 
Now, following your instructions, I'm making headway.  I'm captivated by the haunting, hollowed sounds that come from this instrument made of wood.  I definitely want to play it well and captivate this same lady who has my heart.

Thank you for the Pan Flute,  your Great Music, and I remain,

Very Truly Yours,
Terry Ward

9-2-12 California

Hi, Brad and Melinda.  I wanted to share with you that I went to my monthly flute group today and the flute you sent me was the biggest hit.  I gave everyone your web site... so maybe you'll get some orders out of it.  My flute group thought your flute was incredibly well-made.

I'm not sure if you've heard of Mary Youngblood, she is a Grammy award winning Native American flute player.  She was at our group today and played the flute you sent me.

Anyway, just wanted to share this with you both.  Thanks for such a great instrument.  Many people are enjoying it.  I even had one teenage boy try it today and he sounded like a natural right off the bat.  Everyone stated the construction and tone were great.  They were very impressed.

Thanks again for such a great instrument, and all you sent me.  Much love to you both.


9-1-12 Pleasant Hill, California

Dear Brad:

Just a note to say that I've really enjoyed the tenor pan flute that I received from you two months ago. Thank you!

I have only been able to devote about 30 minutes per week to it, but I've made some decent progress and thought I'd share this video of your lovely tenor pan flute in action (as you've invited your customers to do):

Click Here

I've been considering asking you about lessons through Skype, but it might not be for a few months until I can budget for that. : )

Thanks again, and if you have any quick tips for me, they would be most appreciated!

Kind regards,


8-29-12 Wellington New Zealand

Hello Mr White,
I am so greatful when I finished work today and the first thing that makes me feel better during the long day at work was the brown box was sitting on my bed with my name on it. This is a great gift for fathers day on this weekend. Once again I thank you  so much for this beautiful intrument, I will do my best to study and learn how  to play the panflute. May God bless you and your family for doing a good job.
Sianava Sianava.

8-22-12 Singapore

Hi Brad W,
I've recieved the beautiful panpipe that you sent this morning. I love it!! The arrival was faster than you mentioned..
Thank you very much and i will order one more soon.
Arthur Chua

8-20-12 Norway

Hi, Today i got my Grand Tenor panflute. Now I have a lot to learn to play with this beautiful instrument.

And thanks for your cd.

Sidaras Andrius

8-18-12 Bangalore India

Hi Melinda,
  I just arrived back in India from London after performing at some of the venues during the Olympics. I received the Panflute! 
Dr. K. Benny Prasad,

8-16-12 Adelaide Australia

Hi Brad,

I received my cherry pan pipes today they are awsome and they look good, sound good, and nice to hold. Thank you so much Brad and also thank you for the pan pipe cd, "what i have listend to so far is great!" thanks for that, Brad could you keep me informed of any new pan pipes you maybe adding to your shop in the future, I just love my new Pan Pipes cheers.

Blessings Willie Kingi (Adelaide Australia)

8-14-12 Appalachian Mountains Pennsylvania

Hi Brad and Melinda

The pan flute arrived today! From Hawaii to the top of the Appalachian Mountain in PA.

It's beautiful!!

I have already viewed the intro on the DVD and will/am  practicing. :)

I must tell you that I played the harp for a church congregation this
past Sunday  ( my first time playing there)
and upon wheeling the harp out to my car I passed through the folks having a social time.
Well, a lady said as I passed by "Now you need to play the flute."
She really caught me off guard as no one has ever said that before!
I had a quick response though and replied that I actually had one on order.
I thought, "Wow,God, you're really trying to tell me something!"

So thanks so much.
I really have my work cut out for me learning to use my breath and mouth instead of my fingers!



8-5-12 New Brunswick Canada

Hi Brad,
It arrived today and now the work begins ;)
Your instructional DVD is excellent and very helpful.
The sound is awesome and I am going to spend the Winter months trying to become worthy of this beautiful instrument.

7-30-12 Mt Pleasant Michigan

Thanks Brad!
I just received the pan flute today :) I'm very pleased with it.
My sister had given me a pan flute that she had purchased when she was visiting Mexico. I couldn't get it to sound very nice, so I resorted to youtube: "how to play a pan flute;" consequently, I found your video, consequently, I wanted your Fun-Pipes.
These sound beautiful!
Anyway, thanks again!

7-26-12 Aqaba Jordan

Dearest Melinda & Brad

Many thaaaaaaaaaaanks, i'm really really too happy, i have just recieved my pan flute, it's lovley cute & quite, really i love it,now i'm watching your instructional DVD, & i will ask for a day off tomorrow to listen to your music

Many thanks for you & wish you the best luck

Sent from Ammar's Samsung Mobile

7-23-12 Lehigh Florida

Hi this is Jonah, I just wanted to say that the pan flute has arrived. The craftsmanship is quite amazing. I will keep you posted on my progress.


7-22-12 Sabadell Spain

Hi Melinda and Brad,

I wanna let you know that wednesdey I recieved your panflute.Thank you very much
for mailing it so quick and thank you brad for giving me the dvd and your cd.
The sound of the pipe is verry clear and strong,I love it.We are studing very hard.

Saludos from Spain.Lucian Dumitru.

7-21-12 Bangalor, India

O yes I got my panflute today!  Thanks so much, Melinda. To me, this panflute means a lot. I don't know how to play it yet. But someday, I will be good. A lifelong search just ended for me, and now the music begins.
You and Brad are like God's instruments. I will keep in touch with you. :)
Thanks so much. God bless you both. You are just great.

I'm so happy. :)
God bless you two wonderful souls.

7-20-12 Grants Pass, Oregon

Hello Brad and Melinda,
My panflute arrived today and it is beautiful!!! I hope to get started learning to play right away. I appreciate your promptness in getting the order out and also your willingness to help me learn.
Great people! – May the Lord richly bless!
Judi Kendall

7-18-12 Maylaysia

Just to let you know that the 15-pipes pan-flute arrived today and my wife really loves it!

Thank you also for the soft case, book and DVDs, which were wrapped so nicely.

That was a great experience for us, and I am sure that my wife will enjoy it a lot.

Best wishes,
Saeid (& Somi)


Dear Melinda and Brad,
I just wanted to thank you for the whole package. Specially thanks for very nice wrappings and the card. My pan-flute is awesome and it is the best gift I have ever received. Playing pan flute was one of my dreams that came true today.

Best Regards,

7-16-12 New South Wales Australia

Hello Brad
The Cherry Wood Panflute arrived today, that's 1 week from when I ordered.
It is beautiful and has such a wonderful sound.
Thank you for the CD.

Thank you also Melinda for the great service you and Brad have provided

7-7-12 Rome Italy

Dear Melinda,

thank you very much for your kind help and patience!

I have a very good news to communicate: I went personally to the local
delivery service store ... and I have the flute!

I am getting to know it now and it is a great pleasure. Thank you
again for everything you have done for me: it was very nice of you and
I am very grateful. Have a wonderful Summer!

Frantisek Fudaly

7-3-12 Wellington New Zealand

Hi Brad
The Cherry Wood Alto pan flute you shipped to me arrived today (9-30am NZ time) and it is gorgeous. I've had a introductory play on it and it has great potential. It will be a real challenge to be able to tighten my embouchure (make it smaller) so that I can sound the upper register cleaner and crisper. I am used to playing my Grand Tenor which has much larger pipes and requires a larger embrochure. Many thanks for the "sampler C.D." you sent. I listened to it this morning and I was impressed - you play real well !!! Many thanks for your prompt and helpful service; it's been a pleasure to do business with you and your good wife.
Kind Regards

7-2-12 Raleigh North Carolina

I just received my flute in the mail and I just want to say that it is awesome! thank you so much


6-27-12 Leesburg Virginia

Brad, thank you for spending time on the phone with me last night. I
never expected to find an online vendor that I can call up and ask pan
flute questions, but I found one with you. You obviously love the
instrument and care about your customers, and we thank you for it. The
grand tenor pan flute is beautiful. My 18-year son (and fellow
musician) was as excited to see it arrive as I was! It is very solidly
built, carefully crafted, and sounds great. This is my first pan flute
but, as you know, not my first instrument, and I am very impressed by
it. If anybody is reading this and trying to decide whether to buy
from Brad, quit putting it off and just do it. You will not be

Gary Bisaga

My general background: Lots of music including flute/sax/clarinet, guitar, piano, etc.

6-20-12 Taichung City, Taiwan

Hi Melinda;
The pan flute package has been received on last Saturday (16th of June).
Many Cities have been suffered by the flood last week and a typhoon with super heavy rains is hitting here now.
Thanks for the package and I have heard my niece playing with it very happily from downstairs in the same apartment building.
Best Regards    

 Denis TSAI

6-15-12 Fayetteville, North Carolina

Brad and Melinda,

I was anxiously waiting for my pan flute. Got it today. What a beautiful work of art. Sound - Wow! It is so much richer and mellower than the bamboo one that I have. I thought I sounded pretty good on my old pan flute. But the workmanship and quality really matters. I looked at the instructional DVD. Very well done! Very detailed and easy to understand. I have taught myself by observing Zamfir and others and have been playing it for over 20 years. I am definitely going to enjoy my new friend.

Thanks to both of you for the best customer service that a person can experience. I feel like I have known you for a long time.

As one musician to another musician, Bravo!

I have not listened to your CD yet but I did listen to your selections on your website and I loved every song that you posted.

John Skorich,
Terry Sanford High School Orchestra Director
Fayetteville, North Carolina

6-9-12 Kalahari, South Africa

Haloha Brad

Just to let you know that my panflute has arrived! It was 4weeks for delivery here in my small town in the Kalahari, South Africa.

I took it out...tried it out and is playing my first song, YOU RAISE ME UP.
Thank you again for the excellent service and friendly assistance. If any queries,I'll pop you an email.

Take care,

5-23-12 Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Hi Melinda,

Panflute arrived just now and my brother loves it!!.

Thank you and we hope to deal with you again.
Best regards,

Sent from my iPad

5-21-12 Karlstad, Norway

The flute arrived may 16, safely  and in good condition. We are very satisfied! Thank you for the good service!
Greetings from Norway.
Ole Grønvold

5-18-12 Brunswick Georgia

Just wanted to let you know that the pan flute arrived two days before I expected it (way to go), and I LOVE it!!!  It sounds so good, especially at the beginning of "My Heart Will Go On" (Theme from Titanic).  I am going to be playing it on a number of songs that we do, and I think the audience will love it.  We'll send some videos when we get them made.  Again, thank you so much for this beautifully crafted instrument!!!  I will be telling everyone where I got it! 

You guys ROCK!!!!

We've tried playing an amateur panflute, the sound isn't the same. You can view some of our music online at Thanks again for all your help, and thanks for the beautiful music!!!
Susan Wendel

p.s. Thanks also for the DVD (VERY helpful) and the CD (Your music is AWESOME!)

5-15-12 Mooresville, North Carolina


I just wanted to say thank you for all the extra effort you put in. My
wife and I were so surprised when we opened the package last night to
see you went through the trouble of gift wrapping it. That was amazing!

My sons face this morning when he saw it was something to be treasured.

It says so much about people when they put in that extra effort.
Thanks again!! We will definitely refer you to all our friends.

Hermie Cloete

5-14-12 Kuwait Farwaniyah City

Hi Brad,

i got the box today, it is the first time i hold a pan flute...:-) it looks very very nice..
i am going to try it using your teaching DVD.. many thanks for your amazing made.

i will send to you a feedback once i could play some nice melodies.. :-)

thank you - Osama Alzoubi

5-11-12 Pittsburgh California

We received the panflute on Thursday. It looks and sounds wonderful. Thank you very much!

 I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found your site. I have looked at panflutes before
and purchased a glass one (which was subsequently dropped...), but never
found anything I was quite happy with, until now.

 Thanks again!

Hans (& daughter)
p.s. my daughter drew this for ya all.

5-10-12 Molokai Hawaii

Aloha, 5-2-11
  It is here!  Hurrah!  I hurried through my gardening and now I am going to relax with the CD and instruction book and then see what I can do with the beautiful flute. 
It truly is a beautiful piece of art work and would look lovely even just on the wall for decoration.  However, my goal is to learn to play well and enjoy the lovely sounds it can produce.
Thank you, thank you,

------- Today 5-10-12

Aloha Brad,

As  promised I thought I would give you a quick update on my progress.

First let me say that I love the Pan Flute.  It is everything I could hope for in a precision instrument.  It is tuned perfectly and I am enjoying it very much.  I am even beginning to get flute sounds that I like with it. Much more practice needed.  Yippee!  Playing music is exactly that playing and so fun.

I am still working on getting the correct angle for the the # and flats but it is coming.  I am only able to practice about 15 minutes at a time so I figured out a perfect solution,  I play as long as I can and when it starts to get raggedy I switch to my first love the Clarinet and play it for a while then go back and play the same tunes on the flute.  This way I can extend my practice session by an hour or so.

Thank you so very much for making the Pan Flute a part of my life.  I will be 70 in October and while my hands are making Clarinet harder to play the flute will allow my music to continue.

Mahalo nui loa,

5-9-12 Estonia

Tere! (Hello in Estonian)
    I'm glad to inform you, that today (10.5) I have received the shipment here, in the opposite side of the Earth. So, it has taken just15 days. The parcel was unbroken and everything is OK. Now I have to start lessons with my "new friend".
    One more detail I have to note. Your webpage is organized very systematically and logically. And the service has been excellent. It could be a good example for many of our netmarkets even here in Estonia, which sometimes has called as e-tiger in Europe and where interenet is everywhere and most of services are available to use even in the deep forest.
    It has been really great pleasure to be in contact with You.
Best regards, Tarmo Pajus from Estonia

5-2-12 Victoria Australia

Dear brad and melinda, received the grand tenor late this morning with dvds and book also instructions, I opened it to check if ok its beautiful such fantastic workmanship on the panflute so detailed your heart and expertise has gone into it it shows, also beautifully wrapped in ribbon done with love and care I thank you both for such a fantastic service and  such help and assistance brad in choosing the right one for my grandsons birthday he will be over the moon with it  I don't know how you can make such an instrument for the price I can recommend your company to anyone for the help also the expertise 

brad melinda thank you, if you wish to use this email please do so I will keep in touch on the outcome of my grandson opening it,

Kind regards Roy 
Victoria Australia

4-23-12 Warwickshire UK

Dear Brad and Melinda
After 4 months playing your panflute I thought I'd let you know how I am getting on
Firstly, the more I play, the more I love your instrument. I decided to play it because of an arm injury which pretty much stops me playing any other instrument, but now, if i got the use of my arm back, i would continue playing the panflute. I would also like to say that I think it represents first class value for money.
I am improving all the time, helped mainly by videos on You Tube, including, of course, yours. I have struggled a bit to know what to play....unlike other instruments it doesn't seem to have a standard repertoire, except perhaps the gypsy music? which I like, and would like to play, but is a foreign language to me.
I find I am playing music which I previously played on other instruments....simple renaissance flute music, some music of the Northumbrian pipes, folk tunes (hornpipes go very well, though I am not yet proficient on any)). Some popular songs go well (Ain't Misbehavin', As time goes by. for instance), but I fell I need a backing band for these.
I have been a singer and player in Folk Music Clubs in England most of my life, and have performed on the panflute a few times to sympathetic audiences, and the response has been very favourable, and not always out of pity, I think. Playing in a large hall seems to bring out the panflute's qualities, and I find the sheer power of the thing almost intimidating at times.
So far I can only formulate notes with a flute "t" sound. Is that ok? .
My vibrato is not a patch on yours, but is improving slowly, seemingly with out any concious effort on my part.
The panflute is something of a lifesaver for me, as I cannot live without music. Thank you so much for this lovely instrument, and for your help and encouragement.
Kind regards
Terry Babbage

4-20-12 South Korea

Aloha  Bred,
My panflute arrived three days before.
Thank you so much.
That is the greatest pipes, i like this better than the others.

All the best   Shin.

4-3-12 Richmond Virginia

Hi Brad,
My son Carter asked for one of your pan flutes for Christmas and he's had a wonderful time playing it. I wanted you to see how he incorporated it into a song his choral group performed at church this weekend. Click Here

Alice Key

4-2-12 Michigan

Deveda Osborne, Michigan, USA
I just wanted to thank you guys so much for the panflute its beautiful and plays so much easier than my other one which is a relief to me because I was so diappointed and frustratred with my other flute that I stopped playing it. I love the sound of it, I got.the 12-pipe panflute and its so beautiful both in sound and visually. I will definetly enjoy learning to play it!
Thanks again!

3-26-12 Singapore

Hello Melinda & Brad

The panflute and the Cds arrived this morning. It is beautiful. Can't wait to post the picture in my Facebook.

I am very excited to move on to the next step, i.e. start learning to play the flute.

I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you very much.

Yian Kee

3-25-12 New Zealand

Aloha! Kia ora! Hello my friend!
I am very happy with the grand tenor.
The sound is fantastic! I am very happy.
It arrived just in time for a multi-cultural concert in Oamaru this Saturday!
I would be happy to write a reference/testimony on your website any day!
Thanks for the CD you sent.
Do you by any chance have the same CD for sale as a background track without the panflute?
It would be great for busking here in New Zealand!
Many Thanks
Miguel Molina Lagos

3-17-12 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brad, Melinda, hello!

The panflute has arrived here yesterday. Its is very beautiful in all the senses,
the tunings are pratically perfect! I thanks too for the CD and DVD. I had heard
this your music "porcelain doll" that is on the CD many years ago; is beauty to hear;
I did learned to play it too.

Thanks again for your services.


3-16-12 Kobe Japan

Dear Mr.Brad White
Your Great pan flute has arrived.
Thank you very much consideration and many will.
In addition, I enjoy your nice CD.
I try to play in May this panflute.
Is very fun.
    Noriyuki Nishii
      Kobe Japan

3-12-12 Lufkin Texas

 I received the Pan Flute and I must say that the first impression was very favorable. One of my favorite pastimes is working with wood and when I saw the intricate detail in the construction of your Pan Flute I was very impressed. It is a fine piece of craftsmanship. I have watched your study DVD and have started playing utilizing the methods you teach. I have started becoming familiar with instrument and can play several songs, but, not anywhere close to skill that you and others like you can play. I have a definite desire to play this Pan Flute really well and I will invest the time and practice required to achieve this goal. Here’s hoping.
My wife and I listened to the CD you included in the package and it was great. we will be ordering additional CD’s for our collection.
Thanks Again and You Have a Good ‘Un,
Clyde Kirkpatrick

3-11-12 San Francisco, California

Hi Melinda and Brad - Marvelous instrument with great tone and projection throughout the range.

I'll pay my jazz dues in the (tubular) woodshed and keep you posted.

Fun already, and more fun ahead.

Warm regards and gratefully - Bob Markison, San Francisco
I'm a lifelong multi-instrumentalis

3-10-12 Langley BC, Canada

Hi Brad:

I received my 22-pipe pan flute last night.  It took ten days to get here.

I love my pan flute.  I can get notes on the lower half of it so far.  I love the beginning book you sent.  I am on page 28 already.

I know that I must get my mouth muscles stronger and my lungs stronger.  That will come with practice.  

Thanks so much for making such a lovely instrument.  I hope one day to play as well as you do.


3-9-12 Puerto Ricco

Hello Brad and Melinda: Just to let you know that I received the 18-pipe tenor pan-flute today in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the fine craftsmanship, beauty and magnificent sound. Thanks for the help over the phone, your excellent service, professionalism and for selling me this marvellous music instrument. GOD BLESS YOU. my sincere gratitude. Ramon

3-7-12 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi Melinda,

The Panflute arrived yesterday, March 6. It is beautiful and it has a beautiful sound, thank you!


3-5-12 London, England

I received the flute just now. It's beautiful!
It took some time to work out where to place my lips but I think I got it!

3-2-12 Charles, Missouri

Hello Brad and Melinda,
I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I received my Pan Flute today.  I love it already!!  Received the Instructional DVD's and Book along with info from Brad.  All I can say is, I should have done this long ago.  Thank you again Brad.  Your teaching methods are excellent, and playing-well, what can I say. Superb. 
I will keep you posted on my progress.  I will also contact you later to see if you might enjoy adding your pan flute to a one of my new singles that will be recorded later this summer.  I will keep in touch with you.  Please feel free to get a free download on my single, Peaceful Someday, at  Just download the link and burn the song.  God Bless
Thom Meinert
BMI Recording Artist USA
Lighthouse Records, LLC.
St. Charles, Missouri

3-1-12 Istanbul Turkey

Dear Brad and Melinda,

Today is the day, 1st of March 2012. Finally I received the Panflute that I was waiting for. Duly packed and wrapped, even for such a distance. Hawai - Istanbul (8.102,66 Miles). It took exactly 21 days.

Thank you very much for your relevance and interest and taking your work so serious.
Even the bad weather conditions could not stop me to pick it up from the post office (a 30 minutes ride even with a motorbike). I will practice every single day because I can't wait to be able to perform.

As far as I have read your Customer Letters I am the second one who bought a masterpiece of a pan flute from you in Istanbul, but I belive that I will be not be the last one.
Thank  you very much again.


Tarkan from ISTANBUL

2-29-12 Sweden

Hi Brad,
I now got the flute and I LOVE IT! It is absolutely perfect for me. I love the tone. It is so easy to play. Thank you so much for this beautiful instrument. When I have recorded some music I will send it to you.
Once again, thank you/// Sara

2-29-12 Queensland Australia

Hello Brad
Just to let you know that my tenor pan-flute already arrived yesterday. Everything is perfect, it's a beautiful handmade piece and I am totally happy. I have listened to the DVD and CD and read the written instructions. I started practise yesterday with mirror to see what I am really doing right or maybe wrong! I managed a few lovely sounds, but its early days and I think practise makes perfect. So like with everything practise, practise practise!!!! I love this instrument sooo much. Thank you for your fast delivery and I let you know where I stand from time to time.
Aloha from Australia
Rita Bollier

2-28-12 Lincolnshire UK

Just a quick email too say many, many thanks for my panflute. Opened the box yesterday, on my birthday. Ohh, nice touch with the wrapped parcels!
The instrument is absolutely stunning. Will be reading the book first, need to learn how to shape the lips, breathing etc.....then have a go on the panflute.
Anyway, just wanted to send you a big "  THANKS "
Kind regards

2-26-12 Rochester Minnesota

Hello Brad
I received the Pan flutes and just want to say, They are incredible.
Beautifully crafted. Thank you very much for your kindness and thank you so much for the CD and the instructional DVD and sheets for playing and re tuning. Im really looking forward to this.
The music on the CD is so beautiful and relaxing. You’ve been playing for a long time.
I hope someday to meet you, but if not, Ill try to keep in touch as Id like to get really good on these.
Again, Thank you
And may God richly bless you and yours
Dave Blaser

2-20-12 Phoenix Arizona

Hello! I am just messaging to say thank you so much for the magic you have brought to my life. I have recently received the Fun Pipes from you and words cant say how much joy it brings into my life. I have never even touched a panflute before now, and  became so captivated by the emotion in its sound, that i haven't been able to set it down since. The instrument is so easy to feel and understand, it's only been a couple weeks or so and i can already play, (though still a little rough) most of the songs i hear on the radio. But more beautiful to me is that i can pick it up and create full songs without any kind lessons or songs to listen to. You can connect so closely to this instrument, that if you can imagine something beautiful, it wont be long before you change your thoughts into song. Its adaptable, and can flow beautifully with any other instrument i partner it with.
It's easy to learn, however, it still offers so much room to advance. i can tell, that no matter how many years i spend with my panflute, i will always be learning something new with every note. and i cant wait to do just that.

Again i thank you very much for transforming my wind into song. and definitely plan on more business in the future.


2-18-12 Newark Delaware

Melinda, I just received my pan flute and all the wonderful DVD's, CD's and book  The pan flute is absolutely beautiful. It is a work of art. I can't tell you how happy I am with it. Oh and thank you for making it left handed for me. I am not ambidextrous. It is going to be so much easier for me to learn. Oh did I mention the beautiful sound that comes out. Even I sound good without ANY lessons yet. When I master this I will be ready for the Tenor. Thanks you once again for everything. It came so quickly and you have made my day. Janet

2-12-12 Sri Lanka

Dear Mr Brad, 

I received your Pan flute yesterday morning. It is the greatest one I have ever seen!!

Its beautiful and having good sound. 

I will highly recommend it to my other friends also. 

Once again thank you so much for sending me the best Pan flute and wishing you for success. 

Your friend Nath - Sri Lanka

 [I am a Captain of Sri Lanka army and also fine artist. I'm playing guitar and love music. I have seen your pan music in youtube. Last month I went to china to participate in the Asian Games in Archery and bought a 22-pipe pan flute from a Chinese music shop which I was not satisfied with. I think your instruments are the best. ]

2-11-12 Kolkata India

Dear Brad & Melinda,

    My expectation came true! Today is the 11th Feb and I have received the parcel about 2 hours ago! The instrument as well as every associated gifts that you sent are intact.I am very excited to let you know that with your great Video instruction, I could get my FIRST NOTES right.. they were bold and powerful.The instrument is my 2nd Love after my wife Sulata..who is really enjoying the joy and happiness on my face.

We are listening to the EXQUISITE Audio CD that you sent along as the music played in there can get us meditating..several thousands of miles away from your family.

You two have touched our hearts with your care,sincerity and with the gems that let some happy tears roll down our cheeks...I could never ever dream of playing my childhood fantasy and you made that happen!

May you fulfill your mission and purpose of your life and may God's Grace be always be with you in whatever you do and become.

I'll be in touch to seek your help whenever I get stuck and will update you of my progress surely.


Your friend in India,


Dr. Abheek Bhattacharya.-Kolkata India

2-7-12 Elizabethtown Pennsylvania

I just wanted to thank you again for the great pan flute starter kit I bought for my daughter from you for Christmas.  It has been such a delight to hear her practicing and having fun with it.  I can't imagine ever trying to buy anywhere else.

Blessings on you and your business,

Carolyn Schlicher

1-26-12 Shipston-On-Stour Warwickshire, UK

Dear Melinda

The panflute has arrived! Faster than we anticipated.
 They look fantastic, they sound fantastic, and they are very comfortable to play. Congratulations.
Terry Babbage

(I have been a folk musician most of my (long) life, but a year ago I had an injury which restricts the use of my fingers and wrist. The only instrument which it seemed I could play was the panflute... I love your playing, which I listen to over and over again)

1-23-12 Ronse Belgium

Brad, Melinda,

My mother received and unpacked her package today (took it home with me to Belgium over the weekend). It would be an understatement when I said that she is absolutely delighted with the contents of her present. All was packed, received in immaculate condition.

She even enjoyed the newspaper you put in as protection of the contents. Thanks also for the complimentary CD's! 

I think you have gained a big fan here in Belgium :-)))

Thanks again,
Thierry Verstraete

1-20-12 Ibarra, Ecuador

Brad thank you for the (Cherry wood) pan flute it is marvelous.  I congratulate you on a good job.  I am very glad I received my flute.  Now my musician friends are wanting to buy as they have seen how excellent your work is,  again thanks for your work and God bless you.

gracias Brad por  la fluata de pan es maravillosa, te felicito por que haces un buen trabajo, estoy muy contento de haber recibido mi flauta,  ahora unos amigos musicos qurran comprarte, mas flautas puesto que ya  han mirado tu trabajo y es exelente, nuevamente gracias por tu trabajo Que Dios te Bendiga.

Darwin Lenin Becerra Guerrero

1-18-12 Buckinghamshire UK

Hi Melinda,
Sorry for not replying sooner but I have had a busy week at work. I have received the panflute all intact and ready to go! It arrived on Saturday 14th so that should give you an idea of the time it took. It was a birthday present for my wife who bought me one for Christmas and wanted to learn to play herself. As you can guess we are not very good yet but are practicing together and managing to do quite well.
I would just like to add that the contact we have had from yourself and Brad has been fantastic - it is so rare to get such a personal and warm response and it was very much appreciated. Please feel free to quote me on your website if you like.
Many thanks,

1-8-12 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Thank you so very much for your kind assistance via our telephone conversation this past week. Your tips were right on and a great help in getting me on track with those troublesome high notes.

Additionally I want to express my sincere appreciation for the replacement instructional DVD that you air mailed to me . . . . . and the CD,
that I was not expecting, THANK YOU! they arrived in yesterday's mail.

You are a man of your word when you say that you are there for your customers after the sale. . . and I thank you for that wonderful character trait.

With Kindest Regards
    Jim Rolke
Oklahoma City, Ok

1-7-12 Seattle Washington

Hello Brad and Melinda,

I went to the post office box today to pick up the pan flute I ordered last Sunday, and I was just floored when I opened the package: You wrapped it up in Christmas paper and ribbon and a candy cane, and even included a tag and a card!?! Wow. I don't think I have ever received an order this nicely and lovingly sent.

But the wrapping was only the appetizer to what was inside the boxes. The entire package -- the pan flute, the book, the DVDs are an incredible value. The flute is really well made. I'm not sure how you can do all of this for the price. You two are amazing and it's clear that your love for the pan flute spills over into everything else you do.

Right now my partner is sitting across the room from me watching the DVD and practicing. She is going to have a lot of fun with her new instrument and I'm looking forward to our future jam sessions on pan flute and ukulele. Thanks so much for all of the joy you have brought us today, and for all of it that is to come!

Hooo! She just played Mary Had a Little Lamb.... and she played it really well! WOW!

We publish a newspaper in the Seattle area -- -- and down the line who knows? We might post a video or two! <grin>

Thanks so much for everything!


1-6-12 Sweden

Aloha Brad! Greetings from Sweden

I just wanted to mention that the instrument I ordered from you is ... hmm more than amazing, I love it! I practice every day and have already become much better in a short time.

From being only able to blow a few hoarse tones to now master the full range of the flute is a very nice feeling. I think it sounds very beautiful with both flute and harmonica in the same song!

I am setting up a new studio (6 Cubase and HALion 4) and a new sound card with the new pickups. I will also create a website in Swedish where I want to highlight your instruments and your website.

Respectfully Heimo, a proud owner of a left Grand Tenor!!


1-5-12 Phoenix Arizona

Hello Brad,

I received the pan flute today!

I actually bought this for my fiance who stumbled upon your youtube video and instantly fell in love with this instrument. He began searching online to find a well made pan flute that he could afford and found your website. I saw the page bookmarked on my computer and decided to order it as a late xmas present and surprise him.

I just wanted to thank you for making our xmas a great one and also including the DVD (which he is glued to at the moment). We definitely appreciate the time you put in crafting and sending it to us!   

Thanks again,

1-3-12 Oklahoma


Thank you for your kind help via elephone a few minutes ago. I really appreciate you and do plan on practicing and getting the sound correct.

How wonderful it is to do business with someone like yourself that is there for me after the sale.

Thank you in advance for replacing the DVD that I misplaced.

Jim Rolke

1-2-12 Monroe Washington

Thank you SO much, Melinda. I'm thrilled to receive the pan flute and very happy with your exceptional service. Hopefully soon we will be able to record an audio of some nice melody on pan flute and uke to send to you! <grin>

- Rhonda Dicksion

12-30-11 Ontario Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda!

I received my pan-flute today (although it came earlier last week, Friday, Dec. 23, and I had to pick it up after the Christmas holidays) and it is absolutely beautiful! The workmanship obviously shows in its quality. I can't wait to get practicing on this fine instrument. I've played flute for about 10 years now ever since the eighth grade and this pan-flute is a great addition to my ever-growing instrument collection.

Thank you and the rest of the staff who made this possible. Hope you all have a prosperous new year!

Sincerely yours,

Mitch Mullings

12-30-11 New York

Hi Brad,
Thanks, I just ordered the soft case with your invoice.  My friend Bob got me the grand tenor for Christmas- I love it!  beautiful sound.  Can't wait for the case.  I've been playing regular flute for 35 years, and welcome this challenge.

12-29-11 Koping Sweden

Ordered 22/12 and arrived 29/12... 7 days... Good work!

I love the instrument already, have just watched the included DVD Brad sent with the package and I practice as much as I can.
The instrument feels really solid and as well built craftsmanship ... impressive!

I will return to Brad when I need help!

Again ..... Thank you, Brad!..and Thank you to, Melinda!! :-)

Sincerely, Heimo

12-29-11 Louisiana USA

Thank you so much for the Fun Pipes!
My girls consider it their best Christmas gift.

Rachel in Louisiana

12-28-11 Pera di Fassa Italy

Good day I wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy 2012 the flute's fine and after only 3 months I'll make a small concert at Christmas mass in the Church maybe next year aquisterò another flute of another hue thanks again Claudio

12-26-11 Quebec Canada

Hi Mr. and Mrs  White,
Sorry for my english.  I am very happy.  My panflute is perfect.
I will ask you:   Do I need to put oil inside some pipes once a year ?  After some months, do I have to wash the pipes  with a Qtips  ?  ( I played Transverse flute and I had to put oil on keys.)
Your DVD is very useful and pleasant.  I thank you for your teaching.
Maybe later , I will ask you other questions.    Thanks.
Martine Landry wife of   Robert Vézina  from Quebec


Hi Martine, Your flute has been treated in oils and waxes. It does not need any further oiling... brad

12-21-11 Edmonton Alberta Canada

Hi  Melinda,
Just to let you know, I received my panflute today. Iactually bought it for my husband cos he's always wanted one.  Im in another city, im talking to him on the phone and hes playing it already.
He is very pleased with the quality of the panflute.

12-16-11 Okinawa, Japan

Melinda and Brad,
I received the items you mailed.  You EXCEEDED my expectaions!  Gift wrapped!!?  What a pleaseant touch.  As she was the one that retrieved the items at the post office and was quick to put a name/location together...your gift wrapping saved me!  My wife has yet to see the beauty of the enclosed flute, and has even asked me, "What are the other two gifts and who are THEY for?"
From the Langs in Okinawa, we want to thank the Whites in HI for the timely receipt of the order, and the professional/personal extra touches included for the flute, the carrying case, and the CD.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you as we celebrate the reason for the season - namely, the birth of Jesus the Christ, Son of GOD, Savior of Mankind.
SF, Kurt Lang

12-6-11 Toronto Canada

Hello Brad

Just a note to tell you that the pan flute is in my hands. The craftsmanship is all that I knew it would be. Thank you for your attention to my order and it did arrive on the time you said it would. I played a few notes and it sounds amazing. I will be changing servers on Friday so my internet will be down until I get another server. I will be in contact in the near future. In closing let me say Good job and well done to all who had a hand in creating my musical friend!!!

Have a Merry Christmas and the best for the new year.

Your friend George

11-22-11 New Zealand

Hi Brad from New Zealand

Just to let you know that my new Grand Tenor with Shoe, panflute has safely arrived.  It's all I expected and more besides.  It is much lighter that my existing panflute and certainly resonates far better than my old one does.

My old one is called Shepherds Panflute, there is no other marking on it to indcate where it was made.  I think I may be retiring it  My new one of yours is so much smoother to move across my lip compared to my old one.  Will let you now how I progress

Ka Kite

Paul Geertson
New Zealand

11-19-11 Belgium

Hi Brad,

I just wanted to let you know that I have watched your instructional CD and I'm so touched by all the wonderful explanation you give there. It's such a beautiful, professional job! I have to wait till Christmas to start to practice and I cannot wait...

Thank you so much for a wonderful job!

All the best to you and Melinda!

Jitka Martins

11-15-11 Brissago, Switzerland


Panflute is on my sounds well!

Thank you very much for all!

Enjoy your day!!


11-9-11 Christchurch New Zealand

Aloha, Brad
Thank you very much indeed for the pan flute package which I received today
(Wed.9 Nov.)I have listened to some of your videos and can play "Ode to Joy"
already! I shall enjoy this journey very much.
Aloha from NZ, Maureen

11-6-11 New York

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the left-handed 15 pipe maple pan flute. It's gorgeous and very comfortable to hold.

I watched your teaching DVD and have made fine progress. I'm looking forward to the journey.

Thanks for being a support and readily available.

Brian G  (age 64 - New York)

10-28-11 Brampton Ontario Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda,

I'm glad I found your panflute shop online and immediately called to place an order for the 15 pipe panflute.

The package has arrived today! There was a note from the post office stating that the package was damaged during the mailstream.  I was a bit worried but it was only a minor dent on the package.  The panflute was well-packaged in its own box and there was no sign of any damage and all items in the package are in good condition.

Thanks for your DVD instructions, I've just started the lesson.  It was 10 days worth of waiting to own the panflute!   As a fan of panflute music for many years and this year I've made it my personal goal to actually play one.  Thanks for being there for all the panflute lovers.


10-19-11 Richmond BC Canada

Hi Melinda and Brad,
The package arrived today. 2 weeks to the day. I am very impress with the fine quality craftmanship. Hopefully in the weeks to come I will be able to play some easy tunes. I am all excited and ready to start my first lesson tomorrow. Will keep you both posted on my progress in due course.
Once again many thanks.

