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Special: Pan Flute Slideshow

Pan Flute Makers Publishers & Resellers

The Pan-Flute Shop

Watch a small video

Costel Puscoiu

Teacher, Publisher, Sales of Pan Flutes (Preda), Composer


Swiss School of Pan Flutes, Instruments, Workshops
Brad demonstrates sharps & flats on the panflute
David Pighills presents a great how-to guide

Ulli Herkenhoff

Builder, Performer
Performer, teacher, workshops

Kevin Budd

Panflute builder, Performer

Panex Panflutes

Panflute builder David Heger, in Czech Republic
Panflute builder
Maker of glass panflutes

 Marilyn Heed

Panflute builder in hard woods

MelBay Publishing

Instruction Books for the Panflute and other instruments
David Pighills Instruments
Bamboo Flute Workshop including panpipes
Build your own Viking panpipes; a tutorial
Henk van Mil demonstrates... pictures and text


Panflute builder in Germany

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