10-15-11 Copenhagen Denmark

Hi Brad,

I've just received my pan flute (actually it arrived on the 10th already, but I picked it up at the postoffice yesterday). This morning I've seen your videos, and I've started practicing! I've played a lot of instruments in my time, but never anything like this, so I'm very excited! Have a great weekend!

Many greetings,

10-13-11 Davenport Iowa

Brad and Melinda, I received the 2 funpipes yesterday and they are wonderful! Because of your packaging they arrived safely, thank you. I couldn't blow one note until your "pumpkin seed" analogy! After 2 evenings with it i can hit them all! (rather roughly) Clearly i need to work on my breathing out-put. You are a wonderful teacher, the dvd was so helpful. I feel inspired and as if a whole new world of music has opened up and thank you for bringing a little of the island into my home. Sincerely, Karen Bell

10-9-11 Liverpool New York

Hi Melinda and Brad!

I have been trying since Monday of last week to post a comment on your website to let all know of your quick and great customer service and product but I could not figure it out.  Please steer me in the proper direction as my son was so happy to receive his panflute and is happily learning how to play it. Though, I must state it is way harder than I thought it would be, both my son (and mother) were able to play the key scale by just reading your directions!!!  I even have got the hang of "blowing" the first few notes on the scale!  My son is practicing each day to get the scale really down and I am sure will take off from there!  He insists he does not yet need the DVD, but I am betting he will soon decide to watch it and not try to learn so much on his own.  If what I have already seen from your company is true, I am confident the DVD will prove amazingly useful for him and also confident that if we need to call you for help, you will be there!!  SO, THANK YOU for helping to make my son's 12 yr old birthday a WONDERFUL event!  Please also let me know how I may post a comment to your website to share our gratification and appreciation!  Thanks - Sue


Hi Sue, consider it posted.. thanks - brad

10-8-11 Stockholm Sweden

Hi Melinda,

My new panflute arrived on Friday 7 october. On your note to the US
postal service it says september 28, so that makes it 9-10 days from
Honolulu to Stockholm.

Thank you for this new musical experience....I'm following the
instructions on Brad's enclosed DVD....AND hmmm.....perhaps a couple
of more days;-)) Fun fun fun!!!

Take care!

Lars Dalén

10-5-11 West Sussex, England

Many thanks Brad for my lovely 15 tube pan pipe. It looks and plays beautifully. Should I say it will when I am a little more accomplished. It is the best Christmas present I could have given myself. My grateful thanks once again.

Warmest regards

Steve Morgan (England)

10-2-11 New Delhi India

Hallo Melinda and Brad,
on 30.09.2011 I got the pan flute now. I am happy. Thank You both for quick dispatch and help to facilitate easy delivery.

Nice to meet You people,
Ernst Krahn.

10-1-11 Liverpool New York

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to thank you and your wife!  My son's bday package arrived today safe and sound and BEAUTIFULLY wrapped.  I was especially pleased with the "Hawaii" sticker and cannot wait to tell him his flute came directly from you!!  I am sure he is going to be very happy!  I will definitely post a comment on your site to let all know what excellent service you provided.  I will wait to post until he gets to play it only so that I can also boast about the amazing product I am sure it will be!.  I wish everyone in business had your outstanding attitude, communication skills and commitment to their customers as the two of you!!!  

Thank you again - Susan

9-26-11 Cumbria UK

Hi, I returned home from France to my BEAUTIFUL panflute. I can hardly believe how much I love it already. I wish I could do it justice, but I hope to soon! I have only had it 2 days but am starting to be able to play F sharp & B flat! The temptation is to play as many tunes as I can but then the technique goes out of the window! I really struggle when reading the music, after playing the piano everything tells me I should be playing to the right of the instrument for the higher notes, it feels like I am playing in a mirror! In October we are going to travel to Africa for a few weeks to visit our sponsored children and help at some orphanages. I do not want to be parted with my panflute! SO thought I may buy your 10 note pentatonic to practise on. Very many thanks for my beautiful panflute,


9-25-11 Jakarta Indonesia

Dear Brad and Melinda..

It is glad to inform you that my 15 pipes starting package and Fun pipes already reach my house.
it took about 2 weeks to reach it ( i can't wait to start blow them since this is my first time have pan flute )

Thank you very much for your kind help and patient during completing the step by step order and choose the best pan flute for me as a beginner.
i will contact you if i have something to ask

Best regards from Indonesia,


9-20-11 Middleburg Heights, Ohio

I love this pan flute! Thank you so much! I am Blessed to have come across you on the internet.... Sincerely Lisa

9-18-11 New Jersey

Pan pipes arrived safely and Chris is enjoying himself with them.  this was totally  his own idea, and I am very happy that he has decided to have some music in his day.  Appreciate the good service, will let you know if he has any questions. 

9-16-11 Taichung City Taiwan

Hi Melinda,
The panflute arived Last Thursday, on Sep. 15. It is beautiful! The package was opened and resealed  by the custom, but we didn't need to pay any tax. Thank you again!
Have a nice day!

9-12-11 Highland Michigan


Just figure I'd let you know that I got my panflute today. It's wonderful, and it shipped so quickly! Sent out Friday from Hawaii, got all the way to Michigan by Monday. It's perhaps the quickest I've ever gotten something in the mail. Needless to say, I am very impressed with the quality of the instrument (it puts my other panflute to shame!) and the excellent service.

Thank you very much for the wonderful instrument and service!

9-10-03 Glen Allen Virginia

We got the panflute so quickly-it was actually on time for my daughter's birthday.  She just turned 15 and has been asking for one for about 2 years now.  I had my reservations, but as she was so consistent in her request and it was the only thing she wanted, we decided to go for it.  She had been searching the web for some time and hand-picked your company/panflute.  Just wanted to let you know how thrilled she is with it and your personal service has made the experience even more delightful.  I believe we made the right choice!
Thank you,
Julie Gibson

9-3-11 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Hi Melinda, Brad,
I recieved my pan flute today.
Great instrument!! 
Thank you
Biji Abraham

8-27-11 New South Wales, Australia

Hi Brad,
               Thank you, I have just received the Tenor Panflute picked it up at my local post office, all ok I am very happy with it sounds beautiful found easy to play even hit the high notes, it helps when you have played the silver flute and have the right embouchure, only have to learn to land on the right notes as you move from each note not like silver flute just change keys for notes.
Thanks for the DVD etc will be spending many hours playing.. and will keep watching on your web site..

Thanks again for the prompt service, would like to keep in touch.

Regards Paul...

8-26-11 Penang Malaysia

Hi Melinda & Brad,
          Finally, today i got my first Pan Flute. Yes, it only took 16 days to reach me  in Penang, as you told me it could take up to 3 weeks time. I'm glad to have it even earlier..

          Everything was in good condition including the soft case, CD & DVD. The sound of the flute is nice and sweet, I like it very much.

8-19-11 Bull Shoals, Arkansas

Hi, ya'll (pl) (that's Arkanese for Aloha),

Just letting you know that I received my wonderful pan flute today.  My husband was amazed that I could 'play' it right out of the box.  Since I haven't played my silver flute in several years, I amazed myself, too.  I even managed (or should I say mangled) a rough version of the William Tell Overture !     know I will enjoy my flute for years to come.  

Thanks for the helpful video and being there to answer questions.


8-17-11 Friendsville Maryland

Hi!, Brad & Melinda,

I received my Panflute today !!!!!
It is so beautiful, as is the sound. The soft case is really nice, too. I am very pleased and delighted!
It arrived in excellent condition. Thank you for the great packing and shipping job, Melinda.
Brad, I watched the instructional CD and played along a little when I could, except at a lower octave.
The high notes, which you had warned me about, were very difficult to play.
But, I'm not afraid. I believe it will only be a matter of time.
My son stopped by and zipped right up and down it, and even higher notes than I could play.
GeeWizz...and it looked beautiful in his hands.
I hope to purchase a Panflute for him in the future, when his work schedule slows down some.
Your CD is such a special gift, which I already treasure.
You are very talented, Brad, and all your Panflute music on the CD just sails me away.
I am so grateful to both of you.
Thank you once again for your help, kindness and the beautiful instrument.

Donna Dressel Baker

8-15-11 Baltimore Maryland

Hello, receeived pan flute in mail today 8/15/11 It is lovely and in perfect condition, now I have my work cut out for me.

Great doing business with you, thanks again, Jim Gilleland

8-15-11 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Flute arrived in the mail today...what can i say, picked it up played unchained melody, missed a couple of notes, wow, wow, Was able to play 2 complete octives right out of the box without much effort, can barely do that on a keyboard. I am just absolutely impressed!

Will be in contact.

Thanks Again
Art Salazar

8-12-11 Alberta Canada

Hi Guys:

I just got my pan flute in today. I have been working on it a bit and just wanted to thank you for this instrument. The sound on it is fantastic.

I was wondering if i could request some sheet music from you? Specifically beauty and the beast. I was listening to it on your site as well as on youtube and it seemed pretty easy to play, plus will help me learn the high notes (which I'm frustrated with cause I can easily play them down scale but not up...). Any way I am enjoying the flute.

Thanks again you guys,



Hi Naji,

I am so happy to hear how much you are enjoying your new flute.  The high notes will get easy in time.  Once your embouchure is stronger and you are able to make a focused air stream it will sound so sweet..  and easy. 

I am emailing you a copy of Beauty and the Beast to practice.  I wrote out the melody.

Enjoy!!    -  brad

8-10-11 Colorado

I meant to send this note many weeks ago when I received the cherry deluxe pan flute - packed very well, thank you very much!  It is so beautiful!  I was actually able to make some music come out of it! 
I have packed away nicely and am very much looking forward to giving it to my daughter for Christmas.  I know she's going to love it!  Is a beautiful instrument and it sounds so clear and lovely.  It is something she's going to be proud of for many years to come.  I'm sure she's going to be the only student in any of her three music classes in high school to play the pan flute, specifically one custom-made and from Hawaii. 
Thanks again for all of your kind attention and for the personalized comments inside the packaging.  I can't wait to see what she thinks of it. 

8-8-11 Moscow Russia

Hi Brad and Melinda,
sorry for late notice - I got parcel with flute and book about a week ago, so it was delivered 3 weeks after order. All's fine, everything arrived safely, no problems with customs appeared. Thank you much for care, hope i will learn how play it soon and it will bring me a lot of pleasure.
Best wishes,

8-5-11 Turkey

Hi Brad,
I've received the panflute mid July and been experimenting with it since then. I can easily say that your make is much better than those I bought at higher prices earlier.

Take care,

7-29-11 Athens, Greece

Hello Melinda,
I received my panflute today. Everything is okay

Thank you


7-25-11 Nantou City, Taiwan China

Hello my friends,

I got all of the 9 panflutes this morning.
It is a nice cooperated experience, our members do like your panflutes very much. I am also a panflute teacher of the school, boy's ensemble. I will recommend our boys to buy your panflutes if they want to improve their instruments, and I will send you an email to order. Thank you, the quality is so good, I like them so much.


7-19-11 Almaty Kazakhstan

Hi Brad and Melinda! 
Panflute received today, in a nice package. 
Thank you very much for the book and DVD. 
The first thing tried to play the panflute, great sound, and generally a great tool. 
My daughter immediately took the PF start, something to pick out simple melodies, I think now, thanks to your instructions, we will achieve great things. 
Once again, thank you very much for your attention and attitude towards customers. 

If I have questions, can I appeal to you? 


Igor Karavayev 
Kazakhstan, Almaty

7-16-11 Fort Myers Florida


   You and your wife where a pleasure to talk to and very helpful. I could definately hear the passion in your voice when discussing pan flutes which is why I chose to order from you. The grand tenor came extremely fast and I was very surprised as I mentioned how beautiful it was in person. It is great looking instrument in the featured photographs on your site but in person it really shines. Thankyou for all the helpful instructions that came with the instrument and the time you all put into it.

Jason Hann

7-15-11 Waterloo Ontario Canada

Hi Melinda and Brad
Yesterday I received my Grand Tenor pan flute. I was so excited...It arrived in just six days. The day before yesterday my book came as well. Thank you guys again, you are great. The instrument is wonderful, you feel that it is a work of an artist. I tried to play the scale and I was successful just up to the half. I haven't realized that it is so hard to play those higher notes. I guess I have to master my technique first using Brad's instructional DVD. When I watch Brad playing it looks like a child's play. I guess it's a long way in front of me, however on the other hand nothing in life comes easy. But then the reward will be more satisfactory. Thanks again on such a professional service. And once again thanks on your complimentary CD which made my day even greater
We'll stay in touch

7-11-11 Silver Spring Maryland

Hi Brad!

 I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the amazing work you've done! 
I have fallen in love with my Grand Tenor panflute and have been playing it with friends at least 2-3 times a week. 
The sound of the instrument is so pure and it's ease of tuning is great! The customer service you've provided is also remarkable, being in sales myself I know the quality of service you all provide is not commonplace in todays world! And I wanted to let you know that it's greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for an outstanding product and introducing me to one of my most favorite instruments! Your site has great character to it and is very welcoming.
Eric Malcolm

7-3-11 Stockholm Sweden

Hi there!

Awesome service you guys, loved the video.
I’ve been freestyling my way forward and trying to get the feeling for it and I love it, it’s a special instrument for sure.

The delivery went perfect and fast too! Greatly appreciated, I picked it up at our local post office here on Friday the 30th of june.
The gift marking worked perfectly i suppose, never heard anything about it so

Once again, loved the video and the pan flute and the service, I will recommend you to everyone who is interested!

Kind regards /Anders

7-1-11 Skane Sweden

I just wanted to inform you that the pan flute arrived yesterday. So it took 10 days to be exact, which actually is pretty nice considering the distance it had to travel.

The pan flute itself is really nice, and so is all the included help (book, DVD etc.). I'm really excited about learning to play on it.

So basically I just wanted to thank you very much and tell you that I'm very pleased with my pan flute.

Martin Szuter

6-23-11 Brighton Massachusetts

Dear Brad & Melinda,
My left shoe grand tenor just arrived. And it is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I have ever seen! And it's so light. The sound is amazing, soft, mellow and precise. Just beautiful instrument! Thank you so much for all your great work. Your gift of joy playing this instrument is priceless! Many, many thanks:)))

6-22-11 Victoria Australia

Hi Melinda,

Great news, the Student Panflute arrived this morning shortly after breakfast. I purchased the flute as a gift for my daughter who has a growing interest in anything musical. My daughter, Shannon open the box after tea and was very excited by the Panflute's wonderful workmanship.

She was completely surprised to receive such an unique musical gift. Thanks for making this instrument available and providing great supporting materials.
P.S. Shannon's favourite film happens to be called, 'Pan's Labyrinth'.


6-15-11 Swift Current SK Canada

Thank you for the beautifully, handcrafted pan-flute. I was able to follow your written instructions on the basics of the pan-flute and also watch the beginnings of the DVD that was enclosed in my package. I spent time holding, blowing in to it and actually came out with a sound very similar to yours.
I am anxiously waiting for some quiet time to listen intensively to your CD.
Thank you, Cindie Dyck

6-7-11 Portland Maine

Hi, Brad. Received my order on 6/6/11 at about mid afternoon. Got home from work and there it was. Very fast. Didn't expext till Tuesday or Wednesday. Awesome flute, looks great and sounds great. CD is awesome too! All great quality. 

It really feels great to do business with a small business thats not a chain store like yours. I'm always doing business with big stores like most people. It's a pleasure with yours. I enjoyed the phone call with Brad. Hope you guys stay in business for a long time.

May order from you again sometime. Keep playin, and thanx again.  Book'um Dano!   Had to throw that in!

Kenneth Floyd

6-2-11 Manitoba Canada

Hi Melinda and Brad,
                  The "Fun Pan" arrived is perfect condition. Very well packaged. Thanks so much from both Kathy and myself for helping us with these beautiful instruments. I find the funpan so easy to handle and play notes on. I play the NAF and the Andean Quena so am looking forward to learning to play music on the pan. Kathy is starting to get more and more notes going. Super fun.. Thanks both of you, Al Booth

6-1-11 Missoula Montana

Hello Brad,
  My beautiful cherry grand-tenor pan flute arrived here today!!! It's everthing and more what I was expecting!! I have already played a couple songs,not at all perfect, but I actually got a clearer sound after figuring out the best way to position my lips etc. Your book was very helpful, and I have been watching TONS of panflutest play, and that has also helped. The cherry is most definitely a very gorgeous instrument, I love it soooooo much already, and can't wait to make it sound good, (with practice of course) It does have a lovely warm sound to it which I adore! I'm glad I decided to go with your pan flute than the other company!Thank you so much for taking so much of your time to explain things to me!!

Have a wonderful spring!  Katie Vannoy

5-20-11 Guthrie Oklahoma

I just recieved my GRAND TENOR SHOE panflute.  It arrived safely and it is beautiful. I was amazed that I could do the lower two octaves within minutes!!

This will take lots of practice but will be worth all of it, I am sure.

Thank you so much!  - Sharon Darcy - Guthrie Oklahoma

5-17-11 Danbury Connecticut

Brad, I purchased your beautifully crafted 18 pipe tenor last year in October, and it was the best $140 I spent in my life :). I have never heard such wonderous music in my life either, until I heard your recordings. Celtic Pan-flute is my favorite :). You have changed my life entierely, and I can never be more thankful to you. I felt just like Pan when my girfriend moved, and we've been in a relationship (unbroken) for 8 and a half years now. Your music and Pan-flute which I bought brought me back on my feet, and now, I play at the tip of a lake just like Pan did when syrinx left him. Anyone looking for a quality instrument should purchase one of yours, and I gaurantee that they will be forever changed - thankyou!!!! :)
Blessed be! )0( - Jonathan Atwood

5-14-11 Mechanisville Virginia

Melinda - just wanted to let you know I received the Panflute today, safe and sound! Thanks, too, for the DVD and the CD Sampler. I've spent the afternoon, since receiving them, watching, listening and reading, and even tried out a few notes on the panflute. I am absolutely thrilled with all.
Thank you and Brad for the opportunity to do business with you. It has been one of the best experiences I have ever had ordering; your customer service is second to none!  I would gladly order again from you in the future - such a positive experience!
Linda Smith

5-13-11 Dyer Indiana

Hi Brad!
Just wanted to let you know that my new pan flute arrived here in the mail yesterday. It is a beautiful instrument, and I right away tried it out!!! It only took me a couple of minutes to be able to get a rich sound out of the pipes with the help of your instructions. I know it will take me a while until I can play it well but with regular practice all will happen in due time. The higher register is still a little difficult, and I cannot do any half tones yet. (tried but unsuccessfully so far). I also did get winded but I guess that is normal. My daughter was able to play it well right away, too. She loves the sound also! Will keep you posted on my progress....
Thanks again for this beautifully crafted instrument. Are there covers or little cases for this panflute, by the way?
All is good - this made my day. Have a wonderful weekend!
Karin Jurek - Music Ministry - St. Maria Goretti Parish

5-12-11 Sydney Australia


I have just received my 18-pipes pan-flute. It arrived just a day later than the "You can teach Yourself" book.
I must say - it is gorgeous! So beautifully made... and a smell... what type of wood is it?

I simply followed the instructions for the first time... and I made my very first notes easily! The lower tones are simply amazing... I was so surprised I was actually able to create such sounds for the first time. Now I am going to read all the instructions carefully and practice, practice, practice. The other thing that amazed me was the fact that I did not even feel tired and my lips weren't sore after my first practice. Everything just felt so natural...

Your CD is amazing as well. You are such a professional player - I am so glad I found your shop.


5-7-11 Marshall Texas

Aloha Brad & Melinda
Just got my 15 pipe pan flute. LOVE IT! Since I play concert flute already, it wasn't hard to start playing songs on this one. Really love pan flute music. I will be ordering more pan flutes from you in the near future,as my young granddaughter wants to play not only flute,but pan flute as well. Love your site, very informative & entertaining.

Again, Thank You. - Judy Brown

5-5-11 Gloucestershire, UK

[1st letter: Hi Brad. I play in an early music group, playing music anywhere from 11th to 17th century.  I lost my sight about two years ago and this small group of four asked me to play percussion for them. I wondered if the pan fluttes would make a acceptable addition.]

----------- Flute arrival...

Haloa Brad or in the jargon of the Royal Forest of Dean where we chose to live, 'Ow bist ol' butt!
Your package arrived today, what a fantastic service, though the parcel driver is a friend from when I ran the Post Office and looks after me if there are any parcels for me. What a lovely surprise when they told me there was a personal message from you on the box, thank you. It's been opened and played and I just know I'm going to love learning and playing them.

I have had two surprises. First, I didn't realise How they were played, I thought you blew into a mouthpiece like a whistle, but as they say 'no problemo'. At the age of around eleven I learnt to play a fife in a drum and fife band, so had an idea of the technique. The second surprise was the breathing. As a brass player for so many years, breathing via the diaphragm and controlling the exhilation and using that method of vibrato are/were second nature, BUT, not having played for getting on for three years has revealed a lack of expertise so it looks as if I shall be going through the dizzy bit. By the way,, My wife Pam sends her thanks to you. Among the packaging was a crossword in the Los Angelis Times. She is always doing crosswords and loves them, but beware, she might be asking for some answer to the 'American' quesstions!

Please thank Melinda for her little personal encouragement when advising me of the despatch date.
The C.D. you kindly sent me is a joy to listen too, so relaxing. I especially liked track one and shall certainly make it one of the first pieces I shall learn. I am over the moon and know I have made the right choice from every point of view. The instrument, the tone, the music I chose it for, realising that there are many classical and popular tunes that i will end up playing and not the least obtaining it from  such a kind and passionate pan flute fan. You really have inspired me. 

I'm not sure if I told you that for all the years I have played in brass bands, I have never bbeen able to play without the music, but like the fledgelette, for some reason, it and the pan flutes I can mostly get the right note instinctively. There will be no problem practising, in DOUBLE measure. Learning the pan flutes is going to be so much easier than learning to read braille! but don't worry ,

I wont give my braille tutoe your details.

Thank you once again for everything.

P.S. Just got the first simple tune in our early music repertoire, Galliard La Fatigue and already know that progress will lead to purchasing at some time a range that goes lower than C.

4-29-11 Jeonju City, South Korea

Melinda and Brad:
Moments ago the pan flute arrived!
So, it took about 5-6 days depending on how crossing the international tone zone is calculated.
What a lovely instrument.
After glancing at the enclosures, of course the first thing I did was try it.
And out of breath I soon became.
The low tones are gorgeous.
Of course, I shall thoroughly read the instructions and absorb this.
I obviously will need to focus on proper wind direction and breathing properly.
Between my accordion, clarinet, tamburitza, & recorder, I need to make time for this over the coming weeks!
Thank you for your concern, care & consideration.
What a relief to have the real thing, rather that the frustration of that cheap toy I got earlier.
And such a quick remedy to my wish.
Aloha and take care....

4-28-11 Florida

Hello!  I received my pan flute in the mail today and haven't been able to put it down.  I've made some real progress already!  I would just like to thank you for the great service you provided.  I received an e-mail the very day after I ordered the instrument telling me you had shipped it.  It was only 4 days before it arrived.  Very thankful for the quality of the instrument and of the service.  I will more than likely be purchasing more from your store in the future.
Thanks again for everything and I will keep in touch with my progress!
-Kenny DaVico

4-27-11 Goleta, California

Hi Brad, Just a little note to tell you my Grand Tenor arrived this morning. What a beautiful instrument. I can already play a two octave scale up and down but I am having a little problem with the third octave. As you stated, it will take a little time and practice with the high register. I am not use to making my mouth, lips and diaphragm work in concert so it will take some effort and a lot of practice. I will contact you from time to time with questions. Thank you for your time and help.

4-20-11 Wimbledon Park, London, UK

Received the panflute. Looks great, very strong made!
I intend to make you proud.
Thank you.
xx Kabba Forster-Jones

4-19-11 Kamloops BC Canada



- Ray Davies

4-18-11 Florida New York

Hello Brad!

Thank you for this great quality instrument! You went above and beyond what I was expecting. You kept it personal and professional. Your signature on the flute, and the hand written note on the box. Even if you do all this ahead of time before orders are even placed. It is great to see a company like yours that still has that personal touch that seems to have been lost. I'll be sure to send you a link to one of my videos once I become proficient with this new pan-flute!

Thank you again!
Matthew M Paul

4-14-11 Sweden


I´ve got the Pan-flute yesterday 13/4
Thank you very much. I have started to play and it´s fun!

Bye bye !
Maria - I´m a fourteen years old girl. I live in Sweden. I would very much like to learn how to play Pan Flute.

4-11-00 Saint Louis, Missouri

I got my flute today! It looks great! Some tough work is ahead for me but I'll definitely recommend your shop to others :)

Michael Bezushko

4-5-11 Boise Idaho

Hi Brad!
Imagine my delight when I received my pan-flute yesterday!  More later, but I just wanted to thank you so much as I am already really enjoying the beauty as well as the new challenge.  Your video and CD are terrific, too.
Gotta go, will share more later.

---I am a former professional flute player... masters degree from Juilliard... now teaching elementary vocal/general music.

3-26-11 Fayetteville, North Carolina


I recieved my Grand Tenor this morning at 10:00 AM, 26 Mar 2011. It's beautiful with great craftsmanship. I could never be more pleased. I have always wanted to give a try and see what I could do. Will keep you posted on any progress I make.

Dennis Grow

3-20-11 Las Cruces, New Mexico

Dear Mr. White,

The Panflute you sent got here yesterday.  It appears to have a defect ....  it's just too fun to play!!! I am going to loose a lot of time to this Panflute and probably not even know it.  Everything you said on your website about its quality was absolutely correct.  Thank you for making such a great looking and great sounding instrument.  I also wanted to thank you for your video.

Thanks again for the great Panflute and especially for your video.  I am really enjoying it.
Repectfully yours,
Shad Harris

3-15-11 Mexico

Today I get the pan flute, is in perfect condition, I'm happy. I have a question, pan flutes and pipes of 15 to 18 tubes are different from the great tener I have, are in a different key, because if so I plan to buy the 15 and 18 but would be in the month of May.


Pedro Garcia

3-10-11 San Antonio, Texas

Dear Mr. White,

I want to thank you for the beautiful Grand Tenor with the shoe. I was hesitant to buy from a website but after seeing your videos and talking to you on the phone, you made me feel much more comfortable. Thank you for the wonderful personal service.

I have been playing the flute every day since it came. I am practicing mostly standards right now like Memories and Time to Say Good Bye, also The Lonely Shepherd. Over-blowing is a little more difficult than I expected but I am sure it is my technique more than anything else.

I will be ordering more in the future because my wife wants her own on her birthday, not to mention Christmass for the grand kids.

Thank you again.I will be in touch.


Richard Haden
San Antonio Texas

3-9-11 Kungsbacka Sweden

Hello Brad!
I want you to know that I have been enjoying playing my panflute for about a month now and it´s a very fine instrument.

It goes pretty good. It´s only the highest tones that are a little difficult to play, but it´s going better and better. I guess it just takes a lot of practice.

The DVD with instructions that came with the panflute helped me a lot to get started.
I think you are a very good panflute player and you inspire me a lot. Especially your version of "May It Be" is just wonderfull. I have never been so relaxed as when I listen to it.
Thank you for your outstanding service!
Lars Petersson

3-7-11 Strathroy, Ontario Canada

Hi Brad,
Just received my new panflute , I took it out of the box and could play it immediately. I love the sound of the Grand Tenor. Thanks again for getting it out so quick, I will love playing this instrument.

Best Regards, John
Sent from John's  iPhone

3-6-11 California

Brad and Melinda,

I received the pan flute yesterday in the mail!  Thanks so much and great packaging.  Instructional video is very helpful as well as your website.  It's easier to play it than what I originally thought.  My kids were even more excited about it and wanted to play it.  I will order a fun pipe for each of them in the future.  Thanks once again, Aloha!


3-4-11 Ontario Canada

Hello!  I got one of your panflutes for Christmas and I just have to say... it's amazing!  I love it.  I've always had a passion for the panflute and dreamed of getting a professional one.  Anyways, I am learning new songs now and one of them is on the video you sent out with the pan flute.  Now to my question...  what is the name of the song playing on the "history" portion of the video?  I learned it today from watching it and would like to know the name when people ask.  

Thank you so much! - Andrea

Hi Andrea,

I am so glad to hear how much you are enjoying your panflute :) The song on my History video is a song that I wrote.  I called it Machu Picchu.  It is on my Voyage CD that I recorded.

... brad white

3-3-11 Isfiya Israel

Hi Melinda,

I want to let you know that yesterday I got the letter from the post office telling me that I have something in the post office, So today we went, me and Asi, to the post office and picked up the Pan Flute (Grand Tenor with Shoe) and it had been through the customs and went through without us having to pay anything.

Again thank you so much for sending it, I can tell Asi was so happy, so it took around 13 days since you sent it.



3-3-11 Marion Ohio

Brad I just received the Grand Tenor and WOW! what a sound. I can't wait to get back to playing again, many thanks

Rev. Greg Ogborn

3-2-11 Brunei Darussalem

Dear Brad,

I just got my panflute. Actually it arrived yesterday but i must say, the workmanship on the panflute is breath taking compared to the one my mum bought from some local handicraft store in malaysia. And thank you for sending me the music sheet for lonely shepherd and colors of the wind music sheet.

I am truly grateful to have bought such a nice instrument from you. Maybe when i'm good at the panflute, i will buy the grand tenor you offer but till then it may still be a long way to go. And because you have wrote it as a gift, the customs didnt tax us at all!

Once again, i cannot express my happiness upon receiving the instrument. Maybe one day when i'm used to the flute, i'll post a video of me playing your panflute and i will link it to one of your videos on youtube. Rest assure that i will enjoy this instrument.

Thank you Brad!
Hii, Lu Yan

3-1-11 Port St Joe, Florida

Thanks Brad
I got my pan flute yesterday and have been playing. You are so right, what a joy! I look forward to becoming more comfortable playing as time goes on. Take care and have a wonderful week. Terese

2-25-11 Ontario Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda,

I just unwrapped my Grand Tenor Pan Flute. I must say it came quickly, exactly one week from shipping date, and duty free to boot!

I am extremely pleased with the quality of the instrument and I like the fact that it has maple pipes. I think they are more stable and durable than bamboo. The finish is second to none and the sound is beautiful, at least the sounds I can make for now. I fail about the middle of the second octave. I can see that I need some work to get my lips trained. Hopefully time and the two books in transit will take care of this.

I have already been through the DVD you enclosed and I have read the instructions that came with the flute. There is a lot to work in that DVD so I can see myself busy for a good while.

I have exhausted all the information on your website and I have scoured the net for as much as I can find. I want to get started the correct way so as not to build up bad habits. They're hard to break.

I do appreciate that you are so free to impart your wisdom to anyone wishing to learn this instrument. There is no one I know who plays pan flute in my area so your direction is invaluable, no, it is vital to my success. I thank you for what you have done and for the opportunity to ask questions when necessary.

Well, until you hear a plaintive cry for help,



2-23-11 Evans, Georgia

Melinda, Brad,
Thank you for the panflute. It arrived Saturday.  Elizabeth, my daughter, is already playing it. I guess it helps being first chair in her high school band...flute, btw.  As I attempted to play it,  I quickly hyperventilated trying to make SOME music-like note, became dizzy, and stumbled across the kitchen stubbing my toes on a jutting wall corner. Any remnants of my ego were quickly obliterated by the peals of laughter from my so-humble daughter.
Thanks again!

2-22-11 Lancashire UK

Hey, just here to tell you i've recieved my panflute and it's amazing. Just need to learn how to play it now :). Thanks a lot.

2-19-11 Marne Michican

Aloha Brad!
This is Elizabeth Mol. I just wanted to thank you for sending the panpipe out and for even gift wrapping it. I just opened it maybe 40 minutes ago and have already failed at serenading my family several times but I refuse to give up. I am looking forward to learning how to play. It's a gorgeous instrument. Thanks again! 
- Liz Mol

2-17-11 Tampa Florida

Dear Mr White
   I recieved my pan flute just a few hours
ago and I must tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the workmanship and  the beautiful quality of the tones.This truly is the hallmark of someone who is rightfully proud of his work.I look forward to many years of enjoyment.Thank you very much

                                       Sincerely,David Miller

2-2-11 Kungsbacka Sweden

Hello Brad!
Today the Grand Tenor arrived to my house. I´m very happy for that and are looking forward to start learning.
It´s a very beautiful instrument. Tomorrow I will look att your DVD with lessons.
Thank you again for great service.
Lars Petersson

2-1-11 Bucharest, Romania

Aloha !!! OMG what an adventure :D after spending 3 hours at -5'C searching for Postal Office no. 66 (that's where all international mails arrive), I've finally got the flute !!! First of all, I just love the packaging! great design, box shaped especially for it, and I just adored the little personal message on the box! Very touchy, I enjoyed that so much! Also it was great for me to hold U.S. newspapers in my hands for the first time :P (I refer to the wrap inside), it was nice to read some articles :) Oh and BTW: it arrived on the 17th of jan 2011 but apparently they've lost the first notification ticket and I only got to know it's here on the second which was today, the 1st of Feb 2011. 

Now let's get down to the flute: It is AMAZING !!! Never in my life did I know you can just blow into a panflute and make it sound, I always had trouble with others either because I had to blow my lungs out in order to get a note or be it that flute required a special embouchure that I obviously did not have. I can't get over the perfect touch of it, it looks just awesome. I mean from a distance you would say it's plastic, not even wood, that's how great the polish is, I cannot find a single trace of slits, cracks or ripples outside or on the inside. It's just perfect. And I just love the dark brown wooden holder (the one with Bawa written on it which I did not understand its meaning btw, as I've seen it also on the box ... I guess it's a name or a greeting?). I'll go experiment on the flute now as I can barely move my fingers while writing this message cause well ... I froze to death downtown searching for my flute :D

... but not without a big THANK YOU to Melinda, Brad and all others who might have participated in the process of making of such a beautiful flute !!

- Marcia Razvan

1-30-11 Moscow, Russia

Hello Melinda and Brad!
I have received your parcel with the Student Panflute. It's beautiful instrument, it's pleasant to handle and it has magic voice. Now I will study the book and DVD to play my first melody.
Many thanks for this instrument which bring pleasure!

1-28-11 Hertfordshire, UK

Hello Brad & Melinda
Thankyou for the Panflute, book & DVD safely received on 25th January 2011, very quickly! Very happy with the quality of the craftsmanship and I have started the beginning exercises. Starting to get some sounds but having a little trouble getting the lips and tongue movements correct. Thankyou for your help.
Best Wishes

1-27-11 Quebec, Canada

Hello Brad,

Happy New Year!

I've included a little clip here. You would please let me have your kind observations for improvement.

Click Here To Listen

- Richard


Hello Richard, It brought a big smile to my wife and I. We love it!!!

- Brad White

1-26-11 San Antonio Texas

Hi Brad, Melinda
We got the pan flute last week. (We named him Peter Pan:)
I should say that we were impressed by the simple yet elegant pan-flute(and also by the packing effort that met our eyes when we opened the box).
The lower deep tones are similar to the audio clipping on your site for this flute (which is the reason for my choice).
Thanks a bunch,

1-25-11 Bakersfield California

Thank you so much for the beautiful instruments, the superb service and the care you have shown... We will enjoy these flutes for a lifetime, as will our grandchildren. 

Hopefully in the future we will be back to order the bigger flutes, as talent inspires.....

neal and doreen eisenberg.

1-24-11 Telegraph Hill, United Kingdom

Hello Melinda and Brad,

Just emailing to say that I am enjoying my pan flute! It's nice to be in possession of such a beautiful instrument.
I'm learning a load of nice tunes.

Thanks again :-)

Regards from Alistair

1-23-11 Texas

Good afternoon, Brad, I received my pan flute in the mail yesterday and I’m in love.

Thanks so much – I can hardly wait to master the skill so I can add the pan flute to my music that we play for mass on Sundays. Have a great day

- Pat
I'm an accomplished concert flute player and am interested in expanding to playing a pan flute. Your site is wonderful and I very much enjoy listening to your talent!

1-19-11 New Brunswick, Canada

Aloha brad,

I have gotten your package and I couldn't believe it had finally arrived. I opened up the package right away to find my brand new pan flute. Well constructed and very high in quality. I enjoy playing the pan flute every chance I get and its like magic when I play it. The notes are smooth and glides with ease. I'm hoping to make more purchases on your site including buying a few of your cds. Maybe I can learn a thing or two while listening to them. I think I will buy the fun pipes next because I want to have fun playing the pan flute while learning at the same time on my 15 note pan flute.

Best regards from,
Stephane Guy Cormier

1-15-11 Essex, United Kingdom

Dear Brad,
The wonderful instrument has arrived, thought I would give you a little chuckle....
Box arrive - could not get it open fast enough, out with the packaging at speed ... haha Panflute in my hands, remember shake hello to it! 
Put to ones mouth and play! hooray a notes.. well  sounds to be precise ... is that my head that feels like a shade on the 'squiffy' side, must remember to relax and not try so hard anyone would think you have never played an instrument before and tell myself! One hour later I have the first 8 bars of May it be.... or may be not....was that the cats I saw exiting very fast!
Seriously, Brad thank you for sending the items so quickly, and what a beautiful piece of craftmanship, may you be blessed in many more years of making them and playing them. I shall aspire to playing as gifted as yourself.
Take Care
Best Wishes

1-12-11 North Haverhill, New Hampshire

Dear Brad,

I have had my pan-flute (15 pipe with book and DVD) for a little over a week now and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am.  I am more of an artist than a musician so I very much appreciate its beauty and quality craftsmanship.

I brought my pan-flute to my in-laws this past weekend to show it off and to play a song for them. My father in-law was very delighted by it and brought out his violin and we played a duet together!

I am enjoying my pan-flute so much, I just wanted you know know how much fun I am having with it!  I also wanted to say how great everything that came with the pan-flute is. The book with DVD and also your pamphlet and DVD that you included is all very helpful. I can see that you care very much about your customers and want them to be successful. Thank you so much!

Thank you!

1-7-11 Harjumaa Estonia

Hi, Brad.

Not long ago my husband bought from you Great Tenor Pan-Flute. We both just love it - it sounds great.

At last, I got my own 18-pipe Tenor. To our post-office it came on the 6th Junuary.  It seems, that holidays are the hardest times for customs officers so it's not a wonder. The tracking number was usefull - we could check how the progress was going.

But back to the core. I'm so glad to receive it! The flute is great. In compare with our Grand Tenor it looks (and feels) so small and light! And for me it was like a real revelation to find out the difference in sound between them:) All those talks about keys for me were like something abstract. Now I myself found that on 18-pipe Tenor instead of pure Fa is Fa sharp. I know, that you wrote it for me, but now I finally understand what it means)) I'm really excited. I've already tried to play different tunes on both flutes and I'm very content of myself.
Thank you for my pleasure:) - Alice

12-31-10 Mobile Alabama

Hello Mr. and Mrs. White,
         I got my pan flute with the inlay band in the mail today and I'm so happy!!  Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.  I want to give you an extra special thanks and let you know that I am coming along quite nicely in learning it.  I'm having tons of fun every time I pick it up and will soon be experimenting with songs as soon as I can get most of the half-steps in tune.  Your instrument is not only gorgeous but it is a superb quality and has such a beautiful timbre and I think it is the best.  I also love your instructional videos and support.  Thankyou so much, and Aloha,
         Mobile, Alabama

12-29-10 Kansas

I wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with my new pan flute.  I discovered the music of the pan flute a year or so ago and fell in love with the sound.  I since have listened to a lot of pan flute music and have wanted one to learn to play more than anything.  Well, my wish came true and my mom and dad bought the 15 note pan flute and book kit from you and gave it to me for Christmas.  I have started practicing and I think I can make a pretty good sound on most of the notes already.
I have some background in music so I think I will pick up the pan flute pretty easily.  Even though I have never really learned to read music, I have taught myself to play the trumpet, harmonica and piano.  I am very anxious to add the pan flute to the list of instruments I have learned to play.
I think playing the pan flute will also have theraputic benifits for me.  A little over two years ago, at the age of 37, I had a major heart attack.  My heart disease is largely genetic and I am not the first in my family to have a heart attack at an early age.  When I had the heart attack I was taken to a hospital that specializes in nothing but heart disease.  There they performed a heart cath and placed stints in my blocked artery.  I have had to go back to that hospital 2 more times since the stint to have further caths and ballooning.  All of the problems and surgeries have left me much weaker than I was before.  I used to be a full time firefighter and now I have an office job in inspections.  I can no longer fight fire because of my physical limitations.
I think that playing the pan flute will help to strengthen my weakened cardio-vascular system.  While I am sure that at the age of 39, I will never be able to fight fire again, I hope to one day get my strength back.  I also hope to be a good enough pan flute player to perform.  I will keep practicing and I may even record some videos as I progress to send to you if you are interested.
It is obvious that you love the pan flute and the music you make with it.  It was your videos on YouTube and at your website that inspired me to take up the pan flute.  I look forward to the coming months and being a student of music again.  Thank you for your passion for the pan flute.  The instrument is beautiful and sounds lovely.
Jeff Bauer 

** Note about the photo, this is an actual picture of me fighting a fire that was taken by someone at the fire department.

12-28-10 Auckland New Zealand

Hey Brad.  Your pan flute has arrived, and it is everything you promised it
would be.  I was also really thrilled with how quickly it arrived - within a week!  

Billy (Auckland)

12-28-10 White Rock BC Canada

Seasons Greetings.

I just want to wish both of you all the very best of the season and hope that all goes well for 2011. Over the course of 50 years I have played about 10 instruments in various bands at nightclubs etc. But the panflute is so very special. It took me a week to get the chops in shape for all the notes and now I can play any piece as I am very used to picking up Celtic fiddle pieces by ear. So now the real work begins and I know it will take many years to get that very special melodic sound that you achieve. Having lots of fun at present and thought you would enjoy a picture of "your flute" in Arizona (for the winter). Very best regards, Bob Jadis

12-26-10 Cordova Tennessee


The pan flute was the hit of Christmas!!  My daughter absolutely loves it and it is beautiful!  She is already talking about taking it to school for show and tell and playing it for her friends!  Thanks so much for everything!  I will send any and all business I can your way!

Thx again,
Jim Butler (1 VERY satisfied customer)

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12-25-10 Cincinnati Ohio

Hello Mr. White.   I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  My parents purchased one of your panflutes for me for Christmas.  It was such an unexpected gift.  I have always been interested in music as well as different types of instruments.  This pan flute is so beautiful and has such a great sound..I can't wait to learn how to play it.   My parents couldn't say enough about how nice it was to talk with you.  I really appreciate that.  I have taken time to watch all of your videos and they have really got me excited about the pan flute.  (I majored in music in Cincinnati Ohio - Saxophone, flute and piano.)  I hope that my previous background will help me to be a quick study.  

Again - just a thank you for making such a beautiful instrument for me.  I hope I can do it justice.    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Randy S. Faig

12-24-10 Utah

Got my Pan-Flute!!!

The picture on the website does it no justice. It is absolutely beautiful. I have been playing it for about 2 hours now and I love it.

- Christopher

12-18-10 Linden, Alberta Canada

Thank you I received the flute in the mail on the 18. You have great
customer service.
Thanks again,

12-13-10 Nagoya, Japan

I received Grand Tenor panflute today on 13th.
Thank you sending it so soon.

Last september I bought your complete package.
I can play simple songs.
this is second panflute for me.

Shigeru Yoshino

12-8-10 Moscow Russia

Hi Brad,
Now I am happy owner of tenor panflute. That's excellent! Beautiful
instrument and beautiful sound. All my family ready to leave the house when
I'am playing panflute-)))  That was not so long how I thought before. It
arrived to my post office at 6 December. That really so fast. I have saw
Gleb's comments (from Russia) and as Gleb was excited at post office. I thought about how
a very delicate instrument could cross the ocean and pass through our post.
Thanks for your package in twin boxes.
Please take my best recommendation in your service.

That's Great, I've got my PANFLUTE! I'm Happy! Thanks!

With best wishes from Moscow,

12-5-10 Victoria, Australia

       Just letting you know that i recieved my pan flute starter package in the mail the other day and it's absolutely PERFECT! Thank you very much.
- Very happy Customer!! Elyse Herd

12-4-10 Prescott Valley, Arizona

Brad and Melinda,
Package arrived yesterday in good shape. I opened it to find two gift wrapped packages inside. That was nice. I did not open them, so I will be as surprised as my wife on Christmas. Back in the box they went, and it is now gift wrapped as well. Might as well have some fun under the tree. Thanks so much for your service. The follow up e-mails were great, and the delivery was fast. Now, we wait to see how difficult this is to play. At this point, I would recommend you to anyone who asked. Great service and response.
Don Bauer

12-3-10 New Brunswick Canada

Bonjour to you both
Just to let you know that the pan flute was delivered this morning and thanks for everything.
I will be busy trying to master this work of art and my wife and i want to wish you both the best of holidays and best of health.
Bruno &Germaine

12-2-10 Netherlands

Hello Brad and Melinda White,
 Yesterday i Received the funpipe of you in my mail, so soon already ! (8 days total, verry fast), and after my workday today i played it for the first time, Beautyfull sound it has and i am really Verry Happy with it, now i can finally learn to play.  Thank you a lot for your starters DVD (verry helpfull) and for your fun tunings (if i may ask, which fun tuning is the one on you video that you tuned 2 notes lower?)
Thank you Verry Mutch ! I would like to write a good reverence on your site, if that is oke with you. Best regards, Antony Bonte

12-1-10 Texas

Dear Brad & Melinda,

I looked at all the panflutes on the web and was overwhelming impressed with your product & website over the others.

I was so pleased with how quickly the panflute arrived, and also the beautiful complimentary wrapping! Thank you so much for all your help.

I see you live in Hawaii, and even though our worlds could not be more different we must share a love for beautiful music.

Thank you so much for your prompt & personal attention to my order, You are helping me make one sweet man very happy this Christmas!


11-23-10 Hertfordshire UK

Just to let you know my pan flute arrived safe and sound yesterday 23.11.2010
Great, absolutely great, do not think I will get much work done today, I will be too busy playing with this lovely instrument.
Well done, and many thanks.
I will keep you posted with my progress.
Kind regards
Jeff H

11-22-10 Raymond Washington

Hi Melinda,
Today I received the panflute. The only thing I can say is...   it s INCREDIBLE!!            I absolutely LOVE the craftmanship and sound it produces. I just wasn't expecting such a beautiful instrument and am so wonderfully surprised!
I have to admit, though, that as I only have a short time to perfect my performance with it, I had to fudge some...   I only have a few weeks before our first concert and it'll take me about that time to get the "flats" down, so I went ahead and tuned the instrument to the key of "D"  :0) If I stay lazy and keep it like that, I just might have to order a second one in the original key of "C".
Thank you again for a fantastic instrument. I am SO pleased with it! And Brad's instructional DVD's were a help as well. Thanks, everyone!
Stephen W. Bramblett

11-20-10 Czech Republic

Hello Brad!

"The Christmas panflute" was delivered. My niece will be happy. You have magic hands when you can make these beautiful instruments.

Thank you very much


11-17-10 Tasman, New Zealand

Hi! Melinda,
The Pan Flute arrived today, and I am absolutely delighted with it.  I am going to sit down shortly and take a look at Brad's DVD.  I am so excited.
Thank you I am just so impressed with the service.
Kindest regards
Ira-Mary Wogan.

11-16-10 County Cork, Ireland

Hi Melinda,

I'm delighted to report that the Student Panflute with the book and the
white envelope with the DVD and written instructions arrived in
perfect order today Monday 15th November 2010, oh, and duty free as
well, thank you!

The panflute which you have sent to me is  a really lovely instrument,
and I'm proud and delighted to own it.

I will indeed keep you posted on my progress, which with all the
instructional materials which you have provided, hopefully will be in
the form of steady improvement.  I'm starting from a near zero base in
terms of my theoretical knowledge of music, so the only way open to me
is forwards and upwards!

Many thanks again.

Best wishes to you and Brad,

Gordon Oulsnam

11-15-10 Milan Italy

The flutes have arrived. Thanks. Very beautiful and especially beautiful sound and easy to play.
thanks again. - Yuri Esposti

11-15-10 Queensland, Australia

Wow – Grand Tenor with shoe, it has arrived already, November 15. That’s 5 days including the weekend.
Nicely gift wrapped too - thanks!

11-13-10 Tallinn, Estonia


Grand Tenor package came on 14th day, and panflute sounds really wonderful :) 
Special thanks for DVD inside! :)

Best regards,

11-12-10 Molokai Hawaii

Aloha Brad, I got the pan flute in the mail today, and needless to say, I was veery excited. I can tell that you and Melinda really enjoy your work. I have never seen a package arrive in the mail so well protected and well wrapped. The instrument is beautiful, I will spend many hours of my free time learning this new gift to myself.

Thanks again for being so.................... how should I put it?....................... Well, on it. I was impressed with the quality of the instrument, as well as the service I recieved.

Aloha, Ted from Molokai.

11-10-10 Cambridgeshire UK

Hi Guys

Just to let you know that the Pan Flute arrived today Wed 10 Nov 2010 all safe and sound, I couln'dt belive it when the postman knocked and handed it over.

Fantastic service thank you very much totaly recomended.

I have got as far a sounding the first 10 pipes, well after a fashion anyway, but, the last five are very probmatical.

Yes I know I need to learn to walk before trying to run :)

Anyhow, thanks for the great service and help.


11-10-10 Favang, Norway

Hello again.

Today I receved my new panflute +++. It sounds wonderful, and I am so looking forward to start to learn.

Once again, thank you for your kindnes, and hopefully I will order another one later.


11-9-10 Perth Australia

Hello Melinda,

Just a quick note to tell you my daughters panflute arrived today here in Perth.

She is over the moon with it & already blowing notes.She loved your wrapping too.

Thanks again

Regards David Morahn

11-7-10 Florida

Dear Brad,

Oh, what a surprise! I got my pan flute! 

When I got home from work Thursday evening a package was sitting on the front porch, and I thought it was more guitar stuff my husband Garry had ordered. Then I saw your name on the box and almost fell over! Garry knew I wanted one of your pan flutes but I figured he was going to wait until Christmas. I'm really glad he didn't wait! I am so happy to have it and the DVD and book - I can't put it down! I have been practicing the blowing technique for starters, and Garry has been helping me read the notes and scale. Thank you so much for putting together such a nice beginner's pan flute package. The instructions and the DVD (and your You Tubes) are going to help me greatly.
I'll keep you posted on my progress!
Kathy Milner

11-6-10 Ontario Canada

Hi Brad  It,s Cliff from Ontario Canada just recieved my flute lovingly package at 11:30 am this morning looking forwards to many hours of practice I already  like it and will treasure it for years to come many thanks to you and yours
soo gotta go and start my practicing .T.T.F.N.
Many thanks

11-5-10 Sezimovo Usti, Czech Republic

Hello Melinda and Brad!
I´m glad to write you that your pan flute is in my hands. It was delivered at high noon:-) Beautiful instrument with amazing voice.
Thank you for all.

10-30-10 Singapore

hi melinda,
please be informed that i have recieved the fun pipes on 28th oct thursday. Package in good order. Thank you.


10-28-10 Salt Lake City, Utah

I received the pan flute a couple of weeks ago. What a wonderful instrument! I watched the DVD and have practiced every day. At first I could not get the half notes but over time they are becoming more pronounced. I still cannot reach all of the upper notes but slowly I find that I can go higher. I make and play my own American Indian flutes and remember how it was difficult to do some of the notes at first. making the vibrato sound on your flute has dramatically improved my own flute playing. Your flute is a quality instrument. I thank you for producing it and selling it. It is my pleasure to own one. Perhaps in a while when I get good I will send a sound bite.

Thanks Bruce Shoemaker
A new fan!

10-27-10 Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

Dear Melinda:
I received the new panlute on Monday, Oct 25 (Korea time), safe and sound. Thank you!

10-26-10 Helchteren, Belgium

Brad, Melinda,
The fun pipes has arrived, after 13 days in Belgium.
WHAT a beautifull sound they make, I was holding back from a panpipe made of wood, But was I wrong. I'm very impresed, and if the 22 pipes Tenor sounds is equal to this fun pipes, I go to order in a few months also a new one.
I'm impresed, thanks

Now I go to save some money to buy a new tenor from your shop, really love the new pan flute.

10-25-10 Australia

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the quick reply!
My workmate, Ben just received his Pan flutes yesterday and they
are so well made - beautiful - I look forward to getting them!

Thanks again


10-25-10 Welshpool Australia

Hi Melinda,

I have just received my pipes, and they survived transit fine by the looks of it. I can already tell they're way better quality than the crappy plastic ones I started with! Very much looking forward to having a play.

Thanks again!

- Ben

10-24-10 India

Hello Brad,

We've just got back from our holiday where Karn turned 18 and we gifted him the absolutely beautiful set of the special order pan pines.  He's in love :-)  You just can't believe his enjoyment when he reverently held the pipes in his hands and blew the first few notes on them.  We had taken him to The Maldives for his birthday vacation so the pipes are already very well traveled indeed.

Karn is now back to his music college where he has proudly shown off his new set of panpipes and the faculty were pretty impressed with them as well.

I know you have been sending me some links to some new videos over the past few years.  Could I request you to add Karn's email id to your list so that he directly gets the links from you.

Many thanks for the special efforts you've taken to ensure these pipes got to our friend in Seattle on time to enable him to carry them in to India for us as also for the soft case.  It's all perfect for Karn.  He's so enjoying his new gorgeous set of panpipes and is looking forward to connecting with you directly.  Emails are a bit tough for him due to his visual challenges but do try.

Warm regards to both of you.

Kavita Vij

10-14-10 Sucre, Bolivia

I have already received both panflutes the past 11th of october. They are in good conditions so don't worry.
I'll be keeping you informed about my improvement.
Eliseo Callapa

10-12-10 Victoria BC Canada

Melinda and Brad,
It arrived Thursday, October 7. My son has been playing it quite a bit since then. He has played parts of many different songs on it by ear. His only real challenge so far is getting used to the breathing required. He has played Electric bass and guitar for about 7 years, but no wind instruments until now.
  Cool wrapping paper by the way.

Anyways, thanks for the prompt service. If my son masters this thing ( panflute ) like  he says he will, we may be ordering another one eventually.
Happy Thanksgiving ( Canadian )

10-11-10 New Jersey

I just wanted to thank you for the pan flute, its very well made and a lot of fun already. I am flirting around with playing the lonely shepard from the kill bill soundtrack already and it even sounds decent enough to enjoy as a bystander to my practice (or so I am told). I can see myself getting the hang of it and learning for years. Thanks again for the flute and the dvd that you sent with it, I will definately recommend your work to others who may be interested in one.

10-10-10 Ecuador (email via YouTube)

Hello, Aloha, I'm Andres from Ecuador, I like your videos of the pan flute.
I have the Grand Tenor pan flute from your shop, thanks for doing it for me, I am very happy to be the first to have a pan flute of Aloha in Ecuador, people ask me where to buy the panflute that I have... the sound is very beautiful. Also the pocket pan flute is nice , I carry it everywhere..
.thanks .

10-9-10 London UK

Hello Melinda,

The panflute arrived yesterday. I spent part of the day appreciating
it's beauty, and the DVD really helped me get an initial hang of
producing the notes!

Thanks very much!

Many regards from Alistair

10-7-10 Tucson Arizona


What a pleasant surprise!!!! My tenor pan flute was here when I arrived home (I ordered on Monday and received it only 3 days later Wow), it’s beautiful, I immediately gave it a try and wonder of wonders, and I can hit every sharp note and some flats, right out of the box, and was able to play some small portions of your recordings.
Once I learn how to breathe correctly, I am sure will be playing complete pieces by xmas.
I want to thank you for all the patience you showed me during the past weeks while I decided on which flute to get, and your availability is unparalleled.
I feel as if I know you personally by now, my appreciation for all your attention to my questions and for the instrument you sent me goes beyond any words.

Warmest regards


10-5-10 Aylesbury UK

Hi, Melinda just to let you know my fun pipes arrived today 10/05/2010 pm and I am impressed with them! Thanking you and Brad for your great service, yours sincerely John Morand
ps. I make it 7 days.

9-28-10 Innisfil Ontario Canada

I received the package on September 22. might I add I absolutely love the new pan flute, it is stunning and definitely worth every penny. I find it a little strange to play right now just for adjusting my mouth on the instrument but in due time I will reach my prior level as on the 15 pipe.
thanks once again


9-23-10 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Mr. & Mrs. White
Hi, sorry for late reply since I just came back from my holidays. I had receive the pan flute, the book and the envelope contains instructions and DVD, all are in good condition. The management told me that the package reach at 17/9/10.
By the way, the pan flute is so beautiful and nice, I like it so much, thanks a lot.
Have a nice day... Janz

9-22-10 Czech Republic

Good day,
Dear Melinda,
Just today I received my 2 special range 19 pipes Pan flutes ( range from E1 to H3 ).
It arrived to me in excellent condition and really very fast.
I paied nothing more ( no custom duty ).
I must say the maple wood sounds beautiful.
Please inform Brad I received the flutes.
I think I will order next 19 pipes Pan flute of the range from E1 to H3 once in future.

Thank you.
Best Regards Pavel Biskup, Czech Republic, Europe.

9-21-10 Moscow Russia


Just as you asked, I write to let you know that today, I've recieved my panflute. Everything is alright, thanks! Special thanks go for packaging, when I recieved the box in local post office today, post office worker just carelessly dragged a dirty postal sack with it out of the storage room, hitting it on the corner of the table on the way, so I was kinda worried about the instrument's safety. But the special little box for panflute did it's job - not even a scratch! :-) .
As for delivery time, based on my own experience, it was relatively fast. Usually, one have to wait for about a month, or even a little more, while package travels from USA to Russia. Guess I got a little lucky this time.
I've already managed to get my first musical sounds out of panflute, and it's tone is wonderful. My English lack the words appropriate to describe the sound, but it's just so cool!

Great thanks!


9-21-10 Ontario Canada

The package arrived September 20th.

I would like to say that right out of the box I was already pleased. I don't want to take your time up. But if you are intersested,
I have a somewhat small exposure to different woodwinds. I have always wanted to try the panflute, but for some reason or
another I never did. Unfortunatley I purchased my first panflute from Ebay, only to find your site the next day. The panflute I recieved
of course not knowing any better discouraged me. It was now I see inferior. I immediatley could play simple tunes on yours and the sound
was what drew me to the panflute to begin with.

Thank you, your kindness and communication when I purchased my first book from you prompted me to try one more time. Success, I
am excited and motivated. Had I found your site a day earlier.

Thanks Matthew Springer

9-15-10 Belveder Kent UK

Hi Brad/malinda,

Just to let you know I received the pan pipes today 15th September, arrived safely.
I'l email you in a couple of weeks to let you know of my progress, at present I can't even read music so I don't expect miracles over night.
However I'm really pleased with my new instrument, so wish me luck. I had a bet with my daughter that I will be able to play them by next July or failing that I owe her £50.00

Thanks again.

Regards ( Aloha)

Bob Sargeant

9-19-10 Venlo Netherlands

Hi Melinda and Brad,

I got the pan flute on wednesday but was not at home, so i had to wait for 2 more days cause they deliver it twice next time other shipping address from my work, so this will not happen to me again that i have to wait.

So i did drive to the post office on Friday during my break from work. The package was HUGE... So i went with the the pan flute to my work again, barely on time again for the next shift. But i unwrapped it first of course to take a good look at it, and blew some notes on it in front of my boss, and she did looked amazed by the sound of it. After work i started to re-tuned it to my wishes and start playing My way from Frank Sinatra ( for my Dad who passed away in 2004 cause it was on of his favorite songs ). And it went pretty ok for the first time playing on the huge flute. It sounds wonderful even the high notes are allot easier to play, i still need lots of practice of course but what do you expect in that short time that i play it. YouTube helps allot with learning how to play and play together with them so i am learning just on my hearing, as that is the easiest way, at least for me.

I am happy as a 18 year old that got his license to drive a car.

Many thanks for this amazing instrument, i will enjoy it for many years.

Love Light and Gratitude.

Leon Cabri.

9-18-10 Wiarton Ontario Canada

Hi Melinda, Brad
I received a notification that a package was at the post office yesterday, and picked it up today. I ordered the pan flute on the 13th, so mail was a great way to ship.
Brad, couldn't help myself ...I had to see if I could play a note before I read any instructions ! Yep I could. I have a set of plastic pipes looking for a home, I 'm thinking the recycle box.
Thank you for your time on the phone, verifying the address and encouragement. I will stay in touch.
Mark Young
Wiarton Ontario Canada.

9-15-10 Jakarta Indonesia

Dear Brad,

My panflute has arrived! I am very excited and can't wait to try it out.
Thank you.

Irma Aditirto

9-13-10 Ponder Texas

Greetings Brad,

I recieved my fun-pipe, and when I opened the package I was first astoneshed by the beauty of it.
I wanted to thank you so much for the signiture, me and my mom plan on inserting it into a picture frame, it's a true honor to have your signiture to keep.
After admiring it's beauty and history I tryed to play it. I must admit, I thought I would be easy, but I love the challange of all insturments I play. I am able to get a few notes to out, although my mom (not a muscian) was able to play it well after a few trys. She found her inner flute player I suppose, haha!
I can't wait to play it during my camping and fishing trips! I thank you from the bottom of heart and wish you the best in life Mr.White. It will truley be a insturment il cherish for a lifetime.

-Hunter Walker

9-10-10 San Ysidro California

Hi Brad and Melinda;

A short email to let you know the tenor flute arrived last friday/sat and I picked it up yesterday. Wow, what a difference between trying to toot on the Winston and playing the tenor! The tone is great, the range is more than adequate and it's quite pretty! You were right, it's so much easier to play. And the book and instructional material are also suitable to my level. So once again, thank you and I'll be in touch with questions as they arrive. Take care, stay well.

mario pepe

8-9-10 Venlo, The Netherlands

Hi Melinda and Brad,
My fun pipes did arrive yesterday, to bad I was not at home, but at work so I had to pick them up today to enjoy the sounds of it. There were indeed no charges for it.
So finaly at home I unpacked the nice package without any damage on corners etc. Got the pipes out and started to blow my first notes on it. After trying the whole flute I unpacked the DVD and start watching and blowing together with Brad, and it did go a lot easyer then I thought so that was a nice surprise. Only the highest note is a bit difficult "for now as a newbie" and the 1/2 notes I have to practice a lot to get them good, the rest of the scale is very easy to play.
Love light and gratitude
Leon Cabri

8-5-10 Kuwait


I just received my pipes in the mail. they are wonderful. i was so excited to see my name on the mail call list for a package, the day after I received a package from my wife, i knew what it was. I was so excited I went and found a postal clerk to open the cage up for me. 

I am anxious to get playing so I will sign off now,


Petty Officer 2nd Class US Navy

John Schriber

8-3-10 Cornwall, United Kingdom

Hello :-D how are you?
The pan flute is here! (6days! How amazing!)
It is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
I am making some wonderful sounds already... But I'm just struggling on getting sharps and flats on the lower notes, and also trying to see what note is what because I can't see the tubes whilst I'm blowing... But it's amazing!
And THANKYOU so much for the AMAZING CD!!! It's so great! And thanks for signing it with Happy Birthday. That was very kind of you :-D
This has to be the best birthday present yet! Thankyou both - Brad and Melinda - for such an amazing instrument and gift. I will keep you updated on my progress :-)
best wishes,,, Scott

8-2-10 Puchong Malaysia

Hi Melinda,
Just to let you know that my package arrived safely yesterday.

7-31-10 Portales Del Benito Mexico

Hi, i have received the panflute and the cds on july 23. It took like less than two weeks in arrive and they are in perfects conditions, is a beatiful panflute, i liked a lot.

Another thing, i have started to study the "you can teach yourself", and i supposed i wouldn't have a lot of doubts, but when i have one, where i can write you my doubts? i thinks would be easy contac you for mssenger or somethng like that.


Hi Mario, Feel free to write me with any questions on my regular email address.. brad

7-28-10 South Korea

Dear Melinda:
I just received the Panflute today without any problem. I already played Amazing Grace to my wife after about 30 min
excersize and she is really impressed!
By the way, could you send me some sheet musics which are good for panflutes or let me know where I can find it through internet? I would appreciate it greatly if you could recommend a few pieces to start. Thank you in advance!
Best Regards,
Ho-Kyoon Chung 

7-27-10 Dubai United Arab Emerites

hello mr. brad,

i have received the panflute in a very good shape, thank you very much.

my deepest regards

7-26-10 Vermont USA

My Panflute has arrived in good shape. It is beautiful. I am a happy camper. My lips used to be in better shape from playing the flute, but that was 50 years ago! Still, I am practicing the basic scale to develop constent notes.
I know this is premature, but can this be tuned by moving the internal stops down (flattening) or up (sharpening)? I have a tuner for use with my lap harp and wondered about using it (my ear is not very sharp).
I would suspect that this is not something one should do very frequently, but I am thinking about using both instruments in storytelling.


Hi Steve, Yes it is easy to adjust the pitch of each pipe simply by moving the rubber stopper in the pipe a wee bit up or down. Let me know if I can help. - Brad

7-25-10 Quebec Canada

Bonjour Brad,
Greetings from Quebec (Canada).  I wasn't expecting to receive my pan-flute so soon, since you thought it could take almost two weeks.  I wasn't home this morning, and was surprised to see a notice to pick up a package at the post office.  I've now been playing around with it for the last hour or so.  Everything arrived in excellent condition.
Fortunately for me, I'm familiar with notes.  Although I'm far from a professional, I play violin and the recorder.  Now, all I have to do is learn to play it smoothly.  Fast music is abit dicey for now.  Fooling around with those rubber plugs is definitely a "no, no" right now, but I would like to hear more about that sometime.
If I ever get as close to sounding as good as you on it, maybe I'll send a short tape to you and your wife.  I like the personal touch of being able to email you if there's a question to ask.
Merci Beaucoup
Mary Seguin

7-23-10 Slovenia

Dear Melinda and Brad!

Finally! It was take 12 days, but now the Pan-flute is in my hands. It's beautiful. This very day I will look your DVD and start to practise.
I hope successful. Thank you again!

 Have a nice day. Andreja Pilih

7-15-10 Indonesia


I just wrote to tell both of you, how much I appreciate your attention to me, as a small customer. No other vendor has ever given the same before-AND-after-sales service like you did. You called me, and sent email when a great earthquake hit Indonesia. You let you customers keep in touch, ask you tips and tricks, share the joy of discovering the beauty of that small instrument, give them feedback (if they ever send you their recording, of course).

I'm still in the process of discovering the essence of music, you know, after the ego boosts receeds, and it's no longer about showing off to audience, what's left then? What makes some traditional musicians, who play traditional instruments that only have few notes, play traditional songs with short simple lines sometimes without refrain, still seem to create invisible-but-obvious aura around them when they play, it's like...time stops, and we're transferred to another time and place. It doesn't matter what instrument we're playing, every instrument has the same chance, depends on who plays it and how he plays it.

I listened to the hawaiian melody you sent me a few years ago, that what occured to my mind. I feel that you really love panflutes, you have respect in this instrument, in the spirit it carries, the energy you hope it will connect to the player (like in Avatar movie, if you happen to watch it, between the blue people and their flying horses), you don't treat it just as a job (you are an artist, musician, not simply a salesperson). I appreciate what you guys are doing.

In the end, I hope your business flourishes in a happy and healthy way, as well as the two of you and your family.

Best regards,

7-6-10 Kamloops Canada

Hello from Canada,
I am delighted to inform you that my pan flute arrived in the mail this morning.
This is a whole new adventure for me and I can't wait to get started.
Thank you for everything.  I am sure you will be hearing from me in the future.
Bye for now,
Judy Abbott

7-4-10 Annapolis Maryland

Hello Brad,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, yes I got the flute just a few days after it was mailed!

I am still just getting toots and whistles, but I will have more time after I move.  
For right now, I listen to the musicians on Youtube, yourself included.   I am so glad I have it, and really want to let you know how much  I appreciate your sharing.  

Not sure why the font changes like this, I must hit the wrong key !! lolol
Hope your 4th is fun. 
Lee Ballantyne

7-3-10 Wapakoneta Ohio

Brad & Melinda

Just wanted to let you know that I recieved the Panflute yesterday. The low notes sounds beautiful. Haven't got to the high notes yet. Just trying to get a clear solid tone on the lower ones first. Am having alot of fun. Can't wait till it becomes easier and I get all the notes down.


7-2-10 Ontario Canada

Thank you ever so much Melinda & Brad, the panflute arrived today 06/28/10!  It is beautiful and I'm already able to play "May it be" on it, not so well yet of course, but I'm amazed at how easy (and very much fun) it is to play what will eventually be beautiful music on this simply lovely instrument.  I know that I will eventually want to order the larger flute but I'm going to take some time first to learn the basics.  Thank you so very much again, this is such a delight, I am pleased beyond expectations. Thank you again ever so much!

7-1-10 Armstrong BC, Canada

Hello Brad and Melinda,
Just wanted to let you know the flute arrived today so took only a week to come. Looking forward to playing, have done alot of playing of North American flutes that I make as well. Thanks and happy fluting!!
Paul Graham

6-29-10 Miami Florida

Dear Sir
I want to thank you for my pan flute. Its a beauty and I love it. I will call later to thank you.
You are blessed


6-28-10 Winsted Connecticut

The flute came in plenty of time for my husbands birthday.  Thanks so much for the beautiful wrapping.  The flute is perfect, exceeded my expectations!  He loves it and can already play it a little.  Thanks again for your great customer service!
Lori Chernyha

6-24-10 Baranya Hungary

Dear Melinda and Brad,

The pan flute arrived on 21. June in perfect shape. Thank You very much. I had a little try, it has an amazing sound (before I had an Aulos plastic panflute).   I am a little bit lost with so many pipes (from 13 to 22), but I keep trying.

Thank You (=Köszönettel):

Orsolya Szász

6-22-10 Ecuador by way of Nebraska

Hi Brad. This flute is going to an orphan in Ecuador. He just turned 20 on May 30. He is a twin and he and his brother can play anything they pick up. They are Shuar from the Arajuno jungle in Ecuador. I just returned from a visit with them. My mother and her husband have the foster home where these boys have lived since they were about 12 years old. Andres is so excited to know I have ordered this for him. I just wanted to let you know your impact....thanks. If the other twin likes it, I may order another one later in the fall. Have a great day and God Bless...


6-18-10 Curl Curl Australia

Just received the pan flute in the land down under, it looks great and I cant wait to start learning it,
thanks alot for the smooth transaction and postage.

Ill keep you posted on my progress,


Sam Der Sarkissian

6-16-10 Alberta Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda
I wanted to send you an email to let you know that my flute came in on Monday the 14th.  It is a beautiful instrument and I have already learned to play most Ave Maria by ear though I'm afraid my embouchure still needs some work but I'm sure it won't take too long to work out.  I had a quick listen to the DVD that you sent but I haven't had a chance to really go over it like I would like to.   All in good time I guess maybe I will find a quiet moment this weekend.
I wanted to thank you for the great service that you have provided from fast shipping to great communication and not to mention a great product with all the personal extras that are much appreciated.  I am really looking forward to learning this amazing instrument.

6-14-10 Mansfield Massachusetts

To Mr. Brad White,

I just want to personally thank you again for the tenor pan flute. I have
had it now for a little more than a week, and have got to say that it has
really exceeded all of my expectations. The range of the instrument is
impressive, as it allows me to play any song I want (I have collected
many other wooden flutes, but their ranges are limited to at most about
an octave and a half.) The craftsmanship is beautiful, which matches its
sweet but breathy tone. The high notes and low notes play equally well,
and has just an incredible tone. It is truly an amazing instrument. I
have taken it everywhere with me and play it when I have the chance to,
and is truly a beautiful instrument which I will most definitely enjoy
for years to come.



6-11-10 St. Petersburg Russia

Hello, Brad White, it is Ryabov Konstantin,  i have received pan-flute, and i begin my lessons, thank you 


6-07-10 Broad Run Virginia

Hi Melinda & Brad,

We received the pan flute just a couple of days after you shipped it.  It arrived in good shape. My wife practices with it every day.  She is very pleased with the instrument. We liked the introductory videos and she finds the sheet music to be very helpful.  Thank you for all your help and prompt shipment.

Dean & Eunsook

6-06-10 Slovenia

Dear Melinda an Brad,
Yesterday I have got mesage that your package  you send to me is arrived to our Post, so I need today only to go there and pick it up.
Once again thank you very much for your kindness .
With best regards

6-05-10 Surrey BC Canada

Hi, received the panflute. It looks amazing, and as far as I can tell sounds great as well! Thank you! I watched your DVD Brad, and I was really happy to hear myself actually make and hold a note, I wonder if my years of trombone playing help at all... Anyways thank you so much, I'm really happy I bought it!

- Kevin

6-03-10 Taiwan


6-01-10 Mellieha, Malta

Hi! Just to let you know that the panflutes I ordered just arrived. They are truly beautiful. Thanks again!


Luke :)

5-31-10 Tasmania Australia

Hi Melina,
I am just letting you know that my panflute arrived today.
I am very happy and am eager to work with it,
Thanks so much,
Creating love

5-30-10 Rochester New York

My pan-flute arrived on schedule, the box was opened and an undamaged
Grand Tenor came into view.

Thank you for introducing me to the pan-flute, for creating such an
awesome product, and for the services rendered.

As far as I am concerned, the quality of sound produced is easily
comparable to flutes costing three times as much. I hope my future
playing ability will justify the time and passion you have poured into
this instrument.

Thanks again,


5-27-10 San Antonio Texas

Hi Melinda,
Just a note to thank you for the prompt shipment of the pan flute,  My grandson will get it today and I am sure he will be excited.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  It is quite beautiful and well made. 
Thanks again,
Glenn Creed

5-26-10 Tokyo Japan

Dear Brad White,

Hello. How are you doing every day? I am Tsuneo Yoshiba and I bought some Pan Flutes from you in May this year and in December last year. It is only fifth month, but I practice for about two hours every day. Thank you for the Pan Flutes with such a beautiful and wonderful tone. 

- Tsuneo

5-24-10 New Orleans LA

Got the flute this afternoon. GREAT WORK. I played it some.. But i m going to let it rest a day or so to breathe in some of the wonderful eighty percent humidity we have here. I never thought of beveling the fore and aft of each pipe but it certainly makes a difference. Thanks and kudos for an outstanding job.

- Lewis

5-23-10 Eatonville Washington

Brad and Melinda,
I truly hope that your vacation turned out to be a great two weeks off.  While the two of you were working on your tan lines, I was stuck here practicing the panflute.  I go out to my little 10' X 12' private office building about 5-8 times a day to practice 10-15 minutes per session.  I do have a lake and an orchard with over 100 apple, pear and plum trees as my scenery.  And, Mt. Rainier Park is only 22 miles away, so our Mt. Rainier gets to be the backdrop behind my orchard.  You have your Hawaiian beach; I have my trees and mountain.  I guess we all have our own crosses to bear don't we.  lol 
I received the box with the three new left hand panflutes in the mail today.  The panflutes arrived in good shape without any damage to the box.  They are what I wanted and will get plenty of use.  Thank you!

*** Great Customer Service ***

5-5-10 - 5-19-10 Traveling No Letters

5-4-10 Causarina Beach, Australia


The Panflute I ordered arrived today it looks and sounds amazing my son is extremely excited to get started 

Many thanks

Kind Regards 

5-1-10 Eatonville, Washington

Dear Brad and Melinda,

I did meet up with my mail delivery person today and finally got my panflute and books. I am very happy with the panflute. It is very easy to play and I consistently get good quality sound out of it. It is very much easier to play than the one that someone gave me last year as a gift.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you for the panflute and your great customer service. I will probably spend way too much time practicing on it this weekend. I'm pretty sure that I will be in the dog house with my wife by the end of Sunday.


Greg Rogers

4-28-10 Alvin, Texas

Got it today. Love it! Awesome instrument.  Thank you so much.    Now I just have to learn to play it.

4-26-10 Skjern, Denmark

Dear Melinda and Brad.

I've got my panpipes with the post today.
So it takes only seven days, from Hawaii to Denmark
Many thanks for that: O)

Greetings Dennis

4-22-10 Zurich Switzerland

Dear Brad and Melinda,
I had ordered my tenor pan pipe about 3 weeks ago and was very impressed
that US priority mail got it from Honolulu to Zurich within 4 working
Parcels within Europe sometimes take much longer.. there were no custom duties to pay either, which was a positive surprise.
After having played briefly on a German pan pipe for beginners, I was
impressed by the great difference when starting to play on your Hawaiian
made tenor pan pipe.
It is a more rewarding experience for me, as it takes less effort to play
and has a "warmer" sound to it. It also turns out that I can play more
pieces of music I like with the extra pipes I was missing before.
Furthermore, it seems that I can see my progress almost on a daily basis (I
try to play about 30-50 min a day).
As I have already told you on the phone, Brad, you are my long-distance
teacher, as I learn from watching you play my favorite pieces of music on
My plan is to improve my playing and to ask a friend to accompany me on the
keybord/piano, which will be a new and exciting experience I'm looking
forward too.
Again, I can only recommend this tenor pan pipe from Hawaii. Thank you also
for the introductory DVD sent.
With kind regards,


Dietlikon near Zurich,

4-19-10 Pearland, Texas

Just wanted to let you know that the 2 Grand Tenor panflutes arrived today. They are absolutely beautiful instruments. I can see the care you put in each instrument.

We haven't had a chance to start the instructional DVD, but we have played with the flutes some - enough to know that the tone is gorgeous! We managed to play a recognizable 'Good King Wenceslas' (me on melody, Joe on harmony) and I was able to play a sharp - not well, but enough to get an idea of how it's done and to know that - with practice - I'll be able to do it.

We're really looking forward to working with these wonderful instruments. Thank you so much!

Joe and Riva Laughlin

4-18-10 Bowser Canada

Hello Brad!!!!
I am so excited, I just picked up the panflute at the postoffice, it sure got here very fast, and I can't wait to try it out, it all arrived in good condition!  Many thanks!!!
The Panflute looks so beautiful!!!!
I just pray that The Good Lord will give me his special gift, that I will be able to play it well, but that will take some time, I do realize that it will take practise.
Well, just wanted to let you know, and I am going to have a good look now at your DVD, and get all the help & advise I will need!!!!!
Many thanks again!!!!!  Regards!!! Rita Hymans, in Bowser, Canada

4-17-10 Mexico

Hi Melinda and Brad,
How have you been? Thank you very much and just to let you know that we received the pan flute today in the morning. The person who it is for is going to be very happy and its going to be a surprise for her. I apreciate your atention and glad to get to know you by email and phone.

I'll be in contact with you as she gets forward learning how to play!
Thank you and have a good afternoon! - Juanito

4-17-10 Germany

Hello Brad,
the Grand Tenor Panflute is arrived at the customhouse on 08. April 2010.
I was on vacation in Italy for one week from 07. April till 15. April 2010.
I collected the package on 16. April 2010
The Flute was properly packed.
Now I must train and drill and train and dril

Thank you for a wonderfull made instrument!!.
 Best regards from Germany
 Volker Bleisinger

4-16-10 Long Beach, California

 Brad,       Got the new pentatonic (FunPipes) pan flute today and have not put it down. I am having fun just making up little tunes that sound good. I do much the same with my Strum Sticks because you can't really make up little songs that don't sound pretty darn good.  I will probably play this new flute a lot because it is so simple to have it right by your side and just pick it up and enjoy. Thanks for making a really fun little musical instrument that you can't go wrong with.
   Thanks again for a nice flute that I will enjoy for a long time and thanks for the CD's..

Gary Howe

4-15-10 Sofia, Bulgaria

Hello Mr. White,
 I got the Grand-Tenor with Inlay on 13.04.10. Thank you very much.
By the way, have you sold panflute to some other Bulgarian?
  Regards, George Kostov

Good to hear it arrived safe and sound. I think you are the first to Bulgaria :)  We have sent them all over the world; from China and Japan to Egypt, Afganistan and Saudi Arabia to Norway, Sweden and Russia to Australia, New Zealand and to the islands of the South Pacific. Just about everywhere (read some of our letters) .... But I think this is the first to Bulgaria.

Aloha ...  Brad White

4-13-10 Knaresborough England

Today is 13/04/10 in England and a beautiful set of pipes has landed at my door. Thankyou very much. As i have absolutely no musical abilities so this could be an interesting journey but a fun one.I hope to do a sort of video diary of my progress or my frustration whichever is the most prevalent. Everything was packed well and the box contained everything you said it would so youve done your bit now its down to me.If you spot a crazy yorkshire man coming down Ena Road using a pan flute as a weapon things aint going well but i think they will.
SI THEE FE NAA (yorkshire for Aloha)

4-11-101 Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Brad and Melinda! Today i´m 13 for the first time in my life. This morning i got a panflute for birthday present! It wasn´t really a surprise because they nedded to ask me about your webpage when they ordered it, but i still couldn´t believe it when i got it. It´s such a beatutiful instrument and it sounds just as good as i ever hoped. I´m very happy that i got it and that you and i can´t wait untill i can play it REALLY good. I´ve been playing the piano for a couple of years now and the tunes are just the same but turned around (instead of left=low and right=high notes it´s the opposite on the panflute). I wonder if you got any tip how to play the highest notes. The pipes are so small so that when i play, i get false tunes because my lips doesent fit right. I hope you can give me a little hont about that.
So, thanks for the panflute and answer!

(Sorry if my grammar isn´t the best, but i´m just a 6th grades in Sweden...)

Dear Ludvig,

Congratulations on turning 13 year old, and your new panflute!! I am sure you are going to do very well on this instrument. You will discover that the motion or direction of the hands to play the piano (up and down the piano) are exactly the same as on your panflute. To play the low notes you move your hands to the left.. and to play high they go to the right. Exactly the same on both instruments.. Surprised?

Regarding high notes, they will eventually become easy and sweet sounding. As the muscles around your lips develop they will be able to make a more narrow and focused airstream. Your sound will become more pure and you will only need a fraction of the air that you are now using. Then you will be playing up and down on your panflute on a single breath. Hold lots of looooong tones :) That will help to develop those muscles... and be sure to start each note with a Tu Tu Tu from your tongue as you play each note. So that each note has a good beginning. Watch my DVD video what I explain and show most all of this.

Melinda and I wish you the very best...


Brad & Melinda

4-10-10 Sun City, Florida

I received my pan flute today!! I LOVE IT!! It's is beautiful!! Thanks so much!! I just love the sound!!  PERFECT!  You are amazing!
Thanks so much,
Ricky Haag :)

4-9-10 St Heliers, New Zealand

Hi Melinda,
Very nice quality panflute. I also enjoyed the instuction dvd!
There is just one problem. Whenever i practice my kids want to play too! So i am considering giving them each a panflute!! 

4-6-10 Nhulunbuy Australia

Hi Brad,

My flute arrived yesterday. It's a beautiful instrument, and I can't wait to start learning to play it!

Thanks once again.


Alex Parr.

4-5-10 Azusa California

Hi Brad,

Thanks for sending me my panflute so quickly. I received it yesterday!

It was very carefully packed and included a helpful DVD and included pages that I studied. I followed along as you taught the lesson and I quickly got sound from my panflute. The lesson on diaphragm control is very good. Since I studied to be an opera singer and also have played the clarinet, I got the picture of how I'm supposed to breathe in order to play the panflute.

It's a beautiful well-made panflute! It's really a terrific buy!... handmade and all!

Today when I practiced, many of the notes sounded clearly right away. I was surprised that I can already create sound since I know it's hard to get sound from a regular flute.

I do have one question. Even though the wood is smoothly finished, I find if I press the panflute under my bottom lip to get the best sound possible, when I move the flute it brushes against my skin and I think the area under my bottom lip will get rubbed too much after a while. I must be doing something wrong.

Take care,


Hi Patricia,

Your skin does get use to it... and try not to press any harder than necessary. Some people (not myself) dip a finger into a little baby powder and put it under their lip. I've seen some women panflute players with a bit of powder in a plastic container (like film came in). They just put a bit on before they start. You could try that and see how it feels. But you will toughen up after awhile under your lip.

Glad you are enjoying your new flute... brad

4-4-10 Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania

The Beautiful pan flute arrived on Friday.  Thank you so much especially for the personalization! Very thoughtful.  My Daughter LOVES it.  Sincerely,  Susan Guthrie
Have a great day!!

4-2-10 Goteborg, Sweden

Hi Brad and Melinda,
The package with the panflute arrived yesterday so I took it on the bus across the whole Sweden to get home to my family and celebrate Easter. I’m so happy that it was delivered just before I travelled. So today I have opened it and played until my family said stop J. It is really beautiful! Thank you very much!
Happy Easter!

3-27-10 Hjo, Sweden

Sorry for replying late but I just wanted to let you know that my panflute has arrived. It took ten days for it to get here so that was very fast. I've been playing a lot and I love every moment of it, even if I'm not that good yet I can see my progress. Thank you for the best customer service I could imagine, and I wish both of you all the best.
Yours faithfully

3-25-10 Helene Montana

Thank You!!
I just wanted to thank you for all your help with me over the phone. The pan flute came in the mail today and i am very impressed with it and cant wait to start playing. Thank you for all your help and hospitality.

God Bless, Rhakeem Harris

3-21-10 Lebanon Indiana


Just wanted to let you know I got my Panflute yesterday (Saturday). Thank you so much! It is so much fun so far, even though I haven't had a chance to look at the instruction stuff yet.  I went straight to a game store that was having a game day where we play and try out lots of different games.  I think a lot of people got a real kick out of seeing it. I just practiced getting a note out of all of the pipes every now and then and I think I improved quite a bit by the end of the night. I can't wait to actually read the book and watch the DVD's.

Again, thank you so much. ^_^

~Megan Neary

3-20-10 Salina, Kansas

Brad, I just received the Grand Tenor pan flute today, I can't tell you how impressed I am.  The workmanship is excellent, the pitch is dead-on - it is a beautiful instrument.  Thank you for all the care you put into making it.

Brett Maltbie

[Brett is a Composer, performer, and educator from Salina, Kansas, with extensive background in recording studio work both as musician and engineer. Former music director, Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts; former Chief Engineer, Emerald City Recording Studio.]

3-20-10 New York

Hi Brad,
Just letting you know that the pan flute arrived this morning (Saturday)
in great shape. Thanks again and I'll let you know how I progress!
Looking forward to getting started right now!

Take care and thanks again for your outstanding service!

Christopher Weber

[I'm very impressed with your web site! I'm a professional musician (trumpet/percussion) and retired music teacher. I taught high school and college band and jazz ensemble for 32 years. Still very busy with many things musical. I frequently gig around New York State and I often work as a guest soloist/conductor for county and state jazz groups. I am a NYSSMA Adjudicator for all-state band, orchestra winds and jazz as well.  I'm interested in the pan flute because it seems so relaxing and beautiful to play. Something we can all use! Again, your site and overall presentation on it is beautiful. Good for you, and I wish you all the best. ]

3-16-10 Hanford California

Hi Brad.....
the panflute came today. its beautiful. your craftsmanship is greatly appreciated.
i can't wait to learn to play it. will be setting time aside everyday to practice and learn.
have a great week
Dave Townsend

3-15-10 Port Pirie, Australia

Hi Melinda
Recieved my pan flute today.
Beautiful instrument. I can already play 5 tunes. Looking forward to not having the dizzy feeling. I can see myself spending a lot of time with my new instrument.
Thank you very much.

3-13-10 Wetumpka Alabama

I got my flute today!!!!

only 3 days that's pretty cool as I was expecting to get it next week.  The quality is just as good as described and though I can really only play the longest pipe and get a good tune I am really excited about it.

Thanks for all the extra time and care put into this flute -- it shows.
Always look to the brighter side of life,

William James Howell

3-12-10 Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire UK

Hi Melinda and Brad. The pipes arrived yesterday in great packaging. They look and sound ... oh, and smell wonderful. Frustratingly Im away for a few days now - cant wait to get home again to begin the journey back to music making. Thank you for your helpfulness, and I'll keep in touch. Kind regards Andy

3-9-10 Haukipudas, Finland

Hello Brad and Melinda,
This morning (9th March ,about 11:30 a.m.)  a mailman appeared at my doorway and handed me the long-waited package including grand tenor with shoe, a tuning dowel and instruction booklet as well as the DVD. The flute was packed well! The arrival time was a bit long, about 18 days, but it was worth waiting. So, now it's time to get some practice!
Thank you so much Brad and Melinda!
Best regards
Lauri Similä
I am a 17 year old boy, I also play piano and quitar.

3-7-10 Grass Valley California

Hi Brad: At the age of 75 I am really enjoying my Pan-Flute I received yesterday.  Love-it.  I can't wait to get professional (that's a laugh) maybe someday I will be able to play a song.  My only difficulty is getting a tune from the small pipes, I will in time with your good instructions.

3-4-10 Littleton Colorado

Brad- my pan flutes arrived today in excellent condition. These flutes are beautiful and I am very pleased with them. The only problem is they do not play themselves - now I have to work at
learning to play them. I will keep in touch with you as my progress improves.

3-3-10 Guam

Hello folks, and Hafa Adai (greetings from Guam); 

Thanks so much for such a fast response and also the attention you guys give to EACH AND EVERYONE even if its just an interest.  I was really happy when Brad personally called, and spent time consulting with me in deciding what to do, for I was very undecided whether to proceed with this desire to learn to play (a desire I carried for some years).  I’m definitely looking forward to getting started.  Again, thanks and may God Bless You both.  

By the way, the Celtic panflute piece is great for indeed, meditating.  Later, Henry.

2-24-10 South Australia

Hi Brad and melinda
I received my grand tenor pan flute today thursday 25th february it only took 9 days to get here just ;fantastic;
I was really thrilled
And i just can,t wait to start playing it
Thank you so much the packing was excellent and also the instructions and dvd
I know i am going to get many hours of enjoyment learning how to play my panflute
I will keep in touch and let you know my progess
Once again many thanks
Regards Roz Brown.

2-22-10 Norfolk, Nebraska

Wow! that was fast. I just recieved it today and have been fluting myself dizzy. It is much more difficult than I thought it would be but I am getting good sound and stringing a few tones together. The DVD's help a good deal.
Thank you for this fine instrument.
Tim Ferguson

2-19-10 New York

Brad - Just wanted to let you know that I love my pan-flute!
I always wanted to play the panflute and I found your site...
This is such an awesome, awesome pan flute. It sounds better everytime I practice...

Thank you so much - I cant stop practicing!!! My poor family!

Thanks so much,


2-19-10 Austria

Hi Melinda and Brad.
I can`t believe it! The Panflute is arrived!  Y e a h ! Today my ordered Panflute have come.The DVD and play instructions are in a white envelope.Thank you verry much for the beautiful Panflute.
I`m very excited,and can`t wait to get started learning.I hope i will learn fast how to play .
All the best
Arnold from Austria

2-18-10 Giza, Egypt

Dear Mr.Brad
thanks for your wonderful panflute .. good made!! .. and it is easier in play more than i imagine
cause i have another one with one octave but very difficult in play .
any way i wish to be always in contact .. and provide me with any new video you are playing music in it .
thnx & best regards
essam refaai [professional musician]

2-16-10 New Zealand

Hi Brad
I have just received my panflute (Special Order Grand with Shoe). It is a very beautiful looking instrument and I am impressed with it's tone. I have only played it for a minute or two but my first impressions are terrific.
Move over George Zamfir here I come!!!!
Allan Dry

2-12-10 Peoria, Illinois

Dear Mr. White:

Thank you very much for the beautiful pan-flute (Grand Tenor). It arrived safely through the snowstorm on Feb. 9th. It is by far superior to the cheapy one I bought in our local music store. As soon as I got it I couldn't stop playing it. It's a lot of fun to play!

Once again, many thanks.


PS. Your "Celtic Myst" and "Porcelain Doll" sound really awesome with the pan-flute and piano!

2-5-10 Winter Haven Florida

I just got my Panflute today, and it is perfect!! Thank you very much!! Also, the sound is very crisp and clear! Thank you again for such a perfect instrument!!! : ) - Bobby Paul

2-4-10 Tutukaka New Zealand

Dear Melinda,
I can´t believe it! The flute is arrived! Yeah! What a surprise! 7 days shipping only. And it´s a very beautiful flute. I hope I´ll learn fast how to play it. The instruction book is great. My English isn´t the best but I can understand it. That makes me happy. Now I´ll listen to Brad´s DVD and will try the first steps.
Thank you very much for the good wrapping, the NZ Post is very rude but nothing happened to the flute. I was a bit scared about…
And the hand written note on the parcel from Brad makes it really personality.
As the parcel arrived, I was at work and all the colleagues had been astonished that I received post from Hawaii and all watched my wrapping. At first the note and then the flute – you should have seen their eyes. What a fun I can tell you. And then the first sound… Great! And then I told them, it´s a handmade one – wow! It makes me very proud.
By the way, I only want to thank you for all and I hope in the next future I can tell you how it´s going on with study the flute and learning notes… J
With best regards
Yours (German) Iris, now in New Zealand

2-2-10 Burleson, Texas

Hi again, Brad -
Just a quick note to let you know the panflute arrived yesterday, and I love it! What a beautiful and well-made instrument! I'm very excited, and can't wait to get started learning.
Many thanks for your fine work, great communication, and super service!

2-1-10 Lincoln, Nebraska

Hi Brad,
  I just talked to Melinda on the phone, about 3 days later than I intended to, but wanted to let you both know that I have received my pan flute, and "what a beautiful instrument"!!  I was very pleased with it, and was playing along with your CD, and (when I found the right pipes), was able to harmonize with your playing.  What fun! I know I have a long way to go but I'm sure I will enjoy it, especially once I get over the light headedness. Ha! Have a great afternoon, and thank you!

Ed Fluckey, Lincoln, Ne.

1-28-10 Marshfield, Missouri

The geometry of these pan flutes is phenomenal, meaning the cutting edge that you blow across gives an immediate response.  Very high quality instrument and it has been inspiring.  Best pan flute I have ever played!  The DVD it came with is an excellent resource for beginner or pro. 
Thank you for making such a fine instrument.
Mark Princivalli (Saxaphone, Harmonica, Panflutes)

1-25-10 Croatia

Hi Melinda,

Ive got the flute 2 hours ago and I want to thank you from the deepest depth of my heart for sending it and packing it the way you did it is perfect and well I ve been enjoying it for an hour now and cant stop playing.

Thank you so much for all the effort,
I love it, its really fun and relaxing to play and well...I have no words, I am just glad I found your website and I can finally sit back and close my eyes and play after hiking or running or drawing or whatever.

Thank you so much for the kind offer of support, I will surely keep in mind that I can send an email if I have any questions.

Thank you once again,

Ciro Mihanovic

1-22-10 Moscow, Russia

Dear Melinda!

I've finally got it! And I'm so happy! Thank you very much, it's wonderful. When I took it out of the box I felt like shaking hands with an old friend. Hope one day I can express my feelings in its sound.
Best regards and many thanks to Brad.

Katja Postnikova

1-21-10 The Netherlands

Hi Brad,
Just a little note to tell you that you have made Elmer a very happy boy.
He can't stop playing ever since the panflute came into the house ( It's already driving his brothers crazy, but they will find a way)
Actually I think he's already producing quite a nice sound and he is taking your lessons very seriously. It amuses and pleases me very much to see him so enthousiastic en concentrated.
Hij speelt al wat simpele kinderliedjes.
The flute arrived on wednesday January 20th. Very fast!
We'll keep you informed on his progress if you like that.
Hartelijke groeten,  Marja

1-20-10 Lancashire, England

A big thank you for your very quick reply to my order requested on the 15th January arriving at my door on the 19th, five days brad HAWAII,TO ENGLAND I thought that pretty good.

I've just tried your intro disc !!! OH dear?? "Am I going have to practice !" So here goes Brad,

I'm 80 years old now, Still I'm very keen.

Speak to you again soon. Best regards Jim.

1-18-10 Athens, Greece

I received my new Panflute two days ago. It is very beautiful and I enjoy it very much. Thank you for keeping the Panflutes alive.


1-15-10 Schaumburg, Illinois

Hello Mr. White,

My husband received the pan flute and it is beautiful.   Thank you for the excellent customer service, we hope you the best!  We look forward to doing business with you again.


Daniel and Gloria Gonzalez

1-13-10 Norway

Hello again
Today i have my new pan flute in my home. It is a nice instrument and it is very easy to play on so i look foward to play on it and i like the song book too. Many nice songs there. i listen to it now. so i look foward to play now
Thank you from Karina in Norway

1-10-10 Merseyside, United Kingdom

Hi Brad,

Just to let you know that the Grand Tenor (Inlayed Special) arrived today (10th January).  Remarkably it was delivered on a Sunday because of the recent snow we've had here which seems to have brought the country to a halt - so therefore only took 6 days to get here.

Absolutely delighted with it and even though I've only been using it for a couple of hours I've been able to get all of the notes but the very highest ones.

All the best,

Roger Bate

1-8-10 Knoxville, Tennessee

Hi Brad!  Thank you so much my pan flute arrived and we are snowed in today
so I get to practice, watch the great dvd you sent, and study the book.
Thanks so much.  I was a flute player 50 years ago so I do remember how to
produce the sound but my muscles are tired so will continue to practice.
Thanks for everything!  And enjoy the wonderful weather!  Diane Richards

1-5-10 Littleton, Colorado

Hi Brad,
So… What’s the pilots name?  I cannot believe how quickly my panflute arrived!!!  You must have handed it directly to the pilot.   I told the guy at the post office would you believe this package was sent from Honolulu on Thursday Dec. 30th and it arrived at my house, in Colorado, on Monday Jan. 4th.  He was as shocked as I was.  I have purchased a lot of items over the internet from here in the States and I have NEVER had anything delivered that quickly.  I keep looking at my calendar.  I’m shocked!!!
My daughter was home on Monday but she must not have heard the door bell so I picked up my flute this morning from the post office on my way to work and have just now opened the package.
When we talked on the phone you mentioned how some of the folks in the Lion King were playing some of your panflutes.  Speaking of Disney.  I met Eric Goldberg (creator of Genie from the animated film Aladdin) several years ago and I told him… you know it really looked like you guys had a lot fun making that film.  And he said thank you that’s the best complement I could receive.
I would like to tell you the same thing.  You could tell that you really love and have a lot of fun playing the panflute because it really shows in the craftsmanship of this flute.  It’s really beautiful!!!  The inlay is TOTALY SWEEEEEET!!!
The only down side right now is… I have to sit here and stare at it, and try and get some work done, until lunchtime so I can sneak out to my car and play around with it.  However, that won’t be a problem since it’s so beautiful to look at!!
I will stay in touch.
God bless, and Aloha.

1-4-10 Kingaroy Queensland, Australia

Hi Guys,
Just to let you know, that my panflute arrived today.  I was so shocked at how quickly it got here (4 days).  The flute is gorgeous and I can't wait to get good at playing it.  It already sounds wonderful.
Thank you so very much.

1-2-10 Anderson, South Carolina


The pan flute is wonderful! I think I am enjoying it as much, or even more, than my daughter, for whom we bought it. The dvd is great. If I have any questions, call or write.



1-2-10 San Angelo, Texas

Mr. Brad White,
I really enjoy my panflute! Thank you so very much. May 2010 be the best year for you and your.
Serafin Maskill

12-30-09 Milwaukee Oregon


Thank you for the Grand Tenor, I have not stopped playing. I am quite amazed at the beauty and sound quality.

I have two other pan flutes both out of tune, and much smaller tubes. I have always have had a difficulty playing consistently producing sound.

I have watched all the teaching video's on you tube.When I received the DVD I watched it. When you said to blow as if spitting a pumpkin seed, I tried it, it works all my notes are now crystal clear.

I currently minister on a worship team at, in Damascus, I am a singer and the drummer and (pan-flute,double ocarina,tin flute,double Indian flute.

Thank you again

In Christ's love
Doug Lawrence

12-29-09 Milwaukee, Oregon

Brad, Thank you . I wanted to say how beautiful this instrument is. I just received the Grand Tenor today. I am very impressed with the sound quality. Everyone in the house says it is time to go to bed,I said I'm just getting started I've only been playing for 10 hours. I've got this week off and will be playing till my heart is content.


12-28-09 Sackets Harbor, New York

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas has settled some, I want to take a moment to thank you for your generosity and kindness.  The pan flute I ordered from you came in plenty of time for Christmas, thanks to your willingness to ship it out express, even though I was having such trouble with my card that evening!  My Paypal payment went through first thing the very next morning, but you had no way of knowing for certain that it would and still you shipped my gift anyway.  In doing so, you made my twelve year old son a very happy boy, and you further instilled the spirit of Christmas in my whole family!  People like you are rare gems in this world, and I am blessed to have been touched by your spirit.  Thank you again for taking such great care of me.  Your kindness will never be forgotten; it shall be added to my list of greatest Christmas stories.


12-28-09 Ontario, Canada

Hello Brad,
I bought your 15-pipe pan flute 8 months ago. My family just got me your special 22 Grand Tenor pan flute that was sent to my son Jordan, for me at Chrstmas. What a surprise! I still can't believe I got it, Thank- You Brad. I'm always on your site to learn something new.

Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year!
Brian, Ontario, Canada

12-27-09 Fayetteville, Georgia

Dear Brad & Melinda,
What a lovely way to send a gift.  Thank you so much for the personalized way you sent the pan flute to my Granddaughter.  I was in Fayetteville for Christmas and was wrapping all the gifts that I had sent there when I picked up the box from you.  The note you wrote on the outside of the flute box was very nice.  My Granddaughter kept it because it came 'all the way from Hawaii' .  And you had said 'Aloha' on there.
Thanks for your kindness and professional way of doing your business.
All the best in 2010,

12-26-09 Tooele, Utah

Thanks Brad,

My wife was just looking for a stand for my diderjido as a Christmas present, when she happened to find your website. She had an inspiration of purchasing your flutes, and she had the opportunity of talking with you. I'd like to give you a history of who I am. I am a native american flutist and play many different indigenous instruments. I love to listen to the pan flutes and now that I have one of yours, I have found how fun and exciting it is to learn how to play. Here it is one day after Christmas and we are playing, "Greensleeves and Amazing Grace." I though I would let you know that I never say no to anything because it may come back and bite you on the *!*. Some day we may meet, thanks again and may your heart soar like an eagle.

Ole Wilson
Ska Wa Ha cnaka

12-26-09 Gunnison, Colorado

Happy Holidays

       Just writing to say thanks for the "Fun Pipes" they sound
great. After I feel efficient with my flute I may want to purchase
another from you in the near future. I am able to produce great sound
with mine, but I never learned to read music so learning songs may be
difficult. As of now I am improvising and playing by ear, which is
working very well. Again thanks for awesome instrument,

                                                 Justin Pepitone

12-24-09 Petoskey, Michigan

Hello Brad and Melinda :)
I received my pan-flute the day before yesterday! Yea! Thank you tremendously for the speedy service!
I've managed to get pretty strong solid tones out of all but the shortest/highest 5-6 tubes, which I'm really happy about. I know I'll get all of them in due time.
The sound from this thing is *gorgeous*! 
I've even found it convenient to be able to practice *quietly* (just moving from tone/tube to tone/tube accurately), simply by blowing softly instead of full force.
Thank you!
Merry Christmas!

12-23-09 Green Forest, Arkansas

Hi Brad and Melinda,
 Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my five CD's yesterday and have already listened to them all and I'm starting through them a second time.   They are beautiful and so soothing to listen to.    My husband who is more inclined to bluegrass and country western really enjoyed them and can't wait until I can learn to play my pan-flute that good.   Well, I'm not so sure about that, but I am hoping to play well enough to impress him, and me too!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Elizabeth Johnson

12-22-09 Singapore

Hi, Brad & Melinda,
I am impressed that the pan flute arrived safely and smoothly within a week's time. 
It was really an exciting moment when I received it from the delivery man. I managed to pick up some tips from the DVD and started playing with it. The sound of the flute is fantastic. It is soulful and soothing. It is really the best gift for the Christmas. 
Meantime, Aloha and wishing you all a Merry Christmas.
Best regards,
Gek Chin LEE

12-19-09 Chatanooga, Tennessee

Dear Mr. and Mrs. White,
I have gotten the pan flute and I thank you again. Thought I would let you know that I got a 97 on my project that I used it for. I also have an idea for a new pan flute model if you're interested.
                    Yours truly,

12-17-09 Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Hi Brad

Panflute arrived last week but I've so busy I haven't had much of a chance to have a go but my initial impression is it is going to be fun!

I got a good sound straight away (maybe because of my flute ability) and managed to play easy tunes. It is a beautiful instrument and I'm looking forward to doing it some justice in the New Year. I especially enjoy playing 'The Lonely Shepherd' and in a large room it sounds very convincing. I'm going to make myself a backing track when I have time.

Haven't tried it with a mic and effect yet but looking forward to doing so.

Have a fantastic Christmas - hope it snows!

Thanks again


I'm a professional wind player - mostly sax and clarinet but I do play flute to a reasonable level.

12-14-09 Sabetha, Kansas

Dear Brad
Your package arrived today. What a nice surprise to see them all beautifully wrapped,  the girls are going to be so excited!! Thank you so much.

12-13-09 Stockholm, Sweden

Hej Melinda,
The flute arrived in the morning of December 2.
As I opened the box I really looked forward to see and test the flute...
But you had done such a fantastic job wrapping the parcels, that I could not bring myself to open them!
So now I have to wait for Christmas eve, when my daughter will open them. And by the way, my daughter loves the type of candy bar you stuck on the outside.
This Sunday we dressed our Christmas tree and my daughter said that the thing she wished for the most this year was a pan flute. She wanted it even more badly than new games for the Nintendo...
So, once again thank you for your excellent service and I'll send you a picture of a very happy 7-year-old girl :-)
/Stefan Jelvin

12-11-09 Victora, Australia

Hi Melinda!

Just a short note to let you and Brad know that my "Grand tenor" pan flute has just this morning arrived, and to thank you once more for the great service and quick delivery times here "downunder" in Australia.

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2010.

Kindest regards
Merv' Daye

12-8-09 Illinois

Hi Melinda,

Your box arrived yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to open it today.  I was trying to think how I could make a Hawaiian type Christmas card to go with the flute while I was cutting open the USPS box.  WOW!  What a surprise!  I never expected that it would be wrapped ... AND,.. a Hawaiian Christmas card too!!  

Well, as much as I'd like to open it and see the flute, I'm not going to disturb your great Christmas wrapping!  

I'll be looking forward to seeing Bob open it on Christmas!

Thanks so very very much!
Happy Holidays!

12-5-09 Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Hi Brad and Melinda
The pan flute arrived to-day, thank you. I have already managed to get a reasonable sound out of it. Brad's DVD is very helpful. The problem is my breathing at the moment, I cannot hold a note very long but no doubt that will improve.
Kind regards,

12-4-09 Barbados

Yo Brad - got the flutes.  Just want to congratulate you on an excellent product.  Nicely made, nicely presented.  Very very nice.  TX for 'wrapping' the flute for my sister.  think she'll love it. (Hope so) !

Best wishes to you and family.


12-4-09 Lampertheim, Germany

Dear Mr. and Mrs. White,
Thank you very much for your friendly emails. Nice to meet both of you.
What a wonderful surprise to receive your package from Hawaii from the postman today! The delivery was really fast.
Unfortunately, I have not had enough time to do more than to open your package and to look at all the great things in there very quickly... but as soon as I have finished sending you this mail, I will have a closer look at everything and try to work through at least the first step of Lesson 1 of the course. I feel extremely curious and really happy right now.
Thank you so much for your nice hand-written note on the box containing the pan flute, Mr. White. What a nice surprise!
When I saw my new pan flute for the very first time I could hardly believe my eyes... first of all because I have never ever seen a pan flute except on television or on the Internet and because it is much bigger than I had expected. What a wonderful instrument! It looks great and it feels interesting to touch the wood.
You see, I love the sound of pan flutes so much. All these melodies are so touchy. I have been playing keyboards for a couple of years now and I now have my second instrument, which has a pan flute sound I use very often. How much I hope I will be able to play "El Condor Pasa" on my real pan flute one day!
Thank you so much for giving me permission to contact you if I have questions! I will do my very best to not disturb you very often. And I will keep you posted on my progress (hoping there will be something like that).
Have a nice weekend. May God bless you.
Greetings from Germany,

12-2-09 Ontario Canada

Hi Melinda,

I received the parcel today with the panflute inside, first off i would like to say thank you to both you and Brad for the amazing service, the transaction couldn't have gone any smoother. Now i opened the box to find the amazing panflute inside, amazing work and it sounds beautiful. Pleasure dealing with you both.

 Thanks again,


12-1-09 Swansea United Kingdom


Hi Brad.  Received your pan pipes today they're fantastic. I can't get over how well made they are, and the sound they produce is great.
Thanks again brad, and all the best to you and your family.  Heath.

11-23-09 [Before]

Hi brad. I recently bought a set of panpipes off ebay for $15 and I cannot make a good sound come from them. Is it because they are cheap and nasty, I would gladly invest in your fun pipes if they will make a great differents.
Many Thanks.  Heath.

12-1-09 Queensland, Australia


My name is Chris Hulbert; I am 15 years old. I bought one of your pan-flutes (a wonderfull instrument) about a year ago, but never really got time to use it. Now that I am enjoying the Christmas holidays, I can practise every day! I am having so much fun with it, sometimes I stay up quite late at night with it, just playing around. Even though I am not very good at the moment, I hope one day I will be able to play songs that are easy on the ear! I would like to say, thank you for introducing me to this incredible experience and I hope to be able to play as well as you someday.

Chris Hulbert

11-28-09 Warner Robins, Georgia

Hi Brad and Melinda,

I just wanted to let you know that my flute arrived today.  I am very excited.  It is beautifully made.  I couldn't wait to get home to open it.  I was able to get sound immediately.  Amazing grace/my chains unbound plays great.  I look forward to watching the dvd lessons as well.  i am also looking forward to ordering a grand tenor very soon.  I was tickled that the flute arrived so quickly considering it was a holiday week.  Ordered Tuesday 11/24/09 and received it Saturday 11/28/09.  I bet it would have been here on the 27th had it not been for Thanksgiving.  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.  Will be keeping in touch with you

May Adonai richly bless you

Renee Smith
Warner Robins, GA

11-25-09 Kassel, Germany

Hi Melinda and Brad,
My panflute arrived yesterday, in great condition.
I am so happy, thank you very much! It looks and sounds wonderful.
Thanks for your DVD - how to play it. 
Kind regards

11-25-09 Mountain View, California

Melinda and Brad,
The pan flute arrived...and i am sooo happy!  it sounds beautiful. I'm already almost through the book thanks to previous musical experience - now its just practice practice practice. Getting those special sounds and hitting the right notes.  I am amazed at how natural it feels to me. 
Thank you!!  and have a great thanksgiving!

11-24-09 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hi Melinda and Brad,

My Panflute has arrived, much sooner than I expected. It's beautiful! And I can make some sound with it. Still a long way to go, but I just like the sound anyhow. 

Thank you very much both. 

ps: The post worked beautifully, I didn't have to pay anything extra. 


11-23-09 Papakura New Zealand

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for the panflute.  It arrived at 7.30am this morning.  Thankyou for the way you packaged it so well and for your great customer service.  Will let you know how we get on.
 Many thanks
 Sharon Nepe

11-22-09 Worcestershire, UK

Hi there Brad & Aloha,  

Just to let you know that my panflute arrived on Friday quicker than I thought which is good. I have managed to get a few notes out of it, its harder than it looks I am going to watch the dvds sometime this week so hoping that will help! Yes so thanks lots I will be in touch,  I would love to be able to play it in church at some point in the future as it would be great in worship ! 

A happy customer 


11-21-09 Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Hi Brad ,
Just got the flute and I have a new appreciation to your playing ... I love the sound and I can see the potential.

I have not looked at any of the material yet  I am going to do it right now .!
So , thanks for the great package you created and I am looking forward to staying in touch as I progress .

Peace , Avi .

11-21-09 Czech Republic

Hi Melinda,
we have received the panflute Saturday, Nov 21, at 7:00 GMT.
Thank you very much.
Ladislav Krivanek

11-20-09 Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain

hi, just writing to inform you that my panpipe arrived yesterday. it sounds great.


11-16-09 Toluca Lake, California

I just recieved my panflute and it is beautiful!! I'll be working hard to do it justice!
Thanks again,
Michealene Melus

11-12-09 Timaru, New Zealand

Hi Melinda... James flute has arrived safe and sound!! Thank you, he is driving
us crazy now- every spare minute he plays along to all his fav cds that he
couldn't before, due to the small and restrictive size of his old pan flute!!

Thanks again for such prompt and friendly service. - Alison

11-8-09 Finland

The flute arrived on November 2nd.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

11-7-09 Belevue, Washington

Thank you for the great instrument! I am learning a bit each day. The sound is great!

I am working on a album and will be using the pan flute in it. As I get better I hope to be able to use it to dominate the tracks.

I did a song I used your panflute in, just a couple parts and some backgrounds, not as much as i would have liked to put in... its on YOU TUBE the songs called Alone at sea by David Lundin

I would love to colab on a song with you, maybe you could bless one of my songs sometime!! Love your sound!!

Thanks again for the Quality, and great customer service

Thanks, David

11-6-09 Peru, Venezuela

GOOD NIGHT BRAD AND MELINDA FRIDAY Yesterday 06/11/09 I received my FLUTE DE PAN, very nice!


11-5-09 Mumbai, India

Hi Melinda,

Thanks for the reply. My friend has picked up the panflute for me from the postoffice.


11-3-09 Ontario, Canada

Hi Melinda,

I read some of the comments on your website about your EXCEPTIONAL customer service… I’ve experienced it first-hand.  My thanks to you and Brad for your speedy and friendly communications.
I’ll let you know when it arrives.
Regards, Ian

11-2-09 Glascow, Scotland

Hi Melinda,
The Pipes arrived this morning, great, have just got a little tune out of them, now I need to practise, many thanks.
Best Wishes

11-1-09 Springfield, Illinois

Melinda & Brad,
My Panflute arrived day before yesterday.  I've spent considerable time with it already and have been able to create some consistent and continuous sounds, which I didn't think I'd master so quickly.  Can't wait to get back to my learning.   The dvd is quite helpful.
That's my progress to date.  Look forward to getting back to practice.
Dale B.

10-29-09 New Hyde Park, New York

Hi Brad,

Thank goodness for Youtube. Without it I may never have discovered you. It's so nice to be able to see and hear you play different songs. It does a lot to inspire, and to bring the instrument with all its possibilities alive. You seem to be a dedicated musician and a compassionate human being. Please continue to use your gift of music to bring comfort to people.
It's been a pleasure to do business with my new friend from Hawaii.


10-28-09 Springfield, Ilinois

Dear Mr. White,

I just wanted to let you know I received the flute yesterday. I immediately played the instructional dvd that came with the book and watched the beginning of it, stopping at the intervals section. After two hours with the flute, I could play all of the studies and most of the songs up to page 37. Thank you so much for recommending this set for beginners. My husband has also taken an interest! I've been practicing and after a few hours today, it sounds much better than when I first picked it up. Thank you again and we look forward to purchasing more flutes in the future! And thank you for sending me the link for "May it Be". After a bit more practice, I will hopefully be able to perform that song just as beautifully.

Jenet Courtney

10-27-09 San Diego, California

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful music you've brought into my life.  Your DVD video lesson is great and I enjoyed our phone conversation.

It's hard for me to express the joy & feelings of peace I get from just playing, even at my very basic level, & hearing these beautiful instruments.  Now I need to practice and that in itself is a joy.


San Diego, CA

10-25-09 Syracuse, New York

Aloha Brad & Melinda! I can play all the notes on my grand-tenor and am now able to get a lot of the sharps and flats! I just wanted to thank you for going above and beyond customer service. Your help and kindess has truly been a blessing! Also for anyone that reads this and are worried or nervous about purchasing a pan flute online...don't be! Purchasing a pan flute from Brad and Melinda is the way to go!

- John Ginn

10-23-09 Wisconsin USA

Thank you very much. I wish all business worked as you folks do. Wonderful

Brad.. Well today started off bad. The weather was bad. I went and had a root canal done at the dentist office. But....when I got home, USPS had been here and my flute arrived. Boy am I impressed with the way you do business. I only had a short time to look it over and blow through it. The workmanship is great and I even got sound out of it. And I thought that only a big engine or my model A cars could get me excited. I will get after it later.
Thanks so much for the great service and turning my day around 
Russ Cederholm

10-20-09 Adrian, Michigan

Hello Brad and Melinda,
I just bought the 18 pipe tenor and on my 1st day I was able to hit all 18 notes, I LOVE IT!  I can stumble through The Heart Will Go On as well as Unchained Melody (I think that is the name).  I'll continue to work on my form but after just 2 days I think I'm off to a great start.
Can you suggest some books/videos that would explain the notes and reading sheet music?
I'm working a lot of hours right now but I will always look forward to getting back home so I can practice.
I'm so happy :o)  Thank you!
Best wishes my friends,
Trent Campbell.

10-17-09 South Australia

Hi Melinda and Brad
My pan flute has just arrived ( very Speedy mail, less than a week) Thanks very much I can't wait to get playing.
I'll go and start practising right now.
Cheers Pauline

10-14-09 Kempton, Pennsylvania

I just wanted you to know the pan flute arrived here safely today.  I just got home and opened it and read the instruction sheet and am watching the video basics as I write this.  VERY cool instrument I can't wait to get a handle on it.
Its nice that its in C major by default - and I was absolutely shocked reading in your instructions that I can learn to get semitones out of it!  Thus to play F major i just hit a Bb or G major hit an F# and I won't even have to retune!

10-09-09 Charlotte, North Carolina

I wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying my beautiful tenor pan flute, now one of my favorite instruments. Thanks for the assistance ordering over the phone and the speedy shipping from Hawaii to NC. Mahalo.

       --Henry Sanders--

10-08-09 Middlesex, United Kingdom

Hi Brad,
I was actually using your DVD when your mail came in.  You are an awesome teacher!  I even managed to play The Old Rugged Cross, complete with a vague vibrato from my diaphragm.  The Good Lord blessed me with the ear to play what I remember so, once I get the hang of it I will play along with Classic FM on the radio.  
Thank you for such a wonderful instrument and your inspiration.
With Best Wishes and Aloha,

10-03-09 Louisville, Tennessee

Hi Brad and Melinda

Thought I would let you guys know that my left hand grand tenor arrive today.

Its all that I hoped for and then some.

Now I am in the process of unlearning bad habits. Its back to practicing for me. Ill pop in from time to time to let you know how I am doing.

Thanks for all the support

10-01-09 Nagoya, Japan

Hi Melinda

I recieve the Panflute set on 29th Sep, the day before yesterday.
Very fast! it took only four days.
Thank you.

Shigeru Yoshino

9-30-09 Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Brad, 

The flute arrived this morning and I'am so excited. I tried a few blows and I don't sound too good:) Today will be practicing on the Pan Flute. I am so glad I choose your web site . You and Melinda have been wonderful communicators and I appreciate that!

Thank you,    

Nancy  Crumpton

9-28-09 Malta

Its Mark from Malta. Today I had recieved my 18 tube Tenor pan-flute - it's very nice and in a perfect condition!! Thanks a lot Brad for the information you had gave me with the parcel (the dvd and some instructions how to play it well)
I still don't know how to position my pan flute so as to have a clean and beautiful note - but practice makes perfect!! :)
Hope that we will keep our contact with each other!!
Thanks a lot and take care!!!

Mark A. Vella

9-21-09 Louisville, Tennessee

Aloha - Brad & Melinda White

    Hello, just got the 15 pipe alto flute on the 18th and its in perfect working order. Just hearing the sound of a pan flute got me interested in playing it. After I opened the box and took the flute in my hands, I knew this was the instrument I wanted to learn how to play.

Thank you
Joe Roy

9-20-09 Kirklin, Indiana


9-19-09 Turku, Finland


I am writing to let you know that I reciewed my panflute on friday, so it
took about two weeks to arrive here to Finland. Got it straight to my door without
paying any custom charges. The panflute looks really good, now I just need to
learn playing it. :) Thank you very much!

Henrik Nygård

9-09-09 Ontario Canada

Hey Brad.

I absolutly love the pan flute and thank you so much for everything.  I have been playing honestly everyday for at least 45 minutes over the past month.  I am confused about one thing.  The diffrence between making sharps and flats.  I don't know if I'm missing something or not.  But everywhere I look it says about angling a pan flute about 30 degrees'  I do not understand how you can accomplish both a sharp and a flat in the same manner.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Once again thanks.


Hi Nick,
> You are right... to play a sharp you really go one pipe higher and
> play it flat.... its like the black keys in between the white notes
> on the piano. Every sharp is another note's flat.. it sits half way
> between. So A-flat and G sharp are the same notes. C Sharp is really
> the same as D Flat..
> Perhaps we can talk on the phone? I can explain it further. - Brad

WOW!!  Thanks for the quick response.  That helps out so much.  Now it all makes sense.  Once again thank you for everything.  and once I have somewhat accomplished the 15 pipe pan flute I will be getting a 22 off of you. :)
thanks again

9-08-09 Chicago, Illinois

Hey Brad,
I received my instrument today, and it is simply amazing.  Thank you so much for the care you have put into it.  I still can't play more than three consecutive notes but I'm sure the included instructional DVD will help me out : )
Thanks again, I really appreciate it,

9-03-09 Maple Grove, Minnesota

Dear Brad
Greetings, I just wanted to send you this email to say... THANK YOU! I bought your starters package a year ago and I honestly cannot stop playing. As soon as I developed the lip muscles needed to blow straight down, I took off playing like no tomorrow.

I have always loved old woodwinds, and the pan pipe, I think, is one of the oldest and the most hauntingly beautiful. I am currently playing other woodwind instruments as well, but none of them have been able to compare. Now I have been writing my own songs and have been recording them with much pleasure. I just wanted to say thank you and that your panpipes are of the greatest quality I have ever known. In a way, you've helped me find a gift I didn't know I had.

Thank you from Minnesota.
Jesse Miller
P.S. I also bought your grand tenor a few months back.

9-01-09 Londonderry UK

    i have received the pan flute this morning. i have played the ordinary flute for a number of years now and i always wanted a set of pan flutes to try, so i nearly couldnt wait for the flute to arrive. having played the flute i was able to play the pan flute straight away, not very well but that will come with practise. but i must say i was astonished to hear the tones of the pan flute that lovely mellow sound took me by surprise.

i cant wait to show it to my friend who is also a flute player. let me congratulate you on your craftmanship it is truly a wonderful instrument and may i wish you every success for the future. thank you

8-30-09 Fort Myers Florida

Hi Brad and Melinda,
I received my Grand Tenor Panflute a half an hour ago.  I read your preliminary instructions and managed to sound the lower 2 1/2 octaves... not bad since I have never held one before.  Will dive into your instruction DVD right now and see how many cats in the neighborhood I can annoy..
Thanks again
Pat. Dolby... (very happy with the quality).

(Brad, I am 72 and retired. I have played piano, organ, hand bells and chromatic harmonica. I love to sing but have now lost close control over my vocal chords and can no longer do that even though I still have pretty fair breath control. I have never played or even held a pan flute but I absolutely love the sound and would like to master it.)

8-20-09 Trinidad and Tobago

Hi Brad and Linda,
          I'm pleased to let you know that I got my Grand Tenor today. Strange enough the Post Office took a week to notify me, so it in fact reached here around the 8th to 10th of August. It is very nice though, bigger than I expected. I will have to practice to breathe from my diaphragm more to not get light-headed. I play the silver flute on and off so I will get it eventually. Thanks for the DVD and the instructional reading.
Sheldon Pierre
Trinidad and Tobago.

8-18-09 Akron, Ohio

Good day. The pan flute [Grand Tenor] arrived today and I must say what an impressive instrument and the sound is superb. I thank you both for a quality instrument.
I'll be playing this mostly in church I can't wait till I can play with the sound system.
Thank you again.

8-17-09 Brookstead, Australia

Brad and Melinda,
The pan flute arrived in good condition on Tues the 28th July, in six days, all good. Daughter  recieved it on the 3rd Aug was very surprised and happy. Has worked out a few songs and is loving it. Thanks for your prompt service. Was great to deal with you! 
Yours sincerly
Philip and Debbie Clapham
Brookstead, Australia.

8-14-09 North Port, Florida

Dear Melinda & Brad,

I received my panflute and I am very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship. I play woodwinds (flute, saxes, clarinet, etc). and though my technique is slow on pan flute, I am getting a fairly decent sound.

Thank You,

Ronald Brunette
North Port, FL

8-12-09 Queensland, Australia

Hello Melinda,
   My name is Travis Bradach, and I recently purchased a pan flute from you.  I wanted to firstly let you know that it arrived yesterday, August 11 (Australia time)....the shipping was VERY fast! Also, I cannot thank you and Brad enough for your wonderful products and fantastic service.  It is sad to see how rare it is these days that people take pride in their work, but I can see that you both do.  The pan flute was absolutely beautiful and well-made; there is no question it wasn't just a cheap product.  The music on the CD's are truly amazing to listen to and the covers for them are beautiful.  I also appreciate the instructions, DVD, and book.......I will CERTAINLY need them!!!!! 
    Needless to say, I am VERY happy about the service and quality of products that you and Brad are giving people.  That makes me so happy to see such great souls like you doing that.  It will be challenging for me to learn to play the pan flute, but I look forward to practicing.....and in the meantime I will just enjoy listening to Brad play (he is wonderful!).  I will definitely recommend you and Brad to others. 
Thank you again so much.  Take care.
Travis Bradach  

8-11-09 Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Melinda
Just to let you know that I have received the pan flute today. Many thanks. My husband was very exited and I am sure that he will have many hours of enjoyment from this.
Kind regards
Joan Torr

8-9-09 Alberta, Canada

Hello Melinda and Brad

Pkg [18-pipe Tenor] arrives here on Friday Aug 7th everything in good order.

Thank you for your excellent personal service, much appreciated.

I am looking forward to playing my flute, and learning more,

Thank you also for the dvd and instructions etc.

Great looking Flute,

Sincerely / Gary Eburn

8-5-09 Hope, Kansas

Thank you very much.  I received my Panflute.  I'm very excited and can't wait to learn how to play it.  I'm amazed at the quality of the Panflute and the personalization that you go through with your Panflutes.  Thanks again and I'll be sure to send my friends to your site.

8-3-09 Veenendaal, The Netherlands

Hello Melinda,

I received the panflute student package today (03/08/2009) in The Netherlands
It was shipped on 23/07/2009.
Thank you for your fast service and if I'm going to buy any panflutes in the future, I'm sure I will buy them at your shop, love to Brad!

Matthijs Veldhuizen

8-2-09 Jacksonville, Florida

My flute arrived & it is a beauty (since my hobby is wooding [wood working])

I appreciate good craftmanship.

I am dizzy...but happy with trying to learn.


7-31-09 Nova Scotia, Canada

Mr. & Mrs. White,

    I am very proud to say that I have just received my flute in the mail today, July 31st. Everything is fantastic! The  Flute looks and sounds beautiful, and the book and DVD have already become useful, for this flute is a bit harder to play than I imagined it would be!

    Regardless, I want to thank you guys for the outstanding quality of service you provide. Never in my life have I had such confidence while purchasing an instrument, and I've bought quite a few from different manufacturers.

Your website has much useful information and cool perks, such as the sheet music and the audio/video samples of each flute being played, that it's obvious you know what you're talking about. That type of thing really makes a person comfortable with making the investment. The constant updates on the shipping of the flute was awesome as well. I feel like I've gotten my moneys worth already, just from the service.

You guys are wicked, and I will be sure to promote your business as much as I possibly can!

In Gratitude,
Joe O'Connor

7-29-09 Sussex UK

Hello Brad and Melinda,
Have just received my Grand Tenor Panflute at 11.40am on Wednesday 29th July 2009.
It was beautifully parcelled and protected and when I unwrapped it - WOW!! This has to be the Stradivarius of  all Panflutes. What workmanship!!!!
I couldn't resist it and had a quick try with it and although I have'nt quite got the embrochure for it, it was surprisingly easy to get a tune out of the lower and middle C scales.  The top one is going to take a little more puff.!
Thank you very much for your excellant customer service and I will keep in touch and let you know how I get on.
Kindest regards,
Jim Spiers

7-25-09 Kapolei, Hawaii

Get my Fun Pipes yesterday, man oh man, they truely are FUN. I'm realy enjoying them, and the instructional DVD is great. I'm catching on easier than the Native American flute (don't have to worry about proper finger placement). This is an instrument that I'll be enjoying for many, many years. Hope to graduate to one of the "larger" pan flutes soon. Thank you so much for every thing. May God continue to bless you and every one at the Pan flute Shop. Aloha
Richard Mikels

7-24-09 Rapid City, South Dakota

Hello Melinda and Brad,

We received the flute (Tenor)!! It is perfect. My brother absolutely loves it. Thank you again for including the disc. He was so pleased to find it wrapped with care. He said it was 100% improvement from the other one I bought for him and had to send back. We will definitely recommend you guys to others. Thank  you again for making this purchase so wonderful!!!

7-22-09 Galt California

Aloha to you, Melinda and Brad!
I have been sooo excited to get this! I have not slept since the day that I ordered it from your site! I picked up my pan flute this morning at the post office just before I met with some of my concert flute students. They ALL absolutely loved the sound of it and the look of it. I am extremely pleased! Thank you for doing such fine work!

I have played the concert flute for 26 years ( I am 35) and have often wanted to try a pan flute. I enjoy learning and getting others excited about learning new instruments. I have played the piccolo since junior high and high school, as well as, the tenor saxophone and a year of clarinet (which I did not care for). I am a flute, piano, and vocal private teacher here in Galt. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MUSIC AND CHILDREN!

My husband, Derek, and I have five beautiful girls ranging in age from 16 to 4 years. We are a home school family and because of this are able to really focus on teaching our children according to their passions and abilities. Drama and music are a big part of our daily routine…with girls, drama is often a natural phenomenon!

I will most definitely be introducing the pan flute at my next recital this coming Saturday and will look forward to the enjoyment it will bring, not only to me, but to those who desire to learn with me. I will ALWAYS recommend your site for the purchase of a pan flute for anyone interested in pursuing it!
Thank you, again, and I will give you an occasional update or maybe even send a question to you if that is alright???
May you have a wonderful day and God bless!
Julie Beattie

7-17-09 Mt. Gambier, Australia

Aloha, hi, the beautiful flute [15-pipe] arrived today, Friday 17th . what a supremely lovely instrument.  My 16 year old daughter picked it up and started playing straight away. I might take a little longer, but I will have fun learning.
Thank you for sharing your talent.
Dianne Gale
Mt. Gambier

7-16-09 Latrobe Pennsylvania

Hi Brad,

I wanted to let you know that I received my Pentatonic Pan flute. It has a great sound. 

I am going to have to practice at it though!!!

Once I get good at this one I may order one of your other flutes.

I play in a group of dulcimer/autoharp/guitar players.  Was looking for something different to add to the group.

Thanks, - Chris

7-15-2009 Greenwich, Connecticut

I received the 15-pipe flute. It is great. Fine work on this flute.

I had looked around for a pan flute but found either the cost was a lot for a good one or the lower priced ones were not worth buying. This is a fine made flute at a good price and easy to play. If anyone is looking to buy a flute to start off with, or if you already play, buy this one. You will be happy with it.

I also plan to buy the pocket flute so I can always have one with me. Fast shipping, good packing.

Thank You Brad

Rob Nebel (Native American Flute Maker)

7-13-09 San Antonio, Texas


I just received the pan flute and I cannot express how pleased I am with it. As I mentioned to you, the flute is for my daughter. She will be seven on July 26 and from a young age has exhibited an inclination towards music. She has already learned the basics of the guitar and can play simple tunes on a recorder. She is a big fan of Peter Pan and while I ordered the flute last week, this past weekend, while watching the Disney Peter Pan video, told my wife she wanted to learn to play the pan-flute. Neither my wife, nor my daughter, know I have ordered and received it.

I am so enthusiastic about watching her learn how to play. I myself play the cello and am looking forward to teaching her to read the music you have sent. This past Saturday I went to your site and let her listen to some of your music. As I'm sure you know, most children her age cannot sit for extended periods of time, however, she asked to hear several of the pieces on your site. I am sure this is something she will cherish and frankly, I hope that she embraces as she has shown she may. Thank you for all your help and for the wonderful instrument.


7-12-09 Forster NSW, Australia

The panflute arrived today in good condition - thanks for the great service

7-10-09 Hong Kong, China

Dear Melinda,

Aloha, I am so excited with my new pan flute and instructional DVD.  Will start learning it tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to play some songs on it.   Please also convey my thanks to Brad and will keep you all posted with my progress.  Looking forward to advancing to the tenor pan flute in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

7-10-09 NSW Australia

G'day Brad,
 I have just received my Grand Tenor flute. That must be some kind of a record [4 days]. I have unwrapped it and checked it out. Its a work of art I am totally in love with it.
I stopped writing to you because the CD had loaded. I listened to the first track of the CD Winters Journey . OMG Brad....... I started to play along with Ave Maria I could not continue as I was crying, with such joy in my heart likewise the Canon in D. 
Thankyou SOOO much for sharing your God given gift and talent of this beautiful music with me I will treasure forever my flute and your beautiful music.

Am only up to track 7  Deck the Halls what a beautiful CD I just LOVE it. I am playing along with these songs --- in a fashion -- But I KNOW I will get good at this and I can't wait.

Brad you haven't heard the last of me I'm not about to disappear forever with my (our) flute, I could understand if you still called it your flute.

Please thank your wife for her excellent action in getting it down here so fast. Im going to have a magical weekend and I wish the same for you both.

God Bless and Thank you so much.

Kindest regards and Love 

7-9-09 Buckinghamshire, UK

Hi Melinda
Hope fully my son has sent you an email stating he has recieved the panflute. It arrived within 10 days, excellent service. My son is very pleased with the service alround. Your communication is second to none and the panflute and extras brought great delight to him.
Thank you very much for your service A1
He should have left you feed back, if not it will be done
God bless

7-9-09 Beaumont, Texas

Mr. White,
 I just finished my first lesson of your dvd. I will tell you, that im starting to play the panpipe better. You make a great product. I also like the 10 pipe pentatonic you have in the video. Its sounds great. I know i will get better with practice. I just wanted to thank you for all your time and I wil keep you posted.
 Mike Sonnier

7-8-09 Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi Brad

Just letting you know the 10-pipe panflute arrived today and it sounds and looks great. In fact the whole package looks great. And I can assure you I will be back in a couple of months to buy another one from you

It was great dealing with you and your wife

Take care


7-7-09 Perth Australia

Hi Melinda,
I ordered these for my daughter, Eloise (14). She plays plays piano and tympany drums and about a month ago decided she really must learn how to play the pan pipes.  She went online and searched for the ones she wanted and borrowed my credit card to buy them.  She had to pay for them though. 

She is absolutely thrilled with them.  The book and cd are great.  She is playing some tunes already.  The pipes arrived here on Monday July 6th.  She downloaded some panpipe music so she could get a feel for the whole thing.
Kind regards,
Linda Whiteside

7-5-09 Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Melinda,
Just a note to report that my Pan Flute has just arrived.

Exactly 1 week after I ordered it. Pretty good eh?

It sounds beautiful and I can hardly wait to study the DVD. Will keep you posted.

With many thanks,
Heidi Strasser from Auckland, New Zealand

7-4-09 Italy

Ciao Brad & Melinda,

You must have received an email from my son Gabriele saying the panflute arrived safe and sound in record time (Thursday 2nd). We were thrilled and amazed because the instrument is really beautiful and also because the parcel magically found its way from exotic Honolulu to our house amid the woods, where even locals get easily lost.....
Thank you and good luck for your business,

7-2-09 Perugia Italy

Dear Brad & Melinda,

the Pan-flute is just arrived! It's beautiful. Really.
Now I'm going to try it immediatly!

I will tell you about my progress soon.

Thank you!


6-25-09 Czech Republic

Good day,
Dear Brad,
Thank you for your answer.

Maybe you remember me - I ordered all of your CDs from you about 5 years ago. I love your CDs. It is beautiful relaxing music.

I have played the Pan flute now for about 7 years, so I think I am not a beginner, but I am also not a professional player. I will never play so beautiful like you.

Thanks to you - I discovered irish whistles on your web page. Thank you very much.
I have several synthetic ( plastic ) Pan flutes and about 6 different sizes of bamboo Pan flutes from a Czech company.

Now I have beautiful a 22-pipe Grand Tenor Pan flute from you and I can say
"It is the best Pan flute I ever played". I am really very satisfied.

Thanks for all.

Best Regards Pavel Biskup, Czech Republic, Europe.

6-23-09 Pennsylvania USA

Aloha Brad, Aloha Melinda,
My heart is pounding like crazy - a couple minutes ago the panflute arrived. I have unpacked and the first notes are played.

I think, I have found finally the instrument that I should have played my whole live.  I will have lots of work ahead of me and I am looking forward to it. Do you have any good breathing exercise that you recommend?

The flute sounds beautiful and I love the clean look of it. Now I am just praying that I will make music that will be a sweet fragrance to God.

Blessings to you and your business,
Birgit Schult

Hi Birgit, In my DVD video (included) I demonstrate how to breath properly and some excercises to help with your playing, happy fluting :) ... brad

6-21-09 Queensland Australia

G’day Brad and Melinda,

My apologies for being a little slow in replying.  I received both the grand tenor and 15 pipe package a week and a half ago.  Amazingly they only took 6 days from the day that I paid for them till they arrived here on the other side of the world.  That’s service.  Incidentally, I have also now received your package of 5 compact disc albums which took seven or eight days to get here. My thanks to both of you for your great products and your fantastic service.

Your albums are quite inspiring and I hope you continue to produce more along these lines.  As for your panflutes, I feel privileged to own two of them and am incredibly grateful to you for producing such quality instruments at very reasonably prices.  By the way, I have found the book “You Can Teach Yourself Panflute” and the accompanying DVD very good as I am only just learning to play.  The 15 pipe package is excellent value for money – I don’t even mind leaving it where the kids can pick it up at their whim and practice blowing.

All in all a great product at a great price and dispatched with such great service.  Thanks heaps for introducing me to this fantastic instrument – I love it.  Take care and keep up the great work.

Kind Regards, Andrew.

6-20-09 Ontario Canada

Hello, today I played "In the Garden" at church. I recorded it to help me see and hear how to improve my playing. I  put it up on you-tube. Constructive criticism always welcome.

Click here to Watch


6-19-09 Lexington Kentucky

Hi Brad,
I’m really enjoying my grand tenor pan flute, and will be playing a wedding with a string quartet this weekend- a wonderful combination!
I’m wondering if you know of any case or protective bag that would fit the instrument? I’d appreciate any advice you have.
Many thanks,
Kristy L. Kirsh
Professor of Flute, Asbury College
Director, The Flute Symphony of Lexington
Flute Instructor, Centenary School of Music

Hi Kristy - I use small luggage and put foam rubber on the top and bottom. Take a look at what Shay from Israel did with his flute.. It looks very nice. ... brad

6-18-09 Ashqelon Israel

Hello Brad. I got the Grand Tenor pan flute. Flute Excellent! Precise and beautiful work. The sound wonderful. Shipping was great. Thank you very much from the creativity and joy. I am attaching picture of the bag making for the flute, and picture of others that I have. Thank you very much, goodbye, Shay.

6-17-09 Florida USA

Loved the Grand Tenor so much.  Gotta have more. So I can practice while traveling.  I also share with kids that I meet. So, could you give me the link to purchase a set of pocket pipes? I am also getting one of your Fun Pipes.  Too much fun!

Thanks!!! Nancy

6-16-09 Selangor Malaysia

Hi Mr Brad White
I received the Tenor panflute by mail today.
Yours sincerely,
Raja Mohan Nathan

6-15-09 Tennessee USA

Pan Flute arrived today Monday (ordered on Friday).  Thanks so much for your prompt customer service!  This will be a gift for my husband for Father's Day.   He will be so excited. 

6-10-09 Michigan

Just keeping in touch.

Hello !
About 6 months ago I bought 2 panflutes from you. I just wanted to let you know I really like and enjoy the instruments. They trully have a unique sound, compared to the other ones I have and had over the years.

I do have some posted on you tube, if you get a chance to check them out, I'm always open for any sugestions you may have, as a professional panflutist. It's really hard, the band I've been with, we all had fallen out about 1 year ago, and 6 months ago I decided to just perform by myself, it's really hard to do but with GOD's help I do what I can.

All my videos, are recorded live. Keep in mind I am not a professional panflutist.

Maybe one day I will play like one.
I know ... Practice ... Practice ... Practice ...
Practice makes perfect !

Thank you for everything.


6-5-09 Tamil Nadu - India


Hi Brad & Melinda

i am very very very Happy and excited. Cuz am gonna tell you that i have received the Beautiful 15 Pipe Left sided Alto Panflute. I was looking at the status of delivery through online and found it cleared customs at our place on 4th but today being 5th i shoudl ahve got.. To my surprise my fiancee gave it to me .God there was not limit for my Joy and Happines

Yeah she reached safe and sound. You know what i could not stop playing it... i mean though i am just gonna start playing . I just took her out and just tried to blow and to my little happiness i played the low G note alone..Starting tomorrow am gonna play the Panflute following Brads instructions.

Thank You Very Much Brad and Melinda


[Tamil Nadu or "the land of Tamil" is the southern-most state of India.]

6-4-09 North Carolina, USA


The 18-pipe tenor and book arrived today, more or less as you predicted. Actually ahead of what I anticipated. Straight out of the box, I produced sensible tones from even the top octave, (though not, I suppose yet from the highest pipes), and quite close to what I should expect from the lower pipes. I'm in a state of bliss and anticipation. I cannot wait to get home and spend serious time with the pan flute, working from the book and my growing stock of Zampona pieces. 

Many thanks!

Charlie Carter

Melinda and Brad,

At home tonight, I was amazed at what I could do. I've no problems at all with the G-scale notes - all 18 of them. However, I haven't quite gotten any sharps or flats yet. I'm only on lesson 2 of the book, but I feel empowered! I'll have a look at the DVD.

Thanks again for the thrill,


Barbados 6-3-09

Hello Melinda & Brad:  It was great excitement in our home today - the Pan-flutes arrived!  Sharon collected them from the post office and some rather unusual notes have been floating around throughout the day!  The Pan-flutes are beautiful, but will take time for the younger boys (and me!) to get the musical sounds going!.  Joseph, the 9 year old , seems to be making the most pleasant noises so far and is making some progress!  Thanks for the great service.  We will be in touch with questions I am sure.  Jill

6-2-09 Switzerland

Yea!  The box arrived today!  It's in perfect condition and so far no customs!  I'm eager to open it and see the wrapped package - though I won't get to see the flute until Garrett gets here in mid- June.

Thank you so much - for your care in packaging, filling in the form and sending.

Best regards to you both,

5-29-09 Arizona USA

Hi Melinda and Brad,
Just to let you know I've all ready received my pan flute. Just gorgeous. What a beautiful instrument. I'll be playing it all night tonight. And yes, Brad, the tone and ease of playing are so much better than the plastic. Of course, I haven't a clue how to hit those high notes. The diameter of those tubes are much smaller than the pvc pipe used in my "street" version. I sure love the tone!

Also, just started listening to your cd--wonderful music and recording. I can't wait to incorporate my harp playing along with the flute with my own compositions.

My thanks to you both, and admiration for your music and instrument building as well, Brad.
Take care,
Schim Schimmel

5-27-09 Ukraine

HI, Melinda!

Is glad to inform that a parcel has received 27.05.09.

I would ask you questions, but alas, I do not know your language. I use the translator, but there all is not always clear.

Come in the summer to us on the sea. Will have a rest also me learn to play on panflute.


5-21-09 Virginia, USA

You guys are good !!! I love the wrapping and it will come as a nice surprise for Skip.  I like your touch and if he progresses nicely on the Pan Flute I will let you know.  If he doesn't, the I will take that up with him :)  Thank you for everything especially your personal touch,  It's deeply appreciated.

5-21-09 Russia

Just wanna you to know - I've got it, and it is in the best condition. The
instrument [18-pipe Tenor] looks and sounds better then I dreamed before:) Thank you so much
and be sure that I will recommend your shop and your site to my friends.

From Russia,
with best wishes,

5-18-09 New South Wales, Australia

Hi Brad,
I bought a 18-Tenor pan flute from you about two months ago and I’d just like to say thank you very much for such a beautiful instrument.
I have taken it into the bush near-by when I go camping, and played tunes that I never knew I could. I know of nothing more enjoyable then sitting around a camp fire with some friends and family as they listen to the hypnotising melody created by this instrument.
I was never very musically minded but this instrument now means a lot to me. It has shown me something new in life that I would recommend to anyone!
Thanks again...
Aaron J Lake

5-16-09 Sultanate of Oman

Hi Melinda,
I wanted to inform you that we have received the panflute [Grand Tenor] on Wednesday 13/5/2009.
Thank you very much! Its beautiful!
Kind Regards

5-12-2009 Fioda Sweden

I just wanted to say that the flutes arrived yesterday 11th of May to my boy's joy.


Marie Strandberg

[Simon wrote: I'm 16 years old, and I live in Sweden. I've always been fascinated by pan-flutes, and recently I decided I want to learn how to play it.

I've always been a musician, playing the oboe for 8 years, and piano for a couple of years too]

5-11-09 Virginia, USA

I played the flute for 54 years and recently had to give it up because of arthritis in my fingers...

I received my pan-flute 2 weeks ago and I love it...


5-9-09 Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Hi Melinda,
I had received the package of grand tenor yesterday (May 08, 2009). It's so nice, I love it.
Thank you Melinda & Brad.
Jeffrey K

5-6-09 New Jersey, USA

Hi Brad,
Wanted to let you know that the flute [18-pipe tenor] arrived safe and sound.  I've played a couple of hours on it and I absolutely love it!!  Thanks so much!

5-5-09 Australia

Hi Melinda,
I'm delighted to say our flutes have just arrived.
We are so looking forward to learning to play them.
One is for my 18 yr old son and the other for 5 of us to learn on.
If we pick it up, we'll be ordering some more.
We are piano and violin students and are looking forward to
playing this fascinating instrument.
We really enjoyed all Brad's live demonstrations. Captivating!

Many thanks,
Karen S

5-4-09 Phoenix Arizona, USA

Dear Melinda and Brad,
I received my pan flute and am very happy with it.  It is exactly what I expected it would be.  Thanks for the instructional DVD, I have been watching it.  I really do love the pan flute music so can't wait to get proficient at it.
Thank you.

5-2-09 New York, USA

Hi Melinda!
Our flute arrived and in perfect time for my husband's birthday! He loves it!  It is a beautiful looking and sounding instrument!  Thank you both for everything!  We have all tried the flute (kids included) and we may have to order a few more! Thank you again!
Warmest Regards

5-1-09 Veldhoven Netherlands

Dear Brad, I would like to tell you that I have received the panflute on 28 april. Today I gave it to my husband Gary, and he is very happy with it.Thank you for the very good service, we are very glad with the new instrument. With musical greetings, Mary v. H

4-30-09 Troy Michigan, USA

Dear Brad and Melinda,

I received the Pan Flute today and its a beauty.
You were so right when you told me that there is no comparison between this
flute and the $30 plastic one that I had before (long gone).
I am a real beginner and I have some troubles in getting a sound out of the
shortest pipes, but I am confident that with the help of your DVD I will
soon improve my skills.
A question about maintenance: Do I have to oil the pan flute once in a while ? Please advise.
And...thank you again for this wonderful instrument.
I will keep you posted with my progress.

Best regards,

Gerardo Pavone
Troy, Michigan
Hello Gerardo, You will never need to oil one of our panflutes, they have already been specially treated in oils and waxes.... so just enjoy! Aloha - Brad

4-28-09 Texas, USA

Hello Brad & Melinda,

I just received the Grand Tenor panflute last night, the shipping package delivered in good shape.

The flute is really nice as same as in your ad. The tenor sound is warm and sweet, I love it.!

Also, I like to thank you to add in the instructional DVD.

Jacquot H.

4-27-09 Colorado Springs, USA

Brad & Melinda,
I recieved my Panflute this morning in excellent condition. Thank you very much for the extra care in packaging. The Panflute is very beautiful and I am excited to get started to play. I am 36 and this is my first musical instrument ever so wish me luck.
Thank You,

4-24-09 Indiana, USA

A while ago I ordered your Grand Tenor panflute.  I have been so very happy with it, and I am finally starting to get good enough to play in front of others.  I am so tempted always to take it outside hiking and such...which I really am hesitant to do with the grand tenor because of its size. So I'd like to order one of your pocket panpipes to take with me outside.  

Hi Dana, the Pocket Pipes are perfect for travel & hiking, only 7 inches and you really can play a lot music on them. I sent you a link to place your order. .. brad

4-14-09 New Jersey, USA

WOW! YES; Now I understand and yes, you are absolutely right!!!
Now I just have to tell that to my brain and see if it listens to me. :-)
I will try that when I go home this weekend.

But you know what?
This proves to me that, when you say on your website that you will write
back to help your customers, you are not just saying that to get people to
buy from you.
You REALLY DO and very quickly indeed.


A VERY HAPPY customer from New Jersey, USA.


4-14-09 Ontario Canada

Hello Brad!

I just got this pan flute.  Funny, This week we had a holiday. Easter. Monday everything was closed. Today Tuesday.. I know someone at the post office. I went in to asked her if the package was in from Hawaii, She said Yes! I beat the mailman, LOL. Yeah, THIS is great, I would like to Thank-you so much. This means alot to me. I love music. With my hearing problem in both ears I can do it.  
I am hoping to play one song at my Son's wedding in June. 27 ,  Thank-you again
God Bless you.

4-8-09 Surrey, England

Hi Brad and Melinda, just writing to let you know the panflute turned up this morning in fine condition and well packaged. Thankyou very much for all your care in getting it to me. I have a had a quick go and I am already getting the hang of it. I will watch the dvds later and read more carfully the care sheet you provided which I find invaluble.
It is a beautiful piece of craftmanship!

4-5-09 Pennsylvania, USA

I received my pan flute [Grand Tenor] this past Friday. I was real impressed with the quality of sound as well as the workmanship and finish of the pan flute. I would strongly recomend anyone intersted in purchasing a pan flute to first look at your excellent web site and then consider purchasing a pan flute from you, Brad White.
      ps  You have an excellent training DVD                                    Thank you,
                                                                                                      Neil Frederick /Cabinet Maker

4-3-09 Novosibirsk, Russia

Panflute arrived at Wednesday, 1 april.
Great instrument! Thank you very much! - Vadim

3-30-09 England

Dear Brad
I am just writing to let you know that my son's panflute has arrived in good time for his birthday and to thank you for sending to me here in England. 
With kind regards and best wishes

3-28-09 Alexandria, Egypt

Dear Melinda , Dear Brad..
I have received the Pan-Flute last Sunday 22 March. [10 days Hawaii to Egypt]
It is wonderful, and your CD's are great, I am listening to them all the time,
Thanks a lot my dear :)
Best Regards
Karim Rashid
MSC Egypt / Operations Manager

3-28-09 New Jersey, USA

Hello Brad,
I received my Pan-Flute, books and the
CD set three days ago. Thank you for the fast service.
I am formaly from Hungary living in the USA for 53years. I graduated from
the "Bela Bartok Musik Konzevatorium"
Budapest, Hungary, with majoring in Flute.
My flute teacher was the world renouned Jeney Zoltan.

First I heard the pan-flute played by a Romanian musician about 15 years ago, and I got hook on its beatiful sound. Finally after all those years I am able to own and learn to play this beatiful instrument.

Ps. Your Web site is the best designed
   I ever seen.


3-27-09 Florida, USA

Hi Melinda,
3 days and it is here! From our most western state of Hawaii to the most southeastern part of Florida! Incredible! I live in SW Miami-Dade County surrounded by dirt roads and tomato fields. Our faithful postal service delivery vehicle kicked up lots of dirt and drove to our front gate with the package. Our herding dogs and sheep are in for a treat when I call them with the Panflute later.
You have great packaging so it arrived just fine. Now I need to be patient, one note at a time!

3-26-09 New York, USA

I received my flute on Saturday.  I absolutely LOVE it.  The tonal quality is superb.  I have almost mastered the upper notes and breath control is definitely the key for me.  I am looking forward to being able to play well enough to serenade my friends.  Thanks so much for a beautiful instrument.  - Connie


3-25-09 Moscow Russia

The panflute has arrived today. It's a wonderful instrument, thank you.

Best regards. Nelia

3-25-09 Ontario Canada

Hello to all. My name is Daniel. I recently [March 6,] got a tenor pan flute from Brad and have been practicing and enjoying this wonderful instrument. At first I was getting dizzy and hyperventilating traying to play it. Then things got better but still felt that it took so much air. At one point I got a bit discouraged but kept trying. You pros make it look soo very easy and effortless, lol. Then one day I kind of had an eureka moment. Something fell into place. I realized it was finesse and my lips, embouchure seemed also to be getting stronger. "Oh happy day" Lol.
So, got to keep on practicing. I posted a short youtube clip practicing "The Old Rugged Cross". Sometime in the future I would like to play at church. As I don't have a teacher, feedback on how to improve is much apreciated.

Watch my YouTube Video



Aloha to you Daniel!  You are doing so well, congratulations!  You  
have developed a nice, pleasing tone and a good performance of the  
song.  You could play that at church right now and I think everyone  
would love it :)

I noticed you were a little under pitch at the start, but you once you  
warmed up it got much better.   Some things to work on as you progress  
are adding some dynamics and swells.. also learn to incorporate a nice  
vibrato.  These things will help put a nice touch on the pieces.   Try  
singing the piece and then play it.. let your voice be your guide.

The more you play... whatever songs that might be,  you are going to  
just keep getting stronger.

Keep having fun,  and it will never seem like work.

Aloha .. Brad

3-21-09 Voghera Italy

Voghera March 21st 2009
Hi Melinda,
I am informing You that I received panflute on 19th of this month (ten days!) wonderful!

Ciao Melinda
Ciao Brad

3-18-09 Quebec Canada

Dear Brad & Melinda,

We got  our beautiful pan flute today... it looks wonderful...The gift wrap was beautiful and the instructions and the DVD lessons are perfect...
Arash is very excited and sends you guys so much love... 

Thank you,

3-18-09 Quebec Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda

Thank you very much for the fantastic panflute, Hoda told me that how helpfull you were in sending the panflute. I have started reading the book, and took a look at the DVDs which are great. I am sure I will have many question in the learning process as I am very new to playing music (my first instrument) which will be a reason to keep in touch in years to come.

Once more thank you very much 


3-17-09 France

Dear Brad,
I hasten to say that my pan flute arrived yesterday (while I was at school where I teach Christianity twice a week to 11 and 12-year-olds) so I was able to collect it from the nearby post office only today (Tuesday, March 17th).  It took only seven days from Hawaii to France!  Thank you for your prompt and friendly response, and for your obviously sincere wish to see that your customers are happy!  I will keep you informed of my progress.

David Brown

3-17-09 New South Wales Australia

Hi Brad

Just letting you know that I received the pan flute today.

Thank you very much for the DVD.

The panflute sounds great I love it.

Thanks again
Aaron Lake

3-16-09 Connecticut, USA

Brad and Melinda,
Thank you - the flute arrived today in perfect condition.  It is beautiful!  I didn't have much luck getting sound out of it at first, then I put it down for awhile and came back at it again - and was able to actually start making some reasonable sounds with it!
I am looking forward to practicing on it and to actually play a first song or two.
I will highly recommend you to anyone who may be interested.

3-15-09 San Francisco Bay Area

Hi Mr. White!  Just wanted to say thank you SO much for sending me the 18-Pipe Tenor.  It came promptly and I was very impressed with how well you packaged everything.  I LOVE IT!!!  The sound is both magical and beautiful -- JUST what I was hoping for!  You did NOT let me down! 
I have been fortunate so far in making the sounds come out pretty easily.  I can do both methods of vibrato, as well as making sharps/flats with both methods.  Now, I just need to improve my breathing so I don't feel like I'm going to faint everytime I play!

Thanks again.  Hope your having a great weekend!

3-14-09 Los Angeles

i love my pan flute and practice every day. i have only had it for a few months but after a stress full day at work it helps me lose myself in a world outside of reality so to speak. even tho i can't play that well i try to put alot of passion into every note.i wish there was a teacher here in los angeles to help me but i cant find one who plays the pan flute. so i use books and cd's and watch yours over and over again to try and get better. reguardless i am loving it. thanks brad

- Don

3-14-09 Hong Kong

Hi Melinda
The package has arrived in this morning [3 days delivery].
The panpipe looks very great and i really love it !
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

- Yvette

3-13-09 Barbados

Hello Brad - a pic for you! :)

DeeGees (David Gittens)  is playing Lucevan le Stelle from the opera Tosca by Puccini, on Pan pipe.  Not shown: him playing ~ Someone to watch over me, Harmonica; and 'Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word. - sung and accompanied on uke.

3-12-09 BC Canada

Hi Brad,

Just to let you know that the pan flute [Grand Tenor] arrived safely and that I now have it here. The project I'm using it for starts in two weeks and right now I'm wall-to-wall with another project so I haven't had the chance to play it properly yet or watch your DVD, but the instrument looks beautiful and I'm looking forward to getting familiar with it. I'll call or email you if I have any questions.

Many thanks,- Robert

A graduate of the UK Royal Academy of Music and an Emmy award nominee, Robert has scored over a hundred hours of documentary and fiction projects for such clients as BBC, National Geographic, PBS Nova, Discovery Channel and UK Channel 4.

"I just love that moment when what I'm writing and what I'm seeing on the screen come together and create something beyond them both. I think that's why the relationship between filmakers and composers is so interesting: we're both letting our work become part of something greater."

Robert Neufeld

3-11-09 South Australia

Hi Brad,
Delighted to get the pan-flute [Tenor], book DVD good order today.
The package arrived at the Post Office yesterday but we were away, so only able to collect it later today.
Can see it will present a complete new learning challenge.
Thanks again,

3-9-09 Hong Kong, China

Dear Brad and Melinda,

I would like to inform you that the panflute arrived today safe and sound. Thank you so much. It is great, and you are efficient!

Once again thanks...I shall try it tomorrow as I have been taken up by something today.


3-7-09 Montreal, Quebec Canada

Hi Melinda

You and Brad are wonderful! I have never purchased something on-line with such an extraordinary service.... You are extraordinary business people...

If you collect testimonies or if there is anywhere on-line that I could put a review for your services, I will be more than happy to do so...

Warmest Regards &  Thanks a million

3-7-09 Cornwall, Ontario Canada

Hi Brad and Melinda. I've just received my tenor pan flute. It made my day as I was expecting it sometime next week. Beautiful instrument! Thanks again for your excellent service. Well, got to go now, there is a pan flute that has travelled a long way and is waiting to be learned and played.


3-6-09 Pennsylvania USA

Melinda and Brad,

I received my panflute [Grand Tenor] in today's post. It was extremely well packed
and arrived here safe and sound. It is beautiful! I am on the edge of my seat waiting to go home and try it out. Thank you so much! I am sure that it will bring much pleasure for many years to come. I also wanted to thank you for the tutorial DVD that you included in the
package. That will be a great help in learning this new instrument.

Kathleen W
Mill Village, PA

3-3-09 Singapore

I have received the flute on the morning of Saturday 28 Feb [5 days], Singapore Time.
The flute is great! Thank you.

3-2-09 Santa Fe New Mexico

Dear Sir,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for the pan flute, I love it! Once it arrived and I opened the box I could not take my eyes off of it. I am looking forward to learning to play this fine instrument. Thank you!
Alfred G. P

2-26-09 Calgary Canada

Hi Melinda / Brad
Just to let you know - the GT arrived safely on Tuesday 24 Feb. 2009.   Thanks for the quick delivery.
It sounds great - I love it! I know I am going to have many years of fun with it.
All the best ..
Mark B

2-24-09 Ontario Canada

Dear Brad and Melinda,

Thanks so much for your awesome service. I can tell that your are in this for the love of the instrument and not just the money and that you like to treat your customers as individuals rather than a number on the system.

I could not believe it when I send a question and got an E-mail in 5 minutes with the answer. Thanks for keeping me updated throughout the ordering process. I will let you know when it arrives. Looking forward to learning this wonderful instrument.
God Bless,

2-22-09 Western Australia

Hi Brad and Melinda,
Just to let you know that the panflutes, book and CD arrived on Thursday [5 days] - faster than I can get mail from eastern Australia!   Have had fun trying them out; being a flute player resulted in instant results that were relatively pleasing to the ear!  Will get down to serious learning in the next few weeks. 
Many thanks for your assistance and very prompt service.

2-20-29 Texas

Hi Brad & Melinda!
I got my PAN FLUTE today. It looks exceptional, well crafted, good quality; I love it!
I played a few note, how wonderful! This instrument has a heavenly sound.

Thank you!


2-18-09 Germany

Hi Brad and Melinda

Both Panflutes arrived [2 Grand Tenors] and we are very impressed by the quality. My wife finds you absolutely pleasant and has good feeling with you to make transactions

Thank you very much for the quick delivery and a great instrument.

Beautiful weekend in Germany

Gabi and Ollie

2-17-09 Victoria Australia

Hi Brad and Melinda.

Just a short note of thanks and to let you know that my "starter's package" arrived in today's mail.

It only took five days from ordering it to receiving it here in Victoria Australia.

I am most excited and grateful for your great service and I am looking forward to getting some time alone to try to get familiar with the new pan flute.
Kindest regards to you both
Merv' Daye
Down under.

2-15-09 Essex UK

Hi Melinda,

Just to let you know that the beautiful Fun Pipes arrived on Wednesday - so fast and easy.  I thank you so much and wish you continued happiness and success.

I found your video on you tube and didn't even finish watching it before I went straight to your site and bought your fun pipes. I'm really excited about them, they sound and look wonderful.

With many good wishes,

2-13-09 South Carolina USA

Oh Brad and Melinda!  I’m so thrilled to FINALLY have a pan flute!!  It’s beautiful!!  Can hardly wait to watch your lessons on the DVD.  I did watch two on YouTube, but not having the instrument in my hands made it less understandable!  I will keep you posted re: progress made…I was quite excited when I first put it to my lips, but then, I was finally able to get air moving smoothly across all ten pipes to hear their sound. 

You certainly want your customers to lack for nothing, especially by making yourself so readily available!  If I have friends interested in pursuing playing a pan flute, I will certainly be telling of my own experience with you and your wife...and your company.  

May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands, 
Thank you again!  And Aloha!
Ellen Childers

2-12-09 Firenze Italy

Hi Melinda,

The panflute is arrived today (8 hours ago)
thanks, I'm trying to play it.

It's a great instrument.

Michele Banci

2-12-09 Singapore

Dear Melinda and Brad,
Hi and I'd like to say that I have collected your package [tenor & alto] pan flute from the post yesterday....
Wow,... looks beautiful and I love it, and I wished I had order the fun pipes as well
...well perhaps in April will do that..

Thank You - Dorean

2-11-09 Sweden

Hello Melinda and Brad!
My panplute arrived today! I got my panflute today 11/2. I am so happy but i cant play a single tone yet but i'll just keep trying! The panflute was in good shape and looked beautiful atleast! Thank you :) Amanda

2-10-09 Russia

Greetings, mr. White.
 I received my pan-flute today. Thank you very much again. Its sound is just wonderful!


2-7-09 Pennsylvania

Aloha !  Thank you very much for my grand tenor ! I love your pan flute, the sound is amazing and better even than on my pan flute made from bamboo. What kind of wood do you use for the frame, it is nice looking and I just wanna to now the name. Thanks ! Alex. Ukrainian Folk Artist


Hi Alex, the band is made in full from a dark Brazillian Ipe wood.  Very strong and helps with the over all structural strength of the instrument ... brad

2-5-09 Spain

I dont know if you remember me but my name is Vital Mezery and three or four month ago I bought from you a Grand tenor pan flute. I am from Spain.

Well, since then I do play the pan flute much better then I did with my Andean flute.
Sounds much better and wonderful when recording.
When I wrote you then I said that I produce my own music and I was working on the first album of my musical project called "make me see". Well, yesterday it was presented on the online market at Cdbaby. com

Unfortunately  there are no pan flute recordings on it because when I was recording i didnt have my pan flute yet. But on the second and third album there are!! :)

I really enjoy playing the pan flute, thank you.

Vital Mezery.

2-3-09 Sweden

Hi Brad Alessandro here,

I just want to notify you that the swedish post office in Karlskoga received the pan flute at 30/01/2009. Though i was in Stockholm over the weekend i coulden't pick it up, but i was there this morning and i just wanna tell you, i'm 1000% satisfied about the flute, it's so beautiful and it's in one piece :).

I have just now taken a brake from playing tho i did get dizzy.
Thanks for everything, and tell your wife that she did a great job with the packing!


2-3-09 Florida USA

I just wanted to tell you that I received the panflute today. It it in excellent shape.

I will enjoy the panflute, my mom used to have one and I loved to play with it but the reeds were cracked. I have looked all over the internet and have found that yours sound and look the absolute best!! So thank you.!

1-30-09 Texas USA

Hi Brad and Melinda,
Thank you I received my panflute yesterday, in great condition.  It is so beautifully made and I HAVE to try it everytime I walk past it.

Must thank you Brad for your DVD.  First I thought there was something wrong with the panflute's high notes.  Then later in the afternoon I got very dizzy (and worried).
I sat down and watched your DVD only to find out it was normal.

Like I said I think this is going to be much harder than anticipated but once I hit a good note it sounds great! It looks like fun and I will give myself some time. You make it look so easy.  
Thanks again 

------- 3 days later 2-1-09

Hi there Brad,
Just to let you know I have found the high notes, just 3 days later!  Must say I find it very addictive.
I am even playing basic tunes and loving it. 
Thanks again, what a beautiful instrument.

1-29-09 Queensland Australia

Thankyou for the Grand tennor that I bought, I really like it.
I am just emailing to let you know that it got here safely (quite a while ago) and I am very happy with it. I think it got here round about the 30th of Dec just in case you're wondering.
Thanks again

1-28-09 Las Vegas USA

Hello Brad,

I am Alexander. I bought a couple of pan flutes from you for my Lion King audition in Las Vegas. I got the job!

Thank you for your help.

1-27-09 United Arab Emirates

Hey Melinda

You asked me to let you know when I receive the fun pipes and I just did (7th - 27th Jan).
Thank you.

- Yomna ElBanna

1-26-09 Stoney Creek Ontario Canada

Hi Melinda & Brad
My panflute arrived today.  Actually I was not home for a few minutes on Friday and of course, that was when the panflute arrived.  The postlady left a note on my door but I had to wait for Monday to pick it up.   I am enjoying watching the DVD and learning the techniques so my smiley is a little sore now.  I feel like I am growing dimples :)   I am very happy with the quality of my instrument and look forward to the time when playing comes easily as I know it eventually will.    (Learning the harp gave me sore fingers for awhile).   Thanks again for the prompt shipping and I will be visiting your website often.
Ruth Ann

1-25-09 Quebec Canada

Hi, Mr.White
I received my 18 pipes panflute on january 23, and it sounds great !
Wow! Hawaï to Repentigny in 6 days.

Thanks to you and Melinda for the high quality panflute and also for the service.
It's always a pleasure to make buisness with passionate people. And we can see that in your work. I already played piano and trumpet and after 1 day I can play a whole scale with clear note. But they're a long way to get expressive play like yours. 

Send you soon a post on my progress.
Yves Trépanier
From Quebec, Canada

1-23-09 Israel

Hi Brad,
The [starting] package arrived yesterday. It included all that you promised and was packed really good.

Immediately I started working with the book and the guidelines you sent me and I am proud to tell I managed to play the 1st song in the book after 1 hour of practice :)
As my wife plays the drums we tried playing it together and were really happy when it came nice together :)
Thank you for all your fast replies during my explorations on the pan flute!
I will keep in touch (and with questions :)  ).
Thank you!

1-22-09 Sweden

Hello Brad,
this afternoon, 22 January, I got my Tenor pan-flute. I have liked pan-flutemusic since I first heard Gheorghe Zamfir play in the 1970´s but never thought of playing myself as I heard it should be so difficult... So here I am thinking of playing the pan-flute at age 50 (soon) puuhh.... Wish me luck (will probably be a lot of questions in the future)
Yours, Anita, Sweden

1-19-09 Italy

Hello Mr and Mrs White, I want to inform you that the grand tenor
pan-flute has arrived, all ok, without problems.

It's fantastic!!!

Many thanks also for your regards (CD and DVD).

Have a nice day my dear friends. Thank for all.

Maurizio - Italy.

1-18-09 California USA

A very good day to you Brad!!

I ordered your 18 pipe tenor, it was a Wednesday and I received it here in California on Friday. Fast delivery for sure, I am so glad I ordered this instrument from you. The pipe arrived in perfect condition and sounds great,  looks very nice and is well made. In the few days of practicing I have noticed great improvement and sincerely enjoy playing this instrument.

For those who may read this letter, I would like to say that Brad is not only a good business man but a good person as well. It is a rare quality now days when dealing with someone over the Internet. He will talk to you until you have ran out of questions and treats you just the same even after you have purchased the instrument.

Brad, I wish you and your wife the best that  life may have to offer. Its great buying something from someone that deserves my business, feeling that you got your moneys worth and actually enjoying what you bought. I will keep in touch with you once in a while and hopefully get some tips from you. Thanks again for the wonderful service and product you have provided.

Best wishes,

1-16-09 Maylaysia

Dear Melinda,

I have received my pan flute today.  It reached my post office last 14 Jan
2009, 7 days after it was mailed.  As a beginner, I was so excited when I
personally took the mail from the post office and tried to play my first
tone from the pan flute in my journey back to my house. After watching
Brad's DVD, I began to understand the pan flute better. I believe with the
DVDs and books, I will be getting along with the pan flute just fine.  There
was no additional cost for in getting your mail from the post office.

Thank you for your anticipation and making my dream comes true. At last, I
have owned myself a pan flute.

Send my regards to Brad.

Warm and Best regards. - Abdul

1-12-09 Luxembourg

Hello Mr. White.

I just want to let you know that the panflute arrived today at my home.
I'm looking forward to playing it on the weekend.
I thank you for answering all of my questions and helping me choose the right flute.
Also want to say that I'm very happy that everything went so easy, without any problems.

Aloha :-) Christian

1-12-09 New York USA

I received my flute [18-pipe tenor] today, Monday..Very fast service.
Sounds great, and I can get good sound out of all pipes.
Thanks again, mike m

1-12-09 Pennsylvania USA

Aloha Brad ! I just got the Panflute from you. Thanks a lot!

It is a little easier to make half steps [sharps & flats] on yours, maybe because you sand off the edges, I did not on my previous panflute.

The Pan flute is looking great  and sound is very nice and easy to re-tune.

Thanks. God bless you. Alex

1-11-09 Western Australia

Hi Brad & Melinda,
Just letting you know the Panflute, DVD & Music book arrive this afternoon at 2.00pm (WST) Monday 12th January 2009.
Everything arrive in good condition in the box you sent it in.
If I can get to sound like you, I'll be rather pleased with myself. (Something to work on)
Many thanks
David Stockbridge

1-11-09 Quebec Canada

Thank you very much my wife really appreciated the pan flute, and the dvd!!! She is now practicing daily!!! Thank you for your incredible professional service and fast shipping!!! Hope to do buisness with you again soon!!!
Papineau Evelyne and Oregel Jean-François

1-9-09 Nova Scotia Canada

The panflute has arrived, it is awesome, and my daughter is overjoyed.
thanks for everything,

1-8-09 California USA

You rock! Thank you so much.

You have the best customer service ever. It is very much appreciated!


1-8-09 Arizona USA


I received My new flute [Grand Tenor] and also the book. The Flute is perfect and I'm having a great time getting acquainted with it.

Thank You'

1-7-09 Australia

hey Brad, its Shane from Australia, recently placed order with you I think on the 30th or 31st of december for 10 piece pentatonic panflute. Just letting you know it came in the mail today being the date 7th of January, 2009. Thanks Brad

1-6-09 Birkeland Norway

Hi Brad,

I am very pleased to inform you that I received the Grand Tenor flute today.
It took exactly 14 days, and that over the Holidays, to get it here, not

The flute survived the travel very well and it is a beautiful instrument,
thank you.
The first scales have already been played on it...perhaps not cleanly, but
at least there were some tones!

I look forward to start familiarizing myself with the different practicing
techniques to get a comfortable way to play this wonderful instrument. I
will likely concentrate on the middle scale at first since it seems easier
to progress with clean tones and establish good breathing and blowing
techniques in that scale.

The book looks like a very informative and complete intro to playing the
pan-flute, and the included CD is a big plus.

I am sure I will have questions on specific issues as I discover areas where
I need some assistance.

Best regards,

Helge Larsen

1-5-09 Colorado USA

Hi Melinda,
The pan flute [Grand Tenor] arrived today (Monday)- wow, that was fast shipping!  I didn't expect to see it until later in the week.  Impatient person that I am, I took it straight out of the box to play before looking at anything else, and was pleased at how responsive it is, even though this is my first wind instrument.  It looks and feels very well made, and could make resonant, accurate pitches without much fussing on my part (yes, I had my Korg tuner on the table as I played, so I could see the notes!).  After watching the DVD with me, my 6-year-old daughter wanted to try, and she, too, could make several well-pitched tones right off the bat.  I think we're going to have a lot of fun with this (though the chromatics look tricky)- I'll keep you posted on my progress and let you know if I have any problems.

I have been browsing your website for a few weeks after stumbling across one of your You Tube videos.  While I have long admired the beautiful sound of the pan pipes, you’ve really caught my interest and imagination to try playing myself.  This past year I took up a different “dream” instrument- the Celtic harp- through a local folk/ roots music school, and encouraged by some success there, am eager to try another.  I have some musical background: I am a lifelong classical music chorister currently singing with a symphony chorus and play piano OK (I’m no virtuoso), so I can read music as well as play by ear, and love creating music as much as I love listening to it.  I also love the idea of giving my children (ages 3 and 6) an appreciation of hands-on, live, acoustic music, especially at home.

Thank you and Aloha,
Jayne Conrad

12-31-08 Knin Croatia

Hello Brad

Today is 31.12 and I receive pan flute, and I am very happy for that.
Everything is ok. Thanks for extra DVD.
Pan flute is a gift for my mother. She love this sound an she like to know playing that, That instrument is Christmas present for her.
Her name is Renata.
My english is so bad and I have no words to say thanks, and I am very unhappy because i don t know you, but who knows, someday?.......
To you and your family very happy moments in New Year


12-30-08 Iowa USA


Found your website yesterday.  I have always been facinated with the sound of the pan flutes.   I am a musician and want to learn.  So I purchased your Fun Pipes today.  Your introduction and playing them for a beginner was just awesome.  I wasn't sure what to get. But since you were playing them I thought that might be best for me  a beginner.  I can always go up right?   Anyway I didn't really want anything.  I was just so inspired by your demos and website  I just had to say what a GOOD JOB!!!  If I have any questions etc. I will be sure to e-mail you.  Thanks for the inspiration.

12-29-08 Kent UK

Hi Brad!! I have just received my Panflute. (wow!! That was quick) [less than a week]

I can't wait to learn to play it, but I am sure it is not as easy as you make it look, but I will enjoy it. The instrument is lovely, thank you, speak to you again.

Regards / Happy New Year, Brian

12-29-08 New Orleans USA

Dear, Melinda and Brad,

                        The pan-flute arrived here safely last Tuesday, it really is beautiful!  Practicing since Thursday I can find a tone in each pipe, although Amelle's expression is more of curiosity when I play as opposed to pleasure when she hears Brad play on the computer.

We hope you are having a nice Holiday Season, I attached some photos we took for our Christmas card.  Thank you for your previous reply and for your interest in us.


Thank you for all your personal touches and kindness, it really makes this even more of a wonderful experience!
                                                              Happy Holidays!
                                                                                      Amelle, Katherine, and Mark

12-28-08 Colorado USA

Aloha Brad & Melinda...

Happy New Year! I received my new panpipes! Thank You! When I opened the box, I was very pleasantly surprised at the fine quality and beauty of your instruments! It feels "SOLID" in my hand, unlike others I have seen and held.

The pride that The Pan-Flute Shop takes in their craftsmanship is greatly appreciated, hence, making any future flute purchases from you, a certainty.

Thanks again for your courtesy, timely service, and of course, your fine panflutes!

S. Costa
Western Slope-Colorado  

12-27-08 Las Vegas Nevada USA

Hello Brad,

The Flutes came today in the mail, thank you! They are very nice in sound and appearance.

Again, thank you for your help!

Laraine Kaizer

[Bachelors Degree in Music, Violin Studies, from Bradley University; a Masters Degree from Indiana University, where she studied with Mauricio Fuks; and completed a Doctorate at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music]

12-26-08 Virginia USA

Hello, Brad
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. We all did here.
My son, Joshua, was THRILLED (and a bit stunned) when he opened the panflute!  Within a few minutes, he had figured out The First Noel, and then Amazing Grace.  It is a beautifully crafted instrument, with a wonderfully soothing sound!
My question is this:  We saw a video clip with you playing a piece from Lord of the Rings.  Where could we find that sheet music?  That is Joshua’s all-time favorite movie series, and he is itching to be able to play some of the music.  Any direction you could give would be appreciated.  Thanks!

---------- Hi Cristy, have him take a look at the "Free Sheet Music" section of my shop. Its there with about 50 other pieces :) Aloha .. Brad

12-24-08 Michigan USA

Thank You!!

Just wanted to let you know that I have received both pan flutes. [18 & 22 pipe Tenors]
Both looking and sounding great. - Mario

I don't want to brag but I am an experienced player.
I've been playing the pan flute for about 17 years.
I've been looking for a real good instrument.

12-23-08 Saskatchewan Canada

Dearest Brad and Melinda,
Just wanted to let you know that the two pan-flutes we ordered arrived to
our door on SUNDAY, Dec.21 when it was minus 50 degrees with the windchill.
That means it was really only minus 36 degrees but with the wind it felt
like minus 50. Hence your exposed skin would freeze in minutes. So a little
insight into how far your pan-flutes travelled under extreme conditions!
As soon as the box arrived I took it over to my parent's home as they had
the grandchildren there for their Christmas party and my parents wanted to
give my daughter and my nephew a pan-flute for Christmas. (They are long
time Zamfir fans). The children opened up the box and imagine everyone's
delight to find that you had wrapped each item with Christmas paper and
added a candy cane! The Christmas card was an extra fun bonus as my children
listen to an old Christmas song on a variety cd called "Melle Kelekanuka".
My parents and entire family were thrilled which, just to add further to a
very long message, meant so much as my father is very ill and my mom just
got out of the hospital with heart surgery. I have told so many people about
the amazing service you provided when we ordered and now I have more to add
to that with the personal touch you added to our package. (The candy canes
didn't even break!)
Brad and Melinda - words cannot express our gratitude for your very personal
and excellent service. We pray that you have a beautiful Christmas and
always know that your work is appreciated and certainly made a difference to
this Canadian family.

12-23-08 Utah

Hi Brad and Melinda,
I thought you might like to see a picture of your Pan Flute in use.  We had such an amazing time and the kids worked so hard to make this show a success!  Our Peter Pan (Cheryl Davis) learned a beautiful lullaby on the Pan Flute and I incorporated it into the show!  Thanks for making such a wonderful instrument.  It meant so much to our Peter Pan, that I let her keep it after the show closed.  It will be a treasured keepsake for her.  Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for sharing your talents with us!
Mark Daniels
Theatre Department
Weber High School

12-23-08 Estonia

Hei Melinda and Brad !

The flute arrived yesterday with no troubles. First of all - thank You for
the IZ music :-) That was a great surprise. I really love IZ's Music, but
unfortunately no-one knows him here in Estonia. (weel - actually some
people know now...).

Couple of things about the panflute.
I really do love it. Amazing - how can you keep the price so low ?
I compared it to my other panflutes and here's what I think.

I have the "Black-Beauty" panflute from Svart Ovidiu (O&M panflutes). It
looks very nice, I really like the dark colour. It's not a cheap
flute, it has also 22 tubes, but it goes three tones lower (starts with
I really do like the sound of Black-Beauty.

Comapring these two together - Your flute looks smaller and is more
comfortable for me to hold. The sound of Your flute is a lot stronger and
Even in the very low notes it does not lose the "colour" of the sound and
the overall sound balance between high and low notes is much better. 
Tubes of Your flute are not so wide like tubes of "Black Beauty" but the
walls of tubes are thicker. It makes Your flute smaller and (most
important) easyer to play !
Really - I can't get clear and shiny note in the low end of "Black
Beauty". The low notes sort of "fade away" and it needs a lot of air...
No such problem with Your flute !
The overall response of Your flute is also much better than the response
"Black Beauty".
I 'm really surprised.
All in all I think that Your flute is much better in very meny points
compared to "Black Beauty", but the price is less than a half of the "BB"!

Compared to my Preda (22 tube tenor, starting with G - 5 notes higher than
Your flute) - the sound of Your flute is brighter, but not so sharp. Preda
does not have that "sparkle" or "whisper" and sound more like whistle or
flute. Higher notes of preda are stronger and maybe the response is
better, but it's very easy to overblow the higher part preda and the
sound is a little too sharp sometimes. No such problem with you flute. I
guess I can give a better forte with preda in higher parts, but You flute
has more balanced sound and it's very easy to play. The tubes of
preda are smaller so it gives more dynamics, but you must have very good
training and control of your lips..


[Tommy is a well known full time professional muscian in Estonia]

12-20-08 Minnesota USA

Melinda and Brad,
Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful customer service. My mother is so excited to be getting this! I'm sure she will be in touch.
Mele Kalikimaka!

12-19-08 New Orleans USA

Hello, my name is Marc, Amelle's dad for who you mailed the $100 pan-flute student package. Thank you for the two e-mails; yes the address is correct.  Amelle is 4 and half months old, and recently I became, to my great joy, a stay at home father while my wife went back to work after her maternity leave.  Amelle is our first child, and since she was born (even before!) we have been singing to her which she responds to enthusiastically.  I soon discovered she enjoyed all sorts of sounds, so this Christmas I purchased a small collection of instruments, mostly inexpensive, like a recorder, kazoo, slide whistle, a melodihorn, some bird calls and a jaw harp-the jaw harp took me quite awhile to catch on to,and she loves it!-some of these I've been practicing already and all of which I am committed to learning for my own self-improvement and for her learning skills and entertainment! It is a lot of fun!  Last week I was looking at your pan-flute web-site and one of Brads musical selections was playing as I was walking through the room with her, she began craning and bobbing her head as if to see where the sounds were coming from, then awhile later she was in her chair as the music continued playing and she was smiling and laughing, I knew this was an instrument I should learn as well.
                          thank you again, we're looking forward to receiving it
                                          Fondly, amelle and marc

12-17-08 California USA

Hi Brad. How are you? I am the person that lives in California from Hawaii. My name is Donald and I bought a 22 pipe left hand tenor from you. I just love this instrument and play it every day. The 22 pipe is so nice because it has such a wide range of notes that accommodates almost any tune I play.

I have finally got to the point of mastering the tune that turned me onto the pan flute to begin with. It's the 'Lonely Shephard.' Also have been expanding my versatility with other tunes.

Thanks Brad for inspiring me, and to make it possible for me to learn this instrument.


12-17-08 Italy

Good morning Mrs. and Mr. White,
Thank you very much for the informations and the presents that you wanted to
include to the Grand Tenor pan-flute. I will inform you as soon as the package
will come in Italy. No matter the time it takes to get there but will be more appreciated for your thoughts and your kindness.
I take this opportunity to wish both Merry Christmas and a better new year.
Take care my dear friends, Aloha and Ciao...

12-16-08 Maine USA

[Catherine's father always wanted a panflute. He is very ill and she hope this will help inspire him to get well and play. ]

Hi Brad,

I received my father's flute yesterday as well as the other gifts.  Thank
you so very much.  This is really going to lift his spirits up.  Today he
was able to talk so it was great to hear his voice~!  He has been off the
breathing machine for 2 days now!  That truly has been a wonderful Christmas
present on its own!  He is still in the intensive care unit, but making
small improvements everyday.  I think he will have the strength to open the
presents on his own on Christmas.  It probably will be awhile before he can
actually play the panflute, but his respiratory reserves are getting better
and better everyday.   He still has the tracheostomy in, but it is temporary
and when he see's the flute I know he will progress faster wanting to play
it!!!  I will keep you informed and thanks so much for your thoughts and
prayers.  We are getting a Christmas miracle this year!!!

A blessed holiday season to you and yours,

12-13-08 Manitoba Canada

Yesterday, I have received the 22-piped Grand Tenor Panflute and I am very pleased with it. Thanks so much for all your help and support.
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year,
Marcel from Canada

12-11-08 Ohio USA

Hi Brad,

I received the pan flute I ordered yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you again for all your help.  It came beautifully wrapped and with a delightful card, which I didn't expect.  I also didn't expect the kind note on the box of the pan flute (I did open it to make sure nothing had broken during shipping).

Thank you so much for all your help.  Nick will be so excited when he sees his new instrument.

All the best,

P.S.  The grocery store flying you used as packing material was interesting! I've never been to Hawaii, and I loved seeing the different variety of things for sale and how things were just a touch more expensive. Oh well.  You guys get sun and sand, and us Clevelanders get snow and slush:)

12-10-08 Alberta Canada

I have just received the new 15 pipe panflute and book today. I am very pleased with it. The high quality is what I have come to enjoy from your flutes. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to you, Brad and your family.

12-9-08 Tennessee USA

Hi Brad,
I just wanted to thank you and Melinda for your prompt service AND the beautiful presentation. I didn\'t expect it to come wrapped! My wife knew what was inside, so she dove into the packages right away - an early Christmas around our house. Your DVD is very helpful. The craftsmanship on the flute is great! The sound couldn\'t be more perfect or exotic. I\'m a guitar picker, and can\'t wait to accompany her and her new pan flute. Thanks so much, and mele kalikimaka!
Mahalo nui loa

Ron and Yvonne

PS - we also own all of your CDs. Good - no great, listening!

12-8-08 Las Vegas USA

Hello Brad,
I received the flutes today. Thank you so much!! I am really looking forward to getting to know them and working with them! I really appreciate all the help you've given me. I will definitely be in touch if I have any questions!
Megan Lanz
Secretary - Las Vegas Flute Club

[ Megan Lanz (B.M. University of North Texas, M.M. University of Nevada Las Vegas) is a doctoral student in flute performance at UNLV where she is currently a Primary Instructor for Music Appreciation classes. She has had the opportunity to play with the Las Vegas Philharmonic and the Nevada Conservatory Theatre (Fiddler on the Roof), as well as great artists such as Linda Eder, Bebe Neuwirth, Dr. Peter Schickele (P.D.Q. Bach), Hillary Hahn, and a Broadway cast from Jekyll & Hyde.]

12-6-08 Delaware USA

Brad, Thank you very much for getting the flute to me in a speedy fashion. Thank you as well for having it nicely wrapped and ready to go. Although I would have liked to have played it myself before handing it over to Mom (just kidding). I'm sure she will have many years of enjoyment and inspiration from this. I couldn't have found a better person to get this from than the crafter himself. Happy Holidays!  Aloha, Bill

12-4-08 UK

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my panflute today and I am
thrilled with it. I brought it for a gift for my partner for Christmas but
couldn't resist having a little go before wrapping it... Sounds excellent &
surprisingly easy to play... I think he will be really pleased!

I also wanted to personally thank you for offering an excellent service
(something that we rarely experience here in the UK). I am extremely
impressed with your personal response, your products and the packaging and
delivery. You can be absolutely certain that if I want to purchase any
further panflutes or related products, I will definitely come back to you.

I will keep you posted with my partner's progress.

Thank you

Kindest Regards


12-3-08 Los Angeles USA

day one my arm hurt , my lip hurt , my throat hurt all because of that pan flute you sent me. honestly the best thing i ever bought online or otherwise.
i practice anywhere from 30 minutes to hours on and off. yea i know dont over do it.but i have a secret mission even my new wife doesnt know about.
one day hope fully by this next summer i plan on taking her to Kauai and before going there i hope to buy you dinner and play a song or two with ya.
well thats a goal anyway. i try hard but not as good as i want to be i improve everyday and listen to your music everyday before and during my practice.
you make it look so easy. and also play with a passion i try to duplicate.its barely been a month i think i will keep you informed of my progress. on day i will give you a ring so you can hear me and give me some pointers.
the sounds you get i can not get yet but i will. one thing i do have is patience and determination. i shall persevere in my endeavor
i hope your lungs and lips are insured ...
talk to you soon...
oh i left a comment on one of your sites ...metacafe i think...

brad white and the pan flute

attention all those thinking about ordering a pan flute from brad white.
1. before he even put it in the mail he called me.
2. when it was put in the mail he or his wife or both i think e- mailed me.
3. it got to me in 3 days
4. it was one of the nicest pan flutes i have ever seen.
5. he wrote a personnel best wishes on the box.
6. it sounded beautiful and still does even tho i am a rookie.
it says start 15 minutes a day .hahahaha good luck with that. i cant put it down.
so stop thinking order it from brad. i looked at many other ones. with out a doubt best bang for your buck. i just wish i could play as good as day i will..... 15 minutes to start........hahahaha more like careful it will consume every moment. thanks brad

12-1-08 Texas

Just wanted to let you know I recieved the Grand Tenor today - amazing how fast it got here!!!  Thank you so much - I opened it to check it - it's beautiful!   I can't wait to hear my son learn to play it! 
Thanks again for your prompt service!  I'm sure we'll have questions after Christmas!  Until then -
Happy Holidays!

11-29-08 Virginia USA

Hello Melinda and Brad,

I picked up the flute [Grand Tenor] yesterday and went straight to it with the Puscoiu book.  It took me quite a while to get a clean tone out of the instrument, but I finally got there when I gathered what Puscoiu was talking about with the tongue.  My wife Brandi on the other hand appears to be a natural and got good tones out of the flute with her first attempt (straight out of the box with no instruction)!  I couched her through a reading of one of the melodies from the Puscoiu text and now I think that she may want to take up the instrument as well.

I took up the instrument in practice again this morning and watched your DVD Brad.  It helped to reinforce the embouchure but most important for me was your explanation of appropriate breathing in which you made use of your hands.  This was quite good.  I often heard "breath from the diaphragm" during my days in chorus, but to be told that doesn't really get it.  I finally figured out what this meant some time ago, but I was missing a piece that I think you and Puscoiu put into perspective.  That is the resistance needed to sustain.  If I understand you guys right, and I think I do, this is going to help a lot.

Well, thanks for the pipes!  They sound great when I can manage to pull myself into line or when my wife takes her hand to the task!  I look forward to improving and making some music.


11-25-08 Russia

Hi Melinda!
Today I has received a parcel.
PanFlute very beautiful (I do not know how to transfer completely impressions in English :-) I'm watching  now Brad's  DVD, all  explain well and clearly. He is the good teacher :-)
Thanks to You and Brad !Thanks!! :)
Yours faithfully, Maria.

11-20-08 Victoria Australia

Hi Brad,
    The Grand Tenor arrived safe and sound this morning my time [ 5 days].
Not bad service at all! Thanks for everything.
    The only drawback is just how much technique I seemed to have lost in the past few months and years, but I'll get it back.
    I'm going to sit down with a nice cup of tea and watch every second of your DVD
(I've already read the instructions).
    My next few days are going to be a steep re-learning curve.
    Here we go....!
    Thanks again for the excellent web site and service.

ps... In answer to your question about what music I play, it is mainly Celtic music. I'm known mainly for my voice but I also play eight instruments and the kind of instrumentals I play lend themselves beautfully to the pan flute

11-19-08 Alberta Canada

Hello , My name is Ben Khorshidnam, living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada,
fell in love with the sound of Panflute the moment I heard it in a local
trade show by a group of south American musicians. A little research online
lead me to Brad White,,,, After talking to Brad couple of times on the phone
before I do any purchase, I sensed his integrity and honesty and also his
passion about playing Panflute was evident.
So After a lot of research and figuring out how expensive a good quality
panflute can be, I went back to Brad`s website and purchased his starting
Brad,, Thanks a lot for your honesty, first class service, and quality
You make me feel that you are always there waiting for my call or email, it
is unbelievable. When I got my panflute (15 pipe),, the first thing I did,
grabbed it and blew in it,, right out of the box,,, Bingo,, the sounds are
coming out with the least effort,, compare to a Synthetic pipes I had
before, which by the way it was most discouraging instrument,,,,, man what a
I STRONGLY suggest any beginner to not shop anywhere else,, since Brad`s
products are UN_BEATABLE in price and quality.
The Instruction book and DVDs are a real help too.
Aloha Brad.
Greetings from Canada....
Cant wait till I grow out of this panflute and get your Grand Tenor.

11-18-08 Redondo Beach USA

Thanks so much!
Nick’s Panflute arrived today (with the Book and DVD).  
They were holiday gift wrapped so beautifully!  Thanks!
    -deb ivons


That's great Deb, Melinda loves to gift wrap them :) - brad

11-18-08 New York USA

Fantastic !
I received everything today, and just couldnt stop playing...
the lonely shepherd is a little hard for the moment but i can almost play "may it be" entierly yet. I just have a big problem with sharps. But im working on it.
What a nice instrument. Thank you again for making me discovere it.

11-17-08 Alberta Canada

Aloha Brad,
I got my Panflute this morning and let me tell you something., I could never
believe what a high quality panflute I am buying,, I THANK YOU VERY VERY
MUCH for your first class service, high quality instrument, and your
supports. I LOVE my panflute,, and YES I do enjoy it as much as you do.
I appreciate your honesty and friendly support.
I`ll be in touch when questions arise.
All the best to you and yours.


11-17-08 Louisiana USA

Hi Brad
I got the pan flute in yesterday. I have learned how to blow across the pipes, how much I don't know, and how much time I will be spending learning to know what I don't know.
I am excited!!!!!  I am excited to learn all about the pan flute and how it will respond to the way I play it.

Thanks Brad, I'll keep intouch.

11-16-08 Yorkshire UK

Hello there, Brad and Melinda.

I thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know how I'm doing with my panflute. Because I'm already experienced with flutes, I picked up the panflute very quickly. I can get a really nice sound out of it.

And, I've discovered that the best way to play the panflute is to play it from your heart and your soul.  

Take care.


11-14-08 Prince George Canada

I just received my panflute today and it looks fantastic.I can't wait to get started and if I have any problems you can be sure you will hear from me.It only took 8 days to get here,well packed and in great condition.Thank you for such prompt service.
                                   Thank you again

11-13-08 New Jersey USA

I got the flutes [Grand Tenor & Pocket Pipes] and I must say they are beautifully crafted

Thanks again...


11-11-08 Australia

Many Thanks, Dear,

Pan Flute and CDs have arrived safely.
Thanking You Both for Your wonderful courtesy and 'hospitality'..... I believe I have been a guest.... and with the best business conduct with friendliness.
Warmest Wishes.  Janet.

11-9-08 Ontario Canada

Dear Brad/Melinda,
The pan flute arrived safely yesterday and I did not have to pay any customs charges. The instrument is beautiful and your instruction manual and DVD are an added bonus. Thanks a lot!!!

11-8-08 Singapore

I have received my panflute on 8 Nov 08. It took last than a week to arrive in Singapore.
Thanks so much for the prompt service. I have been practising with it. Will keep you updated.

11-6-08 Alberta Canada

Hello Melinda and Brad,
Let me tell you folks couple of things:
Even if the panflute comes broken into pieces,,, you have left a HUGE impression on my mind already. I cant believe your Honest, fast and supportive service. I`m really really impressed,, you make it like I feel i`m only a block away from you.
I love your service.,,, Cheers, Ben

11-6-08 Athen Greece

Hi Melinda,

I contact you to inform you and Brad, that my panflute just arrived. I am so very happy :). Thank you very much :D. Aloha! Alex

11-5-08 BC Canada

Hi Brad

Just received the flute today and I am very pleased with the craftsmanship.
You do a great job. I am starting to practice as soon as I am done this
email. All the best.

11-4-08 New York USA

Thanks for the shipping status on my Panflute.  My compliments to you and Brad.  I've never seen such personalized service in my life!  I look forward to receiving the package.  Thanks again! Bob

11-3-08 Florida USA

Hi Brad,
    Just wanted to let you how much I like the Grand Tenor. I haven't put it down since it arrived. I don't know anything about woodworking or intrument making but it's obvious that it is well made and amazing to look at. I'm already getting a good strong sound and playing the C scale two octaves.

Thanks, Eric

11-1-08 New York USA

Hi Melinda.....
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my panflute arrived yesterday and it's beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful service and product. I couldn't be happier......Terri

10-31-08 Utah USA

We couldn't be happier with the pan flute!  I will have to send you a picture of our little Peter Pan.  She watched the DVD and is playing the most beautiful and melodic lullaby!  Thanks again!
Mark D
Theatre Department
W High School

[I am directing a production of PETER PAN at our high school. Our production opens in less than a month and I would love to have our actress playing PETER PAN actually use it in the show to play a lullaby to the lost boys! ]

10-30-08 Florida USA

Hi Brad,
Just a line to let you know that my Pan flute arrived safe and sound today. From Honolulu to Westville in 3 days! Not bad at all. All I can say is "Wow". I couldn't be more satisfied with the Pipes [Grand Tenor] and I can't wait to get started. Also, thanks for the DVD.
Eric (I\'m a Tinwhistle and Fife player)

10-24-08 Spain


I have just received the pan flute [Grand Tenor] that I bought from you and I am really amazed! I didnt expect it to sound so good. Even my father, who didn't like the sound of my old panflute, said that he hears the difference very much.

The flute that I had until now was an Andean one that I modified. I changed the position of the tubes because I couldn't see the idea of having a narrow panflute with two lines of tubes. So I dismounted it and made it a one line stright flute. Well, the sound of the cheap bamboo loses it all.

My name is Vital Mezery and I am a drummer, also I play piano and pan flute, and I produce my own music. In the next few months, I will put to selling on the internet the first album of my musical project which is called  "Make me see".

Thank you very much!


10-23-08 Halifax Canada

Hi Melinda:

The pan flute arrived safely this morning and at no additional cost. Many thanks.

The instrument is beautifully made.

You are two very talented people.

Best regards and Aloha,


10-22-08 Uruguay

Dear Melinda and Brad:

I ve just received the package with my new and beautiful panflute,
the manual, the CD and one DVD. All in very good conditions.
I m very happy and I want to begin as soon as possible.
Aloha! - Jose

10-21-08 UK

(This is what he said before buying)

 I have bought and tried many pan flutes in the past but not happy with them I hope that if I purchase yours I will be satisfied, I know I will if your demos are true.]

------------ 10-21-08

Dear Melinda. Received the Pan flute today (Tues 21st) and delighted with the product and well packaged, may have a few questions to ask Brad but have every confidence in the product after a brief encounter.

Thanks very much and best regards.Roy

10-20-08 Italy

Hi Brad and Melinda,

The Panflute has arrived!
Wonderful instrument, I should write a lot about it, but I can't!
I must do my homework, exercises and exercises and exercises, so
I have no time to tell you about your musical jewel...
Now, I'm going to blow...
Thanks again.

10-19-08 Japan

Hello Melinda, hello Brad,

Just a brief note to thank you and let you know that
the pan flute arrived today (Sunday).  (The Japanese
postal service never ceases to surprise) [it took 4 days].

The panflute looks and feels great. I'll update you
on my progress,

Thanks again,

10-18-08 Alabama USA

Hello from Alabama......Received the Fun Pipes!! Quick service and great packaging!!! No music experience and already making some nice sounds. So.....thanks. Your DVD instructional guide is great and encouraging. Will pass on the great find. And also, just a note to say what a blessing to hear you Brad play "My Tribute". I somehow know that is your song!! I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I don't know of your personal beliefs , but trust me when I say that the ultimate Creator was please to hear you play that song. Thanks to you and yours(Melinda). All in the progress of musical pipes. Continue on the nice work you guys do. The postal service is excellent. ( My husband will be pleased. He is a postal worker in Montgomery, Al.) God best blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas and prosperous New Year.


10-10-08 Italy

Grazie Brad, Grazie Melinda

Today I received the pan-flute. Thank you both for your professionalism and seriousness. The pan-flute that I have received is very good and easy to play. I'm not a musician, it is a hobbie, and I do not even know the notes, but I can sing with this instrument! Thanks Brad, Thanks Melinda and we will email when I need something.

Aloha   Cordunianu

10-8-08 Oklahoma USA

   I received my panflute two days ago and all I have to say is WOW! The craftmanship is amazing and so is the sound. Thank you so much! I'm sure I will be placing orders in the future for family members, they are already in love with the sound. Thanks again!
Justin [I'm an accomplished flutist, native american flutist and guitar player. I majored in vocal music education from the University of Oklahoma and I love to sing.]

10-7-08 Singapore

Dear Mr White,

This is to inform you that the left-hand-low-notes Grand Tenor and Alto Pan-flutes you mailed me have arrived, in excellent condition. Thank you once again for your kind assistance. They are very well crafted and are a real pleasure to play.

Robert C

10-4-08 UK

From Kerry A (ALto - UK)

My panflute arrived today in great condition for such a long journey. thankyou love it!

10-4-08 Minnesota USA


We received the package (Grand Tenor) today. Everything is in great condition.

Let the practicing begin.


Brad Wright [I am new to pan flute but am accompished on the recorder (and formerly on trumpet). I would like to play some of that repertoire on pan flute so I would need 3 octaves. After 34 recorders, I have learned to start with a good model so I won\'t need to upgrade in 6 months.]

10-2-08 UK

Message: To Brad and Melinda.

Today, on the 2nd October, I received my Grand Tenor Pan Flute. I can't tell you how pleased I am. Both me and my Dad (Lynden) would like to thank you so, SO much. I was so excited when I came home from school. I opened up the package, and blew a few notes out of the flute straight away. The quality and tone of my new panflute is BEAUTIFUL. I really can't thank you enough. Maybe I'll get to play in my school concerts if I get good enough!

Again, thank you so much.

From Abby and Lynden

10-1-08 UK

Hi there Brad, great news. My Grand Tenor Panflute arrived today 1st October 2008 in the UK. It is absolutely fabulous. I just hope that one day I can play this panflute as brilliantly as you do. I can't thank you enough for your excellent service. Best wishes to you and Melinda from Linda.

9-29-08 Arizona USA

Hi Brad. I love my new pan flute. The tone is every bit as good as I expected. I have a question. Could you coach me a little on how to find the right hole at the right time? For example moving from a C to a G and finding the G easier. Not
being able to see the holes while playing makes it difficult.  Thanks.

Hi Mark,

It's really about learning/feeling the spacial distance between notes.. or intervals. Practice doing scales in 3rds, 4ths and 5ths. Sometimes a quicker motion is more accurate than hesitating and "thinking" too much.

It is one of the challenges of the panflute... but you will amazed at how much progress you will make if you practice intervals. Divide your time between just playing pieces.. and doing technical exercises. That combination is the key to getting really good.

Keep up the good work.. Pan On .. brad

9-29-08 New York USA

Ho Brad:
Terry, here I receive the alto pan flute and the CD's, and I am very pleased. I am enjoying listening to the CD's.
What make it so nice is that I am able to play along with some of the music. The harmony on the woodwinds is beautiful. And the piano "Wow". They are all great but I just love the "Winter's Journey" CD, it is out of this world. "Feliz Navidad" is another Wow! 
Thank you so much and you and yours have a happy holiday.


9-27-08 Illinois USA

Thank you for your help getting started with the lessons for playing the pan flute. Playing the DVD on a DVD player has really helped!!!  :)
I am already enjoying this instrument!  I finally got the knack on how to blow and get sound.  Now we will be practicing, practicing, practicing!
Thank you also for the CDs of your music.  They are beautiful.  Also, I think they will help me learn technique by listening to the instrument being played in various ways throughout the songs.
I am glad that I found your website and got such great service!  I can't wait to be able to play the pan flute with other instruments in our church group.
Have a wonderful weekend!

9-26-08 Missouri USA

Okay, 'thank you' does not begin to cover it all.  I am SO pleased with my flute.  I pulled it out of its box and put it to my lips and out came the sweetest note I've ever heard in my life.  I can't wait until I'm good enough to play in public!

The bottom octave is relatively easy, but I'm finding the top notes are a little harder.  My son told me that now that I have my flute, I can learn to play 'Jingle Bells' on it for him.  I play the piano so I know the notes and it wasn't hard to find them, but I never thought it would sound the way it does on the flute.

Again, thank you so much. I have a goal to learn to play every musical instrument ever invented before I die, and while I don't hold out much hope that this is realistically possible, you have brought me one step closer :)


9-25-08 North Carolina USA

Brad; My pan-flute came in today, my! What speed for usps! Its in perfect condition. I pulled it out of the box and played three hymns, before I laid it down. Of course, The sounds weren't correct, yet, But I will learn, and am excited about it all!

Thanks! Jack (73 years young)

9-18-08 Nevada USA

Hi Brad and Melinda:
I was so very impressed with the way you handled the delivery of my husband\'s flute and kept it mum without sending e-mails to the house or calling.  It was so much appreciated.

Unfortunately I am not so timely as you were with sending my husbands surprise birthday gift in the mail.  To get it 4 days from the time I called was unheard of.  

It was so much appreciated though and he just loves it.  

He has been playing it daily for 1-2 hours.  I think he will wind up being a good pan flute flutist.  He loves it.  He loves the flute and pretty much has given up guitar for now.

You both were so wonderfully patient about the shipping address and everything came out fine in the shipping of the beautiful pan flute.  We ordered the Grand Tenor.  It has a very good sound quality and that is very important to my husband Terry.

God Bless you two and thank you for blessing us.

Love, Terry and Janny Lang :)

9-16-08 Canada

Aloha Melinda and Brad!

I just want to tell you that my GrandTenor panflute has arrived today! It took about 2 weeks to get here, as expected. Everything is fine and in order. As soon as I took it out of the box, I played a little bit. It sounds great!! It's always exciting to get a new instrument.
So, a big thank you for this!
I'll keep you in touch of my progress and if there's anything, I'll let you know!
Once again, thank you very much!


9-10-08 Colorado USA

Dear Sir,
 The pan Flute arrived expediciously and in great condition.
 I have already spent two... half-hour sessions with it and have noticed  a significant improvrment.  (My dog even stopped running away)

Thank you for a fine instrument.  And should I become somewhat proficient with this one, I already look forward to ordering another,
 I hope that you and your wife had fun on your vacation in New York City,
May God Bless you and your family.
Pete G, Firefighter/EMS
Black Forest Colorado.

9-8-08 Pago Pago Samoa

Dear Melinda,

The pipes arrived. They are really super. I've been looking at the construction. You must have a really nice machine for that...or is it a lathe?

 I'm making slow but steady progress, though I work a lot. So, I haven't watched the DVD yet but have been "saving" it as a treat when I get some time to devote. Brad's gifted and I know you are proud. I sure hope you are musical, too, or else I bet he drives you bonkers with all the whimsical noises.

 I'm down here in Pago Pago, so the box arrived fairly quickly. I play with musicians down here regularly (strings and harmonica) and I look forward to introducing people to Brad's instrument. I'll be sure to point them to your website when they ask where it came from. The Pacific Arts Festival was in July and the Solomon Islands guys were blowing panpipes.... everyone was enamored.
Take care and mahalo,

 S. Joey Cummings

9-4-08 USA

Subject: Commendations on Your Pan Flutes

Dear Brad,
     Just the other evening, Miguel S... called me up and said that he had bought one of your Grand Tenor pan flutes.  He was one of my Andean buddies when I played with Friends of the Andes in San Francisco, and he's one of the best Andean flutists in the business.  Check out his videos on YouTube. 
     Anyway, he said that he was pleasantly surprised at how well your Grand Tenor pan flute played, especially considering that it's modestly priced and the fact that it wasn't made of bamboo, but rather of wood - maple.  He had expressed doubts to me before he ordered the pan flute. 
     By the way - what do you use to stop the bottoms of the pipes? 
                                                        David O [david is a very accomplished player]


Thank you David, we are very proud of the quality and the prices we try to keep them at. We use rubber stoppers in each pipe. They are durable and easy to tune with. - Brad

8-28-08 Canada

Hi Melinda:
I want to thank you for your kind interest in my music needs and the regular e-mail updates.  It has been a pleasure to do business with you.  And, I look foreward to doing so again.  If you are going on holiday, have a great vacation.

As Aways

8-26-08 UK

Hi Brad and Melinda, my Pan Flute arrived today 26th August 2008. I can't thank you enough. Excellent service. It only took 1 week to arrive here in the UK. I am so thrilled with this amazing instrument. It is truly a work of art. I put your DVD on and listened very carefully to your every word, then kept hitting the pause button and trying what you said to do.  First I was getting very windy notes (not like your beautiful tones) then after 5 minutes of huffing and puffing this beautiful sound came from one of the pipes. I had got it in the right position. Well now there is no turning back. I am so in love with this Pan Flute. At the moment I'm a bit dizzy like you said I would be. I am sure that I am going to drive my family crazy whilst I practice. I just can't leave it alone. Every time I pick it up I improve and I'm only on my first day. Even getting the sharps and flats. I must also mention that I have never played a musical intrument in my life yet I seem to have taken to that Pan Flute like a duck to water. I would have never have got the technique of playing this had it not have been for your excellent instructions on your DVD. So thank you thank you thank you for your brilliant service and outstanding Pan Flutes. I will send you an update on my progress in a few months.
Sending much love to both of you from Linda in the UK.
PS. I am so happy

8-25-08 San Francisco CA USA

Muchas Gracias.
Thanks so much, I have received the Grand Tenor panflute, it is beautiful and I will start playing it soon.
Best regards to you and Brad.
Blessings to you,
Miguel [Miguel is a professional flutist (panpipes and quenas)]

8-25-08 Massachusetts USA

Dear Brad,Received my GT flute today in fine condition..Needless to say I\'m very pleased..Plays easily and beautifully..Looking forward to improvement in my playing ability so that I will enjoy the full potential of this fine instrument..Thank You..P.S The service was terrific.. Ronn [plays NAF flutes]

8-22-08 Japan

Otsuki from Japan

Yesterday, I got the Grand Tenor with no problem.
Thank you,Brad and Melinda, again and again!!!.

8-21-08 Mexico


                              JAIME DEL BOSQUE

8-19-08 Australia

I got my Pan Flute today in just 7 days of ordering!

Tuesday 19th of August

From Australia, Evan

8-13-08 Alabama USA

Dear Melinda and Brad
The pan pipes arrived today in the Mail
They are very well made and Keith is already enjoying them!
He watched the DVD and has been playing ever since.
The personal note on the Box from Brad made Keith's day
Your personal touch is very special
Lee for Keith [Keith is a Special Needs child]

8-12-08 Indiana USA

Hi Brad,

The panflute arrived in beautiful condition on Saturday. I've really enjoyed playing it already--and it is sounding wonderful with the harp, as you said it would!

I wanted to show you what I added to the flute--I always add something to each of my treasured possessions to make them unique to me. It is attached.

I did it by hand using an 18 karat gold leafing pen (Krylon brand). I sketched it out a few times on paper, then did it lightly in pencil, and then added it to the flute. I am an artist too! :)

Thank you again for sharing your beautiful instrument with me.


8-12-08 Germany

Hello Melinda,
Yesterday my panflute has arrived - everything is fine - thank you very much.
Do I also have to use a special oil for the panflute ? And how often will I have to put it on?
Many greetings from Germany

Hello Ariane,

You will NEVER need to oil it... ever. It has been specially treated in oils and waxes. That is something you won't have to think about.

Enjoy your new panflute :)

Brad White

8-11-08 Australia

Hi, "Gday"etc!
The 10 pipe pentatonic flute and CDs arrived safely this Friday.  Thanks for your prompt delivery.
I love both panflutes (18 pipe tenor & funpipes) and have made great headway in learning to play.  It's so much easier learning to read music as an adult and I've even managed to play sharps (not well, but consistently) after only 3 days. 
Thanks again and warm regards,
Somewhere in the Great Southern Continent
about lunchtime

8-10-08 Malta

Aloha Brad,

Thanks alot for the panflute it arrived last saturday, in perfect condition.


8-09-08 Canada

The pan-flute arrived at the post office here yesterday. I've picked it up this morning.
I had a few minutes to blow a tune on my way to work, and it sounds great. It doesn't work too great in the car though :)
I'll be calling you if I need any help or if I have questions.
Thanks again.

8-08-08 Pennsylvania USA

Hiya...just wanted to say thank you so much. The Fun Pipes arrived today, snuggly in their popcorned package. I couldn\'t wait to open them & start learning this beautiful instrument. I was very pleasantly suprised by how quickly they arrived & wanted to again thank you for such wonderful dedicated service.


8-6-08 Holland

Dear Brad and Melinda,
As promised here’s a quick note to let you know that I received my package today at 14h00.

I don’t suppose I need to tell you that I am more than well pleased. What a very nice instrument. I even made a quick picture while I was preparing a backup of the instruction DVD. A big thank you for the DVD as well!
I could not resist a try on the instrument as soon as I had it unpacked and managed a fairly true sound on all but the highest three pipes. Not bad for the first five minutes. Nor was it a problem getting a tune ‘right’ (Danny Boy). That is if you weren’t paying attention to timing, intonation and everything else that makes music music…

 I would like to keep you informed of my progress once in a while, but since I’m sure that you must be getting tons of these letters, I promise not to bother you unnecessarily.
Thank you very much for your kind and meticulous attention.
Met vriendelijke groeten J

8-4-08 Norway

Dear Melinda and Brad!
Today I´ve got the Grand Tenor! I am so happy, thank you very much!!!
I´m gona listen to the CD you sent me.

Once again thank you for your excellent job!!!  
I wish the best to both of you! I hope we keep in touch.

Best regards! ALOHA!

8-3-08 Australia

Hi (G'day) Melinda,
Thanks for your prompt response.

The last package arrived 8 days after postage, including being opened by customs for quarrantine inspection, which is pretty good.
I love the 18 pipe flute and am making a lot of headway with learning to play.  I should have done this years ago!
Thanks again for your excellent service and well made products!  I'm sure you will hear from me again very soon as I'm a teacher and would love my students to take up the pipes as an instrument!
Warm regards

(Can you have warm regards when it's 6 degrees C?)

8-01-08 Alabama USA

Thank you SOOOO much! You have no idea how excited I am! I've always thought panflutes were the coolest and I just decided I finally had to have one. I'm in my last year of high school and I can't wait to show up all my band friends. The only wind instrument i've ever played is sax and that was only for 4 years. I really hope I catch on quick.

Here's Hoping

7-28-08 Minnesota USA

Good Morning Brad,

I just picked up my pan flute [Grand Tenor] and am very excited about getting started.
I like the look and feel of it. I'll let you know how I progress.
Thank you very much for the speedy delivery.
Mahalo, Shannon

7-25-08 New Zealand

Kia Ora, Brad
Just to let you know my flute arrived safely yesterday, and it even looks as though DOC didn't bother opening the package (to check the wood) - perhaps they are getting used to New Zealanders getting their pipes from you.
What a beautiful instrument! Makes my el cheapo pipes look even more el cheapo! The DVD has been most illuminating, particularly the sections on flats (I always wondered how so few pipes could generate so many octaves) and the vibrato. I can play most instruments that I pick up, but this will be a tough one to master. I can manage the notes OK but my breathing and articulation will be back to basics.
Thanks for your excellent service and a lovely instrument.
Best regards

7-24-08 Mexico

Hello Melinda, today I have received the package.  I am very happy¡

I ve just listened the first CD, it is beautiful to listen that kind of music, it seems to remove all my body and soul fibers. 

On the other hand, I have just take my first lesson, with the DVD and the pan flute, at first I could not play any note, but when I saw the explanations in the DVD by Brad it was so easy that the notes began to sound out.

Thanks a lot and God bless you and your husband for the hours of pleasant music and entertainment with the pan flute.

Excuse me every mistake in this note, but I dont know English too much.

María Elena

7-22-08 USA

Hi Melinda,
Thanks again.  That was very fast shipping, and very well packed.  The instrument is more impressive than the demo on Brad's site.  I have already spoken with Brad over the phone when I got stumped while watching and playing along with the instructional DvD and book.
I was nervous at first, but Brad was very understanding, and was intent on making sure I understood everything before we concluded.  I was very much at ease and had a very good experience dealing with Brad.
I am working hard everyday on learning how to play.  It is not as easy as I first thought.  I am however, enjoying my pan flute very much, and will continue to for years to come.  Thank you both.  I will from time let you both know of my progress.
Thank You,

7-19-08 Canada

Hi Brad, just wanted to say the pan-flute I ordered arrived yesterday in great shape, and sounds great. Thanks a lot :) - Jimmy

7-17-08 USA

Hey Brad,
I just wanted to thank you for the awesome panflute I received this past Monday. It is very well made and sounds great. It is a much more "powerful" instrument than I previously imagined it to be and I love to play it. Thanks again!

7-14-08 USA

Hey Brad,
        I just received my 15-pipe panflute today and it truly is a wonderful instrument. It is very well made and sounds great (the few notes I can play haha) It's easier to play than I expected, which was a nice surprise and it got here faster than I thought it would. Anyways, thanks for the panpipe and great service!

7-11-08 USA


I have just recieved my Pan-Flute in very good health. I am excited to start learning this long awaited instrument. I have been wanting to learn the Pan-Flute for over a year. This week, finally got up the nerve to buy one. I keep looking at your site and keep being inspired to learn. I dont have a desire to be come a well known professional, but do have a very strong desire to learn and some day express my own music for family and friends.

Thank you again so much. I will keep in touch and let you know how I am progressing from time to time. Again, thank you so very much.


7-9-08 USA

Just Got it! Very nice looks and tone!

Hello Brad!  I received my flute today [Grand Tenor] and it is in great shape, and a truly sweet pan flute!

I will play the DVD soon.  Thanks again! Take care.

You folks are just "real fine" members of this earth!  I look forward to learning from you!
Shalom, Aloha, Peace.........Michael

[Mike is an accomplished flute player]

7-7-08 Japan

Dear Brad White
A splendid [tenor] panpipe arrived. Rich in tone and volume.
I became glad. I am the best [very happy].
I play Quena now, but new pleasure increased.
I will try hard to have the performance that comes from practicing hard.
Please continue making such a splendid panpipe from now on.
Thank you very much.
July 6 . Kobe Japan

7-5-08 USA

Hello Brad,

I just want to write you a few words to let you know that I just opened your
package today and everything arrived in pristine conditions.

You play it so effortless and your music is so relaxing, so melodic and that
is what I think music really is.

Anyway, I congratulate you for a good and well made musical instrument and thank
you for the excellent music you can take out of it.

A very happy customer and I hope, a friend too,


7-4-08 Japan

Hi, Brad,

The alto and pocket panflutes arrived Saturday morning, Japan time. Really beautiful, and the pocket one particularly cute--but with fine sound.


7-2-08 USA

Hi Brad:
I received the fun pipes today. It's nice to play and not hit a bad note. I think another name for them could be ego pipes.
At any rate they are fun.

Best Regards and Happy Playing
john t 

6-30-08 Sweden

Hi Melinda,
just to let you know. The flute arrived already two weeks ago although I have not got around to respond until now. My wife Linda very much appreciated her birthday present and we have all tried to learn to play it . The video with Brad is great.

best regards

Stockholm Sweden

6-28-08 UK

Dear sir I got my flute on friday thank you very much.

I am looking forward to playing it. its great

take care paullove

6-28-08 Saudi Arabia

how are dear melinda, and thank you very much for the pan flute.
i did get it with great happiness. Actually it arrived to Dammam port,saudi arabia on 6/6/2008 and took couple of days to come to riyadh.
anyhow i do thank you once again and i will practice the pan flute.
pls: say high to brad

6-18-08 USA

Brad What an outstanding teaching video that is![DVD included with pipes]
I'm sure you've heard this many times before but you should make a course of them and put them for sale. songs and techniques
Best Regards

6-18-08 Japan


Your (18-pipe) tenor panflute arrived (here in Japan) Wednesday evening, which I guess would be the very early morning hours of Wednesday in Hawaii. Thank you--it's beautiful & beautiful sounding, as usual. [david also owns our Grand Tenor]



6-16-08 USA

Dear Dr. White:
I know that I ordered and paid for the pan flute, but I still want to say thanks anyway.  It seems like it is a gift to me.  I have picked it up and really started playing it and have truly enjoyed it.  I am a school teacher, and have needed a summer hobby to keep myself occupied. Well, turns out this is the perfect hobby.

Thanks for your DVD tips on how to play it.  Until I watched it, I was trying to play it like blowing over a soda bottle, which is the totally incorrect way to play it 

Anyway, thanks so much, and you guys in Hawaii say, "Aloha,"  in Texas we say, "Bye y'all."

6-14-08 UK

Hello Brad
  Received Grand Tenor pipes today and amazingly can blow all but highest notes,
i keep watching and listening to George Zamfir lonely shepherd and
that is the goal he is stunning so we shall see how we get on
Thanks again kind regards

6-13-08 Vienna

Hallo Melinda and Brad,

Sorry i have forgotten to write you, we got the Panpipe last week, all was in
the best.
Thank you, we´ll hear from you.

greeeting from

6-13-08 Thailand

Hi Brad & Melinda
My left handed Grand Tenor arrived (in only 5 business days).
      I'd like to tell you I am very impressed with all of your services. My panflute came with safe package and Dvd. It looks very beautiful, nice finishing, feels good & it's smooth on my lips, easy to hold even using one hand, very good tone & reasonable price. I’like to recommend this flute to everyone.
      This night I can do a little practice but I will spend all of my weekend to play my flute. If  I have some question I will mail to you again.
Thailand (perhaps the 1st guy from Thailand? :)

6-12-08 Malaysia

hi Brad,

I received the flutes [Grand Tenor] yesterday (wednesday - less than 2 weeks). Its a beautiful piece of instrument. All I need to do now is to learn how to play it as good as you.



6-12-08 USA

Hi Brad:

Thank you for the quick shipment and thank you for the MP3 file, it's
playing fine on Windows media player.

I got the panflute today - it's beautiful. I started practicing and as I
have not played a flute before [he plays harp] it will take some time getting used to the
embouchure technique.

All the best from Washington,


6-11-08 USA

Received the pan flute today. Absolutely loved the finish. It was amazingly simple for me to create melodies - I did get dizzy - but will get use to it. Was wondering if you sell a traveling case for the tenor pan-flute.

- mayra


Hello Mayra, Most people, including myself just put them in small luggage, briefcases or computer bags. One person told me a gun case worked well.

Glad you are enjoying it ... brad

6-9-08 USA

Hi Brad:

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions this morning -
especially amidst my younger daughter's interactions. I appreciate the
level of customer service you are offering and I really am looking forward
to receiving your pan flute. Ever since I was a kid I was mesmerized by the
sound of this instrument; I had wanted to learn how to play the pan flute as
a kid; however, my parents kept discouraging me, saying that it was too
difficult to learn. Watching your youTube videos and browsing your website
have convinced me that I absolutely can learn how to play this amazing
instrument, and for that I want to say "Thank you!"


6-5-08 Japan

Hi, Melinda and Brad,

The package just arrived--Thurs. morning (4 days delivering), 6/05, Japan time, which I guess would still be mid-day Wednesday in Hawaii. Unfortunately I have to rush off to school now so can't experiment with it, but the panflute looks and sounds beautiful. And very smooth under the lip, Brad. Just wanted to inform you of its quick delivery.


6-4-08 Canada

Hello both;

My pan-flute arrived yesterday. It is in perfect condition and I had no extra customs charges to pay.

I have already started to play. I find it to be a very intuitive instrument to learn how to play and already have basic songs started up and going quite well. I find it a joy to play, and I think that since you cannot actually see the pipes under your lips, it will help me learn the actual tones of the notes better and with enough practice, I should be able to work out songs I know by ear.

Thanks again,

6-3-08 Canada

Hi Melinda & Brad
The (leftie) panflute had arrived today (June/3/08) so it only took 12 days to get to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Wow! It looks and sounds very nice. I was a little bit leary that the quality was not going to be as good as I expected it to be. 

But it was!

Well, anyway, I am happy with what I got and now I'll have to take the time to learn to play.
Mahalo and Aloha,

6-3-08 Australia

Hi Brad and Melinda
I was so excited today as my pan flute arrived and living in country Western Australia i am very suprised that it arrived so early. I been having a blast with it all ready, the DVD is excellent. i have been driving everyone nuts but at least with 7000acres i'm bound to find some where to practice.
Thank you so much the pan flute is beautiful and i can already get most of the notes. i can't wait to start to play something that resembles music. i am sure you will hear from me again in the future.
just a quick note it was opened by customs in Australia and had no problems. if you remember it was a concern of mine before i ordered my pan flute.
Thanks again

6-3-08 Philippines

Hi Mr.Brad!
    I got my Tenor Panflute today(June 3) It arrived in excellent condition, I love how it looks and how it sounds! 
    I feel really happy playing it, but I think I have to do a lot of practicing!

Thanks again!!


6-1-08 Canada

Hi. Just received my panflute today. Already playing songs, and I am loving it. So fun, you just pick it up and play. 
Thanks for the good and courteous service. 

5-31-08 USA

Hi Brad

Just received my pan flute. What a beautiful instrument!
I can see that it will take a lot of practice before I can be another Brad White.
Hope you like the picture.  Buck

5-31-08 Shanghai China

Hi, Brad:
   Today I received my panflute. This is really a well-made instrument. Together with two best books. I really enjoy them. Thank you for your effort!!!

YuChen Fang

5-31-08 UK

Hi Brad and Melinda,
The flute has arrived in lots of time for Rosa's birthday. Thank you so much for the speedy service. It was very kind of you to gift wrap it too!
I'm sure she will have many happy hours playing on it.
Thanks again

5-29-08 Canada

Well the pan-flute came in today. It is a very beautiful looking instrument. Though like any other instrument it will take time to be able to make a clear sound out of all tubes. Right now its not to bad because its only the last four tubes that I am having trouble with but eventually I will master it. So anyway I am going to play, so talk to you later. And thanks again.


Hi Alex,

You are doing great!! Just one day and you have all the notes but the top four.. keep up the good work :)

.. brad

5-28-08 Taiwan

Thank you Mr. White, I have received the pocket panflute today..very fast.. The panflute is very easy to blow every note on the flute..Thank you! I love it! and maybe someday I have holidays,I want to go to Hawaii to visit you and asking you teach me the hard skill to play panflute? Thank you for the nice panflute and the DVD. best regard Jeff Yang

5-27-08 Sweden

Hi Brad och Melinda.
The Panflute has arrived today. The flute is so very nice and my daughter Sabina is really happy, she has already started with the training material :)
Thank you so much and many happy regards from us here in Sweden
Sussi and Sabina

5-24-08 USA

Hi Brad,
Wow, we just got our Pan flute today and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It's such a beautiful instrument to look at AND to play! And such a wonderful tone too! Our highest compliments to you and your partner! I have a feeling we'll be purchasing another set so that we won't have to fight over this one! ;-)

THANKS again!

Beth L., Second Flute/Piccolo
Southwest Florida Symphony
Palm Beach Opera Orchestra

5-23-08 USA

I received my panflute [Starting Package] today. Thank you for your promptness. You did your part now it is up to me to do mine (learn to play it). I am really excited. I'm learning to play TO JOY.

Thanks again. Patsy

5-21-08 Netherlands

hey brad

I got my panflute [Pocket Pipes] today and it's a nice little thing. i tryed it out for a bit and after looking through the book for a bit i managed to play frere jacques almost flawless, i love the sound. i probely have alot of work to until i can play more complicated songs but i wil just keep practicing. i just take it step by step, following the book. it's a fun instrument to play and the notes are pretty easy to read once you get which is which.


5-19-08 Scotland

HI there, just to let you know my order arrived at my house in scotland on frid 16thmay at13.00 gmt great service thank you very much.



5-13-08 UK


USA 5-4-08

Dear Brad and Melinda,

Thank you! My beautiful Tenor Panflute just arrived, snugly packed and in perfect condition... and I love it! I've only had it for a few hours, but the positioning is already starting to feel natural when I bring it my lips to blow. I'm so excited that I'm actually going to learn to play!

I'm planning to travel the world in the next few years, and a visit to you guys is now high on my list - who knows, by then I might be good enough to play along with Brad! Keep up the amazing work, and God bless you!


Slovenia 4-29-08

DEAR BRAD AND MELINDA,Yesterday I received two boxes with our pan flutes.The pan flutes are great and so wonderful. Please write me, when you have something beautiful for me and for my son.Thank you for all.
                  Sonja and Luka

USA 4-28-08

I have been too busy having fun with it to say...


I am a professional musician: harpsichord, harp, recorders, and hammered dulcimer are my favorites to play, along with the sound of panflute. Thank you very much.


Egypt 4-27-08

hello mr.brad,
i just wanted to thank you that the pan flute it arrived today ,
its very good and it arrived fast
thank you

Mexico 4-25-08

Good morning !!!! HURRAY HURRAY !!!! yesterday I just received my package and I´m very happy that every thing is ok, the book, the DVD´s, and ...the panflute !! it is exactly as I imagined and I want to thank you for being so profesional and giving me the chance to practice with this amazing instrument. we´re going to continue to be in touch and say thank you to your wife also. best regards Federico

Singapore 4-24-08

Greetings Melinda,

I received the package on the 21st of April. Sorry for writing to you
now only as I have been bogged down by work!

Anyway, thanks for everything! The Flute is beautifully done and
everything came intact and undamaged. =)

Kind Regards,

UK 4-23-08

Dear Ms White,
The pan pipes [Grand Tenor] arrived today and are beautiful. Thank you very much,
-Stephanie Anderson

USA 4-23-08

Thanx Melinda !
Day 2 of self-teaching ! 
Can hear improvement. (it can't go any other way!) 
Am starting to produce sporadic but real notes on the higher end.  Lower end is sporadic as well, but getting real notes a higher percentage of the time.

My wife read Brad's sheets carefully this morning, then picked up the flute and slowly played every pipe, getting a proper note out of every one !   I did advise her that they were "our pipes", not "my pipes"........ looking forward to the time when we can both play them together.
Thanx again, and I do appreciate Brad's offer of support !
Best Regards and thanx ..........  David

USA 4-22-08

Hello Brad,
              Just a note to inform you that my pan-flute has arrived on April 20th in good condition.I was very excited to recieve it .I will view the instructional dvd when I have some time and hoping to play a tune some time soon.Thank you for your excellent service and I will highly recommend you in the future to anyone who needs a pan-flute.I will keep you posted on my progress.

Italy 4-22-08

Hi Melinda; everything's arrived home today April 22 in Milan, Italy. I've started it and I'll keep an eye to Brad's posts on Youtube. Thanks for the service and everything!

Best regards

USA 4-22-08

Thank you so much! The Panflute is beautiful. Please let Brad know that he did a fantastic job. Thanks!

Co-Owner, Producer | Johnston & Kody Productions

USA 4-21-08

Hi Melinda and Brad,

Thanks to both of you, for your excellent support service and time that you have taken to educate me, I know my niece Emma will appreciate your support as well when questions a rise. It’s nice to know that there will be someone there to assist her on her new journey.

Best Regards,

USA 4-18-08

Hi Brad
The pan flute made it to Ohio, safe and sound and in time for my daughter's birthday. I don't know if you wrap all packets in pretty paper or if you just did that for her, since I had e-mailed you that it was her birthday. It added such a personal touch, which we appreciate very much.
She opened her present this morning and has taught herself "Frere Jacques" already...
Thanks again from (for once) sunny Ohio,


Hi Sandy, Melinda wanted to wrap it special for her birthday. Enjoy.. brad

USA 4-17-08

Hello Brad:

Michael's pan flute arrived today and he is thrilled. Thank you so much for
a wonderful and complete ordering system and experience, from beginning to
end. We're looking forward to a lot of beautiful sounds ahead!


Germany 4-16-08

Hi Brad and Melinda, today I received my panflute and I already started to play! I am not sure but I guess it took 5 days to be here.

Once more, I want to thank you for your incredibly good service and all the great books and dvds you sent along with the panflute. It also seems to be very good quality, so I am highly motivated to learn how to play.

Bye, and I will tell you about my progress!! Thanks again!

Best regards, Christine from Germany

USA 4-16-08

Dear Brad,
I returned home from work at about 4:30 pm and found that my PanFlute had arrived in perfect shape.
It is a beautiful instrument.  So easy to play.  Within minutes, I was playing 'Three Blind Mice'.  I love the sound.  Have also read through the Book and your note.  I look forward to spending many hours enjoying this great instrument.
Thank you for its quality and beauty.
Sincerely yours,
Sheridan, Wyoming

Hong Kong 4-15-08

Dear Brad,
Just writing to tell you that i just got the pan flute in the mail today.
I am very eager to start playing it, Thanks a lot for helping me by making this beautiful instrument.

USA 4-14-08

Hi Brad,
   Just received my Pan Flute today, thank you very much! It was quite evident when I saw it that you certainly put a lot of effort in to it's craftsmanship. Your pride in your work and in your music shine brightly. I have been wanting to try an instrument for a while but due to my spinal cord injury I have limited finger dexterity. My decreased lung power may also be an obstacle but I'm willing to give it a try and see how it goes. 
  There really isn't a sound like the pan flute, which does add to it's allure. I'm impressed with your mastery of it. 
Thanks again

USA 4-3-08

Thanks for the second DVD disc. It arrived in good shape, and went right into the player for the TV. After watching for a while, Ruth whipped out the instrument and started right in. It is superb. She is having such fun practicing and hearing music from the fluter. This has been wonderful. Ruth has wanted to have a flute for so long, and now her wish has been fulfilled.

Aloha, Ray


Ray that is wonderful!!! Tell her she is always welcome to give us a call for any help that I can give. 808 457-1946 or Toll Free: 1800 784-4189 - brad

Canada 4-1-08

Aloha Brad and Melinda,
I have received today one of the most beautiful handmade instruments ever;  and I own quite a few. Just beautiful.  And the most rewarding sound. I thank you both very much. Not only for the instrument, but for the obvious all important dedication that you have engaged in providing the venues and advancement to this wonderful instrument.
That in itself is quite the accomplishment.
Most Sincerely,
Haileybury, Ontario

Belgium 3-31-08

Hi Brad,

I wanted you to know that my panflute which I ordered via my friend Jeroen has arrived a week ago (wednesday).

I wasn't home till now, so I couldn't let you know.

Thank you very much, I'll be happy to learn this beautiful instrument, because she really is!!
She was packed with great care, thank you very much!

Maybe, you'll hear about me later as a professional panflute player :-)


Maarten (Belgium)

Denmark 30-08

Hi Brad and Melinda 
Thank you so much for the beautiful Panflute!
It did arrived the 25/3 2008, which mean it only took 8 days for the flute to arrive to Denmark.

I really hope I will learn how to play it, but likely everything else all beginning is hard... :)
Best regards

USA 3-28-08

Dear Melinda and Brad,
The Panflute arrived in a timely manner and it is beautiful.  I could play the low octave immediately and am working on the others.  Yesterday I managed to play all the notes, but the high ones were loud and shrill.  Naturally, I have no control as yet.
We are part time farmers (cattle) and spring is here.  Suddenly we need to douse the cattle for mites, kill thistles either by hoe or herbicide, spray the fruit and nut trees with copper sulfate, plow the veggie garden, and plant the strawberries that arrived the same week as my flute.  Sigh.  Anyway, practice time has been slim and I haven't even checked out the videos.  
When I get a little further along, I will try to write and let you know how it is going.  I do love the sound I'm getting - especially on the low notes.  
Thanks for my beautiful instrument.
May peace be within you, - Mary Rose.


Hi Mary Rose, The high notes take more time to develop. Hold lots of long tones to get your muscles in shape. Soon you will be able to play them sweet and pretty.... brad

Canada 3-27-08

Hello Brad,
The flute arrived today, thank you very much.
The craftsmanship is outstanding.  Now I just need to get at it!  So far, not as easy as you make it look!
All the best,


HI Mike, you will be surprised in a few months when you look back at all the progress you have made .... brad

UK 3-27-08

Good Morning Brad and Melinda
At 09:15 03/27/08 Pan Flute delivered. Beautifully packed, beautifully made and a wonderful tone. It's already out and tried ( after a Fashion).
Thanks for such a beautiful instrument and the DVD.
Will keep you up to date with my progress
Kind regards Ted

Sweden 3-26-08

Hi again!
It´s Natalie from Sweden. I just want to thank you so mutch for my pan-flute. I played my first tones on it just seconds ago. Right now I´m so excited to learn this beautiful instrument. I´ll keep you uptdated on my progress. And thanks once again!!

USA 3-26-08

Hello Brad and Melinda,
Today I went to the postoffice during work and picked up a beautifully crafted Pan-flute. I thank you for your craftsmanship and attention to detail. I took it into work and everyone was impressed. Not with the sound I made but with the flute. My first attempt was miserable but I finally made a proper note and received an ovation. (silly friends). I wish to thank you for your friendly and professional way. After 30 minutes of practice and study I was able to make what I called a musical sound instead of noise.. Again Thank you for all you do.
Hamilton, Montana

USA 3-25-08

My Pan Flute arrived in FINE CONDITION.


THANK YOU BRAD AND Melinda - Marcos

Taiwan 3-25-08

Hello Melinda & Brad,

The flute is here, after only 4 days! It's beautiful. And the DVD with instructions on how to play is VERY helpful. Thanks a lot!


USA 3-24-08

Aloha Brad & Melinda:

I rec'd the beautiful Grand Tenor Pan Flute on Saturday, 3/22/08.  Thank you so....much.  It is just Beautiful.  I just love it already.  I love the beautiful tones it creates.  I am enjoying playing a few of the simpler songs, written in the key of C.  I have had a little note reading for silver flute and piano in the past.  But it has been about 9 years since piano lessons.  I will continue to practice to  get the notes clear and continue to work on speed.  Again thank you so much.  It is a fine quality instrument.  I am so happy to have found your Web Site.


The Netherlands 3-24-08

Hi there,
Just to let you know the flute arrived last thursday (superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfast)
Allready spend several hours playing it. A big advantage that I allready play flutes like the shakuhachi so I could pick it up straight away and start playing.
Making a lot of progress in a short it
Funny to hear you lived in the Netherlands for several is a small world after all.
Thanks again.
Keep up the good work
In Harmony
Aloha en groetjes

USA 3-22-08

Brad and Melinda:
The Tenor Flute arrived on Saturday.  Fast Delivery. Excellent packing. 
I must truly compliment you on the excellent craftsmanship. The details are very appreciated from my perspective as a person that loves and produces wood carving on his own. 
The DVD is much appreciated as well as the instructions.
Thanks, Brad,  this will not be an E Bay type wall hanger, but a professional instrument to be proud of.
Will let you know later how things progress. 

The Netherlands 3-22-08

Hoi Brad,
This morning the pan flute arrived bij special delivery.
I started practising ringht away. Its gonna take a while before playing songs but the joy is the way to the goal.

USA 3-22-08


Thanks for the pan flute. I have just received it and it looks great! I was impressed with the packaging, very professional, and the cosmetics of the flute. The wait was a bit long, but definitely worth it after I've seen the finished product. Thanks for the instructions, they were very clear and easy to understand, I don't think I will need to bother you for help at all. Thanks again and keep up the good work!


USA 3-21-08


I just got it from the delivery guy and I've got to say... It's beautiful. Just playing it for a little while feels great (though I have to get used to controlling my breath since I haven't played anything like a flute in a long time :). If anyone asks me where to get one, I'll refer them to your site.

Thank you very much, again!

USA 3-21-08


USA 3-20-08

Hi Brad,
I got my pan flute this morning, It is so beautiful! It is such a magnificent instrument. I haven't played my sax in a long time and my breathing is very rusty, so now I have to overcome my lightheadedness again hah :) I was able to achieve sound through all the pipes even the highs I was surprised I could for a first time.

I will keep you informed of my progress as I learn more I know its going to take me a while to get it right.

Thanks so much Brad! you and yours have a great one!


USA 3-19-08

I just recieved my fun pipes, and very impressed with the quality, the way it was packaged, and the information that came with it.

Great work, I appreciate it. :) Richard

USA 3-5-08

The birthday package for Randy has arrived. And...beautifully wrapped! (Too beautifully wrapped for me to even venture a peek. Can\'t wait to travel to MN and have him open it.)
What a "lift" to find such excellent, quick, and personal service.

Thank you so much. Carol

USA 3-5-08

Dear Brad and Melinda,
Just wanted to let you know that I am getting better on the flute.  I have concentrated more on the high end (because it is more challenging) and can make pretty nice sounds across the board.  Once I have the embouchure down then I will begin learning songs and to read music (I have always played by ear).  I love my grand tenor so much.  People think I'm crazy of course, taking it with me every where I go and practicing.  :-)

Croatia 3-2-08


Italy 2-27-08

Dear Brad
I have my Panflute. It's very beautifull

USA 2-26-08

Brad and Melinda,
            Thank you so much for the pan flute. I am already enjoying learning how to play. The book you sent along is excellent as is the DVD Brad created. I am very much looking forward to playing in my Church; even if it might be a little while before I am able to. Thank you again for all your help in getting started.

Canada 2-25-08

Hi Melinda,
I have received my beautiful pan-flute saturday morning (Feb 23, 08) in Edmundston NB Canada.  The packaging was well done and my pan-flute is looking and playing better than I was expected.  It was my first e-transaction by the way and doing business with you was a charm!  Please keep me in touch if you are developping new stuff like DVD's, CD's or a custom case for my grand tenor... 
Special thanks to Brad...  Like you have already notice, I'm french and Brad was really easy to understand and to deal with.
Thanks again!

USA 2-24-08

Hi Brad,
We did receive both pan flutes in perfect order. Thankyou very much. Rebecca has taken her panflute to school to show her band instructor and he would like her to go to a music night in Thompson and play something simple just to show it off. He was quite excited.
Wesley was thrilled to recieve his pocket panflute for his birthday. He's just getting the hang of blowing on it right.
Thanks again

USA 2-23-08

Dear Mr. and Mrs. White,
I received the pan flute a day early and couldn't be happier with it! I just
finished the performance I needed it for and everyone was very impressed with
the flute (as well as the fact I was able to learn to play it in such a short
amount of time). Thank you so much for your speedy service. I really
appreciate your work.



USA 2-22-08

Hello Brad,

I received my 15 pipe pan-flute with instruction book and DVDs last week. I love this instrument very much! I am just wondering where can I get the musical notes for the music in your albums like Rainforest, Voyage, Matsuri etc. Please let me know.



Hello Kulbhushan,

Take a look at my shop's website in the section called "Free Sheet Music". There you will find more than 40 pieces with audio and video... many of those include the written notes as well. I will be adding more all the time. Enjoy!! - Brad

Austria 2-21-08

Aloha Melinda, aloha Brad,
I just received the flute today. Not to believe, but I can already draw the nicest tones of her. I am happy. I will have a very long time joy with her.
Thank you very much.
And now i´m going to beginn to play!!!

UK 2-20-08

Brad and Melinda White,

The parcel arrived this morning - thankyou very much, I am very pleased with the purchase and have been enjoying playing the panflute today.

I am a music student, soon to be going on to higher eductation to perform a music degree, with my first instrument being recorders. I also play the orchestral flute, and would love to be able to play the pan flute.
Thanks again,


Montreal Quebec 2-20-08

Hi Melinda and Brad,

The parcel was delivered this morning. Once completely defrosted (the temperature is near zero *F today), I'm sure that tenor panflute will help me produce what I would call a warm sound! For what I can feel, you give the impression of being very dynamic people, trying to offer a very honest product. I thank you very much and send you my best regards.

Canada 2-19-08

Hi Melinda,
I Received my Panflute yesterday Feb.18th, It was in good condition, no damages.  I was wrapped up watching the video and reading the book that I forgot to e-mail you to let you know I received it. It's a beautiful Instrument, now I have to learn to play it.
Thank you so much.   George

Singapore 2-17-08

Hello Brad,
I've just received my panflute today.. Thanks! It's in a very good condition and I received less than a week.  Excited! Thanks...

USA 2-16-08

Mr. White, my panflute just arrived a few days ago and I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful instrument. It is a joy even just to hold and look at and I was suprised by the actual amount of volume that it can produce. Even though it was (and still is) a challenge to create clear and consistent tones I look forward to practicing so that I may be able to incorporate its sound into my music. Thank you also for providing the music and sheet music on your website to learn from. The songs are quite beautiful. Best wishes.

UK 2-15-08

I am glad to say that I have recieved the grand tenor panflute today. It is truly beautiful, thank you very much!

Canada 2-15-08

thnk u very muh brad..the flute has arrived, looks great..beautiful quality, nice work...thnk u, i'll be sure to reccomend u to others in the future. By the way...i was playng a bit already today getting very i used 2 play trumphet for close 2 ten years, don't remeber being this winded back muscles will get back into it i'm sure, sounds great..thnx again..stephen


Hi Stephen, its just a little hyperventilation.. that goes away very quickly. Basically you are exhaling your air too quickly because at this beginning stage you waste most of the air stream. As your air stream becomes focused you will only need a fraction of the air that you are using on day 1. Soon you will be able to play the full scale of notes on a single breath. Be sure to breath from your diaphragm as I show in my DVD video. Glad to hear you are enjoy it.

Aloha ... brad

USA 2-14-08

Dear Brad,
My secretary paged me today and said, "Come and pick up your package."  I made haste to retrieve my flute.  I spirited it back to my laboratory.  After watching you play those beautiful introductory sample pieces (bravor, maistro!) I spent the next hour simply trying to make any melodic sounds at all.  What had me stumped (dummy me) was the instructional combination of, "minimal lip friction on the pipes" versus, "splitting the wind between the two edges".  

Then, as I was thinking to myself, "This is going to require some real hardcore discipline" (which of course it is), it "clicked".  I found the "sweet spot"!  I made sounds.  I produced notes!  I was hooked and elated.  Thank you for giving me a "shot in the arm" after 46 years of enjoying the guitar.  Now I can look forward to producing beautiful sounds and sending them forth with new enthusiasm.


Hi Alan, I am thrilled that you are on your way. Keep experimenting with the position of the flute. It should be just under your lip. Sometimes looking in the mirror helps. It's like riding a bike, once you get the feeling you will never forget it :) You will just pick up your pan flute and play. Enjoy!!

USA 2-13-08

Dear Brad,
I received my Grand Tenor panflute yesterday, (2/12/08). When the postman rang my bell , I was practicing with the WINSTON panflute. When my wife brought in the package, she said, "you are going to be very pleased."
When I opened the box, I was more than pleased. The craftsmanship is beautiful.  What amazed me most, was when I put it up to my lips and started to blow. I found it so....... easy to blow.
I like the way your panflute is made. I find that it is much better than the Romanian bamboo panflute. Of course that's my opinion. It takes less effort to blow your panflute than it does the WINSTON panflute.

It is a pleasure to play your panflute.
Your DVD is excellent. It cleared up a lot of questions that I had. Thank you again for this beautiful instrument. Keep up the good work.

USA 2-13-08

Hi Brad,
Thanks for the panflute it arrived yesterday at noon. The craftsmanship and sound  is extraordinary .

USA 2-13-08

It is here, and I am so excited.  Thank you for the time you took to create such a beautiful instrument.

USA 2-13-08

I just got back from the post office with the pan flute. It is beautiful! Thank you!!! It came with a book and a dvd and was packaged very well. I am enjoying learning how to play it. :) Here are some pictures. Thank you very much!!!


USA 2-12-18

Hey Brad.........................
I received my new pipes today and they are beautiful. The music is rich and not as reedy sounding as my other two sets. In other words, they are more than you told me to expect and then some!

I am very pleased.
Thanks again,

USA 2-12-08

Got the flute on Monday and I am loving it. It is easier to play than I expected, perhaps because I've been wrestling with a shakuhachi for a few months now. I was never very good at embouchure before that. Anyway, I am very pleased with the quality of construction and have been practicing often. Thank you! - Ethan

USA 2-11-08

Hi Melinda & Brad,
Your Grand Tenor Panflute arrived today and it's everything I expected and you stated it would be! As you know I make Native American flutes so I know good from bad craftsmanship and the craftsmanship on this panflute is outstanding. I just hope I can play it well enough to compliment that craftmanship.
Even more than the panflute I am soooo pleased with the fact that I purchased it from you! I can't tell you the value of dealing with the both of you guys, you make us feel like friends rather than customers. My gain here is that I not only gained a panflute, but two very very nice friends. Most call your approach to selling these panflutes as "great customer service", I see something more than just customer service, you offer a part of yourselves along with the product you sell. Your web site is so well done I've moved it to my favorite files and open it every day and listen to Brad play so many songs, look at the history of the panflute, watch the many videos etc, etc.
There has never been better people to interface with on the internet than you guys and when ever I emailed you the quick response was only something you'd get from someone who care beyond just selling a product. The two of you make a great combination and we are the benefactors of that because you share what the two of you have with us.
Health & Happiness,

USA 2-11-08

Dear Brad.
I just now had a phone call from my neighbor telling me that our new post man just left a container on my back porch and that she was afraid that if I should unknowingly open the door and step out without looking. That box was my pan flute. I could hardly wait to get it inside and open.

Brad, this is beautiful workmanship! I spread all the paraphernalia on my living room floor very carefully not to miss anything and finally held this very gorgeous instrument in my hands. Before I even tried a single pipe I sat and began reading those two wonderful books on pan flutes. My first book on how to play the acoustic guitars was a book published by Mel Bay. But how can this be? That was over 50 years ago. I have yet to run the DVDs you have included. It is a little late for a Sunday try out on my flute and I do want to run the DVDs first.

But mainly, I want to thank you and your wife keeping me posted on delivery and workmanship. I am so happy to see that the instrument has your signature. Wish me luck in learning to play. When accomplished I shall record something and send to you. Even if it's a heavy material like London Bridge is Falling down, etc. Again, thank you and if there is anything that I can do for you and your Wife from here in Riverside, e mail me. Thanks again.

USA 2-5-08

Dear Mr. White,
I received one of your beautiful panflutes for Christmas. I just wanted to tell you how much fun I am having playing it. It has a beautiful tone,and is easy to improvise on. The instruction booklet and dvd are very helpful,and I hope to be able to play some songs from it soon. Thank You for being a true artisan in this mechanized world, and making an instrument that will bring me years of joy.
Sincerely Yours,

USA 1-29-08

Hello Brad,
Thank you very much for the confidence you instill with your well organized sites and beatiful music. I'm extremely excited to begin playing! It is awesome you offer such a rare, unique experience for musicians. Keep up the great work and I hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes,

Canada 1-28-08

Just a message to let you know that I received my flute and I love it.  I only hope that I get as good at playing it like yourself.  I belong to two choirs, and it is my dream to be able to play well enough to accompany them in something.  ... Anyway it is something to strive for I guess.
Thank you your new student in Ontario

USA 1-28-08

Hi Brad

Thanks for the follow-up. I'm highly impressed with your panflutes. I have to say, I've looked into so many manufactures and none have come close to the apparent quality of yours. All the best with your great business.


Canada 1-26-08

Hi Brad and Melinda!

We are very happy with our Pocket Pipes...of course that is no surprise
as we were used to your Tenor flute. They arrived to Canada in good
time (about 9 or 10 days), with no extra border fees to pay. The size
is portable, and that's what we like.

Thanks for building a quality instrument at such a reasonable price!!!!


USA 1-25-08

Dear Brad
My enthusiasm for the pan-flute is, if anything, greater than ever. I have resisted the temptation to abandon the method book and to begin picking out tunes. Instead I am sticking faithfully with the book and the exercises. Presently I am working on #16 in "You can Teach Yourself Panflute by Costel Puscoiu.
I spend thirty minutes to an hour each and every day at music. Basically I divide this time between the  panflute and a Spanish Gaita Redondo. The panflute is lovely and gradually I am beginning to make a sweeter sound.  The more I play, the more I am excited at the prospect of improving my skill .
Warmest regards,

UK 1-25-08

Hi Brad

Received my pan flutes begining of january and am very pleased.
I have been busily practising and can now get a good sound out of all the pipes up and down the scale both sharps and flats and have been practising moving up and down and moving from pipe to pipe.
i am now confident in producing a sound and am now working on music.
I am struggling a little with learning to read music more so than producing the right sound.
A couple of questions.
It mentions about beats but doesnt say how long a beat is? 1 sec quarter of a second/
Have you any tips to help learn to read music


Hello Rob,

If the piece is fast or slow then the beat would be accordingly. They are not fixed to a clock... often at the top of the piece there is an indication .. sometimes that might be a word like "lively" or in Italian Allegro, or slow (Largo)....

Sometimes they will equate a quarter note (black note with a stem) with a metronome reading... like...

A good way to practice reading is to practice the rhythm by itself and then play the melody. See if you can clap out the rhythm of the piece before you play it. First set the beat (make it slower when learning) and clap out each note.

Even if you can't find a panflute teacher, any music teacher can help you with your reading...

It sounds like you are doing great with your panflute! Let me know how you progress.. feel free to ask questions.

Brad White

Canada 1-23-08

HI Brad and Melinda,
I called the post office and the package did arrive yesterday!  I picked up my panflute today and I have to admit I am thrilled.  It's very easy to play once you get the placement of the mouth.  I can already play a few tunes even though not all notes are crystal clear yet.  I imagine I will get quite good at it!  Thank you so much!

USA 1-15-08

Aloha Brad and Melinda!
Just a note to thank you both very much for your prompt shipment of the pan-flute!  It arrived here by noon on Wednesday of last week, and enabled me in turn to get it off to Louise so as to not be (too) late for her birthday.  She received it yesterday and loves it!  I am sure she will be playing it in no time at all, but don’t be surprised if you hear from her.  Thanks as well Brad for the kind note you wrote on the box.
Mahalo nui loa...

Italy 1-10-08

Hello Brad & Melinda. I received my Grand Tenor Pan Flute this morning.
It's a beautiful instrument. Thank you also for the dvd, instructions and for your excellent service. I'll let you know about my progresses.

USA 1-9-08

I just wanted to email you and let you know that I received my beautiful pan flute last week and I'm really enjoying it! 
Having piano experience has been great because I can already read music.  It took a little getting used to the higher notes being played to my left instead of the right (as they are with the piano) but playing it for about 1/2 hour each night has helped me get over that quickly.  I am already playing full songs and have started to "feel" where the correct notes are which I thought would take a lot longer to learn.  I still need to learn the sharps and flats so I will be utilizing the great tools you sent along to do that.
Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service, excellent packing on the delivery and a great packet of information to go along with it!

Canada 1-5-08

Dear Melinda:
Hello/bonjour from Ontario, Canada. My Alto Panflute, book and DVD arrived within the past hour. Thank you so much for Brad's extra DVD. The Panflute is very beautifully made and I am very pleased with my purchase. I have been practising my scales for the past half hour and look forward to many more hours of playing pleasure on your awesome instrument! Thanks again........ Dianne

Barbados 1-4-08

Hello Brad - received the Grand Tenor yesterday and wish to thank you for everything.  I congratulate you on the way it was packaged for shipment.  The instrument itself seems well made, it's 'blowing' quite fine! and the accompanying material - brochure and DVD are perfect introductories.
Because I have been playing music for many years, harmonica & various flutes, I can put the GT to my lips and play it straight off and play just about any song I can think of with hardly a mistake.  My particular challenge is to perfect an excellent tone and to get the semi-tones.  I know this is only a matter of time and practice.
It's a joy to have this Tenor and to add it to my repertoire of instruments.  I like to sit in public places and just play... it attracts people and I hope to spread the beauty of music and playing music by what I do.
Once again - many thanks and wishing you all success in 08, good health and lots of laughter....

Australia 1-3-08

I received my Tenor pipe today and am very excited! What a beautiful instrument. I am very proud to play it. I intend to get good at it and appreciate what you\'ve done thus far to help me out. The notes all play easily... just got to work on my chromatic notes! Thanks again and keep up the wonderful work. I already feel very looked after...
Yours truly,